Foo Fighters - Shame Shame (Official Video)

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Foo Fighters // “Shame Shame” // Out Now: foofighters.co/Shame
Medicine At Midnight // The New Album Available Feb. 5 2021
Pre-Order // Pre-Save: foofighters.co/MAM
Featuring Sofia Boutella
Director: Paola Kudacki
Executive Producer: Liz Silver
Producer: Matthew Shattuck
Director of Photography: Santiago Gonzalez
Editor: Peter Johnson
Choreographer: Nina McNeely

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Shame Shame

If you want to
I'll make you feel something real just to bother you
Now I got you
Under my thumb like a drug I will smother you
I'll be the one
Be the moon
Be the sun
Be the rain in your song
Go and put that record on
If you want to
I'll be the one
Be the tongue that will swallow you
Shame, shame
Shame, shame

Another splinter under the skin
Another season of loneliness
I found a reason and buried it
Under a mountain of emptiness
Shame, shame
Shame, shame

Who, what, where, when
Just move along
Nothing wrong
Until we meet again
I'll be the end
I'll be the war at your door
Come and let me in
I'll be the one
Be the moon
Be the sun
Be the rain in your song
Go and put that record on
If you want to
I'll be the one be the tongue that will swallow you

Another splinter under the skin
Another season of loneliness
I found a reason and buried it
Under a mountain of emptiness
Shame, shame
Shame, shame

Another splinter under the skin
Another season of loneliness
I found a reason and buried it
Under a mountain of emptiness
Shame, shame
Shame, shame

