FLASHBACK TO THE 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E16

Martin Garrix
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The Martin Garrix Show S4.E16 - 2018 Winter Olympics
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Flashback to the 2018 Winter Olympics! We finally got all clearances to show you the backstage footage of this amazing event in South Korea. It was very special for me!
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Comments 80
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix Month ago
Flashback to the 2018 Winter Olympics!
Sergio Jr Tapia
Sergio Jr Tapia Month ago
Hi martin
Janjaira Nicole Paz Guardia
Eduardo Ledesma
Eduardo Ledesma Month ago
Martin Garrix Cuando vas a venir a Uruguay 🇺🇾 o Argentina 🇦🇷 o Brasil 🇧🇷?
Sergio Jr Tapia
Sergio Jr Tapia Month ago
I have always wanted a control la dora just like yours martin
Cami Mendez
Cami Mendez Month ago
I’m so proud of you, really, you’re amazing. I love you. ❤️
Yasmin Oliveira Barros
The best DJ in the world🌏I love you so much♥ Come to Brazil 🇧🇷 Please 🙏🏻
Hồng Quân Nguyễn
NEW EPISODE OUT NOW! Witness the behind the scenes of my THE ETHER Tour Show in South Korea in my new Martin Garrix Show #16, Out Now!
Dj vortex Ramón
S Month ago
0:19 does anybody know what kind of pizza is that?
Beasterjax Month ago
My favourite jears of olympics: 2014: rowan akinson 2018: martin garrix
titi nirma
titi nirma Month ago
Gemassss.... semoga bisa ketemu kak!! i hope hihi
phamthi lien
phamthi lien Month ago
2:33 Sick!
phamthi lien
phamthi lien Month ago
Garrix, We just reach 13 million subs!
DJ Ciao
DJ Ciao Month ago
phamthi lien
phamthi lien Month ago
NEW EPISODE OUT NOW! Witness the behind the scenes of my THE ETHER Show in 2018 Winter Olympics in my new Martin Garrix Show #16, Out Now!
Anne Feytongs
Anne Feytongs Month ago
Everyone knows That martin from Amsterdam is / Dutch : iedereen weet dat Martijn van Amsterdam is +x
laith aljajeh
laith aljajeh Month ago
I need orchetral Garrix!!
Margesh Thakur
Margesh Thakur Month ago
SlicerMusic Month ago
6:18 hey Raiden :P
Halsey Le Tissier
Garrix in korea!!!! Bts will bump in to Martin Garrix!
최준호 Month ago
사랑해요 형
Jason Kim
Jason Kim Month ago
Thank you for visit my country. I wish enjoyed it.
Avigail Madison
Avigail Madison Month ago
Sigue a siii , eres el mejor 😍💕👑
Avigail Madison
Avigail Madison Month ago
Te amoooo martin 😍😍👑👑 eres el mejor DJ del mundooo
Leila Garritsen
Leila Garritsen Month ago
Every episode makes me cry... I’m just so proud to see how far he’s come and he deserves it so much
시골댕댕이 Month ago
마틴 게릭스가 휴게소... 전혀 생각도 못한일이다 ㅎㄷㄷ
Ayu Ikka
Ayu Ikka Month ago
So proud of you 😭😭😭😭
Timi Nemeti
Timi Nemeti Month ago
Timea Timea
Timea Timea Month ago
Cessna 1700
Cessna 1700 Month ago
There was a controversy in South Korea that it was inappropriate to plan foreign DJ to perform on Olympics..... but I can't understand their opinion. He was great at that night
백종원 Month ago
plz visit korea again. i hope to see you
Cami Mendez
Cami Mendez Month ago
Lyyyy ❤️
Emilly Evillyn
Emilly Evillyn Month ago
love it too much martin garrix
JustGuetta Month ago
Amazing all the people put like 🇭🇳👍
VIP SyntaX
VIP SyntaX Month ago
I’d love Martin Garrix to do a nextflix special film on where he started to where he is now. Or maybe all of his Episodes in a timeline order. Love these videos!
