FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

Logan Paul
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What if I told you it was all a lie...
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Martin D
Martin D 15 minutes ago
Had no idea really who or what a logan paul was until I saw this parody docu tbh Quarantine has reduced me for weeks to listening to flerfs being debunked,so this was actually quite amusing!
Srinivas Metta
Srinivas Metta 30 minutes ago
Sahi khel gya
Saksham Chauhan
Saksham Chauhan 25 minutes ago
launda chalak h
Steven LaFrance
Steven LaFrance 34 minutes ago
This will stand as of the single greatest ironic endeavours of all time.
Reba Elizabeth
Reba Elizabeth 52 minutes ago
Mike kinda looks like Adam Sandler 😂
Diego Benitez
Diego Benitez Hour ago
I don't care what shape the earth is i will still love it like if you agree
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 2 hours ago
Also I do know this is a joke but there are people that genuinely believe that
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 2 hours ago
Girl: *goes on one date with a dude* LeTs RuN aWaY tOgEtHeR!
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
The whole vid is me cringing at the the complete stupidity and lack of knowledge even a 12 year old knows how for example gravity works. And also when he went out on this “date” she said u just have to do more research and that just killed me cuz they do no research!!!
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Let me get one more thing straight with flat earthers cuz he don’t seem to understand THERE IS NO UP OR DOWN IN SPACE! and also nasa ain’t the only organization that went to space btw...
DUCK LORDZ 3 hours ago
That accent makes me want to kms
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Bruh and the plain experiment... are you really so stupid?!
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Rn I’m literally so upset at what they r trying to promote because it is so obviously fake and yet there are actually people who believe it and filming themselves saying they are not crazy!?... really? Really?!
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
And anyway if you could fall off the edge what would you fall into? Isn’t there a big wall around the earth or something so u don’t fall
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Saying that we would all fall... that. Is. Why. We. Have. GRAVITY! But since they all are kindergarteners they can’t understand simple facts
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Oh and that kid was acting
Papaia Tutum
Papaia Tutum 3 hours ago
Either they are all faking it for views or they are all idiots and mike is a delusional.
xiaochui wang
xiaochui wang 3 hours ago
2015: We will colonize Mars 2020: Flat earth!!
Keira C
Keira C 3 hours ago
Gravity stops cars from falling off lmao
Meghali Khule
Meghali Khule 6 hours ago
Why does he have so many globes tho
the game destroyer28
Earth not flat
the game destroyer28
I'm getting mad bc earth is round
Kyurem XYZ2
Kyurem XYZ2 9 hours ago
We actually all know that the world is a big Minecraft circle 😎
joe p
joe p 9 hours ago
3:11 Lmao that killed me... bruh that dude look dead
Ainako Haha
Ainako Haha 10 hours ago
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life" and it is. This theory has been debunked by so msny phycisist flat earthers, even one of your member proved you wrong.
Finn Staples
Finn Staples 10 hours ago
Using air New Zealand airplane but on the inside it’s not an air New Zealand airplane
Juan Arriaga
Juan Arriaga 12 hours ago
10:15 legend has it he is still falling down
Juan Arriaga
Juan Arriaga 12 hours ago
I know this is all just a joke by this movie kinda good ngl
D 14 hours ago
Payton Davis
Payton Davis 15 hours ago
G Bae
G Bae 15 hours ago
who's logan paul?
Sidney Haney
Sidney Haney 16 hours ago
I am
ItzMeNeala 16 hours ago
Idc if you are a flat earther (that's not a word) but y'all stupid AF like have you've gone to school? Ik this is a joke but like people are retarded 😂 Also why are people arguing over if it's flat or not, we have other things to worry about like who cares if it's flat, round, a triangle, a fidget spinner? or even a taco truck all that matters of we are safe and alive Sorry if you feel offended by any of this it's just my opinion, thanks for reading... -toodles!
joel gum
joel gum 16 hours ago
So the earth is round
joel gum
joel gum 16 hours ago
If the earth stop spinning then the whole world would be a earthquake and water would fly out of toilets and the ocean
Klyde Llena
Klyde Llena 16 hours ago
U can't drive down because of the gravity pull
Matt Goodwin
Matt Goodwin 17 hours ago
Logan Paul looks like Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid had a brother with fetal alcohol syndrome
C4 CONNOR GAMING 17 hours ago
Colin Holloway
Colin Holloway 17 hours ago
Best. Flat. Earth. Documentary. Ever!
SyberSyke O
SyberSyke O 18 hours ago
Nice April fools prank.
