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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 100
Torre Wood
Torre Wood Month ago
Torre Wood
Torre Wood Month ago
Kamari’s Tv
Kamari’s Tv Month ago
Jai crazy bout her man but when cey try to leave her don’t be crying they probably not gone be together forever I’m not wishing it but just saying I’m being honest 😬
Digitvl dee
Digitvl dee 2 months ago
Followed today cause you was looking good in that sweatsuit on cey and jai vid lol
Vyla lol
Vyla lol 2 months ago
Jesus loves you guys
Ja’Nae Life
Ja’Nae Life 2 months ago
Ja’Nae Life
Ja’Nae Life 2 months ago
get back activeee
Antonio Davis
Antonio Davis 4 months ago
I would leave her alone, You cannot beat or pull on me .
Antonio Davis
Antonio Davis 4 months ago
She has an hand problem with hitting her man, we men can't do that to you, and y'all are not married. Prank or not.
Alexa’s World
Alexa’s World 4 months ago
Who here after hearing bout Kobe #LLK🥺💚
Takayviona Myers
Takayviona Myers 7 months ago
that was lit you got they ass periodt sis
Calvin Wilson
Calvin Wilson 8 months ago
It could have been nice if Cey was in on it too
GamingWithDon23 9 months ago
Did yall actually have a pillow fight
Sin Reloaded
Sin Reloaded 9 months ago
Lee Elexis
Lee Elexis 9 months ago
This fake. No way this would go on for that long if they thought she was on that fr.
Lee Elexis
Lee Elexis 2 months ago
@Christian McAfee you’re fake. I’m just saying what it looks like
Christian McAfee
Christian McAfee 2 months ago
You’re fake take yo negativity somewhere else
Monet Victor
Monet Victor 9 months ago
myah backupp
myah backupp 9 months ago
Lol this prank is soo funny🤣🤣
Breionna Knight
Breionna Knight 11 months ago
cey just wanted the charger🤣🤣
Desired Hippy
Desired Hippy 11 months ago
5:53 look at cey bruh lol
Desired Hippy
Desired Hippy 11 months ago
5:21 cey and jai don't even give a damn they care about the light LMAO
Ace G
Ace G 11 months ago
She said "Cey why you ignoring me , we matching " bruh I'm btfu
Her chin strong
dvsco Murphy
dvsco Murphy Year ago
Kobe realy did that lame yes sir😒
Christian McAfee
Christian McAfee 2 months ago
Stfu #LLK
Alexa’s World
We already know jai don’t play dat shit😂👏🏽 that girl jai said “You can chill out the DOOR”😭💀
west vont
west vont Year ago
9:42 LMAOOOOOO cey on kassandra side, he grabbed Kobe hair 😂😂.
Christina Year ago
Jai said “baby shut tf up”
SkiMask soc
SkiMask soc Year ago
bruh cey face had me dead when he was standing trying to fix the light
Kymaurii So wavy
Any body know a link for that don Pierre shirt cey got on.
Jaden 2x
Jaden 2x Year ago
Monkey.D. Law
Monkey.D. Law Year ago
NO CAP I wanted to see Jai get hit by that light
She from link heart?
Kirk Kirkson
Kirk Kirkson Year ago
Morgan is fine.
Supah jayy
Supah jayy Year ago
Where that ugly ass stick figure come from? kobe DO BETTER
Isaiah Cagle
Isaiah Cagle Year ago
vExoticDAD Year ago
Peep cey saying jai get right wit her 10:46
Crownmeti Year ago
Kolbe a bum and he stole the money! #neverforget
Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez 5 days ago
Rest in piss kobe
0nlyxKen Year ago
This was to funny. 🤣🤣🤣
Brent TooFye
Brent TooFye Year ago
Need a girl like jai 🚫🧢
Randall Coxton
gerale ealey
gerale ealey Year ago
1:20 imma tell my kids that this was j cole in the back wit the yellow jacket when he was a kid 😂
gerale ealey
gerale ealey Year ago
I’m convinced that’s younger j cole brother in the yellow jacket nobody can tell me otherwise 😭😂
Alexa’s World
gerale ealey ong😭💀
Michael Year ago
This shit so fake🤣🤣
ItsTerrian Tv
ItsTerrian Tv Year ago
U lame morg
Antwain Curtis
Cey funny af
Living with Jazzy
she said it's ya gurl morguy?
