FlightReacts NBA "That Was Disrespectful" MOMENTS!

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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 3 826
Sensory limb 523
Sensory limb 523 6 days ago
Why does flight think That Players He doesn’t know have 5 day contracts He Won’t even have a 1 day contracts he gonna continue to get beat in 1v1
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 11 days ago
Says y is steph not there little does flight knows he was injured at that time when he broke his hand😞
Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Austin 12 days ago
mad cruch on curry
Quewynn Behr
Quewynn Behr 13 days ago
I'm never getting my ankles broken Bone collector made your ankles hurt bro😂😂trae young breaks ankles for a living bone collector did trae young nutmeg on you bro man stop hating on trae bro everyone makes mistakes
Skyeffectplayz 14 days ago
So flight says he likes marquess Chris but a couple clips later calls him a nobody
Future Star Player
Future Star Player 24 days ago
7:48-9:00 I haven’t laughed hard in a long ass time 😂😂
cornball purp
cornball purp 26 days ago
I only watch his videos just to hear him laugh 😂
Els 987
Els 987 27 days ago
flight doesnt know any of the grizzlies players except ja loool
Heather DeBaun
Heather DeBaun 29 days ago
I find it funny that he calls people nobody's but those players will play more minutes in that face then he ever will 😂😂
Alex Watts
Alex Watts Month ago
lmao curry died this year
Liam Wright
Liam Wright Month ago
Curry isnt in any highlights cuz hes played like 15 games smart one
Sb Chills
Sb Chills Month ago
Do you not like the sixers?
Xavier JOnes
Xavier JOnes Month ago
That is a bad thing to do in life only at the time of the day okay.
Keysha Hudson
Keysha Hudson Month ago
You called marquise Chris when he was on the Cavs a nobody and you called him Derrick Jones jr
Niqxx Month ago
bruh flight, the amount of times you roasted javalee mcgee😂 also, i think ben simmons should take trae young’s spot in the top 5 no cap
Yvng Vaz
Yvng Vaz Month ago
“mcgee played for the warriors for 50 seconds”😂😂
Kerby Buckets547
Lucas LaForm
Lucas LaForm Month ago
“Passed around likka blunt”
Diego Barajas
Diego Barajas Month ago
Bruh all the 1 day contract players could beat flight😂
Damajea Jimenez
Damajea Jimenez Month ago
That was Jared Allen🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Enzo Yonkeu
Enzo Yonkeu Month ago
when tray young gets his ankle broken once his out of flight fav but when curry was broken more than once that was just luck
marshall thomas
marshall thomas Month ago
This man said he wouldn't let someone dunk on him like oubre jr did but didnt mikey do that😂😂
Ethan Mallory
Ethan Mallory Month ago
Cubs hat is a dub
Fake PewDiePie
Fake PewDiePie Month ago
Every player Flight hasn't heard of he says "he probably has a five day contract
jonah hdz
jonah hdz Month ago
if you’re at 7:54 , here’s a pass to skip flights huge rant! 9:00
Month ago
@10:40 Kelly was finna shoot till he saw an open lane flight
TYE SwishThrees
TYE SwishThrees Month ago
Josh Allen is the QB and also a DE
carl andy jeanbaptiste
I can’t believe flight said Jaylen Brown is on a wrong team he just hate the Celtics
Jeremiah ward
Jeremiah ward Month ago
Flight the only thing that got u fucked up is weed😂
Flight bruh ur not gonna be in the nba sorry man it isn’t happenin
icsball Month ago
Josh Childress Jr 🤣🤣🤣🤣
shawn deltergo
shawn deltergo Month ago
Curry wasn't in the highlights because they were mostly from this season,and he was injured
Sille Bakmand
Sille Bakmand Month ago
Gotta stop with the "5 day contract shit".... So dumb
Curry is onjut
Gokuツ Month ago
it bugs me how horribly he pronounces some names.
