FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

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What if I told you it was all a lie...
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 91 383
Pranay chodankar
Pranay chodankar 2 hours ago
Shity content
Lets see you do better, come on I'm waiting
Inspecta _
Inspecta _ 4 hours ago
If the earth is flat how does the sun and the moon spin
Bernard Casibenjr
Bernard Casibenjr 6 hours ago
man i love the logang the earth is round don't be an idiot
lucas playz
lucas playz 8 hours ago
why can't you see a certain distance because the earth is round if it was flat you could see straight Forward think about it
Irem Topcu
Irem Topcu 11 hours ago
If the earth was flat you would be seeing Statue of Liberty from where you were standing
SJ Johnson
SJ Johnson 12 hours ago
Finally got a girl I'm happy for him😁
Pablo del Monte
Pablo del Monte 14 hours ago
This is the encyclopedic definition of trollying
Artur Melika
Artur Melika 14 hours ago
What kind of propaganda
Ink Strike
Ink Strike 17 hours ago
So in your video gravity doesn't exist huh?
Laney Robertson
Laney Robertson 19 hours ago
36:01 is this why he is not making any more vlogs
Markus Svarre
Markus Svarre 21 hour ago
If you Think the Earth is flat, why dont you just try and go to space and see for your self
ash new32
ash new32 21 hour ago
NASA in hebrew means " to deceive "
Tristan Pangilinan
Tristan Pangilinan 23 hours ago
This is just a big joke😂 we wouldn’t fall of bc their is gravity
GhxstSlayz 23 hours ago
Is it me or Some of the "flat earth" believers Look like they on drugs
racelito carmelotes
good job,brother.expose the truth for all humanity.god bless you
Diori Csgo
Diori Csgo Day ago
The earth is round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
devil's challenges تحدى الشيطان
Gravity bitches gravity 😂😂
Arc family
Arc family Day ago
I killed myself when Mike's friend fell off the earth😂🤣🤣😂
Arc family
Arc family Day ago
Gravity people, gravity helps us stay on the earth, idiots
West Wall
West Wall Day ago
Nice government psy OP really funny to watch. Too bad u don't mean it seriously. But funny af how u show us FE'ers.
Cheyenne Leopold
This is all scripted like come on
Vyky9 Amezcua
Vyky9 Amezcua 2 days ago
If the earth is flat then why do mountain not stick out
Mike Marine
Mike Marine 2 days ago
These guys are idots, liars and actors who are mocking a flat earth
ABC PORTAL 2 days ago
Earth is flat in kuran
Riaan Matthee
Riaan Matthee 2 days ago
It is gawetie bro
Riaan Matthee
Riaan Matthee 2 days ago
It is a li the world is rond
Patli 2 days ago
He stupid the earth is not flat
NeonGamze Plays
NeonGamze Plays 2 days ago
Gravity: Hahaha funny joke now take it back Round Earther’s: I don’t think they were joking Flat Earther’s: The earth is flat no doubt 🤓 Gravity: 😈 ⚔️
FREDY Flame 2 days ago
Vanessa Vazquez
Vanessa Vazquez 2 days ago
The earth is not flat dummies
Lemang Bakar
Lemang Bakar 2 days ago
@10:00 get this man an Oscar? no? golden Globe?
Jacob Greeson
Jacob Greeson 2 days ago
So those girls are saying only Asians see a round earth that's reacist
april grise
april grise 2 days ago
We are hi side the earth so that's how we don't fall out or off.
TheBest OfTheBest
It's a Sphere idiots😂🤣😂
John King
John King 2 days ago
I feel like I wasted my seriousness after watching this.....
Boss of Random
Boss of Random 2 days ago
Just believe and think about it
husky puppies
husky puppies 2 days ago
At first I thought this stuff was real 😂🤣🤣
Denis Deari
Denis Deari 2 days ago
Did he really run around naked and got filmed or was this just for the documentary?
Lifeina Realway
Lifeina Realway 2 days ago
was not expecting it to be this funny
usman ahsan
usman ahsan 2 days ago
flat earth confirmed .
Cøøkîė !
Cøøkîė ! 3 days ago
Roses are red Violets aren’t blue If the earth is flat why aren’t we too
MAGICAL BOI 3 days ago
GRAVITY holy shit I hope it's a troll
I don't understand
It's pretty obvious it's a troll
Aryan Barahona
Aryan Barahona 3 days ago
You said around the globe so the a from ☝🏻 and it spells round HA BITCH
Aryan Barahona
Aryan Barahona 3 days ago
Take the a from around it spells round HA BOTCH
Aryan Barahona
Aryan Barahona 3 days ago
Logan if you become a flat earther then I will unsubscribe from you
Aryan Barahona
Aryan Barahona 3 days ago
Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo 3 days ago
NO it’s all lies the earth isn’t round or flat it’s obviously a square
KentVid 3 days ago
Wtf is this xddddd
Infinite _yt
Infinite _yt 3 days ago
I know this is fake but for any flat earthers gravity gravity people omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pino2logical 3 days ago
Pino2logical 3 days ago
43:48 idk just to say this is a movie :D
Hugo Mosford
Hugo Mosford 3 days ago
U realised that all the people at the end dissing Logan about how he believes the earth is flat are English, possibly because they like KSI more. 😱🤯
Hugo Mosford
Hugo Mosford 3 days ago
Look at Evan 😂
EagleEye 3 days ago
Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy Bailey 3 days ago
And if the earth was flat what's on the other side
Jeremy Bailey
Jeremy Bailey 3 days ago
The earth is round when U are on it it's flat
itsErinda veliu
itsErinda veliu 3 days ago
you see what the fuck are people doing They think that global warming is not real,they think that earth is flat but now on they gonna think that humans are not real they're just aliens i mean wtffff
trigger mangis
trigger mangis 3 days ago
The world is flat btw guys I prove that the world is flat if the world is round how do people not falling
Justin Plaice
Justin Plaice 2 days ago
the earth stays in orbit due to something called gravity. gravity works br the spinning of the earth keeping you and me to the ground-oh wait but water you say? water is also attracted to the earth and it defies gravity due to something called buoyancy. now with that factor in mind, you can drop a bit of water on your counter an see how it will go round; NOT magically going flat and to further this point you can take a compass, point it any direction, but oh wait where's that needle pointing? magnetic north-the magnetized pole attracting that needle true north is the direction of the north pole. go the opposite way and you'll hit the south pole. I also must apologize to you that your movement does not understand just how big the earth is and that you can't actualy see curvature just by looking. but take a basketball and a microscope and zoom in close and you'll see it's not perfectly round it resembles mountains and valeys in a way the same scenario you see every day
Isabelle 3 days ago
I’m going to hell for laughing at this. . . “ and all I heard him say was . . . ahhhh “ ~ SOBS
ColoonaKing 3 days ago
Earth is round, idiot
남자가면을 쓰는
Mkay Ik this is fake and it’s not true but if the earth is flat then that means there’s no gravity But if the earth is round then you’ll have gravity and won’t fall down ya see? (Flat will have no gravity) (Round will have gravity) [Edit] also why would they lie that it’s round?? And how would they know it’s “flat”
I don't understand
This video is a joke
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