Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

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"It was literally the scariest moment that I've ever had flying."
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 1 651
Samia Jackson
Samia Jackson Hour ago
The woman is beautiful but... her eyebrows...
Liam Jones
Liam Jones 18 hours ago
Why are people weird
Here I am, wondering if I should career shift from hotels to airlines.... now I know I’m fine where I’m at ❤️.
Humans are disgusting
nybsbfan18 2 days ago
I have more respect for them now, diplomacy, cleaning who knows what in the bathroom, cleaning up throw up and having to manage their weight, dealing with children...wow smh at some of those stories.
Princess Cute
Princess Cute 2 days ago
Am i the only one who noticed almost everyone having a thousand likes?
yazmin Romero
yazmin Romero 4 days ago
That happend to me to the air plane dropped and i was the only one who wasnt screaming because i love going on rides that drop and i am just used to it😂😂
Haryu K
Haryu K 5 days ago
blake lively
Blue-Beary 6 days ago
ChimChims Jams
ChimChims Jams 6 days ago
Clorox Wipeesssss
Coby Spiteri
Coby Spiteri 7 days ago
When the first one said jfk to Bahamas where u go very summer
Adrian Bryant
Adrian Bryant 7 days ago
flight attendants... the unsung heroes!!! THANK YOU!
Amanda Jane L
Amanda Jane L 8 days ago
Please wear gloves 🧤
Sharon Horsfall
Sharon Horsfall 9 days ago
I never been on an Airplane i hear to many stories about them and not the good kind
Allan Lealdacosta
This video is so funny 😅😅😅 OMG the flight attendants are heroes
Giu 10 days ago
omg I am a flight attendant as well and for us the worse flight its a friday night london to ibiza! The things I have seen people do not believe me when I tell them ahahaha gross
jazminestryder 10 days ago
Worked retail myself for 4 years, tj maxx store, a gentleman rushed in to the fitting room one day without saying a word to me or my co-worker. About 1 minute later he comes back out soaked through and through his pants.... then he sheepishly asked where the restroom was. We told him, then we went in to where he was in the fitting room and he had peed on the floor. I felt bad - but also didn't.... was just pissed.
Jey O.
Jey O. 10 days ago
Awwee I love how the guy flight attendant said "Clorox wipies" it's so adorable
Ryan Singrossi
Ryan Singrossi 11 days ago
I take care of interior landscapes in offices, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces... I find some pretty disgusting stuff. Because it's an inside space, certain things don't just wash away like it would when it rains on an outdoor landscape. Offices are the worst, I don't know why, I constantly find myself thinking about how the people in the offices are supposed to be adults! Yet they treat spaces as if theyre some kind of disgusting creature. Retail spaces aren't as bad, when they are I usually just tell myself maybe it was children, but to be honest, it's probably the adults too. I also totally understand why certain places ban gum.
Iman Khan
Iman Khan 11 days ago
I feel bad for the guy from the last story
Vanessa Mae
Vanessa Mae 11 days ago
How does someone poop on the seat the walls and the handle...... DISGUSTING 💩
Brendondotexe 12 days ago
I love flying. Turbulence is fun for me lmao
GreekMyth AO
GreekMyth AO 12 days ago
Honestly I HATE airplanes so I could never be a flight attendant. I have to go on airplanes a lot tho (usually every summer)
Manolo C
Manolo C 12 days ago
I'm just relieved he wore gloves when cleaning the poo!
Dan Blaize
Dan Blaize 12 days ago
May have been an edit thing but JFK to The Bahamas is NOT 1.5 hours.
kendra flauhaus
kendra flauhaus 12 days ago
I feel in any public setting, plain, train, car service, etc if you puke, poop, pee, or have whatever other bodily fluids come out of you that you should have to clean it up. That is so disgusting to have to clean up someone else’s feces. I literally would have given that man all the cleaning supplies I had and said here you go, you make the mess you clean it.
