FlightReacts Uninstalls & DELETES Madden 20 After This HAPPENED...

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Jun 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Connie Carol
Connie Carol 2 days ago
Idk what ya talkin bout madden go hard asf
Dread Pool
Dread Pool 4 days ago
Gaming with Eddie
That’s your first lost in June
Gaming with Eddie
Cody Friga
Cody Friga 5 days ago
Cody Friga
Cody Friga 5 days ago
Form aka 2 meats reacted to your video
Young Dj
Young Dj 8 days ago
first play of june: intercepted
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman 10 days ago
This is why it doesn't matter about madden rpster updates. Everyone plays ultimateteam anyway and has legends or 99 overall players that they either buy or got in a pack or something anyway. #nohardcoregamers
J.C The G.O.D
J.C The G.O.D 15 days ago
He’s spitting fax about ea🤷🏾‍♂️😭
What Up
What Up 9 days ago
Zavion Hines
Zavion Hines 15 days ago
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor 16 days ago
I have never watched this fool before . Trash at Madden. It's always the gms fault. Smh.
Bacon Is Good
Bacon Is Good 16 days ago
Wtf the ads
Deane Smith
Deane Smith 18 days ago
Flight dumm
CarltonNation 20 days ago
i dont blame him...the game is so bad
What Up
What Up 9 days ago
Matthew Matteo
Matthew Matteo 20 days ago
I can’t blame him
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez 20 days ago
Why do you put so many adds in ur vids
Jacob Hilmoe
Jacob Hilmoe 21 day ago
Flight he dining affair catch because he's deep in the endzone like are you dumb
Kendarius Bacon
Kendarius Bacon 21 day ago
He probably gonna reinstall the game
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal 23 days ago
Flight will always be trash 😂
matthew rasberry
matthew rasberry 23 days ago
wrong 20 is good
Anthony Luce
Anthony Luce 23 days ago
Madden so trash bro
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He do be gettin mad doe 👀
chanceDucks 23 days ago
Know what day it is
Johnny Roberts
Johnny Roberts 24 days ago
While I admit that I enjoy seeing Flight lose more than win, even I feel bad that Madden cucked him on that fumble recovery. I don’t blame him for getting rid of the game. #BringBackNFL2K
Kendarius Bacon
Kendarius Bacon 21 day ago
Robert Mckeon
Robert Mckeon 24 days ago
Players like flight are why no one plays madden anymore
Phantom Ice
Phantom Ice 24 days ago
9:04 randy was wide he trash
Phantom Ice
Phantom Ice 24 days ago
He said shotclock vialation
JD Witner
JD Witner 25 days ago
My man loses and blames the game everytime hahaha. First it was 2K that was canceled then it was Madden hahahaa. Dudes a cry baby
Robert F
Robert F 25 days ago
June comes and Flight already took an L
brentley JEV fan
brentley JEV fan 26 days ago
they have to make better material? they were not built for slamming in rage you wierdo
carter elder
carter elder 26 days ago
How many ads do you need
Tyler Correia
Tyler Correia 26 days ago
“shot clock violation”
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson 26 days ago
This man said shot clock violation. That’s a basketball term not a football term.
E K 26 days ago
Shot clock violation😂😂😂😂
Jared Ross
Jared Ross 26 days ago
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 27 days ago
Bro Flight got all the ads
nick 123
nick 123 27 days ago
Flight is the only person I know that will complain about a pick 6
Jakelle Mixon
Jakelle Mixon 27 days ago
It’s funny when he says no one buys it but he payed 51,000 for a team 😂
It’s Free Real Estate
Flight: tackles someone normally Flight: “That honestly should’ve been a fumble.”
AAB 27 days ago
24:50 Sober after 1 day
ricky loe
ricky loe 27 days ago
He’s a quitter
Kirk Vollmer
Kirk Vollmer 27 days ago
Also I love madden so I buy it next year
Kirk Vollmer
Kirk Vollmer 27 days ago
Why u mad it’s just a game
kyle n
kyle n 27 days ago
Stream nba live or phenom for us please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Justin King
Justin King 28 days ago
He makes it seem like if he hates madden then everyone should hate madden
WarriorAF 28 days ago
Flight already taking L’s in june
slymonium 28 days ago
It's june flight
Look at bron man
Look at bron man 28 days ago
this how i be feeling about 2k lmaoo
E.Lil_obito .O
E.Lil_obito .O 28 days ago
Imma miss madden honestly
Raymond Orozco
Raymond Orozco 28 days ago
Flight should go against throne
Raymond Orozco
Raymond Orozco 28 days ago
Imagine using coach suggestions
x o
x o 28 days ago
june ain’t been that good so far :/
Slapp 29 days ago
Guarantee when the new madden comes out flight will have it and spends thousands on it again
Elijah Ramirez
Elijah Ramirez 29 days ago
Just love when I get a video with my ads
Chris King
Chris King 29 days ago
I hope that madden 2k got crossplay
Nelo Breeze
Nelo Breeze 29 days ago
I never thought there'd be a day where I actually applauded Flight for anything. When he deleted madden and spoke facts about how EA and the devs are trash. I was like FAX! 👍🏿 Preach on that shit bruh. Dont be a sheep and buy anymore fuckin madden games bro. These dudes push out the same fuckin game every year.
Ray Velez
Ray Velez 29 days ago
I like how when it turned June, he immediately threw an interception 🤣
Crowmo 29 days ago
When you spend $40k on a team and still lose💀
Luke 29 days ago
Shot clock violation?
EL Reed
EL Reed Month ago
The fact that there is 15 ads in a 26 minute video
IraStay1K Month ago
Shot clock violation😂 2:30
Loop Bruh
Loop Bruh Month ago
16 ads
Dionta Foreman
Dionta Foreman Month ago
i swear some animations are game scenario scripted
Chris Miranda
Chris Miranda Month ago
It’s JUNE, the best MONTH, of the FUCKING history!
Brig Walter
Brig Walter Month ago
24:43 flight actually recovered it and basically deleted madden for nothing
Pringles Month ago
25:33 Did Flight just say waste of sperm?
MARV Month ago
Flight: I slammed the controller one time 13:58 Also flight: they gotta make better controllers
CallMeFlexed Month ago
u literally got the fumble 😂
Cobra king44
Cobra king44 Month ago
2:18 “shot clock violation” 🤦‍♂️
Easymoney2408 Month ago
Bro flight needs to learn how to audible 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
EJ 13
EJ 13 Month ago
12:00 why is he jogging 😂😂😂
Victor Bernard
Victor Bernard Month ago
@13:57 that's how flight knocks on doors when the demon about to take over
Christian Gaming
If ea is trash then why you buy it
I cap For fun
I cap For fun Month ago
Rip madden
CDizz Month ago
16:39 Flight forgot where his TV was
imlurkin4booty Month ago
Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams Month ago
Madden 20/21 is so unrealistic ppl have to stop buying this robot trash horrible game. They don't care about realistic football physics and gameplay. Only Little nerdy uncool kids that knows nothing about realistic football physics. 🤓🏉 fake looking animations it's 2020 going into nextgen PS5, and Madden 21 still can't get it right 😓🤦‍♀️. 2k5 is still better than Madden 20/21 how is this possible 🤔? 🧠. Somethings gotta give Madden is canceled 🤮🤧🚮🗑
Samir Ahmad
Samir Ahmad Month ago
Nigga wasted 51,000 in madden just to delete the game that’s tuff
Jason Alaniz
Jason Alaniz Month ago
Flight wishin it was July right now
White Sherman
White Sherman Month ago
June version never seen before 😂😂😂😂
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