Raudy Delacruz
Raudy Delacruz 18 hours ago
Elephant In The Room Sahib
oh and also. come on. kid Mike passed military? and he made it to the edge of the earth? that's like thousands of miles, i knew he didn't walk all that way...but low key? earth is flat and after seeing this Logan convinced me
Dark Fun
Dark Fun 20 hours ago
This is setup right
Mama O Llama
Mama O Llama 20 hours ago
Completely made up
Karter Petersen
Karter Petersen 21 hour ago
And we are aliens
Karter Petersen
Karter Petersen 21 hour ago
Why do I have a feeling there is a second earth
8-Pains And 4ever
8-Pains And 4ever 22 hours ago
Also is this a meme
8-Pains And 4ever
8-Pains And 4ever 22 hours ago
Do flat earthers not know about a thing called gravity
Liuz Sunarko
Liuz Sunarko Day ago
still tho, what if lol
Akiva Lader
Akiva Lader Day ago
Btw that guy who says he was in space was a fake
Akiva Lader
Akiva Lader Day ago
I don’t have pictures of my organs does that mean I don’t have organs😹
Akiva Lader
Akiva Lader Day ago
14.30 he literally asked the kid to say that
Akiva Lader
Akiva Lader Day ago
This is so fake
J. Rob
J. Rob Day ago
Lol this is great and a nice joke, but they’ve literally stated some facts that make you think 🤔😂
Seakingpanda Day ago
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's an by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each one's valid opinion, i honestly believe Logan Paul should be hit by a chair
Mekhi Williams
I refuse to believe that mike is actually a flat earther
عيال السعودية
Mike is a dumbass
Lebohang Moya
This dude thinks the earthis flat i'm mad right now
Lebohang Moya
It was just a joke
Vaporre Day ago
What shape is the earth? Like = Round/Sphere Dislike = Flat What do you guys think? Reposted it cause comments have a disadvantage. Trying not to be bias here. *credits to InvisibleNinjaX* Also: that last question to logan paul. "If the earth is round, why dont things just fall off the edge?" Logan paul apparently didnt have the capacity to think about the simple answer: Gravity. And flat earthers say they are the smartest of the smart.. 20:39
Aditya Shetye
Logan doing the accent is effed up 😂😂😂
Ethan Knox
Ethan Knox Day ago
No Logan, Lemurs are native to Madagascar
Zac krieling
Zac krieling Day ago
The earth is round
Mr. Tacos
Mr. Tacos Day ago
so you’re telling me the top of the earth has an atmosphere but the bottom dosent?
kyle mangini
kyle mangini Day ago
This is a parody right?!?!
jonathan nelson
Fake earth is round
Ryan Odonnell
Why doesn't one of these Flat earthers go on out to the apparent edge of the world and make a video of it ??? Just a thought 😀
10:20 🤣🤣🤣
Elias Balil
Elias Balil Day ago
I'd rather be bored
Taylor Nguyen
Idk if he’s for real abt the car part. Do ppl tend to forget gravity. When you drive a car fast, you drive off the damn earth. It pulls your car into the earths core as you drive. Plus when ur in an airplane and you go abt 12000 ft that’s not high enough to really see the curvature. You have to be near or outside the earths atmosphere to really see the earth and space. And if the earth was flat and he sun was moving, we would see the sun going in a circle not going under us. And if ppl are that stupid to believe the fact that the earth is flat and that they forget that gravity exists in this idiot ass world, how is our moon gravitated and orbiting around us? And how the hell are we orbiting around the sun? And what the hell is under the damn earth if you know so much smart asses? And where the f- (keep it pg for now) does the core come from if the government or anyone says the earth has a hot molten core?! Ppl have been drilling holes inside the earth for years and some couldn’t make it far into the middle because it was too hot to continue and the drill was still chill when drilling (maybe). I hope I prove a damn point to flat earthers. I don’t believe the earth is flat and if some do, idfk what to say.
Nikan Riahi
Nikan Riahi Day ago
These people are dumb as fuck I can't believe in this shit 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
progro 12
progro 12 Day ago
Fe4RLess 126
Fe4RLess 126 2 days ago
45:36 i wanted to cry because of logan fighting mike and the music was so sad when they where fighting
10 10
10 10 2 days ago
jeff thekiller
jeff thekiller 2 days ago
The earth is not flat get a life
Fish please
Fish please 2 days ago
I really hate to admit it. But, Logan is pretty funny.
King Salvi
King Salvi 2 days ago
10:21 is the funniest thing ever
Sonithium 2 days ago
earth has gravity and the case closed
Juicebox Hero
Juicebox Hero 2 days ago
Is this a ioke? I’m only ten minutes in and this is hilarious! “All I heard him say was...ahhhh” this HAS to be a joke Edit: I’m gonna edit in every funny moment as I watch This here is a beach ball...it wil- it’s a beach ball! Edit 2: I don’t know how to explain this but 12:32 - 13:16 Edit 3: 14:13 this is a joke conformed
maa buu
maa buu 2 days ago
No....the 🌍 is square......
Mc Razz
Mc Razz 2 days ago
Noodle Man
Noodle Man 2 days ago
yO I hOPe PeTe iS OKay
Con 8
Con 8 2 days ago
I came here just to see Corridors work on the title sequence
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