Folding the Galaxy Fold: Highlights from our 14-hour livestream

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Watch every check-in during our marathon 14-hour Samsung Galaxy Fold live test. CNET producer Chris Parker walks us thrugh the setup and process of Fold Bot, our robotic folding machine from SquareTrade.
Galaxy Fold lasts for 120,000 folds in CNET's livestreamed test cnet.co/32ZNzZO
Samsung Galaxy Fold review: A promising -- and problematic -- blueprint for foldable phones cnet.co/2VctqNu
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Oct 4, 2019




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JODY MITOMA [videos]
🖐25:48 - The moment it breaks. I do wonder if it was the machine that caused additional added stress somewhere to cause it to break like that though...
lilHamster97 26 days ago
I noticed in slow motion that only the top part of the screen was fully closing, the bottom wasn’t. Maybe some torsion midway down the screens?
Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie 29 days ago
@Videos With Cay You realize it's called a controlled environment for a reason?
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Month ago
@P Williams Definitely, that test failed to prove anything
Brighty McBrightface
​@Rerin YL right. well, a $2000 phone isn't for anyone but the terminally status conscious as you describe. I'm sure a few friends will get the fold just because they already have the iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc. and they delight in "first kid on the block" stuff ... I'll probably update my near-perfect Pixel 3XL to a 4XL and that's not justifiable, just affordable. I do like the look of the $MSFT Surface duo and neo -- both look like they could do things I could use real world instead of an iPad. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is probably the right design -- at some point in the future, when it's the equivalent of $800 today, I imagine people will think of current smartphones the same way we used to compare "flip" and "pebble" designs before the iPhone convinced everyone to do the "phone, music-player, internet communicator" thing. fwiw, I had a Newton and wrote software for it to be a PDA for Unix sysadmins and DBAs with Sun and Informix enterprise applications ... basically the same thing we think of as two-factor authentication today ... just involving a. lot of wires and not a lot of wifi. : )
Brighty McBrightface
@MINSIK LIM Samsung claims 200,000 ... they certainly didn't have 5 years to test at real world speeds, so they too are using some sort of automated testing ... to a machine, these are not high speeds, these are real world simulations ... not perfect, but I don't think the test caused the failure, I think the design, construction and materials of the phone failed.
Vijay Kumar C.A.
Vijay Kumar C.A. 6 hours ago
cnet buggers, such folding produces heat and is unrealistic...moreover, your machine malfunctioned and broke the screen...well, this anyways proves that samsung has done a super job with its first generation product...well done samsung...i hope next gen screen will not scratch...if the price was lesser, i would have already bought this...this is the future of smartphones...by the way, i wish samsung releases e-ink displays...i want to save my eyes, i dont want colour and screen light glare all the time...this phone with e-ink would be cool...
피카츄 2 days ago
누가 스마트폰을 저렇게 연속으로 열었다 닫었다 하냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 실험 할려면 똑바로 하던가 어떤폰이 저러는데 안망가지냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Cosmonauta Juggernauta (Cosmo_013)
Como vocês podem fazer o teste na tela com um fundo de tela preto?
katocatone 3 days ago
There has to be a better use for that machine than just folding a phone?
CNET 3 days ago
@katocatone 🤔
katocatone 3 days ago
@CNET haha I'm not sure ..maybe folding tacos or something?
CNET 3 days ago
강승길 5 days ago
The test machine failed and was already shocked by twisting the Galaxy Fold. I don't understand if it was pulled out of the machine and then twisted further by hand. I would like to see live testing of Huawei's MateX and future foldable iPhones under the same harsh conditions.
Pickle Ahoy
Pickle Ahoy 5 days ago
This is wayyyy accelerated aging considering the abnormal heat at the joint from slapping open and shut the phone. The manufacturer would be the only one to be able to say what factor you would have to multiply the number of folds to represent actual use. Its a fun thing to do, but this is nothing but kangaroo court.
Zahid Ansari
Zahid Ansari 8 days ago
In real world dust or dirt may enter and may damage the phone way earlier!
Nobody 9 days ago
Cnet must be an apple fanboy , judging from doing this harsh test which is far from real condition we use
BrosBrothersLP 11 days ago
Funny how everyone in the comments as now an expert for scientific testing and material science
Northernblades 11 days ago
how about a true test. have the phone only ever folded from the bottom edge. people are not going to hold the top and bottom edge, and fold it even. Think like a book. Do you know anyone who holds the top and bottom of a book?
Gaming Test
Gaming Test 12 days ago
now, give away too me >.
It sounds like my ceiling fan
Jaws Jo
Jaws Jo 13 days ago
Embarrassing, that test seems like ‘how long hours this laundry machine can stay on spin process.’ To me.
Jaws Jo
Jaws Jo 13 days ago
And as you know we don’t need to spin the laundry machine 10 hours to make it done. Next time do better test for audience
Amanda 14 days ago
Seeing how hard the device is being folded I can say that it would probably survive double of it's number from when it broke
Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young 16 days ago
when you slam on somebodys face 3 times a second they will die quickly too
ᑢᓍSᘻᓰᑢ ᘺᗩᖴᖴᒪᘿS
Imagine this in your personal laptop, do you think it would survive more than a day?
ca ra
ca ra 16 days ago
Hey, u r sooooo stupid. Do you envy Samsung?hahahah Why are you trying to break it on purpose?
Marco Daniel
Marco Daniel 18 days ago
REVIEW 🗣: do NOT 🚫🚫🚫 buy this phone 😡😡 Samsung is so bad 🤭🤭🤭, their foldable phone can’t even handle being abused for hours just like any normal user would use 🤮🤮
Marek S
Marek S 18 days ago
Galaxy Fold's and Surface Duo's hinges have gears. I'd like to see a tear down after 100k folds. Is there wear, was the hinge lubricated and does it need new lubrication? People buy new phones too often. Manufacturers don't need to think about repairability, maintenance or life cycle.