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 13 days ago
suleiny beltre
suleiny beltre 13 days ago
Megan sounds a lot like chantel . Like almost exactly like her
Erik Pinaroc
Erik Pinaroc 13 days ago
She looks like Mona Lisa
Stepha Holic
Stepha Holic 13 days ago
The throw up guy was definitely a Sagittarius
Emma Heart
Emma Heart 14 days ago
Lol, if I were him I would quit that job because he has really bad luck in this job. 😂 😂
Dolan BabeS
Dolan BabeS 14 days ago
The lady sounds like Chantel from Ladylike
JASMINE Stewart 14 days ago
lamo her drunk guy voice
pokèfan 15 days ago
Once when i was little me and my family were on the plane and my brother was behind me and i don't remember hoe long of the flight we had left but he puked on me and it was in my hair
Dennis Arizona
Dennis Arizona 15 days ago
he said “i got weak” 😂
Ayesha Nazir
Ayesha Nazir 16 days ago
I swear to god if I had to choose who was an actor, I could’ve mistaken a flight attendant for an actor
Willie Lugo
Willie Lugo 17 days ago
7:00 tf I’m eating brah 😷
Tyonne 17 days ago
Lol i love this girl’s impersonation of the drunk guy 😭 what’s her ig or something
erin woodward
erin woodward 17 days ago
This one time I was flying home from France and I had food poisoning... I felt so bad for everyone on the flight with me, I was SO sick! Luckily the flight attendants were really nice and they gave me lots of air sick bags and flat Coca Cola. But seriously, it was the LONGEST flight I’d ever been on.
Hannah H
Hannah H 18 days ago
I want to hear horror stories from Plumbers
ToriWithAStory *
ToriWithAStory * 18 days ago
As a fellow FA I love you highlighting this! We ALL have crazy stories 🙃
Chris No last name
Chris No last name 18 days ago
Don't flight attendants have to sit on their hands though?
That Aqua Nerd
That Aqua Nerd 19 days ago
My last flight I threw up for the first time ever on a flight. The flight attendant was so nice but I felt so bad lol
Melissa Panda
Melissa Panda 19 days ago
My mom in the late 1960s had an American 16 year old girl die in her arms after getting an abortion in the Dominican Republic. This is before abortion was legal in the USA. They had issues with her claiming her time and location of death due to being over international waters.
Frankie Reyes
Frankie Reyes 19 days ago
She become 10x sexy when she acted like a drunk guy.
pooping on YT
pooping on YT 19 days ago
I pooped myself during a flight
P4Pgoat C.J.Watson
P4Pgoat C.J.Watson 20 days ago
Corona virus on its way. 🍺🍋
Vivica Mitlow
Vivica Mitlow 21 day ago
You know some times i just cry, like i just get sad you know?
Meloette Goldsmith
4:20 “But if you drink one drink in the air it’s worth two on the ground” lmao😂
Jonathan King
Jonathan King 21 day ago
All you clicked for Megan... and you should be ashamed of yourselves you pervs! i clicked for Megan too👀
Justyna K.
Justyna K. 21 day ago
Crap, where is the warning about not watching it whilst eating?! 🤢
MiVidaBellisima 21 day ago
7:10 welp I would have lost my job that day because he’s either cleaning it up or getting publicly humiliated in front of everyone 🤷🏾‍♀️
Dani M
Dani M 22 days ago
Literally no one Him: wHaT
Someone-Yet-No-One 22 days ago
This is unrelated but when I was little I used to think that when someone used the airplane toilet that the stuff would just airdrop to the ground and that was how they got rid of the poo.
A M E L I E 22 days ago
Should I watch this before an longdistance flight?
Parker Green
Parker Green 22 days ago
Ok but the guy is really cute 😏
Person Loa
Person Loa 22 days ago
Them old people at McDonald's be shitting all over the place. Then when they get caught they say "Oh I'm sorry". Like bruh
I am Lilly
I am Lilly 22 days ago
" wipies " that had me laughing so hard 😂
Seecamp acp
Seecamp acp 23 days ago
She is adorable
Mochii 23 days ago
I was flying from St Louis to Washington and I was a really nervous flier during takeoff, and the flight attendant gave me a cookie and made sure I was okay. So sweet aa
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