Aiham Amari
Aiham Amari Month ago
I dont know how i feel about making the quote of my life come from flight in the beginning of this video
traewrld- YT
traewrld- YT Month ago
Curry Was Out With an Ankle Injury for mad long
alijah foster
alijah foster Month ago
Homeboy think he gonna make the nba while faze rug beat him 13 - 2😂
Olivia Pearson
Olivia Pearson Month ago
What are the odds that a Stephen Curry ad came in the middle of the video
Mary Williams
Mary Williams Month ago
Flight STFU bro talking about Trae out of top 5. Cause he got his ankles broke bone collecter did you dirty
Rahul D’Souza
Rahul D’Souza Month ago
Idk if he knows who Jarrett Allen is
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ Month ago
When he calls Jarrett Allen josh Childers jr 💀
J&B Tv
J&B Tv Month ago
He funked on Jared allen not josh jackson or Anderson varejao
Wyng-Wyng Quinit
He literally don't know that curry was injured man
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez Month ago
“Javaly McGee “ 🤣🤣🤣
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez Month ago
Curry can only do da shrug mj da 1 who made it a ting flight🤣🤣🤣🤣🐬
JhadeFromYT Month ago
Flight dunk is a trow and stuff you ass
CHOP-Z Month ago
I die every time this nigga says Rudy Gob-ert 🤣
CHOP-Z Month ago
Flight thinks your only good if you can shoot threes mj could barely shoot threes but now he’s the goat.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Month ago
You don’t know basketball at all lmao don’t even know half of the nba players...”where’s curry”
8:08 never ever could be me Inserts bone collector clip getting broking
Flight: likes Marquise Chriss Also flight: calls Chriss a nobody
zay johnson
zay johnson Month ago
Can someone tell flight that man name is not josh childress jr
ry. w
ry. w Month ago
“the cameras was on” ITS JUNE
scott Month ago
harsh chandel
harsh chandel Month ago
wheres curry? Only let curry do that. Lets go curry. Wheres curry. Curry is so inspirational
Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy Month ago
That’s sad that flight is taking trae young out of his top five favorites and his 2k team I think flight took it too far
James Covington
James Covington Month ago
This man called marquese Chriss a role played than a nobody
Jay Lawrence
Jay Lawrence Month ago
Curry got injured on one of the first few warriors games
Trent Couser
Trent Couser Month ago
I love how flight said how he does not like how Kyrie is getting passed around like a blunt
KillerAsian9846 Month ago
Yo Marquess Chriss got the warriors effect Flight knows you when you play for the warriors and if you play somewhere else you a nobody
xKoBe-_-ll Month ago
Flight : I Like Chriss he can be a Good Role Player for the Warriors Chriss Does a Poster With The Cavs Flight : Imagine getting Dunked On By a Nobody 😂😂
CJ Phillips
CJ Phillips Month ago
Does anybody else notice that flight will be to old to go to the nba here before long
Somebody Important
Flight, Solluminati dunked on you... and Cash broke your ankles
Jerome barrameda
Flight: I would never let a man dunk on me like that. Mikey: Say no more😂😂
Jerome Stokes
Jerome Stokes Month ago
Did anyone notice that he called chriss a nobody after he just said he liked him🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
Chavre Kim
Chavre Kim Month ago
remember guys 2022 flights getting signed to GSW
Omar._ Month ago
I like how he said dradic is nobody but was in a all star game
Fbģ Ďůçķ FANS .
U is call they wrong name 😂😂
Swany Month ago
Flight called Marquese Chris a nobody because he didn’t know it was him 😢
Yassine Asri
Yassine Asri Month ago
flight saying chris is good whilst on the warriors fast forward 1 minute : a highlight of chris back with the cavs flight : whos this nobody loooool
Yung Quanzaa
Yung Quanzaa Month ago
Marquise Chriss on the warriors is good bc he’s on th warriors Marquise chriss on the cavs is a nobody bc he’s on the cavs
ッImpulse Month ago
3:45 *Mikey Williams flashback*
1K Subs Before 2021?
Happy birthday Mikey Williams
Bryce Long
Bryce Long Month ago
Why you wearing a bears hat flight
Henri Mikkelsaar
i like how flight thinks that everyone would like to be on his 2k team
Atikelt Befekadu
3:31 "dunk a block" 😂😂😂😂
Baja Hit marker
Baja Hit marker Month ago
Every time a warriors highlight comes on flight says where’s curry flight is the biggest meat rider
Cody Pouncey
Cody Pouncey Month ago
Flight said he will never let a grown man break but he got broke by bone collector
Craigon Brooks
Craigon Brooks Month ago
Yo flight that guy with the Afro on the nets that’s jerrett Allen bro get your facts straight
Luisxkenshin 2
Luisxkenshin 2 Month ago
June flight in the chat
Luisxkenshin 2
Luisxkenshin 2 Month ago
Luisxkenshin 2
Luisxkenshin 2 Month ago
Janmar Filosofo
Janmar Filosofo Month ago
Warriors Marquese Chriss : “I like the guy” Cavs Marquese Chriss: “A nobody”
Miere Ford
Miere Ford Month ago
He just be talking
Miere Ford
Miere Ford Month ago
I was thinking the same 🤣🤣🤣🤣
grahfity Month ago
3:45 didn’t flight get dunked on by jahzare?
Dat Boi Misty MG
Even though Antetokounmpo is tall Not even a 8ft 8 person can dunk like that
Give me the ZUCC
Trae Young on suicide watch after finding out he is no longer in Flights Top 5
Adam Williamson
Adam Williamson Month ago
0:36, Flight: number 32 chriss I like that dude 2:05, Flight: oh a nobody dunking on varijoa Me: it's the same fucking guy, it's marquese chriss 😂😂
Kavion Lawson
Kavion Lawson Month ago
“If curry was on the court it wouldn’t have happened”😂😂
Mythical Type
Mythical Type Month ago
brandon ingram is 6'7
Keonte Lynch
Keonte Lynch Month ago
Murray is not a casual 💀💀
Baja Month ago
He called an all star player a “nobody” (Dragic)
Mari Month ago
Flight tbh if u make it to the nba u will have a 2 quarter contract
Jrspint spint
Jrspint spint Month ago
The reason why they throw the ball in the rim because they can't get to the rim
JC Thedon
JC Thedon Month ago
Flight stop saying that Giannis is 8’8 he’s only 6’11
Dencil Moxey
Dencil Moxey Month ago
So wat about wen Mikey dunked yo ass 🤦‍♂️
Dion Sanders
Dion Sanders Month ago
You let Mikey Williams dunk on you
DK Month ago
Bro flight makes fun of all these 5 day and 10 day contract players all the time yet there better than him
Just-Don45 Month ago
Dejountae Murray is a Casual player now 😳😳your delusional flight 🤯🤯
Untidy_Dimez Month ago
Wait his type of dunk by December oh this ain’t his final form
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