FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) 1HR Ambient Drone Film + Music by Nature Relaxation™ for Stress Relief

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2019 Sequel, FLYING OVER SCOTLAND @ ruvid.net/video/video-_RTMLn7rDRw.html | 7 HOUR VERSION @ ruvid.net/video/video-lM02vNMRRB0.html | 10 HOUR VERSION @ ruvid.net/video/video-OURU3ua-a9k.html | BUY: www.naturerelaxation.com/products/flying-over-norway-1-hr-drone-film-in-4k-uhd-w-music | WATCH ON-DEMAND: watch.naturerelaxation.com/videos/flying-over-norway-1hr-nature-relaxation-mastered-hd | ABOUT: Relax for a full hour and let your worries be replaced by stunning aerial views from some of Norway's most beautiful & iconic locations captured in ultra high definition. It's paired with a brand new ambient musical masterpiece by The Cynic Project (notes below). Edited & produced by David Huting and cinematography thanks to Stefan Zimmerman. MORE INFO & LINKS:
NORWAY LOCATIONS SHOWN: Lofoten, Nustjord, Flakstad, Ramberg, Bidge to Torvoya, Ytresand Beach, Björnsand, Mærvollspollen, Unstad, Grunnførfjorden sandbanks, Henningsvær, Vikjorden, Lødingen, Rørvikstranda, Straumen. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone.
ABOUT THE MUSIC: "This production is a continuous mix of three ambient works, each work featuring a different Hatfield sister :) The first song features Erin Hatfield on vocals, and later on a beautiful sounding hang drum provides some rhythmic backing, then featuring a vocal solo by Erin Hatfield around the 10:00 mark. The second song is a remix from my game, Pixelsphere. The third song features Ashley Hatfield. Ashley's vocals are washed in reverb and linger as chord swells in the background which are combined with a boy's choir sound. My wife Julie Hatfield's lovely vocals are featured in all three songs. Big thanks to the vocalists Erin, Ashley and Julie for helping me with this composition!" ~Alex Smith. MUSIC NOTES: This ambient score features a very unique instrument: the hang drum. From Alex: "They are pretty cool and organic sounding kind of like a steel drum that you hold in your hand, with the exception that the instrument itself is a specific type of resonator so it the way it rings after it's struck with your palm." For more cynic project links & videos visit www.NatureRelaxation.com/cynicmusic or check out Alex's AWESOME side-scrolling musical game "Pixelpshere" at www.pixelsphere.org
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In case you wonder why I run ads on the videos, it's so that I can continue to develop better ways to bring Nature Relaxation™ into your world, allowing you to relax and connect with nature on demand - and benefit from reduced stress, blood pressure mental fog, and a more positive mood & mental outlook - just from simply watching. Isn't Nature amazing? To date we offer a super-simple and high quality web streaming service plus apps on SEVEN platforms. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT at watch.naturerelaxation.com or on the app store link below:
Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at www.NatureRelaxation.com/about
To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit: www.naturerelaxation.com/license
On top of being able to be streamed via Nature Relaxation On-Demand, this film is available for 4K/HD download (h.264), on DVD or Blu-Ray.
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Apr 25, 2018




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Comments 2 000
ADarkAria 16 days ago
You've found heaven on earth -- and have shared it with us! What a place of peace. Thank you for your kindness! I was actually watching this at my cardiologist appointment yesterday and they had this on in the waiting room...I couldn't stop watching it. Needless to say, my blood pressure was way down when they checked it. I know why.
andrew croft
andrew croft 7 hours ago
Beautiful, just spoiled by your invasive logo..........
Catatonic Galaxy
Catatonic Galaxy 13 hours ago
i think this was shot in 8k... and down sampled into 4k thus the aliasing in the video
headfella Day ago
Loved watching this but the locales did repeat a few too many times. Drones & miniature HD cameras have utterly changed aerial photography. Great work putting all this together. Best of luck with your commercial projects in this market. Chris in Winnipeg Canada.
