Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!

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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 32 226
Please Please
Please Please 8 minutes ago
Yes epic
SmellTheL Hour ago
epic video
Reah_x2 3 hours ago
how many bags of popcorn can you eat before dying
Roha Aldubayan
Roha Aldubayan 5 hours ago
Forever duh 🙄💅🏽
pi of pi
pi of pi 7 hours ago
What to do if all over 18s disappeared? You can either do this from: A virus Killed from overpopulation
Nik Tabares
Nik Tabares 8 hours ago
I've been watching for years and love all the channels! But I have a very important question after watching this video. Why didn't Evan make bread? You can make several different types and most grocery stores have cook books in them
Tina Da Turtle
Tina Da Turtle 20 hours ago
The worst thing for a situation like this is allergies
Carlos Henrique Ono Carvalho
what a good video
Lodetube Day ago
Well that sucks 11:18 But anyways come look at my Lego collection
Phantom_ Day ago
Meme Day ago
Just saying you should have taken the average weight of a person to find the the calorie intake, love the video
Shadow Whatcher
or if u were normally locked in the store u could just break the main entarence to be free
Gotcha Mistery
Woh long you can survive with only sugar
Bobby Frias
Bobby Frias Day ago
I like how 63 years later Evan still looks the same.
Ray Farrell
Ray Farrell 2 days ago
There is often canning supplies for water bath canning and depending on the season seeds. He has a compost pile for squash. The boxes will actually turn into dirt. You can cut the bottoms off cabbage, celery bunches, carrots, dry seeds directly off corn cobs, take coolers off shelves and line them with shredded paper to keep root veggies, see if you can raid the vents for added dry material for compost, there are often compost crocks in my store that I would use for fermenting saurkraut, radishes, carrots, peppers, and greens in their own juices, I'd out find if the store had a Ball complete food preserving book, and cheese wax to wrap the cheese in for almost indefinite storage, and rennet for cheese making. I would drop some of the spoilage outside to attract animals and hunt through the open window.
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans 2 days ago
Best before dates are one of the biggest rip offs ever foisted on the public by food producers and governments .
Miha Leben
Miha Leben 2 days ago
Stfu im not commiting crime.over survival
jully xiao
jully xiao 2 days ago
But... Water.
Geraldine Sunga
Geraldine Sunga 2 days ago
When i first wach this chanel i sudenly feel hungry. Clik Read more Hungry for nolage
MetalMan1245 2 days ago
sethir92 2 days ago
SKU - Stock Keeping Unit.... i work in retail and they dont tell us that
Stayolm67 3 days ago
Food theory idea is there anything secret about Hershey’s
Mr Jibrhan Jamal Khan
Not bad
Cursed ONE boi
Cursed ONE boi 3 days ago
Yes I can life in a store thx for letting use know
Geeky Gameplays
Geeky Gameplays 3 days ago
We watched this in my science class 🤣🤣🤣
Makel Grax
Makel Grax 3 days ago
Ok, what sort of grocery stores are these??? Where I live only hypermarkets have those sizes; grocery stores are about the size of a house. No, seriously, other than for the monthly purchase of miscellaneous non-edibles what's the point of having warehouses that big? Isn't it better to just have a quick store a block away?
Barry the Dog
Barry the Dog 3 days ago
Barry the Dog
Barry the Dog 3 days ago
Barry the Dog
Barry the Dog 3 days ago
Barry the Dog
Barry the Dog 3 days ago
Shared Rodrigo
Shared Rodrigo 3 days ago
Oversight: The compost could have been fertilized ground for new food.
Shared Rodrigo
Shared Rodrigo 3 days ago
Lmao. The video continued
Rigergaming 3 days ago
Food theory idea: how long can you live of unhealthy food and drinks?
Танака Сентаро
Sound like new game from "Don't Escape" series.
Mr.Princess 3 days ago
$hinigami 3 days ago
Michael Uribe
Michael Uribe 3 days ago
I think u should take in the amount of items a human is allergic to and what those items are then make a updated version of this video.
lämp 3 days ago
James Keating
James Keating 3 days ago
Why would you open a window if there’s zombies
ChuotVy 3 days ago
oh yes. this is a great story.
lämp 3 days ago
Lol idc I love spoilers and I’m only three mins in
ChuotVy 3 days ago
You can live about 63.3 years. don’t bully me for spoiling it. Just listen to the story
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon 3 days ago
Nicolai Martinez
Nicolai Martinez 3 days ago
What if you never die from old age and you can multiply the food infinity times
Majora404err01r 4 days ago
as long as the food supply doesn't run out, you'd live.
Sketchy Kitten
Sketchy Kitten 4 days ago
Therista my beloved
Reddit Man
Reddit Man 4 days ago
I would probably die after all the Beer and Potato Chips were gone. 👍
Joseph Sawczyn
Joseph Sawczyn 4 days ago
Grab a shovel & pickaxe, dig up the floor and expose more ground for farming. Plus all those grills & smokers, some stores even have large outdoor patios you could use
DomoMcBeasty 4 days ago
I wanna see if Evan comments on this! If so pls pin it if you see this comment! Pin Evans comment pls!