Heni Year ago
Morg !!! ❤️
Katrina Hurst
Katrina Hurst Year ago
Who agree Morgan and Josh that be hanging out with armon and tray would be a great couple
DASIAN Year ago
I’m confused was Cey in on the prank 😭and why Jai was getting hyped when she was with Kobe
Brown eyes
Brown eyes Year ago
9:46 that roll lol
1dirty mel
1dirty mel Year ago
Ik damn well they seem that camera
billy joe
billy joe Year ago
morg can netflicks and chill with me anytime she is sexy
antonio jenkins
the acting is terrible
Chanel Baddie
Chanel Baddie Year ago
Make a prank with cey an Kobe
Iffy Year ago
These "pranks" are getting out of hand. I don't play bout my man prank or not. Just leave these people relationships alone.
Donisha Singletary
Cey wanted that lowkey😭
Thee Taalibah
Thee Taalibah Year ago
ig: pettyolellibah drop ya @'S
Londonlauren Mccutcheon
do an prank on bj saying u like him or dj
James Keller
James Keller Year ago
Cey @5:56
kenny w
kenny w Year ago
They got everyone on this RUvid shit Lmaoo
Jennifer Lawson-Campbell
He was right by the camera and did not see it
billy SoBilly
billy SoBilly Year ago
I don’t even know you but all I know this was a mother fucking banger
Darius McVay
Darius McVay Year ago
Every other race ALWAYS grab they black boyfriend by they hair lmao
Darius McVay
Darius McVay Year ago
Things such as dominican are psychological subscriptions. Geneogically hes an "Africanoid"
Darius McVay
Darius McVay Year ago
@William Mason ima let you know now just in case you dont. Theres two ways to be whats called "lightskinned" your either black with lightskin( YES thats a. Thing there's 48 shades to the black germ 16 Black 16 Brown 16 Yellow.) So either he falls into this category of literal black people or hes simply a mixed blood. When a black person and white person have a baby and it come out lightskin thats a mixed blood. Whichever he is, she still grabbing this black boy hair lol every other race be on that.
Kevon Sankar
Kevon Sankar Year ago
That white girl Got me GONE😂 SHE aint aint even trynna fight morgan
Christian McAfee
Christian McAfee 2 months ago
@Misha & Cheyyy ikr people so ignant these days folc
Misha & Cheyyy
Misha & Cheyyy 9 months ago
She not even white I like how u just assume bcuz her color .
Ashea E
Ashea E 11 months ago
😂😂 Fr she ain't finna fight no one.
Destiny Year ago
William Mason 😂😂 white hispanic u slow
Hotgirl Xshi
Hotgirl Xshi Year ago
Madysen L but we not gon sit and act like she should be talking to Morgan not her man bc Morgan was talking not him
Light Gloomy
Light Gloomy Year ago
What kind of shirt is cey wearing want 1
Gxbe 2k
Gxbe 2k Year ago
Who watching this cuz kobe and cey in dis
MPRJay Year ago
Cant wait for more videos
J.W Squad
J.W Squad Year ago
Jai wasn't playing about her man periodt
Jay Year ago
Cansandra slapin tf outta kobe. 😂😂😂
The Man LB
The Man LB Year ago
Morg a big ol freak from😂😂😂😂
mo___pimppinn Year ago
My name is Morgan too ❤️🤪
Fevour Year ago
Kasandra ugly af to ( kobe girl )
Fevour Year ago
Jai ugly af 😂.