먀아 19 days ago
ㅋㅋ개발려버렸쥬 외계인 고문해서 민드는 걸 어케이기누 사람 관절도 14시간 동안 12만번 접었다 펴면 정상이겠냐??미쳤습니까 휴먼????진짜 멍청하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ밥 한 그릇 뚝딱했다 후 꿀맛
AKG N30 19 days ago
CNET you guys really just dumb
AKG N30 19 days ago
I wanna punch your mouth and get rid of your teeth
Jeremy Caruthers
Jeremy Caruthers 19 days ago
I don't care about this phone at all. But this test was a joke 😅 Absolutely asinine.
Leon Jimenez
Leon Jimenez 20 days ago
Test brought to you by Apple.
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 21 day ago
I suspect that the macine is folding it too fast, and the strain rate is higher than normal, day to day use kind of strain rates.
Kwerrauque 22 days ago
As a Galaxy Fold owner, these results prove that the Galaxy Fold is a quality and durable phone. The hardware is quite solid to survive that much abuse.
쯩유 22 days ago
Thi is the way how to killing phone
우철완 23 days ago
류설아 23 days ago
If you fold, unfold, and repeat for 12 hours without rest, you'll break down, too.
dab745 24 days ago
Yeah, Unfair test. But cool.
E JM 24 days ago
Hey Hey no mom??
Gemster18 24 days ago
Great job... but Dude.... you are putting me to sleep! You need some caffeine! Wow! Bore fest!
yanassi 24 days ago
I initially wanted the fold, til I learned NO DUST, NO INCLEMENT WEATHER, NO PEN. Does samsung think the folding activity is more important than functionality?
Levi Guyan
Levi Guyan 24 days ago
For everyone complaining how this wasn’t a fair test: the galaxy folds display is permanently damaged by your own fingernail. No one cares about how long the hinge lasts if you can’t own this device for a day without having an extra crease in the screen!
RPC29 Gaming
RPC29 Gaming 25 days ago
how many folds can a galaxy fold fold without folding above the fold limit
Tuitina Fa'aleava
Tuitina Fa'aleava 25 days ago
119380 folds ÷ 730 (2 years depending on the next release of Samsung fold) = 163.53 per day. Yeah I reckon it worth it, I mean I will invest in the Samsung fold 2 in the future anyways.
Ultimategods Kolierta
Man this phone is sucks, two screen is really bad idea.
Mytrod 26 days ago
My girlfriend wordering why I did not text her for 40 minutes
TheGamingGuys 26 days ago
People also forget that phone companies want you to buy a phone every to years at most, so it would make sense for this phone to break at about the 1 year mark or so
CLA S 26 days ago
Кто от Вилсы?
노서후 26 days ago
Sponsored by Apple
imicca 26 days ago
it does not even fold fully
Rama Lama
Rama Lama 26 days ago
unreal conditions *lol ... waste of time^^
이예준 26 days ago
혼자서 뻘짓하노 탈모련이ㅋㅋㅋ
tony ahn
tony ahn 27 days ago
내가 보기엔 힌지에 발생한 마찰열로 힌지 내부의 윤활액이 모두 소멸된게 아닌가 싶음. 힌지가 부서지기 시작하고 저 기계가 강제로 접으려고 하다가 부서진 부품이 디스플레이를 파손. 마지막으로 실험자가 바깥쪽으로 꺾을 때, 본래 힌지가 정상작동 했다면 꺾이지 말아야 할 각도로 꺽여버림. 그러니 힌지 부속이 완전 이탈했고 다시 접으려니 안 접히게 되었음. 아래 외국 친구들이 지적한 대로 스트레스 테스트라고 하기에는 너무 과격한 방법이었고 최소한 발열은 제거해 주었어야 하지 않나 싶음.
씬쫑 27 days ago
Wow!!!!! It proved that the samsung fold phone is great. Thank you. I'll buy samsung phone because of this warranty video. Thank you. 😄😄
Alonso Daniel Coronado Jo
32:41 U N G Y FOLD
Ares5933 28 days ago
Dang it died like three seconds after 2am
권영서 28 days ago
I am surprised to see this unbeliveable result. I really hope to use this phone.
StalkerTheExoFox 29 days ago
120169 is where it died, so 120168 is the limit.
Squidassassin Gaming
I get this is not a exact scientific test but the point where it gets the white line is the machines fault bescuse u dont use that much force to do that fold or that fast
김감자 29 days ago
존나 튼튼한거네
Amachetay Cybo
Amachetay Cybo 29 days ago
shapeshifting isnt evil u silly trying to discourage ppl why u urself do it lmao!
John Merik
John Merik Month ago
That machine is folding the phone too often and too fast. In a real world, it's like masturbating with the galaxy fold in hand.
SMG5 - Roblox and More!
At 119380 Flips on the SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold, when the left screen broke, how come when ever you close it, the left screen turns on???
Hayden H
Hayden H Month ago
The machine was a little rough in my opinion, but it is realistic, in the fact that humans are rough too. But, about 3 years of use is really good for this phone
tech giant
tech giant Month ago
This video got more dislikes👎👎👎 than likes👍👍👍🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jesse Wayne
Jesse Wayne Month ago
So you are doing it extremely rapid and when you open it that many times consecutively wouldn't t the friction increase the heat and make it break faster compared to a regular person opening it at a slower speed and not consecutive?
Dream-Box Month ago
you are destroying the phn, not folding
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