Folding the Galaxy Fold: Highlights from our 14-hour livestream

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Watch every check-in during our marathon 14-hour Samsung Galaxy Fold live test. CNET producer Chris Parker walks us thrugh the setup and process of Fold Bot, our robotic folding machine from SquareTrade.
Galaxy Fold lasts for 120,000 folds in CNET's livestreamed test cnet.co/32ZNzZO
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: A promising -- and problematic -- blueprint for foldable phones cnet.co/2VctqNu
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Comments 80
Jody Mitoma's Videos
🖐 25:48 - The moment it breaks. I do wonder if it was the machine that caused additional added stress somewhere to cause it to break like that though...
Videos With Cay
Videos With Cay 3 months ago
Tyler Brown No, but there are iPhone 2Gs that are 11 and still work just as well as they did day 1, in 5 or 10 or 11 years, how many folds will be left. Additional complexity, especially in physical systems, inherently causes a decrease in reliability. By compromising everything to make this hinge exist, Samsung has made a device with 4 or 5 failure points depending how you measure them: A: Plastic Screen Layer (can scratch, gouge, and delaminates easily) B: Underlying OLED (can break easily if protective layer is damaged, as shown in original prototype failures) C: Non-Electronic Hinge Components (Wear out over time and can lead to an inoperable device, also perceptible to sand and water ingress) D: Flexible Ribbon Cable (known you fail in cheaper or crazier-designed laptops, especially susceptible to tears given the unstable nature of the human hand when bending the device over time E (this is the one that can be omitted): Electronic Hinge Components (can become unresponsive leading to a screen that cant detect open or closed. If it fails open it will not go off, and if it fails closed it will not display content)
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 3 months ago
@Videos With Cay I promise you that I wont be opening and closing my phone 100,000 times withing a few hours, especially this hard.
Gehan Berenger
Gehan Berenger 3 months ago
I say it's true.....
fuzzy 4 months ago
Some people's are breaking within days of purchase, so it seems legit
Remy Boi Boi
Remy Boi Boi 4 months ago
Hah it’s screen took the L
LolitoKun Memes BR
LolitoKun Memes BR 12 days ago
does the same with the Galaxy z flip, Samsung's new foldable phone
송지수 2 months ago
개발도 못하는 샛키들이 부수는건 잘하더라 왜 잘만들어서 질투남???
Gladius Gladii
Gladius Gladii 2 months ago
Why not open it up and see what actually broke? cuz it looked more like a connection between the two screens was broken not the screen itself.
yousef the admin
yousef the admin 2 months ago
This is how much he said (fold) 👇🏻
Sahil 2 months ago
I believe this test is not that fair due that machine adding external force it smashes the phone together literally
yuvraj tamu
yuvraj tamu 3 months ago
hands down the most useless and pointless video I've seen my entire life... plus the guy with no hair looks like someone forced him to do this... pathetic
Karen Poblete
Karen Poblete 3 months ago
I am a fold user, and i am happy to say ... "well done samsung" with this abusive experiment towards the fold, plus being loose on the machine which for sure caused that damage on the phone. Try folding an iphone pls.. hahaha.. well done samsung... well done!!!
christian winberg
christian winberg 3 months ago
anyone else come right to the comments after it slips out of the machine and it breaks the hinge?
xX TheXGNxMyth Xx
xX TheXGNxMyth Xx 3 months ago
Ya that machine is slamming it closed and open. The bevil on the front shouldnt have markings or whatever from just closing it. Still very impressive it lasted probably 116k folds on abusive folds. And then it flopping around when it came unclamped, it for sure cause some kind of damage to the phone. But needless to say, noone is gonna fold close their $2,000 phone that hard. I wouldnt flip a legit flip phone from the old days that hard, let alone the first foldable glass screen device out there. Anyone even heard of folding glass before this phone as it was? I give huge props to Samsung especially with the new Z Flip Which is even more durable and in my opinion better, id prefer a flip phone that turn into a phone rather than into a tablet
xX TheXGNxMyth Xx
xX TheXGNxMyth Xx 3 months ago
And i mean the screens pixels lasted about 116k*
AwesomeManPlayz 3 months ago
Maybe you should it put it at NORMAL HUMAN SPEED
Apollon Lv
Apollon Lv 3 months ago
When will you test Mate X?
밥두빱두 3 months ago
I think Galaxy fold broke that machine
G A 3 months ago
I had many doubts and even had several AT&T store employees try to talk me out of getting this phone based on silly logic and personal preference. Because of this video IM DEFINITELY GETTING THIS PHONE!
k A
k A 3 months ago
Don't forget any test is to take any device at límit condition extreme!! Good test
Jacob Astorga
Jacob Astorga 3 months ago
Thats not fair for the phone. poor thing
Luis Rosales
Luis Rosales 3 months ago
The phone survive too much without broken on that thing lol, now imagine how can long last if u open and close like a normal person
Show N
Show N 3 months ago
You can see how discriminating CNET is through the Motorola laser test video. The Motorola laser test didn't even close properly. The Galaxy fold test hit hard enough to break the liquid crystal. And the machine broke down, so did the fold. CNET, which conducts such unreasonable tests, has no right to do such tests.
