Fly Away MAP (for Scribble Kibble)- Part 13

Daria Cohen
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Yay! My first of hopefully many maps I will get to take part in:
seeing how we were allowed to use our OC I thought "Time to practice on some Missi animation in preparation for chapter three". It was so much fun to make AND I got to animate part 13.The perfect most luckiest number XD How fitting is that?
Check out this character's origin story here: ruvid.net/video/video--WsZ2fUXbZg.html
Song: ruvid.net/video/video-cMg8KaMdDYo.html
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Sep 6, 2017




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Doge master
Doge master 3 days ago
Random but nice
Christian Santiago Corona Albarran
In the middle of 2020 and I'm still delighted :D Can someone tell me what the song is called please :3
Galaxy Fox Animates
Fly Away
Chelsea Libby
Chelsea Libby 7 days ago
Thanks RUvid for recommending this to me 4 years later.
Galaxy Fox Animates
милашка кошечка
The Manchester United 20 Angelina
Słucha cZowy
Słucha cZowy 18 days ago
3 years ago
Зеленка _
Зеленка _ 19 days ago
Ваш мультик полное дерьмо.
d Farren
d Farren 21 day ago
Yeah I love vampires.
【Echo】 22 days ago
*Naruto runs*
My frickin mess
My frickin mess 24 days ago
Iona Venice Belderol
damn can you make a full song of this... Pls.........
Galaxy Fox Animates
Chiaki_nanami 28 days ago
very cool i watch for the hundredth time😍and I have one question when you decided to make a small series and will you continue it?
Blackdragon 7
Blackdragon 7 28 days ago
0:03 naruto run vamp version
Alexander Bila
Alexander Bila Month ago
Full video in description, please?
jeyesun the meme
Were climbing, were soaring, 1 million views
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox Month ago
Anastasia Dicoski
CEO of staff twirling
tiger kat!
tiger kat! Month ago
Talent yummy
Elena Mindiashvili
I was replaying this 200.000.000. Times
alexandria Bagwell
How sings that
Elizabeth Frank
Elizabeth Frank Month ago
Я готова смотреть на это вечность
clover girl
clover girl Month ago
This is AMAZING!
Sana Mazhar
Sana Mazhar Month ago
This is amazing Daria!
Henry Arguelles
Henry Arguelles Month ago
We need a full or longer version of this.
Blood Queen
Blood Queen Month ago
i just your sudden boost congrats
Mr Vaporize
Mr Vaporize 2 months ago
Holy shit, that's some good animation
Wheat Bread
Wheat Bread 2 months ago
I can't stop replaying this
finally she made it to 666k not thousand subs lol
SAFANA .AHMED125 2 months ago
0:4 nortuo 😂
Cindy Gessler
Cindy Gessler 2 months ago
I lOVE THIS SO MUSH 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘
Gone 2 months ago
you and vivziepop inspire me to start animating and drawing more
Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli 2 months ago
•Blackwell Clover•
Sooo pretty
Writermist 2 months ago
Ohhhh i love the bat animation. That must have taken forever
caty forever bonnielove
El mejor video de el mundo no puedo parar de verlo
Daniela Avalos
Daniela Avalos 2 months ago
¿Para cuándo lo demás?😭
dei wk
dei wk 2 months ago
WOoooooow!!!!genial 🙋🌟
пикачу Учиха
0:00 а на руку ну да в ней костей нету
пикачу Учиха
0:00 а на руку ну да в ней костей нету
Chill Bruh TnT
Chill Bruh TnT 2 months ago
Oh my gos it.s soo cool i love it how do you do that 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱♡♡
TheRed Ghostman
TheRed Ghostman 2 months ago
Kathryn Norwood
Kathryn Norwood 3 months ago
I love this sooooo much I’ve seen it like 18 times in a Row
Aoi Saki
Aoi Saki 3 months ago
Is no one gonna talk how she used a TheFatRat song, I am proud!
Amklikzloto123 3 months ago
I waching this 1003837629 time. It's beautiful.