Tatie2 much4u
Tatie2 much4u 7 months ago
@The One And Only 〽 exactly
The One And Only 〽
Xestive we seeing two different people if she ugly
Aaliyah Turner
I’m weak off the pillow fight! 😂
Playboy Josh
Playboy Josh Year ago
uh oh morgan in the cut t’dd up 🔥
Big_aj4 Big_ aj4
That boy now he do not like that white girl
Destiny Year ago
William Mason And your Dumb 😂😂 Hispanic is not a Race There Are Black White Mestizo etc Hispanics Please Travel
its unique_bri
They've been dating for months, yes df he do
privatevideosaccount deannmajor
The fact that y’all posed for this thumbnail after the video has me crying 😭
MELVIEE B Year ago
Lol Cey just wanted to sit down and get his charger 🤣🤣🤣
Chloé Year ago
Kasandra snatched him up 😂😂
Azihia Jones
Azihia Jones Year ago
This got me dead 💀😂
Bxckends Year ago
Kobe girl wit dem soft slaps
TheEllisTwins Year ago
10:30 who yelling like that😂😂
G Swervo
G Swervo Year ago
9:40 jai wtf was that 😂
Oris De Oleo
Oris De Oleo 8 months ago
I was looking at cey doe like why was he pulling kobes hair too 😭😭😂
SupremeREACTS Year ago
G Swervo 😭😭
Kya Buccs
Kya Buccs Year ago
G Swervo ong she did a whole dance
Keithooo Lawrence
Who else died when she said dough
Jmoney TC
Jmoney TC Year ago
The camera was in the open the whole time you telling me they didn’t see it🤦🏽‍♂️
nice eli gang 4k
U be doing to much with they boyfriends
I’m morgan morgan is me, that one friend without a boyfriend.
Tristan Eleam
Tristan Eleam Year ago
@jayski look at em dis man den asked for da insta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SheMoansJake TM i guess you mean mines since her ig is in the video My ig is: s.fabianna
Kas o
Kas o Year ago
jayski Year ago
LifeWithShanna lemme get the insta shawty
3.ThaKidd Year ago
8:10 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
MoneyMan Year ago
kobe girl lowkey uglyy😭
Jessica Jordan
Tubay uh don’t hate r talk bout someone you don’t know go somewhere with all that rude stupid nonsense
Nique World
Nique World Year ago
It’s not bout the look probably like her bc her personality
Shayla Lynch
Shayla Lynch Year ago
@HellaKush she not that ugly tho
Shayla Lynch
Shayla Lynch Year ago
@HellaKush no
HellaKush Year ago
Shayla Lynch she is 💀💀
tw3rkfo _.t
tw3rkfo _.t Year ago
Cey hop up so fast
digital clock gang
Kobe stole the $100 from Morgan
Cameeah Year ago
She said u wanna jump her real quick
H.B.F Lik
H.B.F Lik Year ago
Cey saw da camera 😂
The One And Only 〽
TheReal PrinceMalik when
Jada Ferguson
Jada Ferguson Year ago
okaaaaaay kas ... quiet but don’t play💁🏼‍♀️
HellaKush Year ago
All she does is pull his hair 💀
MirCapone Year ago
Morgan really my crush now ,she fine fine🍫🤦🏽‍♂️
Shayla Lynch
Shayla Lynch Year ago
@MirCapone nah
MirCapone Year ago
Shayla Lynch you tight?
Shayla Lynch
Shayla Lynch Year ago
Yall gasping her up like fr
Dakota mcdowell
Jai said don’t touch him period 😂😂
Shayla Lynch
Shayla Lynch Year ago
Periodt that's ha man😂
Derrick Darkwah
Bonnie B
Bonnie B Year ago
keep it up 😂😂😂
tre thomas
tre thomas Year ago
She needa get wit BJ😂
Chris Boston
Chris Boston Year ago
Morgan cute asff🥰
King JayH2O
King JayH2O Year ago
this a banger 🔥🐍
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