Flinch w/ Blackpink

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James asks the women of South Korean pop group Blackpink to play a game of Flinch, testing their nerves of steel. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa each take turns standing behind a slate of plexiglass and must remain still as various fruits are fired at them at high rates of speed.
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Apr 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Ridwan Maulana
Ridwan Maulana 5 hours ago
Who said bAD EnGLiSH Let's Flight Meh -BLINK
Ridwan Maulana
Ridwan Maulana 6 hours ago
i'M nOT sCaRy
jesreena rahma
jesreena rahma 7 hours ago
*Unnie vs Maknae*
Pixstella 9 hours ago
Jinnie was looking for revenge
Solin ARMY
Solin ARMY 10 hours ago
Michi Me
Michi Me 11 hours ago
Michi Me
Michi Me 11 hours ago
Michi Me
Michi Me 11 hours ago
Khalani King
Khalani King 12 hours ago
BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Veeresh Kiccha
Veeresh Kiccha 16 hours ago
In that's suit..... Lisa left hand Looks cut off when seeing suddenly
Hae Jin
Hae Jin 21 hour ago
1:38 Jisoo she so cute :3
Cute Organism
05:22 Jennie is so cute
rualthoilien halam
Why everyone ship bts with blackpink i don like shipping specially with jisoo n v
Yah MinaiSana
why nobody talk about Rosé ..... ?
ملكه الاناقة
Jisoo 0 Lisa 50 Rose 70 Jennie 100 😂😂 Blackpink in your Area 💓
Babegyuxo Day ago
What makes no sense was when Fifth Harmony was 4 people and they did it individually and blackpink is 4 as well and they were paired up, like what?...
Chaengfoodie Day ago
Because fifth harmony did a special challenge with their flinch
Joyce Igot
Joyce Igot Day ago
"Im not scary""more,more"🤣😂 -kimjisoo gwapa💜
JJ Estavillo
JJ Estavillo Day ago
Woah! I’m kind’a surprise when Jennie challenge him if he flinch too haha
Aika A. Magalona
Your so cute lisa
Aika A. Magalona
Hi Lisa
Hi Ho
Hi Ho Day ago
Jennie clothes is so beautiful.
PS4 GAMER Day ago
Is James flirting with blackpink cuz he is so touchy
Sasa Laqueen
Sasa Laqueen Day ago
Nope lol americans are always like that
Martín Hernández
Yisu before: I’m scary! Yisu now: I’m not scary...
Queenie Yip
Queenie Yip 2 days ago
It even scared me, idk why. Lol
فاطمه شاهمرادی
Jennie kim ⭐
Filterpjimins95 2 days ago
i stan now
Roblox Tanner
Roblox Tanner 2 days ago
I’m not scary” looks over * mind * it’s over?
Keekee 2 days ago
lmao jisoo is having the time of her life just laughing awwww so cuteeeee
ღTaekook Foreverツ
Me encantó la ropa que le pusieron a Lisa
Rianne Ooi
Rianne Ooi 2 days ago
Jisoo:I’m not scary James:Really does that make you more Confident Jennie? Jennie: no it makes me AHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t stop laughing at jennie’s reaction I’m sorry 😂😂🤣
Benoito Raya
Benoito Raya 2 days ago
WOW bts already right now is blackpink ok I like it
Keiom Wangnaosa
Keiom Wangnaosa 2 days ago
Lisa is prettier than all😍😍
Qrissa Delima
Qrissa Delima 2 days ago
My heart is bounce
Speak good or remain silent
Thank you so much Mr James for treating them so well. They were really comfortable and really enjoyed 😊
ruma sultana
ruma sultana 2 days ago
jennie is so sweet i just wanna protect her from every haters
Kgo2001 2 days ago
Jisoo be like: Y'all hear somethn
Kim Daewoon 행복감 유지
Who else came here from the BTS one? Like for BTS army and comment for Blink! ~Im gonna like my own comment cause I'm Army. Hehehe shhhh don't tell~
FANBOY ARMY 16 hours ago
I'm army
emma jacob
emma jacob 3 days ago
bangtan bangtan
bangtan bangtan 3 days ago
Yup while jhope literally just fell on the floor,omg that's never gonna get out of my mind😂.love bts and blackpink both btw they're amazing.😍
Skissz Bae
Skissz Bae 3 days ago
Even so, Jennie were brave enough, like, when BTS played this game, Jhope and Jin, for example, almost fell heh
Farhiya Abdullahi
RJ Castillo
RJ Castillo 3 days ago
I noticed Jisoo would always look away before James shot it.