Mr. Wilford
Mr. Wilford 3 months ago
Tracy 3 months ago
L·ıñå kųmå
L·ıñå kųmå 3 months ago
7 секунд рая
Turnçu Kaya
Turnçu Kaya 3 months ago
Pls nexttt
못된동물원 3 months ago
내가 뭘 본거지?
someone new
someone new 4 months ago
She's Naruto running
Angelaine Bandola
Angelaine Bandola 4 months ago
I'm so happy I'm like ×-×
Sha mfoo
Sha mfoo 4 months ago
Ето шедевр
Princessheart Benemerito
Frisk 4 months ago
Funny how That map is how I met your channel XD
Катя Коротких
Скажите пожалуйста, название этой музыки?
pepperflaked 4 months ago
It’s weird cause out of all the animations I saw this MAP and I figured “wow good animator I’ll check out her channel” I’ve been obsessed for a few fays
Mila Hancock
Mila Hancock 4 months ago
🎶 two million views🎶
pupa ¿
pupa ¿ 4 months ago
Name of the song??
imperio Ángel
imperio Ángel 4 months ago
An Tungurahua. I'm sorry love RUvid
Wendy Conley
Wendy Conley 5 months ago
The animation is very smooth it looks amazing my compliments to the chef
Regina Lijoi
Regina Lijoi 5 months ago
Police: you're under arrest! Me: what did I do?! Police: you broke it! Me: broke what?! Police: the replay button
ゆう太 5 months ago
Cygnus Mutai
Cygnus Mutai 5 months ago
May I ask what animating software you use..?
Unicorn Smile
Unicorn Smile 5 months ago
Кто русский - лайк
Amelia J. Urangoo
Amelia J. Urangoo 5 months ago
I love your all videos. Make it again pls.❤❤❤❤
Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life 6 months ago
0:01 The literal first second and it's already got me hooked, line and sinker.
Alyvia Reagan
Alyvia Reagan 6 months ago
Me: **watches video for the 94,222,945,896th time** Also me: i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/032/390/sully.jpg
Alyvia Reagan
Alyvia Reagan 6 months ago
Wow! For only a six second video, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! 💖💖💖😍😍😍😍✌
ZEFIR :з 6 months ago
O my god😍😍😍
Bascab Dash
Bascab Dash 6 months ago
Still one of my favorite videos on RUvid.
mistwaay 6 months ago
moneka Sakura
moneka Sakura 6 months ago
?? Music
Kamal Uddin
Kamal Uddin 7 months ago
Why do I keep on replying this
Amarah Edwards
Amarah Edwards 7 months ago
I think I broke my repeat botton😳
Elizabeth 7 months ago
This should be your intro for videos
Jeffrey YIP
Jeffrey YIP 7 months ago
Thesmadhatter carmona
𝚈'𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚜𝚊𝚠 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝙽𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚝𝚘 𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚜
superlupita 7 months ago
脳内整理中 理解に苦しむけどかっこいいと言うことはわかる
chi 7 months ago
ok listen i saw the MAP years ago and i just now realized who this girl was oMg
Milagros Lucero
Milagros Lucero 7 months ago
Quiero ver mas ;-;
Possessed Potato Bird Official
No_name 7 months ago
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 7 months ago
Great job, and you just need 7 seconds you are awesome
MAPLE COYOTE 7 months ago
As soon as I saw missi in the vampair playist pick up the bat cane and her turn "evil" I remember seeing her in the "come and fly away with me" - animator tribute - lol, now I found her again
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast 8 months ago
This is beautiful, I've watched and rewatched it so many times now
wing tsz yu
wing tsz yu 8 months ago
I love it!I think this is the best video I have seen.
Cocoa and Consternation
This is actually what introduced me to this series sooo yay
İrem aslı su
İrem aslı su 8 months ago
Lilz Bug
Lilz Bug 8 months ago
Excuse me ...but stop the tease lolz. 😂
Kesuzen Karido
Kesuzen Karido 8 months ago
Gladys Ortiz
Gladys Ortiz 9 months ago
?! L E S L Y ?!
?! L E S L Y ?! 9 months ago
мне кажется я сломала кнопку повтора
이성령 9 months ago
Its end?
Kir 9 months ago
00:04 Thanos: no problem guys, it is my job
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle 9 months ago
Now this is something I want a 10 h loop of
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle 9 months ago
Omg, this is amazing!!!!!!
Антон Капленко
MxchiPlants 9 months ago
This is so awsome ☆_☆
Лиза Крылова
Что за песня?
CJ- -Rawl
CJ- -Rawl 10 months ago
Missi going to Area 51. Sorry I had to 😆
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