Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

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Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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May 15, 2019




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Comments 80
DinøCan 10 hours ago
I don't like anything on my pancake I only like the sugar
Patricia Inzunza
Patricia Inzunza 15 hours ago
Why do you do this to me Just why
If you put another plate on the pizza it will also perfectly heat it
Joane D Fieffe
Joane D Fieffe 18 hours ago
It works (the banana)
Jóhanna Jónsdóttir
1:50 Never I hate pineapples because my taunge hurts eating it
- * Angel * -
- * Angel * - 22 hours ago
I don’t care if I’m eating things wrong. *_I JUST LOVE FOOD_*
Mayra Rangel
Mayra Rangel 22 hours ago
You havent seen me i dont like ketchup and i dont like pineaple
It work lol yey all work
Kayla Wairimu
0:28 farts and say its my elbow
Kayla Wairimu
0:28 farts and say its my elbow
•Star Sisterz•
No, I would not eat his home because i hate pineapples
David Armendariz
I Believe you
David Armendariz
I’m gonna do it
David Armendariz
benedetta prati
The ice cream picture was melting from the top not the bottom. And the bell pepper eggs is just something people do because they like the taste not because *it's a better way to eat food* Also I think that these videos should be called better ways to eat food not food you've been eating wrong
Gabrielle Garcia
Gabrielle Garcia 2 days ago
Yes the banana thing does work
I didn't no I was eating wrong
Jessica Nilsson
Jessica Nilsson 2 days ago
I can’t eat spongebobes house bc it does not havs an in side
Mercedes Ramos
Mercedes Ramos 2 days ago
I don't like ketchup :|
MADMUNK 2 days ago
Eat how you want to, you don't have to listen to them
Black Night
Black Night 2 days ago
Soooo I don’t like the icing sooo in weird
abatron the first
I believe azzy
Noahplays 2 days ago
I eat meh food the way I want to
333Elli 2 days ago
or you can just, just eat the strawberry with the strawberry leaves...
Shara DeMon
Shara DeMon 2 days ago
0:27 i knew that one. My mother showed me when i was 7
Ammie Backlund
Ammie Backlund 2 days ago
Then i am that weird person that likes the bottom of the cupcake more then the top
Heer creation
Heer creation 3 days ago
Who like AZZY say. W. O. W
Aurora Gracela
Aurora Gracela 3 days ago
Ok azzy I already try the banana and it's work cuz you 😇😇😇😇 :) ❤❤
Rainbow squad
Rainbow squad 3 days ago
I can't eat pineapple bc it make me mouth bleed oof
genduet 123
genduet 123 4 days ago
Thats why they call it the "straw"berry
PAUL DUY 4 days ago
If you dislike,your a loser😡
wyatt nicholson
wyatt nicholson 4 days ago
When you open a banana at the bottom you don't get the string that comes from the peel
Polina Parkhomenko
I don’t like the strawberry one because the straw also takes out the middle which is the juiciest part. I prefer cutting in a triangle motion aground the stem and it wastes no strawberry
Aliyah Gianelle Alcantara
Idc I'm not perfect Not really
hassan shahid
hassan shahid 5 days ago
Yes I eat SpongeBob’s home if it was the last pineapple what’s my name my name is Anthony I’m your biggest fan I see your love you so much love you all so muchStay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other stay safe stay home and goodbye
Melina Lathouras
Melina Lathouras 5 days ago
Can you reaneck to SaraBuetieConer
Gacha Time Makeyla!
I do it the azzy way,before I even saw this on my b-day I stuffed my cupcake in my mouth while and everybody in my class look and me like they wouldn’t do what I did,the I swallowed it,and they just looked at me with amaze,and no I did not take off the wrapper 😂😂😂
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta 5 days ago
I hate pb and j and just peanut butter in general
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta 5 days ago
I put milk then microwave then pour cereal
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta 5 days ago
I don’t have pancakes as stacks just separate
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta 5 days ago
The best way to eat a cupcake is to scrape the frosting off because frosting is disgusting. Lmao
Charlie Jenkins
Charlie Jenkins 5 days ago
I ALWAYS eat my cupcakes like that
Saito-San 5 days ago
am i the only one that eats cupcakes upside down ?