Sean Gray
Sean Gray 4 days ago
Well at least it would last 75 years right
Beca Trebil
Beca Trebil 4 days ago
he coud also pickle some of the vegetables using vinegar, salt and seasonings in the zip lock bags too
Roman Gelman
Roman Gelman 4 days ago
Can’t he take fruits and vegetables, and soil from the gardening section, and put that next to the open window, and use collected rainwater to grow food for himself, well, forever? Edit: just got to the farming part of the video… Matt Daemon style
Zeriel 000
Zeriel 000 4 days ago
I would survive forever eating Twinkies
Samantha Darnell
Samantha Darnell 4 days ago
My mom watching the video with me: I would starve myself to death before I eat dog and cat food! Me: not even for your beloved Theorista? Mom:Girl, I'm already married! 😆😆
vanny 4 days ago
vanny 4 days ago
Nelson Cua
Nelson Cua 4 days ago
how much people buy from the grocery store every year
Celtic Sword
Celtic Sword 4 days ago
Yo Evan where u at?
Casey Roenneburg
Casey Roenneburg 4 days ago
Thank god tgis isn't Sullivan's. That meat will last half a day, even with refrigeration.
GalaxyZ is here
GalaxyZ is here 5 days ago
The next Mr beast video: staying 24 hours in a grocery store
Wow MrBeast said ‘Good to know, tnx’ five months ago So did he do it?
Sarabgun NCS
Sarabgun NCS 5 days ago
How long can you survive with eating McDonald’s and and dominos pizza at the same time every meal and why em i commenting on my alt channel
Christopher Mondy
What about if he has access to the precooked frozen foods like corndogs and breakfeast sandwhiches
Gregory alexander Gonzalez
Hahaha could have been an electrician rebuilding the Building or even making generator with all the spare Electronics around
Jorge G Medina
Jorge G Medina 5 days ago
Where tf is Evan??
iiKokichi - Sandwichii
O Theorista, Theorista, wherefore art though Theorista?
Jesus christe
Jesus christe 5 days ago
**happy mario noises*
Pierce Lavoy
Pierce Lavoy 5 days ago
And after 60 years, Evan became a raging alcoholic
Robert playz
Robert playz 6 days ago
Bit Random
Bit Random 6 days ago
“The shelves are empty” me EAT THE SHELVES.
food theory, what is the best type of food to have every day of your life
fox gaming with james the fox wilkey
Couldn't you grow food from the garden in section. I think they have seeds
fox gaming with james the fox wilkey
Should have watched the whole thing lol
Luke  Moseley
Luke Moseley 6 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can you hind the 2 j and1n in the ahhhhhhs
Kam Onyx
Kam Onyx 6 days ago
Lol there’s an option on your comment to “translate to English”
Skippy 6 days ago
Day 2 of asking MatPat : Could turtles survive on pizza like the ninja turtles?
Naveen Da Alwis
Naveen Da Alwis 6 days ago
I can survive I can survive but im allergic to mushroom.
Parker Jackson
Parker Jackson 6 days ago
Yiisashi Sakata
Yiisashi Sakata 6 days ago
How long can someone survive with watermelon?
Grayson Leeke
Grayson Leeke 6 days ago
food theory idea: what is the very worst spice chaser? You've tried to find the best but now try the worst.
Grayson Leeke
Grayson Leeke 6 days ago
Lisa Padgett
Lisa Padgett 6 days ago
That's insane
Cringe life  miracle Monkey
How long can you go without good see the sun
Roxette Prado
Roxette Prado 7 days ago
Food dairy idea how long can you survive without food
sergio souza
sergio souza 7 days ago
*Matpat makes me go: "yes."*
The Lucky Ranker
The Lucky Ranker 7 days ago
and the back?
Nadya Nayani
Nadya Nayani 7 days ago
Food theory idea:what would Minecraft mobs look like in real life
Corrales Toro Family
What if your stomach couldn’t digest it in time where it’s expired inside of your stomach
Brenton 8 days ago
with the veggies and fruits, there is definitely enough supplies in a grocery store to make and can soups so you would have that extra 6 months to a year of canned food. as for farming, you can not really take a potato from grocery store and plant it, as they are all sprayed with an ati rooting agent. it would take a lot of work to cultivate potatoes at that rate but there are a lot of veggies and fruits that can be propagated to grow onwards, as a renewable resource some only need water.... and being really resourceful he could take materials from the store and make rechargeable batteries allowing for some items to continue to run on batteries.... extending comfort or shelf life of some items
Squid ink
Squid ink 8 days ago
Pyro Shark
Pyro Shark 8 days ago
Ikea-scp3008 roblox intensifies.
Gargwin Vinesnake
I was scared you weren't going to make use of farming and that compost pile was a waste of time.
saradano 9 days ago
my favorite video ever
Sans 9 days ago
If I was trapped in the grocery store, the first thing I’d do is raid the isles I don’t like, and save the chips for last (the stuff I like the most)
ev2014ev 9 days ago
Bingolotto 9 days ago
Im the only one looking for "evan"?
Shaked Amar
Shaked Amar 9 days ago
Bear grils should try that
LukasRainbow 9 days ago
Can’t he just escape through the Windows if they are opened🤔
LukasRainbow 9 days ago
@Bingolotto Then he gonna die cuz hes gonna run out of fresh water
Bingolotto 9 days ago
If there is no window
Bradleytube 9 days ago
Hey my name is evan
Bingolotto 9 days ago
R W 9 days ago
MrBeast is in the comment section
The Sage
The Sage 9 days ago
yeah after year one, i would've gone outside regardless my fate 😂
Night Fury Animates
NGL sounds like a MrBeast video. Whoever lasts longer inside a grocery store gets (Insert Money Prize)
EpicMario YT
EpicMario YT 10 days ago
Yo Evan, if ya respond to this comment, I will literally play ALL of EarthBound again
Happy octopus
Happy octopus 10 days ago
I'm food :)
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts 10 days ago
One question though, what about rats?
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