Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories

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"It was literally the scariest moment that I've ever had flying."
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 1 004
Janice Sierra
Janice Sierra 5 hours ago
I’m sorry, but passport should be able to be scanned, so those kind of people be in a black list and charged triple de amount of any plane ticket. They’re a liability and that list should not be less than 5 years. Accidents happens and I’m sure any flight attendant can be understanding, but that poop story? No man, that just a horrible human being.
Masha Kalinkina
Masha Kalinkina 14 hours ago
That is way beyond an FAs duties, with both those stories they should have said “you done? Now Clean It Up!!” It’s literally part of you, no other person should have to deal with that unless youre literally dying and youre in a hospital Unable to do it.
Emma baker
Emma baker 15 hours ago
Or fast food chain
Emma baker
Emma baker 15 hours ago
You should do bartender horror stories
Poop Stain
Poop Stain 20 hours ago
Air pockets are fake
PusheenLover666 21 hour ago
I have a flight in six days I should not be watching this 😅
Tea Vukos
Tea Vukos Day ago
Chantel's long lost twin? Is that you?!?!?!?!?
Audra Asbury
Audra Asbury Day ago
This dude ordered like 3 beers or something and it was 7:00 in the morning lol
Alexandra Alvarez
The poop story is the most disgusting thing i've ever heard🤮
BunnyFett 3 days ago
Wipies. Adorable. :)
KJlia 3 days ago
That poop moron should be sued and banned for life for what he did.
Johanne Rasmussen
I also experienced an air pocket drop on a flight from New York to Denmark. It was only about a 160 ft drop, but it was still really sudden and my brother seated beside me totally clawed the arm rests and stayed frozen for a good minute or so. It was pretty scary, so I can't even imagine what a 500 ft drop would feel like!
Jamilah Zahirah Hadid
I lose consciousness regularly every single time I fly, and typically fall into my lap or smash my head into the seat in front of me, so I'm making sure none of these stories are about me 😭😂
Hi I’m Utopia
Hi I’m Utopia 4 days ago
The way the dude flight attendant told his stories honestly downplayed the situation so much 😭😭 if I touch someone’s nail that got chewed off or am wiping poop off the walls, I would still be freaking out til this day
Sarah James
Sarah James 5 days ago
Omg the first one happened to me no joke. I wasn't going to the same place but omg it was scary I was 5
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones 5 days ago
They need to pay flight attendants more money
xiomarahhh 5 days ago
i havent even rode a plane once and let me tell you, i dont wanna ride one cause im scared that something will happen..
Tim RFS Aviation RFS
What about the pilots?
Anya Prunier
Anya Prunier 6 days ago
I dropped 600 ft alone when in was 11 in a small plane. It was a big thunderstorm I feel you. You are in zero gravity for 3 second my heart stopped.
Gabrielle F
Gabrielle F 6 days ago
I use to work at a fast food place and during my break it sounded like some guy was taking a shower in the bathroom and when he left he made eye contact with me. After my break I had to clean the lobby and when I went into the men's room I had to come out trying not to gag and inform all men to use the women's room. Lucky for me lobby was already closed and I just had a couple customers who had to leave. They all understood immediately and felt so bad for me. One of the girls I worked with was able to provide me with a mask and heavy duty gloves and real cleaner to spray and soak the bathroom walls, toilet, sink, just everything with. I left that bathroom at the end of the night wanting a raise and overly disgusted. I don't understand how some people can be so disgusting and not even attempt to clean or even say anything to warn anyone. Worse thing, he wasn't even a customer, just some guy, who for a moment I actually thought was homeless.
Titonka 6 days ago
I had a friend who sat next to a woman on a flight who had diarrhea in her seat and it leaked into my friend's seat and onto her pants
Gacha Girl2021
Gacha Girl2021 6 days ago
I just wanna say something....... I was eating chocolate ice cream when the poop story came up....😐😖🤢
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez 6 days ago
my mom has been a flight attendant for about 30 years and she comes home with soooooo many crazy stories😂
Lulu M
Lulu M 6 days ago
So um now I hate flying because of the throw up one because I have emotephobia😩😩 that’s my worst fear, vomit on a plane😢😤
Avery Cooper
Avery Cooper 6 days ago
Omg the first girl that had happened to me air drops it happed twice. Drinks flew up and flight attendants fell and had to sit on peoples lap it was so scary
Remedy _Scorpion
Remedy _Scorpion 7 days ago
Lady: I could have died 😕 Dude: I guy but his finger nails 😟😰
optimum genesis
optimum genesis 7 days ago
id still be a flight attendant
Dragon Caster
Dragon Caster 8 days ago
Yeah, I was on a Southwest flight and we hit an air pocket as we were landing. I just barely managed to hold in my scream and I was shaking. It didn't help that I am scared of flying and am anxious with crowds.
