FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

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What if I told you it was all a lie...
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 92 351
lazyrmc 3 minutes ago
I'm really impressed, great mockumentary
Mathis Laurent
Mathis Laurent 48 minutes ago
All of the setup is fake
SovietCookie [•-•]
I tinck te erf iz a do nut....
GIGI Cat Hour ago
wtf am i considering becoming a flat earther. lol
Colonel_Sanders 43
*sponsored by Applebee's*
ツPœms Hour ago
14:27 fucking idiot ass kid
ツPœms Hour ago
This is the biggest troll on the planet 😂
JammyMonkey Hour ago
Being the smartest flat-earther is like being the tallest midget
Radio Operator Portable
Flat earthers are in it for the money
Paige Harris
Paige Harris 3 hours ago
Logan: "what shape is the earth?" Kid: "Flat"
Teemo Blast
Teemo Blast 3 hours ago
Watch Lil Dicky “Earth” to see lol
Ewan Sexton
Ewan Sexton 3 hours ago
It’s click bait
Ewan Sexton
Ewan Sexton 3 hours ago
That’s why Isaac Nutrion came up with gravity
Joseph barnes
Joseph barnes 3 hours ago
Why is everything out in the solar system round but the earth is flat doesn’t make sense because the actors are crazy
Joseph barnes
Joseph barnes 3 hours ago
I meant flat earth
Joseph barnes
Joseph barnes 4 hours ago
It’s called fucking gravity that keeps the water and us down
XmacyX 07
XmacyX 07 4 hours ago
XmacyX 07
XmacyX 07 4 hours ago
Illuminati confirmed logan dont leave us stick with ur inner belief
Real World
Real World 4 hours ago
9:04 I heard edge of the earth as engineers and was like wtf!!
siddharth kamuni
siddharth kamuni 4 hours ago
If the earth is flat, then every country should get sunlight at the same time whereas we (as in the people of earth) have different sunrising time (eg: when in India there is morning at the same time America is having evening),according the flat earth theory the earth is flat and if so then the sun rise of each country should be the same which basically is not. So to all the people who believed that the earth is flat (including me before I did some research) Don't get confused, the earth is not flat. It is sphere in shape. And also I feel that many of u would believe the teacher's (who passed u) rather than Logan. I am a huge fan of Logan and I'm not disrespecting his movie, it's just facts that I'm talking about. Ok bye , please upload daily 🦜( hope that bird looks like maverick). Peace
Ibrahim Mirza
Ibrahim Mirza 4 hours ago
So Logan u have a girlfriend
Flaming _Gaming
Flaming _Gaming 5 hours ago
I have a question How can the earth be flat if the sun and the moon are in the same angle same size but what about the solar eclipse they would crash
Cult Leader
Cult Leader 5 hours ago
Im so sory but i dont think any of these were funny
playerslayer91 5 hours ago
Lemars are native to the Island of Madagascar you idiot! This was funny though. I never thought I would watch 50 minutes of the logan paul and enjoy it.
Kraken 910
Kraken 910 5 hours ago
You are literally using technology that the scientists who talk about gravity invented so do you believe in the flat earth or not
Kraken 910
Kraken 910 5 hours ago
What would keep us down on the flat earth e.g. there must be a force to keep us down and what defines down on the flat earth if gravity doesn't exist.
Luke Power
Luke Power 6 hours ago
At it again smash 👉👌
Melvin Yap
Melvin Yap 6 hours ago
Definitely Concave, not flat!
JXgamer 6 hours ago
Audrey Echols
Audrey Echols 7 hours ago
This is very cringey wtf
Katarina Popović
Katarina Popović 7 hours ago
why do you have so many globes in your house lol
Britton Wooten
Britton Wooten 7 hours ago
It's called artificial gravity when something spins so fast it starts pulling in like a blackhole but it goes fast like if u believe the same as me
Doctor Adam
Doctor Adam 7 hours ago
Dayum, Ksi really hit him that hard huh.
