For Honor - Releasing dragons on friends! Friendly 2v2 matches!

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Feb 10, 2020




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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 3 months ago
Click here to get the all new Battle Pass in For Honor: ubi.li/RSw3G Thanks to Ubisoft for Sponsoring!
Lisa Harper
Lisa Harper 15 days ago
I love your videos make more videos please H2O delirious
biggdickpoppa Month ago
@Dragon Stars 6k L h ok to TV 8y9g it hi oh h iou uh up guy uh
biggdickpoppa Month ago
T Ohio t8t i.p.o t yuh TV guy up g yo
biggdickpoppa Month ago
Sushi_knight 2 months ago
Cosmic Wanderer i play for honor all the time and live it so i recommend getting back into it
Gucci Hypebeast
Who remembers dump truck
If they bring this back I am gonna be so happy
Dark guardian996
Dark guardian996 7 days ago
Me a warden main watching the video Delirious not using the dual side light into feinted sb
TTV PABLO 13 days ago
Dude delirious carried absolutely right he’s a god and am I able to share my own for honor carrying story?
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker 15 days ago
This man had 1 second left and won
Javier Cano
Javier Cano 17 days ago
dam u guys are a good team if it would happen delirious if u can 1v1 me
TTV_Toxic 8391
TTV_Toxic 8391 Month ago
Best duo of the year
Yariel Figueroa
Yariel Figueroa Month ago
To be honest they are so bad like really bad I could definitely beat them but it’s super fun to watch love you vids bro
Jayden Wiltshire
No skill on yoooooou
Riley Murphy
Riley Murphy Month ago
I love how none of them know that that emote delirious does as a knight is supposed to be him playing lacrosse
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Month ago
Can I join you in for honor
jason Wolf
jason Wolf Month ago
Disisis. Cand.
Zayzay Lewis
Zayzay Lewis Month ago
I will like your videos
Zayzay Lewis
Zayzay Lewis Month ago
This is the deal
Zayzay Lewis
Zayzay Lewis Month ago
Hey h20 want to make a deal
Robby Pipkin
Robby Pipkin Month ago
I see the stronger youtubers flexin with the battle pass 😂
Loghan Inch
Loghan Inch Month ago
Does squirrel know he can't block unblockables/attacks that glow orange because it was really bugging me.
Drew Archie
Drew Archie 2 months ago
i love this video
Preston Loyola
Preston Loyola 2 months ago
Delirious:YOU WANNA JUMP ME, YOU WANNA JUMP ME IN THE FIRE PIT!!! 2 Seconds Later Delirious:I died, hahahahaha
George Meadows
George Meadows 2 months ago
Deadsquirrels hero the raider had hyper armour so u can light spam him lol
BenchMcLove Gaming
BenchMcLove Gaming 2 months ago
Every game has battle pass now
ACE-KING YT 2 months ago
More for honor please learn a little bit more and it gets fun 😇😇
American Patriot
American Patriot 2 months ago
Parry just isn't in Delirious' vocabulary
Kalen Cormier
Kalen Cormier 2 months ago
No honor squirrel
Me good dog YT
Me good dog YT 2 months ago
Cool video
furious deadman
furious deadman 2 months ago
i watched you play this along time ago
Staci Tharp
Staci Tharp 2 months ago
H2o is a God at this game
Mark Pablo
Mark Pablo 2 months ago
Sguirrel is a cheater
Official JAD
Official JAD 2 months ago
Did someone still remember that delirious 2v1 for honor? From 3 years ago
ScapeGoat Animations
99% of the for honor player base picked up the game because of that 2v1
ChowDaRandom 2 months ago
0:57 remember when he used this character against Nogla and Tyler and went super saiyan
Henry Coleman V
Henry Coleman V 2 months ago
pls do more I loved it it was funny and intertaining thank you
OmgG D
OmgG D 2 months ago
Play? 01:00
Midnight Crow
Midnight Crow 2 months ago
This is Sparta
theChubsternator 2 months ago
I need some king misty in my life
Trashy Hij
Trashy Hij 2 months ago
Is this xbox 1
Che Cyka
Che Cyka 3 months ago
More for honor Delirious!!!
Durga maya Parajuli
Durga maya Parajuli 3 months ago
optiical 3 months ago
I miss it 🥺!
