FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: The winnowing of the field begins

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FiveThirtyEight crew analyzes what the early dropouts teach us about the Democratic Party and debate how President Trump’s standing would be affected if the U.S. economy were to significantly sour.

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Aug 27, 2019




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Vikman Photography
This is just funny to listen to, ~85 days from the election. Enormous depression, world-wide pandemic and Trump is still doing very well with his base
Karen Stover
Karen Stover Year ago
It's kind of fun to see everyone stopping themselves from talking over each other & seeing people's reactions!
Karen Stover
Karen Stover Year ago
Everyone looks different in my mind. It's fun to see how everyone's faces align.. but it's honestly more distracting for me to see you all talk. Will probably keep listening to the podcast.
Karen Stover
Karen Stover Year ago
Even Nate Silver looks different in my mind. And I've seen his picture before. /ohwell...
Karen Stover
Karen Stover Year ago
One thing that is neat is all of the image layovers. Especially for all of these candidates for whom I have zero name recognition!
angelo cacchione
Honestly , how do you guys distort the truth , isn't it your duty to bring the truth to the masses . Also Andrew Yang has over 160 policies not just one ,and he has expressed countless times how UBI would help literally anyone in need not just women ... What is wrong with you ?!!!
Tex Jernigan
Tex Jernigan Year ago
I feel like all four of them want to go #yanggang but they’re afraid that the other three will call them out as not being “serious” enough.
Temporary Thing
Wow, some of these people really made cases for an LESS democratic primary process...
This is cool to see the voices finally lol
sheavsey Year ago
Watching a video of these is like looking at a bunch of unfamiliar actors playing the voices I know. WHO ARE THESE FACES??
Vi Vo
Vi Vo Year ago
I'm so happy. :)
dukeuni Year ago
My mind was blown today- did not realize that Micah Cohen was younger- with his voice I always thought he was in his 50's or 60's. Not sure why.
Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu Year ago
But muh Jody Avirgan
Jake Year ago
Nate at 18:40. Lol
Off Grid Shop Oregon
Too late. I already listened to the audio podcast.
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