Rock Alex
Rock Alex Month ago
We need that orchestral version of lions in the wild 😍
Koena Bhalavi
Koena Bhalavi Month ago
Lots of love from India bro😘😘
Claudio Hernandez
Amiel Spencer
Amiel Spencer Month ago
Oh shit!!! One of my favorite country in the world, South Korea! Fell in love to their music(kpop) and Korean Dramas! Hoping to be visit there before I die. Anyway, Those people who bumped into you and music store that you went to buy stuff are so lucky to meet you in person.
Buk Queiroz
Buk Queiroz Month ago
No Uber in this place ?
Lu in london
Lu in london Month ago
Me acuerdo q me levante temprano a verlo fue genial
Melgo Avilla
Melgo Avilla Month ago
I really love this Martin 💓💓
아 국뽕에 몸을 맡긴다
Douglas Month ago
Já pensou se o Martin pega Corona Vírus nesses países aí?!!
Smiles Month ago
Martin Garrix the international superstar!
DJ Harshit
DJ Harshit Month ago
김남영 Month ago
사랑해요 마틴♥♥
DEEP SHOW Month ago
평창올림픽!! 와 이렇게 한국을 보니 새롭다..
차상윤 Month ago
I need Lions in the wild intro version TT
The Zelot
The Zelot Month ago
Ahora se viene la Europa xd 😍😍😌
Metrolex 1
Metrolex 1 Month ago
I want to learn the type of genre of music martin garrix does, can anyone show me where to start?
TmfknK Month ago
6:37 look at his dads smile.. you can tell why martin is such a nice genuine and happy dude!
bille elish
bille elish Month ago
Love u martin🎎
Kaushal Silva
Kaushal Silva Month ago
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez Month ago
any fans from California🥺
Waaaaa que epico
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez Month ago
awh his dad🥺
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez Month ago
and imagine to think he is bow the biggest face for music. we continue to DREAM
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez Month ago
I love him so much🥺🥺🥺
이꾸요잇 Month ago
이때 실제로 봣어야하는데
Maria de los angeles Morales ku
Puchojenso :3
Raleigh Dewey
Raleigh Dewey Month ago
noah veelhaver
noah veelhaver Month ago
1:57 wich song was that
Incle Babies
Incle Babies Month ago
noah veelhaver Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko - Forever
Jonh Mítico
Jonh Mítico Month ago
I here before 100.000 Views !!!
Anton Pustovalov
That closing olympics was the first Time i saw Martin Garrix, and since then i've become big fan! And also kudos to Matisse and Sadko - "Forever" and "Together" just got me into edm.
America Natalia Agustin Cortes
milka8319 Month ago
4:09 Ooo This olympic moment, Alina Zagitova♥️
Us Crazy in love
Martin is the best! You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shm choi
shm choi Month ago
세상에나 너무나도 익숙한 강릉시내 ㅋㅋ We are waiting for you to meet again in Korea marty! :)
DARK LORD Month ago
I love you so much the martin garrix show i see all the shows greetins
Alena Month ago
started listening from that moment
Dalia Parra
Dalia Parra Month ago
Bravo bebe automaticamente te inmortalisaste 🤗🤩😘😍😎😎
narista rf
narista rf Month ago
*Pyeongchang Olympic with Martin Garrix and EXO is amazing 😭❤️*
¿Por qué eres gay?
Suh Juwon
Suh Juwon Month ago
Please come Korea again 🥺 🇰🇷❤️🇳🇱
Thomas Toscano
Thomas Toscano Month ago
Why does his dad look like the old guy from up? Your welcome now you can’t ever not see it now
16 Bit Hero
16 Bit Hero Month ago
We still miss you Garrix.... Love from Korea
Fester Vain
Fester Vain Month ago
this episodes are amazing
Danids 99
Danids 99 Month ago
2:28 is so annoying!!
bbang Month ago
Tiesto 2004 Athens olympic Opening Martin Garrix 2018 Pyeong chang olympic Closing
3:07 so u can play your song and it will look like you are singing it. [i guess]
Dag Strau
Dag Strau Month ago
Martin you are a such an inspiration for my little son who is just 9, he has been watching show from EP1 and he loves you so much that every day when he comes back from school he is asking if you have released a new episode :) he is watching this video while I am typing this comment, crazy world! Thanks.
Woo Black
Woo Black Month ago
Dahhhhmmmm I was there working for Alibaba. Memories
TRasH cAn
TRasH cAn Month ago
When will his ep album drop and wow with florian Picasso????????????????????????
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