Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

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Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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May 15, 2019

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Comments 9 831
Mackenzie Brown
#Asian_ Forever
#Asian_ Forever 2 hours ago
But I do eat burgers da write wayszsxfjso bc I KNEWWWWWJRJDJS dat
Damian Stratulat
Damian Stratulat 3 hours ago
Gacha Twins
Gacha Twins 4 hours ago
2:58 I do that!
Rachel Patterson
Rachel Patterson 5 hours ago
I'm making banana and a nuttela sandwich
ramona Hellendoorn
ramona Hellendoorn 7 hours ago
azzy im on my moms acount annd i love ur vidsssssssssssssssssssssssss
Princess Siminh
Princess Siminh 8 hours ago
Emma Hafemeister
Emma Hafemeister 9 hours ago
yes i would
Sadie Olecka
Sadie Olecka 13 hours ago
Azzy have u ran down the street with bananas... I have!!!
Ave True To Caesar
Ave True To Caesar 13 hours ago
Nice every single one was informative. Good job.
ꨄAmber_LPSꨄ YT
ꨄAmber_LPSꨄ YT 13 hours ago
2:29 I do that EVERY TIME I get a cupcake.. XD Edit: I’m watching a shark video, and dis girl got stuck in the shark cage, she got dizzy and imagined she made it to the surface, and she almost died in the cage, I cried... :’3 Edit3: I’m allergic to peanut butter... :’3
Xaiya Parris
Xaiya Parris 14 hours ago
Roses are red violets are blue I love food like if you do too
Ava Loop
Ava Loop 14 hours ago
Literally I do all of these things lol
Laken Butler
Laken Butler 14 hours ago
Odisho Ismail
Odisho Ismail 15 hours ago
My teachers told me how to open a banana in jk
Noodleee vids
Noodleee vids 16 hours ago
Also the apple one doesn’t work
Noodleee vids
Noodleee vids 16 hours ago
Yea my ham is just gunna defy gravity for my toast
Wendy Harrell
Wendy Harrell 16 hours ago
I eat the cupcake with one bite too What I can’t help it!!!!!!!
Emma Fillmore
Emma Fillmore 19 hours ago
The banana thing does work!!!!!!
Kimchilla - Roblox
Kimchilla - Roblox 19 hours ago
Roses are red , Violets are blue, Azzy is awsome, I subscribed to you :)
Dark Spark Kyle
Dark Spark Kyle 19 hours ago
2:54 is that a ¶l∆$¥i© $¥r∆vv
Nick Olas
Nick Olas 19 hours ago
I hate the word moist too
Nick Olas
Nick Olas 19 hours ago
I have used the azzy way for cupcakes for so long.
Karma Tingz
Karma Tingz 21 hour ago
me and my sis hate the iceing but we love the bottom
Karma Tingz
Karma Tingz 21 hour ago
me to
Nataša Bogosavljević
I 💔🍦 I💔🍉 I 💔🍕
Ariana Reyes Aguilera
It's easier to open a bananananana from the bottom I thought all peoples did that
Ariana Reyes Aguilera
Ahmed Sulieman
Ahmed Sulieman 22 hours ago
The center of the strawberry would be in the straw
Bloobidy 23 hours ago
I mean...you still lose some strawberry stuck inside the straw 😂 Edit: I’m too dumb to realize you can just get it out. 🤣👏
TinaSalmaKinda Salha
Ha ha ha I just ate pizza before I watched this video.
Broken.Stc.y xXx
I eat lemons like apples, anyone else?
Olivia Rodriguez
I'm just like you are hard very hard time thank you for this hack
Violet Hookfin
oh yeah moist is so nasty bro no joke
Rupert Marshall
I thought I was wierd when I ate cup cakes like that but I’m doing right😂
Aoife Emmett
Aoife Emmett Day ago
your nearly at 10 million 😊😲😱💞
Andrea Flemister
I’ve done the pancake trick I learned it from my grandparents
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Day ago
The banana hack is real I am 14 and I have been eating banana like that since I was 7
Carly Youens
Carly Youens Day ago
I tried pineapple hack it doesent work
Mrs G3nius
Mrs G3nius Day ago
It works out ❤💚💙💜💛🖤
Jampie Pearson
Am I the only one who eats the whole strawberry including the stem/leaves?