Pushpinder Singh
Pushpinder Singh 3 months ago
These idiots call themselves phone experts but they don't know how to turn off an android phone..... 6:18 ... u long press power button...
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 3 months ago
At least samsung did it better than motorola razr's 27000 folds
체리님 3 months ago
bullshht test
jin lee
jin lee 3 months ago
모토로라 레이저 폴드 테스트 보고 다시 왔습니다 영상을 다시 보니 아주 갤럭시폴드가 캐스터네츠 인줄 아셨나보네요 캐스터네츠도 저렇게 치면 뽀개져요 💔
GOSU Wang 3 months ago
@123로제파스타 ㄴㄴ 앱등이 새끼들이라서 애플도 폴드 나오면 저따구로 실험하지는 않을걸 ㅋㅋ 섬세하게 다룰듯
123로제파스타 3 months ago
씨넷은 삼성을 싫어한다는게 학계의 정설
SOKO MAN 3 months ago
In short, it will break if you open the phone regularly for 6 years, at which point it will be obsolete anyway.
Akli Sadoun
Akli Sadoun 3 months ago
The dude's looking at the phone like my dad when he accidentally takes selfie
Gabe Nydick
Gabe Nydick 3 months ago
The machine is not acting like a real person. It's slamming it open, inducing a lot of shock.
Tressler John
Tressler John 3 months ago
HOLD UP, Samsung expects the phone to only last for three years!!
killy321123 3 months ago
That's a fantastic result for how savage that machine was.
Overseer 88
Overseer 88 3 months ago
Yes Why did it broke before 200 K ? yes cause you put max speed imagine a hinge made for a phone to open and close is opend and closed 200 K times with a speed thats basicly unhuman like but its ment for human use so dont say anything. this test didnt proof anything there is a other test wich has a normal open close speed from somone else the phone did over 200 K easy with that.
Darksouls 52
Darksouls 52 4 months ago
Bro it's not rly a test when your bearing it against its self I dont think that's how people close there phones damn
Darryl Hamlin
Darryl Hamlin 4 months ago
The clap of the phone alerted the bees.
NamelessJae 4 months ago
Honestly all. Cant we really go by this? That machine was opening and closing the Fold with a lot of force. I'd say just by that, is triple the number of "folds" we can get out of this machine. I'd have mine a week now and absolutely love it. Coming from an iPhone 11 Pro here as well.
노마진 4 months ago
Test mate x product too. That's how it's fair.
alan arimurti
alan arimurti 4 months ago
Excuse me.... Have u ever learn how impact can create heat? This simulation is giving no time the calor to release... While in normal utilization, there's only done by mental health issue patient...
Ken O'Neill
Ken O'Neill 4 months ago
*It's possible the clapometer broke it when it lost it's grip of it.*
KvAT 4 months ago
I mean, on one hand it's really disappointing that it won't hold to the claimed 200k folds, but on the other hand it would take a phone addict at least 5 years to reach the hundred thousand levels on normal usage. On yet another hand, for the price, it's to be expected that it could handle at least 100 thousand. It would be pretty cool if Samsung adds a detector for the phone so that it locally (or online if the user so desires) tracks how many folds a user had made while it's on.
Alex Wu
Alex Wu 4 months ago
Who would open and close 120k per day. Per day usage most is estimate 30 to 40 times of folding and unfold. For 120k fold till damage of the device can use for 3000 days ( 8 years and 2 month)
킹죠 4 months ago
하루 100번을 열고 닫아도 3년 넘게 내구성 유지되는 거면 충분하네요 그리고 사람이 손으로 여는 강도보다는 기계가 더 세게 열 테니 내구성은 충분하다고 보네요
Gabriel Dull
Gabriel Dull 4 months ago
ThAtS AlOt oF sWiPes AnD pReSsEs To PoWeR iT oF” Just hold the damn power button.
Future Evolution
Future Evolution 4 months ago
Is this difficult? As everyone saw he pushed too hard backwards at 31:25 to let it broke.
fuzzy 4 months ago
Looks like youre trying to rip the phone in half
Lawrence Manzano
Lawrence Manzano 4 months ago
For the people who uses the machine to test the smartphones durability, you're dumb, low iq creatures, if I test your face and slam it using the machine, would you also broke? Brainless people.
unhingedFilms 4 months ago
When you open and close the phone that rapidly you are creating heat due to friction that builds up in the hinge mechanism and creates additional stress. You could have slowed the machine down and let it run for a week or so. Just a suggestion.
찌주스틱 4 months ago
Disguisting video
KyoFanDuB 5 months ago
25:54 hey guys...wtf
RonnieMannino 5 months ago
You need to cosider: - the increases of the temperature of the hinge when you close and open the phone continually - the machine looks like works too fast and too loud
Stevesopson 5 months ago
I think the major highlight from the video was the part when the phone folded.
JZ Gringo
JZ Gringo 5 months ago
no one would close their phone that fast. I think the line is due to the consent impact. Most people would slowly close their phone to reduce damage and to prolong the phones life. The test was overall very interesting and just shows how durable the folding screen is, thank you for this information.