editing account
editing account 3 days ago
Jisoo did not flinch because she missed it
[• Jojo •]
[• Jojo •] 3 days ago
Who type of Kim are you? Kim Taehyung and Kim Jisoo or Kim SeokJin and Jennie Kim /////Edit///// Im are Jennie Kim and Kim seokjin 😂
pencari ikanhias
pencari ikanhias 3 days ago
Rose is good in language
Rayn Arzen
Rayn Arzen 3 days ago
I miss all of them😭❤
Doryn Chua
Doryn Chua 3 days ago
Jiso face look different
xianrei king
xianrei king 3 days ago
Joy kpop
Joy kpop 3 days ago
2:04 jenlisa i love jenlisa❤
Manana Naftaliev
Manana Naftaliev 3 days ago
Очень плохо
Gizem Dgn
Gizem Dgn 4 days ago
Who is Blackpink, we want BTS to come. I don't want these to come. Just let BTS come🤷😒😒
Gizem Dgn
Gizem Dgn 11 hours ago
@Sasa Laqueen are they queen?just funny.i only know that the king is BTS.
Gizem Dgn
Gizem Dgn 11 hours ago
@FANBOY ARMY i think my comment is clear.i said blackpink not come.because i don't know them.
FANBOY ARMY 15 hours ago
@Gizem_Dgn I don't know what you wrote.
FANBOY ARMY 15 hours ago
@Sasa Laqueen bts kings kpop
Chaengfoodie Day ago
Then got off a video about BLACKPINK
Prasith Oudomvilay
Love that game and also I knew jennie get scared so easily hahahaha because I watched her on running man gosh she's so scared and unlucky hahahaha
Nuray Artan
Nuray Artan 4 days ago
Lanet olasi goz boyayan köpekler
Jennieswife Lisa
Jennieswife Lisa 4 days ago
If she said she isn’t scary, THEN SHE ISNT SCARY OKAY
0유키 가장
0유키 가장 4 days ago
0:58 hahahahahahah "LISAAAA"
Lalalalal_lisa_b Bakena
Plot twist: this is not your first time watching
Alafia Zainab
Alafia Zainab 4 days ago
They look like Barbie dolls already behind that glass..Aww 💝
Chijoy Philip
Chijoy Philip 4 days ago
This was super dope
Sopheakviputh Pen
I am so shy
Limario_oppa 4 days ago
Jisoo is body goals😩🔥
srina chaudhari
srina chaudhari 5 days ago
jisoo is so beautiful
Sarah Irissa
Sarah Irissa 5 days ago
not at Jennie being SCARED AF at 3:44 😭😭😭😭 CUTE PUMPKIN
Rafael Amasol
Rafael Amasol 5 days ago
3:42 Jisoo said “Wow!”. So cute
Shaz H
Shaz H 5 days ago
jennie is pretty
가비Gabi 5 days ago
Natty Angel
Natty Angel 5 days ago
Jisoo Diosa
Jemma Yun
Jemma Yun 5 days ago
J-Hope: sweeps floor Jennie: Arms off V: i dont blink Jisoo: *s a m e*
canal da sophia e sarah gemeas
love black pink
bangtanz 5 days ago
jin: “cmon cmon im not afraid you know?” jisoo: “im not scary” pft just iconic kims
Raven Queen
Raven Queen 5 days ago
Its funny how they didn’t do a replay of James when he got scared
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 5 days ago
3:42 Jennie's reaction roflmfao
Elwin Bu
Elwin Bu 5 days ago
Jisoo not a single fck given during the flinch game lmao
• Møcha •
• Møcha • 5 days ago
For all of those peeps who don’t know what K-pop means it means Korean-pop! :)
Connie Beato
Connie Beato 5 days ago
Crusader 5 days ago
I'm not a fan nor a hater but its cute how blackpink acts
Marilou yaeso
Marilou yaeso 5 days ago
Blackpink ilove❤,lisa iloveyou
Alyssa 5 days ago
at least jennie stood still
AriAnastasia Grande
Their STUNNING! And I'm not even a Blink ✨
Anything Kworthy
Anything Kworthy 5 days ago
This is insane. They're bullying Lisa. ruvid.net/video/video-MMm2S2wPXE4.html
kanchan kumari
kanchan kumari 5 days ago
Ewwwww overrated group
Sasa Laqueen
Sasa Laqueen Day ago
Nope its a succesfull group with a lot of haters (=idiots)
Robyn Rivers
Robyn Rivers 5 days ago
You really took the time to click this video, watch the full thing and comment? Wow obsessed
AlyssaLynn 5 days ago
@Alyssa lol false
Alyssa 5 days ago
lol true
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