Lisa Dolan
Lisa Dolan Day ago
My dad eats a banana like that, but can you do a video on birds and tortoises?🙂🐦🐢
The loch And Erik episodes
Thank you azzy for teaching me the way of the food
Aim lower next time when you hit your chest
Elise Smith
Elise Smith Day ago
Azzy:I don't want no hard cookie Me:what kind of a hard "cookie" azzy😜 Sorry!🤣
Ilove MUSIC Day ago
My sis just got overwatch. And azzy is dressed as d.va
Lauren Finley
NO STRAWS save the turtles pls Azzy no straws
jaidyn hein
jaidyn hein Day ago
God is a pen Azzy is a highlighter God mad the world Azzy made it brighter ❤️
Regina Gonzalez
Regina Gonzalez 10 hours ago
Trigger_ happy nahhhhh that’s white out UwU
Trigger_ happy
Trigger_ happy 12 hours ago
God got mad at the world XD Rip ur typo
Theladyleah 214
For the straw hack at the end just use a Metal straw it has weight so it will stay down
Shacoda Williams
Yes l will eat SpongeBob's house if it was the last pineapple on the earth
Gianna Crescitelli
If u guys see this can you follow me sub))
Carmelissa thezena
I'm 12
KK boming
KK boming Day ago
I dont like cupcake icing or cake icing I only like donut icing I'm sorry if I'm weird...😥🙁☹🥺
Johnny M
Johnny M Day ago
Ah! My tablet you tube went to computer you tube! Ahh😂😂😂 Edit: I am like now
Hey azzy, I wanna show you something. All my friends love you and me too, your my favorite RUvidr, okay enough talk, I wanna show you Read more
Have you fall for It? 😉
Llama girl 101
Azzy:everyone loves frosting and hates the proper bun Me:hates frosting loves the bun 😳😐😑😂
Darren Cheyney
Annoying orange love you
EatSleepDie Day ago
Well I'm allergic on pineapple so Spongebob is surely safe with me
Shądøx Cąt
Shądøx Cąt 5 hours ago
Lol I dont like pineapples, I hate that it itches your tongue like the kiwi
sweet. puppy.world
2:46 literly a "straw" berry
Alisha Bowman
Ehem !!!! I dislike icing love cake
Alisha Bowman
I don't use ketchup so ya haven't seen me yet
Morgan Monje
Morgan Monje Day ago
I always ate cupcakes like that I swear😂😂😂
Multi Gamer 201
I wouldn't eat Spongebob's house cause I'm atolarent to pineapple
Noëlles Favorit
Noëlles Favorit 2 days ago
With cupcakes I go THE AZY WAY
Vaavikka __
Vaavikka __ 2 days ago
Theres also other lifehack for cold pizza. So you put the slice in the microwave with a glass of water, then the cheese will melt perfectly and it tastes DELICIOUS👌
Justin Silver
Justin Silver 2 days ago
banana's are getting extincted
anna prak
anna prak 2 days ago
I love your videos but I'm sad because my parents got a devorse
Tori’s Galaxy
Awww I’m soo sorry you probably don’t deserve that😢
Larry Burcham
Larry Burcham 2 days ago
I hate iceing
Jinnt Mcbride
Jinnt Mcbride 2 days ago
I like crunchy cookies
Lorie Wilkie
Lorie Wilkie 2 days ago
The eating your bread upside down hack peanut butter actually works because I tried it.
Mr. Shweppes1
Mr. Shweppes1 2 days ago
I'm just eating how I like to eat :/
L1B8Y 2 days ago
It works
Muna White
Muna White 2 days ago
I hate icing Way too sweet!
Megan Lavery
Megan Lavery 2 days ago
I don’t like burgers...
Fefe ze meow
Fefe ze meow 2 days ago
I eat cupcake the Azzy way, well kind of, I shove it down my throat it's the Fefe way! :3
CuteCubs 2 days ago
I did that the starrberry thing
Kasandra Gauthier
Thank you fort your amazing ideas
Kasandra Gauthier
You are à gunniesse 😇😇😇😇😇😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌
Kasandra Gauthier
Azzy i believe you . you guys like this if you agree and Azzy your amazing i love your vidéos and your ideas are amazing i wish i was like you
Kasandra Gauthier
Your the best
Samantha Cobb
Samantha Cobb 2 days ago
Yes I would eat a pineapple any day even if it's sponge Bob home I will give him a water Mellon to live in instead
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