#FooFighters #ShameShame #MedicineAtMidnight


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Nov 10, 2020




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Comments 100
Bastián Medina
Bastián Medina 12 hours ago
La wea buena.
Crushing the Vector
Crushing the Vector 12 hours ago
I completely dig the beat in this tune. Dave just has a magic in his writing. Seems he has become one of the Greatest musicians in the past 30 years. From Nirvana, QOASA, Tenacious, Crooked Vultures and Foo. Phenomenal musician and his composition and arrangement skills are out of this world. One would be so lucky as to collab with Dave. Almost a guarantee to have a hit.
David Jenson
David Jenson 13 hours ago
I've never liked these guys before, but this song is awesome. It has a strange groove to it. Giving this a few listens.
josh summerville
josh summerville 16 hours ago
Is that pat smir dressed like a chick
Steven Houben
Steven Houben 17 hours ago
I hope there will be heavy song on this one ells i pass sorry dave
Steven Houben
Steven Houben 17 hours ago
Shame of music and a rock legend!!this os indeed a shame!no rock at all ..
ls1drvr 21 hour ago
This is a great song would have loved to hear the nirvana version
essemmetv 23 hours ago
This song just sneaks on you.
Greg Varkonyi
True masterful songwriting.
jacques dufresne
this dude is still writing music that hits home after all these years. what a legend
Shanna Shirley
Saw this first on Saturday night live and i love it....
This song is stuck in my head.
Feniks de smet
Are you the guy from the music video?
koldbite Day ago
Yeah that's him
Bri G
Bri G Day ago
What Happened? This is terrible.
David Portenier
I dont know why....but the beginning part reminds me of Dirty Dirty by Beck.
Katie Richardson
Omg! Love this song soooo much! I think I've played every version on every platform right now!!!! Missed you so much FF xxx
rich42012 Day ago
Total let down from the real deal. Ray Charles would have recorded this back in the day possibly! Horrible let down...
Gavin Hayes
Gavin Hayes Day ago
Wait, where is Kurt? I'm sure he would not allow so much interpretive dancing at least. Is the "SHAME" for letting Kurt die or for the interpretive dancing... Still confused please advise.
Silviu Laurențiu Margarit
Happy Birthday Dave!\m/❤🤘🎤🎸
MsShannaK Day ago
Ooohhh ohh oh ohh Oohh ooOoohh ☺️ #Rx since 1993/4 ish 🥰
Keith Goodman
But the guitar :(
olas591 Day ago
they are great man
GIPANE 64 2 days ago
Ok... Can we listen to a Foo Fighters' song, now ?
Francesco Parisio
A mio parere una della canzoni più brutte nella storia della musica degli ultimi 20 anni .
praszu 2 days ago
Left mouse click brought me here. Anyone else?
Messed Head
Messed Head 2 days ago
The more I look at this, the more that girl starts to look like Joji
Dima Parachute
Dima Parachute 2 days ago
Ah jeez, in 2021 still making love songs like it's 1950s. The music is amazing though.
Tim Brokkoli
Tim Brokkoli 2 days ago
I love the foos and most of their songs but for some reason I can't stand this one, Really not digging the drum pattern, I'm more into like old style Steady beats but that's just my opinion, cool to see that they are trying new things though and that lots of people really dig it - keep on rocking guy
Heather A
Heather A 2 days ago
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2 days ago
Cool vid, but don't like the song, even after multiple listens, sorry...
Informacion Gonzales
Cyril Marchal
Cyril Marchal 2 days ago
Could someone explain to me what is this kind of dancing
Matthew Sawyer
Matthew Sawyer 2 days ago
I miss Wasting Light's Foo Fighters :(
Steven Houben
Steven Houben 17 hours ago
And the album after thath!this is like hmm pop rock chit
Isaac Browning
Isaac Browning 2 days ago
Dat was def a trawny.
kingsfan1022 2 days ago
I can hear “ While my guitar gently weeps” in this song.
유시 2 days ago
Sofia Boutella?! Oh my... Wow. Good!
27mitcha 2 days ago
This being a first Foo single, i appreciate that there's no breakdown or crazy distorted parts in this. It totally surprised me and that's awesome!
guitarman0365 2 days ago
something tells me Vlad, Deacon, and Viago would like this song
M M 2 days ago
Foo Fighters killing it🎸🥁🎶🎶🎙🎤
Lauren Gillam
Lauren Gillam 3 days ago
Quite possibly, one of the most annoying songs ever.
Marcelo Rubio
Marcelo Rubio 3 days ago
como siempre, maravilloso!
Timeless millennial
Kurt would be proud 🖤
Omertahun 3 days ago
me at first: well, this is crap. same me when Alexa crowbared it into my playlist, Alexa, whats this, I love it!
Steven Klingler
Steven Klingler 3 days ago
K Taylor, play a wicked difficult but cool ass beat.
kroggydog 3 days ago
I think you need a fresh pot, Dave
Laura DePaolis
Laura DePaolis 3 days ago
Sounds like very old and very mellow ZZ Top...
Angela Redd-Stokes
This song right here touches my soul! And the video & words, Mama Mia, well done guys!,
xgoonzx needless
xgoonzx needless 3 days ago
This song sucks but a thier a good band
Paty Basilio
Paty Basilio 3 days ago
Is the girl his wife? Their scenes are sexy!