Noel Mesfin
Noel Mesfin 7 hours ago
Ksi punched you too hard
nathalia Araujo
nathalia Araujo 8 hours ago
A terra é redonda sim se acha que não pq não entra para nasa e vai descobrir
Cody Renfroe
Cody Renfroe 8 hours ago
37:23 best part
Cody Renfroe
Cody Renfroe 8 hours ago
We shouldn't worry about if the Earth is flat or round we should say God is not real and if he is how was the milky way and all the other planets and stars was made 😒😒😒🙄
J.R. Productions
J.R. Productions 8 hours ago
LP is a satanic puppet. All I know is: God will not be mocked. The Earth indeed is FLAT.
Peta Nomeata
Peta Nomeata 8 hours ago
This made me mostly confused... so the girlfriend was an actress right and not a flat earther?
Dara Chhay
Dara Chhay 8 hours ago
Who feel this is just an act
Deacon1411 8 hours ago
Man... Logan was a 10 out of 10 now he’s a 3 out of ten cause he thinks the earth is flat. We have photos of the earth that it is round and if a plane flys around the earth why dose it not go off this so called edge And dude I’m with Evan
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 8 hours ago
Anyone who thinks this is serious are as stupid as the flat earthers
Codswallop 9 hours ago
I say the earth is a cube.
Mr. MSH MSH 9 hours ago
Who else is here after kong died
Durb Pizza
Durb Pizza 10 hours ago
Tell you freind it is called gravitation...........
Paula Gower
Paula Gower 11 hours ago
logan if you reach out to me please tell me if you think the earth is round or if it is flat
ceazar evangelista
ceazar evangelista 11 hours ago
i felt an earthquaje while watching ths beacause my bed started swaying back and forth
Thanh Nguyenhuu
Thanh Nguyenhuu 12 hours ago
Maria O.
Maria O. 12 hours ago
Bader Abu Hajaj
Bader Abu Hajaj 12 hours ago
The earth is a triangle like illuminate idiots so obviossss omfggg
Mason King
Mason King 12 hours ago
Fuck u
Marcus Ryckman
Marcus Ryckman 12 hours ago
Ok so i thought you were being serious i almost lost all respect to you
Orbital Potato
Orbital Potato 12 hours ago
Remember that 99% of flattards are Americans...
Eli Bauer
Eli Bauer 13 hours ago
but how could they disrespect Elon
Eli Bauer
Eli Bauer 13 hours ago
I cried
Caleb Perez
Caleb Perez 13 hours ago
41:53 evan is not having it
Xavier Clark
Xavier Clark 14 hours ago
Omg I love this 😍😍😍
POISED_ Clan 14 hours ago
10:20 I am dying of laughter but I feel bad😭😫😂
Ziqwah 15 hours ago
Mike is pretty good at acting. And the amount of money went into this lol
Shirli Teo
Shirli Teo 15 hours ago
Earth is not flat
hummdog1212 15 hours ago
The longest video without any actual information
Akuma Playz
Akuma Playz 15 hours ago
Bruh those acting skills tho
NotCallmeClapz 15 hours ago
Is this a skit?
Knext Dark
Knext Dark 15 hours ago
73k dislike 😂
Lone Spartanz
Lone Spartanz 15 hours ago
I feel bad for the innocent souls that became flat earthers watching this
Jonah Lovitz
Jonah Lovitz 15 hours ago
Science: proves in multiple ways the earth isn’t flat Some dude with a funny bowl cut: yes the earth is most definitely flat and I’m gonna say that for 50 minutes
Tom Connor
Tom Connor 16 hours ago
that is bull shit
Zebato4 16 hours ago
Well that was 50 minutes of my life ill never get back again
Tom Connor
Tom Connor 16 hours ago
if the world was flat then Jesus Christ would not be true
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 16 hours ago
The earth is round like the 8 BALL!!!