jennifer stanley
jennifer stanley 2 hours ago
@Saito-San :)
Justine Siemer
Justine Siemer 2 hours ago
Why Are you Nvm
Saito-San 5 days ago
jennifer stanley yay im not alone :D
jennifer stanley
jennifer stanley 5 days ago
no i do it too you are not alone
ronnie lohr
ronnie lohr 6 days ago
Eat the worst part first and the best bite last and you’ll do the perfect bite tm style
NOORUL Ameen 6 days ago
Ketchup bottle and banana worked for me and more of them
Jacob Kangas-Krot
Yo she click baited da vid
Jacob Kangas-Krot
Da banana thing works
Xx_gamer_xx 6 days ago
With the straw you dont get the middle and you waist a straw
Cloudy with a chance of random
The end song was different and so i was like “WAAAA”
LCrumbs Truths
LCrumbs Truths 7 days ago
Umm am I weird cause I like the bottom half of a cupcake
Hehe Hahah
Hehe Hahah 7 days ago
3:02 just buy soft tortillas
Roderick Paul Lim
I don't eat any sauce
Jacob Playz
Jacob Playz 7 days ago
I’ve done the banana trick every time I eat a banana it works 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😇
Rowan HOWARTH 8 days ago
You could heat your spoon up then get your icecream
Rowan HOWARTH 8 days ago
Eating the toppings under your toast to get more flavor is not true sure are tastebuds help us taste but also are saliveor
Rupa Rupi Channel
Veenu Verma
Veenu Verma 8 days ago
I had mini cupcakes at my birthday party and my friend ate the cupcake the azzy way
Kimin Ko
Kimin Ko 8 days ago
now I know why is my cousin sent me a box of cookies with a piece and AB toast toast
Kimin Ko
Kimin Ko 8 days ago
it's also because when you're done with the baby it really hard and then it's like I'm out of your hand and it's just doctor for you to hold
Kimin Ko
Kimin Ko 8 days ago
yeah but when you cut off a strawberry the middle of the strawberry literally just take that piece and just eat around
Kimin Ko
Kimin Ko 8 days ago
is actually a easier way
The Painting Lol
The Painting Lol 8 days ago
Azzy farted!!!!!!!!
Arely Pacheco
Arely Pacheco 9 days ago
Is bid os an angel i HAVE ben save
Hele Vent
Hele Vent 9 days ago
Iv opend the banana stem fore 5 years.
Ya yeeter 2728 k.
I like the bottom
Evionna Huber
Evionna Huber 9 days ago
Bryan Zaw
Bryan Zaw 9 days ago
Everyone will eat like that in 9305
Bryan Zaw
Bryan Zaw 9 days ago
Year 9305
Dafne Uresti
Dafne Uresti 9 days ago
My grandma tought me the strawberry hack :)
Danger Flowers 3003
I did the straw in the pop bottle just for fun I didn’t know it was a hack
May Haarstad
May Haarstad 10 days ago
You are soooooo cute😊❤️❤️
skull face
skull face 10 days ago
I trust you
Greengray Uniqueness
I was so hungry looking at the burgers so i bit my phone
Manexa Mendoza
Manexa Mendoza 10 days ago
Me:Shows mom Mom:Really cool Me:Hello darkest my old friend
Ariella Benor
Ariella Benor 10 days ago
I tried the pineapple one but it didn’t work at all. Or maybe I wasn’t strong enough.
Siobhan Murtagh
Siobhan Murtagh 10 days ago
On the strawberry one they broke a heart that strawberry looks like a heart 😅
Julissa Hernandez
Julissa Hernandez 10 days ago
Also my cousins are pushing me that Juan keeps pushing off the Spinney chair
Julissa Hernandez
Julissa Hernandez 10 days ago
He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya he is sleeping
Julissa Hernandez
Julissa Hernandez 10 days ago
Hit or miss I bet you didn’t miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya
Anze Plahuta
Anze Plahuta 10 days ago
The watermelon i did right
Nikos Michael
Nikos Michael 11 days ago
3:21 thats what she saidd😂
LilzTacos 11 days ago
Azzy: this is how you should be reheating pizza Me: but I just eat it cold-
LilzTacos 9 days ago
Dafne Uresti lol
Dafne Uresti
Dafne Uresti 9 days ago
Once I had to eat cold pizza in school because of a teacher I mean a man teacher reheated my macaroni the other day but when I asked the woman to heat up mi pizza pls she said no so I ate it cold and it was yummy but I'm still m at at her
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