748R ASMR 8 days ago
Broooo 😂 I wanted to be a flight attendant now I think I’m going to change my mind
Yuuki Mishima
Yuuki Mishima 8 days ago
I was on a plane that got struck by lightening and when I say everyone shidded and farted
Autumn Carey
Autumn Carey 9 days ago
Okay is Megan related to Chanel?? They sound the same
Asha Bhad
Asha Bhad 9 days ago
Lol “what?” Lol
Mimi787 9 days ago
when i am in a plane i am scared to be in the bathroom for some reason
Aye Maw Swe
Aye Maw Swe 9 days ago
Carmella 9 days ago
Fecal smearing man 😷🤮
Jordann Powers
Jordann Powers 9 days ago
Is it just me or does the woman sound just Chantelle from lady like. She looks similar to her as well.
Jaelyn Sasik
Jaelyn Sasik 9 days ago
Why can’t they lip talk?
Penguin_Orange 9 days ago
I thought the second one was gonna be a heroin or crack needle.
Jouvers Lumpy
Jouvers Lumpy 10 days ago
Don't eat and watch this video at the same time
Le Monke
Le Monke 10 days ago
Uh Oh Stinky
Gamer boi6
Gamer boi6 10 days ago
Was the first flight attendant in the same plane as gabriel iglesias he had story about it
Fernanda Soto
Fernanda Soto 11 days ago
It was a really bad idea to watch this while eating
Grace Song
Grace Song 11 days ago
Wipies so cute
Grace Song
Grace Song 11 days ago
It says Wildest stories not horror stories please
Heuristic Did
Heuristic Did 11 days ago
Who else was doing homework while watching this
Cutefizzyizzy Studios
Why am I watching this?! I’m going on a airplane soon. .-.
Kyla Flores
Kyla Flores 12 days ago
Omg I love how she was acting out the drunk guys reaction lol😂😂😂
C GrayGirl
C GrayGirl 12 days ago
I couldn’t EVER be a flight attendant
ZuluRL 12 days ago
Flight Attendants Share Their Horror Stories: Flight Attendant: "thomas cook is my horror story"
Andreeamdo :3
Andreeamdo :3 13 days ago
La idea se la han copiado al Forfiesta no?
SiMa D'LuNN 13 days ago
Owh Gosh some people have to deal with these kinds of situations in their jobs.. I'm shook, sorry y'all, you have to deal with people's messes. Stay good and keep the hustle going..
Katya Newcomer
Katya Newcomer 13 days ago
Lol when i was little i talked to this women for 6 hours on a flight she got of the plane very fast
Julia Kocher
Julia Kocher 13 days ago
i just really appreciate the seagull ‘screaming’
Sso_ Dreamer
Sso_ Dreamer 13 days ago
The first story happened to me on a school trip it was sooo scary
Akarni Gumball
Akarni Gumball 13 days ago
Yeah you be proud brother
Milla Mikolenko
Milla Mikolenko 14 days ago
I don’t understand why when people throwup or feel somewhat sick on a plane why they can’t just ask for a bag or just simply go to the restroom for as long as they need to until they feel better??? It’s not that hard? It makes everyone’s life so much easier
Rishabh Dhawad
Rishabh Dhawad 14 days ago
Stories like this is the reason why I want to become a Flight attendent
Margaret Peng
Margaret Peng 14 days ago
Damn.. didn’t know the level of human decency could come that low.. that poop situation.. man I feel so sry for the dude
Brielle Aaberg
Brielle Aaberg 14 days ago
Oh god....
Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl 14 days ago
One time my dad found an old stale really hard roll on the floor on the plane and he brought it to a flight attendant and he was like ‘someone threw this at me’
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