The Project
The Project 3 days ago
Feels like prince
David McCracken
David McCracken 4 days ago
I dig it
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 4 days ago
Sounds a lot like another song...
Alfredo Collantes
Insert Game of thrones SHAME meme here
Seb L
Seb L 4 days ago
this sucks
sabine smith
sabine smith 4 days ago
can’t believe dave grohl named his band after a jojo’s bizarre adventures character. a cultural reset.
Dennis Graham
Dennis Graham 4 days ago
Cannot get enough of this groove!!!!!!!
RH Blitz
RH Blitz 5 days ago
I wasn’t a huge fan of the Concrete and Gold album just because it didn’t feel like foo fighters to me but they definitely redeemed themselves, I love this as well as No Son of Mine!
CarMoves 5 days ago
Drums sound a bit like "Big Country - In A Big Country"
Milena Milićević
Whatta song
Jenn 5 days ago
I'm not sure what to think of this one.
NP148 3 days ago
Kinda confused as well
rockymentis 5 days ago
got sum Prince n Kravitz vibes too
Linda nazzari
Linda nazzari 5 days ago
Semplicemente Magnifico Facile il testo e VERITIERO ...PERFETTO X QUESTO ..PERIODO!! GRANDI FOO FIGHTERs!!
Srećko Simić
Srećko Simić 5 days ago
Music forever *** no limit !! respect --- LIVE YOU PULA CROATIA !!! forever
Bruce Horden
Bruce Horden 5 days ago
Kick ASS!!! 👾💖👾
Monnie Ochoa
Monnie Ochoa 5 days ago
Love it
Marty Gathier
Marty Gathier 5 days ago
The hell with what people say
N Wat
N Wat 5 days ago
This is a HIT!!!!!!
Jennifer Sixx
Jennifer Sixx 5 days ago
If Dave sang me the phone book I’d be mesmerized
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 4 days ago
Starting with Ardvark...shame
Beyoutiful_ Dimples #LandonsMoM
Seen them perform this on SNL and I loved it ever since #Shame
Nosaj Iksnek TooUglyForPorn
Concrete and Gold was my favorite FF album since The Colour And the Shape. I think this album might join them.
Leelah Robertson
Leelah Robertson 5 days ago
opening sounds like big country's big country
sneakybeats62 6 days ago
It's a shame, I just really haven't been able to get with the Foo fighters evolving style for the last 10-12yrs.
Isaac A
Isaac A 6 days ago
I love the foo's. This song explores the difference and diversity in their music. And it works perfectly. Just because people aren't a fan of change, doesn't mean they are changing as a band and usual style, it's gripping, enchanting and has a fantastic hook me personally, absolutely love this track xxx
smelch007 6 days ago
Sounding boring nowadays early music is better
Martin Chivata
Martin Chivata 6 days ago
a like for for every time they say shame ;D
Sergey 6 days ago
Очень классное видео. Я всегда понимал Дэйва, извините если ошибся в произношении. Это видео даёт понять о чём поёт человек ,даже если ты не понимаешь язык.Всегда в альбомах Foo Fighters я понимал смысл сказанного.
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk 6 days ago
Trump should be the recipient of this song.
Mick IV
Mick IV 6 days ago
Wow. 🥀
Megan Parker
Megan Parker 6 days ago
Does anyone else want this song covering the scene in GOT with Cersei and the nun? Shame, shame, shame, shame.
Richie Anthony
Richie Anthony 4 days ago
BigKrizzah 6 days ago
This feels like a Queens of the Stone Age song
Thomas Reddock
@Jacob Kingsley While Dave featured in the Songs For The Deaf album he's not an active QOTSA member. Them Crooked Vultures on the other hand
Jacob Kingsley
It’s almost like they both feature Dave Grohl...
Mickey Evans
Mickey Evans 3 days ago
I thought it was them when I heard it on the radio !
Athena Kay
Athena Kay 6 days ago
Anybody else in love with Sofia Boutella?
Salvador Peña
Salvador Peña 6 days ago
Sara 6 days ago
She looks like Young Patti Smith
jeannie arnold
jeannie arnold 6 days ago
My fave song now!
Late Model Fabrication
...I used to think Silence was Golden... Im digging that same vibe
Carol G
Carol G 6 days ago
I love it!
Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman 7 days ago
Really weak effort compared to their other material
Kelp Pardue
Kelp Pardue 7 days ago
Dave Ghoul
AMO Foo Fighters
Epicjoe 7 days ago
Does no one realise that the women in the video is the one who played the mummy in the 2017 reboot of The Mummy?!
James Arrol
James Arrol 7 days ago
where's Cersei???
Ivonne Álvarez
Ivonne Álvarez 7 days ago
PaowZ 7 days ago
..those goddamn drum ghost notes are killing me..stop it ! STOP IIIIT ! I'M DYING !! ..I'm dead.. killed by the groove ..
Kylie Carlos
Kylie Carlos 7 days ago
This song is SO SHIT!!! I have been following you guy forever. This is lazy!!!
Tim 7 days ago
Wicked shit guys good move
Michelle Naubert
Michelle Naubert 7 days ago
I love this song. Sexy af!
Gustavo Campos
Gustavo Campos 7 days ago
Hipnotizante! FF nunca decepciona!!
Joshua Horton
Joshua Horton 7 days ago
This song literally fucking sucks.
David abott
David abott 7 days ago
What a great song 🎵 it stays in my head for hours even after it's over
RED S7VN 7 days ago
This basically sounds like a slowed down version of their song All my Life.
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