Bebo Gomez
Bebo Gomez Day ago
Beauty that I will never see but, thanks to you I can. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.😎
tor johan Jakobsen
All video are from Lofoten....
Mohsen Alirezaeian
This video made me feel great. I didn't even imagine heaven would look like this.😂😍 Thank you for sharing this great experience of your journey.😛❤️
Mohsen Alirezaeian Follow me for more relaxing and meditation videos please 👍🏻 🌴🌞🔥
trk xo
trk xo 3 days ago
Wow...drone footage par excellence. The calming and soothing music blends well with the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. Bravo and thanks for sharing 😊👍
Psycho 3 days ago
Загнивайте дальше в своей прекрасной,чистой,правовой,сецальной стране, а мы и дальше будем тут терпеть в Раисе, осталось еще немного потерпеть лет 100-200.
Gadi Berqowitz
Gadi Berqowitz 3 days ago
This video is why RUvid is great. thanks for sharing this. it's amazing. added to the bucket list.
Игорь Сенчуков
Komrade 4 days ago
I love your videos. What drone do you use?
Walking Commuter
Walking Commuter 4 days ago
The landscape with relatively minimal human interjection is nearly perfection.
Zoltán Bartha
Zoltán Bartha 4 days ago
"ah the relaxing seagull voices", yes until you live next to the shore, good luck sleeping
William Wen
William Wen 4 days ago
What fantastic footage you have made! I am simply speechless and my love for Norway has been deepened. This makes me so relaxing. Thanks for your efforts! Love from a Chinese living in Sweden. 🇨🇳🇸🇪🇳🇴
Vitthal Kale
Vitthal Kale 4 days ago
I like Norway so awesome best country,
E.S Anoop
E.S Anoop 4 days ago
Heaven on Earth
kims thovan
kims thovan 4 days ago
I lost my words in the bestest beauty.
Léia Moraes
Léia Moraes 5 days ago
As imagens são INCRIVEIS!!
Carlos  Padilla
Carlos Padilla 8 days ago
So beautiful
Elena Savin
Elena Savin 8 days ago
Wonderful , thank you 🙏
Allex Romm
Allex Romm 8 days ago
bitnaneunByul 빛나는별
Mike Lowrie
Mike Lowrie 9 days ago
So beautiful
thronweed 9 days ago
Лучшее место для одиночества..
Ngô Hữu Nghĩa
Ngô Hữu Nghĩa 10 days ago
những người có mặt trong video này là những người may mắn nhất thế giới
Lizbet Rivera mallqui
Sorprendente lugar llena de misterios. Mu bello a la vez temeroso . Saludos de Perú
kd l
kd l 12 days ago
Wow wow wow !!!
Tony Santos
Tony Santos 12 days ago
those who dislike this video need medication
Simon Dowsett
Simon Dowsett 10 days ago
The frame-rate is too low.
corn dawgz
corn dawgz 12 days ago
how can anyone dislike this
Simon Dowsett
Simon Dowsett 10 days ago
The frame-rate is too low. I won't thumb it down, but it was a missed opportunity. Anything less than 50fps is either stuttery/jerky, or blurred from having the shutter open longer. This video is jerky and would have been much better at a higher frame-rate if the bitrate could match it.
vigilhammer 12 days ago
Which planet is this onn?
N P 12 days ago
I really wish to spend my whole life over in norway..... right now i am in india
Wałbrzyskie Morsy i Okolice
Piękna energetyczna Muzyka
Lars-Gunnar Grönvald
Nice mountains.
Vebjørn Sandnes
Vebjørn Sandnes 13 days ago
One of the things I enjoy is to look down the ocean, at summertime, when the wind is still and be able to see through the water maybe 30 meters. To see the sprawling wildlife just swimming beneath my boat at the bottom. Looking for that perfect cod, then try to fish it.