RedNwhite 16 hours ago
Ok, I don’t know why all these morons think the earth is flat! It’s not flat, it’s not round, It’s obviously a donut!
jenny doan
jenny doan 16 hours ago
I watched an hour of this video do u know how I watched this video 2 times
la Ferrari
la Ferrari 17 hours ago
This is actually funny like I actually finally like some shit this dude made
Connor The spooky boi
If the world is flat than why am I not flat
Aleacea_Da_ Savage
Aleacea_Da_ Savage 17 hours ago
If this video isn’t fake then tell mike I’m sorry but when I tell you I died when he said ahhhhh I mean I fell off the mf beddd ! (10:37-10-39)this man had the nerve to wipe no tear I’m doneee. Ahem tears who???😂😂😂
Hamir ò_ó
Hamir ò_ó 17 hours ago
“Even though we don’t live in a globe,my mind knows it exists” wtf is the matter with this people 🤦‍♂️
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 17 hours ago
10:18 had me dying
Grant Teodoro
Grant Teodoro 17 hours ago
Mike is a REALLY GOOD actor!
blackhammer6465 rodriguez
It’s called gravity
Griselda Guzman
Griselda Guzman 17 hours ago
THE EARTH IS 1000000000000% FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Huerta
Michelle Huerta 18 hours ago
I actually believe that the earth is flat why well if earth really is as big as they say no picture can capture it whole so the created a fake picture
anecia donald
anecia donald 18 hours ago
Well why would god make all of the stuff earth and just to make it a lie like how can you say god is lying about making all this stuff on earth and making the earth because he’s saying he’s lying and he’s not he knows what he made and how he made it
Azake Rahman
Azake Rahman 18 hours ago
ME:50 minutes video and 5 Million views damnnnnn who watches these long videos ALSO ME: aaa those 5M ppl.. i guess
lul autistic
lul autistic 18 hours ago
12:45 gravity?
lul autistic
lul autistic 18 hours ago
"Thats the first time i saw it"
P.N.X.L memes
P.N.X.L memes 19 hours ago
Where is Old Logan?
Saman Salamat
Saman Salamat 20 hours ago
I legit thought that Kevin was a kid when he was sitting at the podcast
Alexander awesome wolf
One thing that needs to be answered is why does logan have so many globes in his house
Tracie Jackson
Tracie Jackson 20 hours ago
just watched Logan Paul for 50 minutes and lost like 1000000 brain cells
CHIEF CHILI 20 hours ago
This is obviously just a joke... falling of the chair on an interview, the dumb faces... But I gotta say it’s entertaining
perrytheplatpyp 20 hours ago
Hmmm.... A pane, no curves, flat earth confired! OR the earth s too large to see curves, also that pete story is fake, they only tell stories like that in the sci fi movies
Mototek Man
Mototek Man 20 hours ago
Awesome logan keep doing documentaries like this
Mr Black Mask
Mr Black Mask 20 hours ago
Maybe there's nothing to believe in?
LP: Advisor of The UI
I have never laughed so hard at a comedy like this one in a long time
iiOmqMinecraft 8
iiOmqMinecraft 8 21 hour ago
Earth is a sphere. The only reason why cars don’t fall off of Earth is because of gravity.
Jeff H
Jeff H 21 hour ago
We trusted you LOGAN DAMN!!! MESSED UP BRUH!!
Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson 21 hour ago
Watch woody and kleiny too find out you idiot
Patrick Hye
Patrick Hye 21 hour ago
Earth is not flat if that was the case then it was summer Non-Stop and there wouldn't be no night and that the sun can I only bring light to one spot if the Earth is really flat then it will be day everywhere
Saturn V
Saturn V 21 hour ago
So the atmosphere doesn't exist either
Sprayground Vlogs team
The earth is a triangle
Dmae Daplinan
Dmae Daplinan 21 hour ago
Dang! Mike can act! 👏🏼
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