THE SIBLINGS 3 months ago
You are a great RUvidr man that is very good for Honor
Communist Doggo 4
Communist Doggo 4 3 months ago
My favorite game had to add a fuckin battlepass like all the other games. Battlepasses ruin games.
Me good dog YT
Me good dog YT 3 months ago
I like the fire
Christopher Lie
Christopher Lie 3 months ago
I think I kill Delirious in For Honor
Christopher Lie
Christopher Lie 3 months ago
Are you playing For Honor on PC or Xbobos
hidden blade27
hidden blade27 3 months ago
Play the story mode plsss
Esekiel Galindez
Esekiel Galindez 3 months ago
Im a fan
Fernando Contreras
Fernando Contreras 3 months ago
14:40 *Damn!* That execution looked amazing on that part of the map
Simarker ,
Simarker , 3 months ago
Is for honor still relevant ???
Louise Herriot
Louise Herriot 3 months ago
You should learn how to parry
Anul Cavity
Anul Cavity 3 months ago
*H E L L O*
Val U
Val U 3 months ago
Cartoonz's lawbringer looks like mine
YaBoi Crawling
YaBoi Crawling 3 months ago
I can kill all of you so easily
Temuulen Temuulen
Temuulen Temuulen 3 months ago
Delirious and cartoonz you to r a legend you just a god 😁😁😁😄😄😄😘
Edward WHITTINGHAM 3 months ago
Omg loved that
YaBoiJaeger 3 months ago
I love me some tier *purgursin* systems
Dallion Coker
Dallion Coker 3 months ago
Biggest sword you ever seen So I've seen you've never played Highlander the ?
KillerWhale 0522
KillerWhale 0522 3 months ago
I forgot how good cartoons is at this game 😂
The Lil teddy in ur bed
Delirious! Whenever I do the stabby thing the 3 hit one press the guard break button and spam light again and repeat it will probably make ur opponent's rage 2 hell and make u up af!
bacon 1298
bacon 1298 3 months ago
More for honor
Samuel Childs
Samuel Childs 3 months ago
I know this is just for fun and laughs but squirrel pisses me off even in the minecraft series when delirious or cartoonz pranked squirrel made it seem like he did nothing wrong
Mute Mon
Mute Mon 3 months ago
@ 13:39 i was right delirious emote is him playing Lacrosse
Astronaut Player
Astronaut Player 3 months ago
Delirious you should try kensi he is a really good damage type ill help you play with him
Matt From Wii Sports
They do be playing as casuals tho
Alante' 3 months ago
I murder people in for honor with peacekeeper
Juan Padron
Juan Padron 3 months ago
Yay I love it when you play good games 😂
Battle-Font Gamer
Battle-Font Gamer 3 months ago
I loved the execution down the stairs. You know, i would totally enjoy playing with y'all sometime. Sadly i do not own an Xbox One. But i dearly enjoy all of your videos nonetheless! All of y'all are awesome people!
Jelloboi 3 months ago
You made me like for honor and I bought the game a few days later
Nicholas Basco
Nicholas Basco 3 months ago
14:41 the best place to do that execution if only I knew how to sign in my ps4 😭😭😭😭
Mad Mutt
Mad Mutt 3 months ago
Do you get all the characters for free in for honor?
Jonathan Yates
Jonathan Yates 3 months ago
Being in the top three hundred is cringy watching this but at the same time brings me back bc I remember when I played like that lol
Elite Tanman
Elite Tanman 3 months ago
light spam😕
Chad Draven M. flores
I like for honor
Mista Jim
Mista Jim 3 months ago
F B I 3 months ago
While playing as nobushi if your in guard mode and you put the marker evenly in between the 2 markers on the sides on the bottom you will assume a special stance and if you hold that stance you will regenerate a tiny bit of health
Ronan 3 months ago
I got the battle pass, I’m tier 26 as I’m not going to buy tiers but I’m really liking the new update
SneakyLizard _526
SneakyLizard _526 3 months ago
19:28 welp, I guess it was a draw 😂
Aaron Revill
Aaron Revill 3 months ago
lol this was so good
Wiz Kid
Wiz Kid 3 months ago
Zackery Nantelle
Zackery Nantelle 3 months ago
I miss for honor videos
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