Bild Kultur
Bild Kultur 13 days ago
Germany 1k ruvid.net/video/video-v_-eeQL3gJg.html
Vam Halle
Vam Halle 13 days ago
Very calm video with good music.
xoen6 14 days ago
9:37 ..what's going on there? Btw, every moment like this is...painful, like 22:06 , it can be done with more subtle approach...we are already there, so, why say it again and again... Btw, what drone was used to make this great journey?
Biff LeGrosBoeuf
Biff LeGrosBoeuf 15 days ago
i no like
Dr. Armstrong
Dr. Armstrong 16 days ago
Умиротворяет! Такая красота, слава Богу за всё!
Mister Morne Van der Berg
Breathtaking Wish I could see Norway in person
Dragan Mijulu
Dragan Mijulu 16 days ago
Prelepo ... like an another beauty world.
shen timo
shen timo 17 days ago
if the planet exists heaven, this is.
shen timo
shen timo 17 days ago
if the planet exists heaven, this is.
Cherry Russell-Traffanstedt
Wow!!! Stunning and mesmerizing... loved it!
Sergej Sergeev
Sergej Sergeev 18 days ago
Norway will remain in my heart for the rest of my life.
Sergej Sergeev
Sergej Sergeev 18 days ago
I want to express my gratitude to the creators of this film myself from Latvia I really love Norway
Marek Halama
Marek Halama 18 days ago
Even though you fade the cuts , still it would be better if you had the drone fly for a seamless shot or just longer shots .
Nature Relaxation Films
Thanks! We agree but this video was made prior to realizing this is the style people like yourself want to see! For a recent example of a drone film with the style you just mentioned, check out our newest Flying Over Oahu video @ ruvid.net/video/video-4AtJV7U3DlU.html
Marek Halama
Marek Halama 18 days ago
I wish you didn't cut scenes as much and had longer full shots.
Phille_Swe 18 days ago
what is this Place called? really nice video! =)
겜진원 18 days ago
22:33 just love the view.. I can't believe that's real, not a fantasy.
gabriel gervais
gabriel gervais 18 days ago
Much of the 1000 dislikes is likely from the neighbouring states 😂😂😂 just kiddin...
Dexter Ford
Dexter Ford 17 days ago
More likely due to the intrusive ads
Tony Marriott
Tony Marriott 19 days ago
Stunning. Don't know what else to say!
This is the best name I could come up with
The ads can ruin the experience and immersion. Too often and too many of them covering a large part of the screen. I get it you need to earn money, but why would you allow for ugly ads to contaminate such beautiful videos?
This is the best name I could come up with
@Potato G I have adblock, but these ads are in the video and cannot be blocked.
Potato G
Potato G 17 days ago
ad block
G00ober 19 days ago
Fly over Sweden and you can hear Greta's REEEEEEEEE
This is the best name I could come up with
Actually you would hear all the Bosnians and Muslim refugees yelling.
Paul Borissow
Paul Borissow 21 day ago
Reminds me that humans are really small, Lol
Satindra Chakrabarti
I don't have words that would dare up to the magnitude of benefit we get by this video. Words fail. Nonetheless, some of my thoughts hovering in my mind are these - i) we need to watch this video many, many times. It's a healer. A medicine. Like no other. ii) A peculiar pain - a veiled one though - also creeps up in my heart. We all have to go one day. So long we are in this world let's spread the velvet of love, compassion and oneness to all. That act will benefit us eventually. One such act is donating our eyes at the time of passing away. Now that we see this beauty but when we go we can't take with us anything with us. Why not spread the gift of sight to the visually impaired. iii) concert this video (after saving as mp4) to mp3 file. When in meditation it would help a lot. A lot.
kevin riderlen
kevin riderlen 21 day ago
woow, I never thought that Norway is such a magical place to visit
Thao Pham
Thao Pham 21 day ago
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 21 day ago
I wosh i could go vidit it once
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