FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: How much does Iowa matter?

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The FiveThirtyEight team discusses just how important Iowa is to winning a party's nomination and if a candidate's age affects electability.
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Comments 10
Ryan Otteros
Ryan Otteros 2 months ago
Biden was making campaign gaffes 30 years ago. This is not new for him
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes 2 months ago
Why do you ignore the cat I date with the best ideas? Andrew Yang!
blkprinceMD 7 months ago
You guys look so good! My favorite and must listen podcast! Political or otherwise! I’m listing to the Lizzie Warren comeback episode now and just want to say (most anecdotal from ppl I know) Sen. Warren has great amount of support and interest from Black voters under 40. Especially Younger Black women.
Harrison 7 months ago
Have you noticed that the Warren episode cuts out around the 30 minute mark? On spotify it says it ends at 55 minutes but it ends at 30 for some reason. (Was just wondering if that was just me or if others are having that problem too)
Cyril Ramathal
Cyril Ramathal 7 months ago
you guys look nothing like your voices sound
Jake 7 months ago
The best crew.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton 7 months ago
xagert 7 months ago
I have enjoyed your audio podcast and it is fun to see you in a video format. I do know that you left out Claire’s comments about someone having a foot fetish at the beginning of the audio podcast.
Jake 7 months ago
xagert Yeah, who is it that has the fetish???
Giovanny Murillo
Giovanny Murillo 7 months ago
I love these videos. The best politics podcast out there
Erik Hillmn
Erik Hillmn 7 months ago
Chapo Trap House is better but this one is very good as well.
Miss FitzGerald
Miss FitzGerald 7 months ago
Please consider a more "in the round" format if you're going to continue filming these - this visual with the four of you facing "the audience" doesn't seem to fit with the 538 brand - feels like a theatrical presentation, not like a conversation that your audience is privy to. Still - one of my favorite podcasts and thank you for taking risks like this!
cantcurecancer 7 months ago
Yeah more videos!
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