Captain Imperialism
Captain Imperialism 5 months ago
“People aren’t going to fold their phones that quickly or that many times in a row!” Yeah, and people aren’t going to ram their car into a wall going 60 on purpose, it’s called a stress test for a reason. If anything, this shows that the phone will do better in normal use, it isn’t biased because they made the machine operate too quickly.
Revialle-LR 5 months ago
Instead of hating on this guy look on the good side,just see how that phone took that much abuse and still carried on,ofc no human would use it like that so double or triple or even more the folds it went through the machine in human hands,I'd like to see this test on other folding screen phones :D
Gh0st S3c
Gh0st S3c 5 months ago
This test clearly shows why humanity still haven’t reached the great filter
John Robinson
John Robinson 5 months ago
The machine obviously causes added stress.
미미밈미미 5 months ago
cnet : Samsung galaxy suck Samsung : No!!!!!!!!!
RobloxianYT 5 months ago
That white line that showed up is exactly like my Samsung but its on the side and its green
무주구천동 5 months ago
ㅋㅋㅋ 그렇게 열고 닫는 놈있냐 너는 그냥 루져야
nonymous A
nonymous A 5 months ago
실험자의 허리를 *저 속도로* 접었다 펴서 12만번 버티면 인정해줄게.
Andriy Kostych
Andriy Kostych 5 months ago
I wonder if you would have removed the views on RUvid via Dyslake, how many video views would you have left
Andriy Kostych
Andriy Kostych 5 months ago
I wonder if you took away RUvid views via dislikes how many video views you have left
su i
su i 5 months ago
Seriously Stupid test ever. 120,000 times means that you should fold it 100 times a day for 3 years and 3 months. Who uses Galaxy Fold like that test? And this test didnt't consider frictional heat. How foolish.
Godly destroyer
Godly destroyer 5 months ago
Well I can break my arm 100 times and it will be ok but if I continuously hit it with a hammer for 12 hours it will be messed up
K9 DISTRUCTION 5 months ago
The fold is a Failure🤦‍♂️
Kaoru Hanayama
Kaoru Hanayama 5 months ago
I can do 2000 push-ups in year But can't do 2000 push-ups in one day
LiamFlaunch 6 months ago
I see that you're maybe doing a stress test and such but since this might be a stress test, I'm gonna say it's not a realistic test. Also, since this is a supposed stress test, the durability is really good for a phone like this if that's the case
zno3 6 months ago
For 200 times a day makes it like what? around two years?
danspacito 6 months ago
So the limit is 119380 times...
Rat 6 months ago
You might as well just smash it against a table 40,000 times
hah 6 months ago
핸드폰이 살려달라고 애원하는 소리가 들리는듯 해요...
인부 6 months ago
galaxy : kill me...
Dante hollow
Dante hollow 6 months ago
Still cannot buy it LOL
Jinwoo Lim
Jinwoo Lim 6 months ago
Motorola Razr Live test please?
Ry Young
Ry Young 6 months ago
my dude so high he said “let’s stop the machine and turn it on” and then waited while watching the live stream for himself to turn it off
뭘보시는거죠? 6 months ago
지누님 보고 넘어온사람?
Vijay Kumar C.A.
Vijay Kumar C.A. 6 months ago
cnet buggers, such folding produces heat and is unrealistic...moreover, your machine malfunctioned and broke the screen...well, this anyways proves that samsung has done a super job with its first generation product...well done samsung...i hope next gen screen will not scratch...if the price was lesser, i would have already bought this...this is the future of smartphones...by the way, i wish samsung releases e-ink displays...i want to save my eyes, i dont want colour and screen light glare all the time...this phone with e-ink would be cool...
포화린 6 months ago
누가 스마트폰을 저렇게 연속으로 열었다 닫었다 하냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 실험 할려면 똑바로 하던가 어떤폰이 저러는데 안망가지냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Cosmo Duran
Cosmo Duran 6 months ago
Como vocês podem fazer o teste na tela com um fundo de tela preto?
katocatone 6 months ago
There has to be a better use for that machine than just folding a phone?
CNET 6 months ago
@katocatone 🤔
katocatone 6 months ago
@CNET haha I'm not sure ..maybe folding tacos or something?
CNET 6 months ago
강승길 6 months ago
The test machine failed and was already shocked by twisting the Galaxy Fold. I don't understand if it was pulled out of the machine and then twisted further by hand. I would like to see live testing of Huawei's MateX and future foldable iPhones under the same harsh conditions.
Pickle Ahoy
Pickle Ahoy 6 months ago
This is wayyyy accelerated aging considering the abnormal heat at the joint from slapping open and shut the phone. The manufacturer would be the only one to be able to say what factor you would have to multiply the number of folds to represent actual use. Its a fun thing to do, but this is nothing but kangaroo court.
Zahid Ansari
Zahid Ansari 6 months ago
In real world dust or dirt may enter and may damage the phone way earlier!
Nobody 6 months ago
Cnet must be an apple fanboy , judging from doing this harsh test which is far from real condition we use
BrosBrothersLP 6 months ago
Funny how everyone in the comments as now an expert for scientific testing and material science
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