Five Stories About the Fabulous Philippines

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In this reel, we enjoy the culture and delectable cuisine of the Philippines.
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This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world.
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Comments 80
Marcöön Jás Uf
Comment section 10% calamities happening in ph 20% proud to be pinoy 20% about the language 50% trying hard about colonialism and teying hard to make ph look like Hispanic
Marcöön Jás Uf
Filipinos in the comment section trying hard to look like latino Latinos: *Extremely Laughs*
Random Boy
Random Boy 6 days ago
I tried Tamilok! And yes i am a Filipino. It really doesn't taste weird, but for me; it tasted like the stomach area of fried bangrus. Really really delicious. It was very large too!
Nia Abejero - Mc Connell
Nia Abejero - Mc Connell
Yay Philippines 🇵🇭 🇵🇭🇵🇭
Sushi Ninja
Sushi Ninja 22 days ago
Who else wants to see what there team did there like a behind the scene.
ItsG 29 days ago
I dont know what to listen my language or the English language lol.
EJ Shin
EJ Shin 29 days ago
That empanada looks great 😄
rye pamintuan
rye pamintuan Month ago
Sino pwedeng jowa jan
s a b a d o/Theswitcher27
"Boodle Fight Manila" is in Quezon City, but yet you lable the place as "Manila". That is not Manila and it will never be Manila. #StopTheConfusion
Ronn Caño
Ronn Caño Month ago
Im a Filipino but i don't know this kind of food.
Sean 2 months ago
Im pinoy that can speak english im full filipino
CS_toby67 -
CS_toby67 - 2 months ago
i live in there
Jessie Guntang
Jessie Guntang 3 months ago
I'am so proud to be pinoy like if u too
Amando Miscala
Amando Miscala 3 months ago
Filipinos wants to become a Ofw to work on other countries. They didn't realized that we can make our lives easier in easy ways like Selling birds nest.. He said he can hold like 10k-20k ( $200-$400)?! ....
Ellie Manongdo
Ellie Manongdo 3 months ago
Ah the philippines. We celebrate christmas too early (in september). We eat damn good food. *and we love being hospitable and kind (if I see you guys hurting anyone, I shall get the tsinelas)*
Bart 3 months ago
Oh yah putang ina nyo po
Brudda Brent
Brudda Brent 3 months ago
Mga Pinoy Kamusta na kayo After sa Earthquake
K Ok ok
K Ok ok 3 months ago
Who watched all the single video about the philippines by great big story then finding this compilation?😃😆
Donna Dela cruz
Donna Dela cruz 4 months ago
i didnt expect the first story to be from my hometown. me and my friends used to go down to that mangrove park. 😌
Tisha Alonzo
Tisha Alonzo 5 months ago
Some motherfuckers below me are making racist memes
Yuan Playz
Yuan Playz 6 months ago
You know this is from the Jessica Soho
HELLO person ma
HELLO person ma 6 months ago
Thank you very much cause I'm pilipino
choco playz
choco playz 6 months ago
Im filipino
CodeHurricane Network
6:22 Thats a one hard FRUIT
Rian Beatrice Dela Cruz
80 % people like me filli pinos if they are realy from the philipines 20% just criuspeople
Daven Billones
Daven Billones 6 months ago
I'm just looking for American comments talking about Filipinos... "Whatever, rice is rice." - Jo koy's American dad.
TKONIGEL 7 months ago
Ok, ive actually seen a lot of swift flings, on the roof of my house actually, but they are SO annoying to deal with. One time i accidentaly killed a bird that went in our house for no reason (Yes i'm a monster, i'm sorry.)
voiceless glottal fricative
lmaoo Great Big Story really made a compilation of videos just for Filipinos
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones 8 months ago
6:22 woman: Then you slice the fruits! *casually cuts open egg*
tootsieroll8 8 months ago
ah, my favorite fruit *the egg*
Negative Thoughts
Negative Thoughts 8 months ago
I did these in school 2 times when i was about 8 and 10 years old I was talking about the boodle fight
Creator Killer 09
Creator Killer 09 8 months ago
3:45 Me and the Boys using the modern-ancient technology
Gerard Ken Brosas
Gerard Ken Brosas 8 months ago
baby theo
baby theo 8 months ago
I live in the Philippines
X.Y. Crystal
X.Y. Crystal 8 months ago
My Name Is Xian Yuri It Doesn’t Sound Filipino... Kamusta Lahat Ng Pilipino!
Marker Mars
Marker Mars 9 months ago
Thanks for supporting our country
Marker Mars
Marker Mars 9 months ago
Thanks for supporting our country
Andrei Dimen
Andrei Dimen 9 months ago
Rip. Eddie Garcia 1 like 1 prayer 👇
zacteron 9 months ago
We filipino love to sing karaoke
It’s JV vlogs !
It’s JV vlogs ! 9 months ago
You kinda spell wrong banaue it’s banawe Because I live in the Philippines 🇵🇭
Frances Leones
Frances Leones 9 months ago
Pinoy Pride 🇵🇭
Kielle 9 months ago
Im a filipino
RKU gaming
RKU gaming 10 months ago
Pilipino ako 😊☺😁
Noob Trollington
Noob Trollington 10 months ago
Filipino Meal: *exist* *Removes/Add an ingredient* Filipino meal: *New Recipe*
Nevaeh Cordeta
Nevaeh Cordeta 10 months ago
Yay my country!
IzKipKap 10 months ago
Any filipino in the comments, who elses mom put vicks on them when they were sick? Because my mom did
Adrian Grant
Adrian Grant 10 months ago
Need for Speed: Wooden Age
Sajeer Jamal
Sajeer Jamal 10 months ago
They playing Mario kart irl now 😭😭😂 I fucking love Philippines ❤️
Gilang Risqi Hima Pandalu
Greetings from your neighbor, sadulur :)
Black& White
Black& White 10 months ago
Ako sa philipino But i also speak English
Jacob Bassett
Jacob Bassett 10 months ago
Who goes hmm this worm in this wood looks tasty
Kylez Delfin
Kylez Delfin 10 months ago
Wew soo weird to see new buswang a place i go alot in a youtube video .. Its like seeing your house in youtube
ARadicalGy 10 months ago
ah yes, taglish
sWIfT 11 months ago
9:59 carplate reads AKA DIRT
Singing Owl
Singing Owl 11 months ago
Bakawan in the philippines means Mangrove, it's not the name of a forest.
David Xiao
David Xiao 11 months ago
The way she cut that fruit made me wince.
Jonathan De Guzman
Jonathan De Guzman 11 months ago
Spanish name and Speaking 3 languages at the same time. Like me LuL
Kamala Gurung
Kamala Gurung 11 months ago
i hear the f word in the Birds story
U don need to know my name m8
Her last name is literally happiness/joy
jun shin
jun shin 11 months ago
The birds are boarders they pay a fee..😁
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara 11 months ago
Shouldn't that last story be about California?
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara 11 months ago
Kaloka! Ngayon pa lang ako nakakita ng kanin na ini-iscoop. 😂
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara 11 months ago
While boodle fighting is not a new tradition, the name is.
Ganda Gandara
Ganda Gandara 11 months ago
You didn't explain how the tamilok got its name. 🙄
Killer Hazuri
Killer Hazuri 11 months ago
Man: They are like a Family to me Cooks and eats them in a soup
Zero Two
Zero Two 11 months ago
Lahat ng mga kabayan dito pa like po
Dan Y.
Dan Y. 11 months ago
Ohh my gulay
Swimtendo64 11 months ago
god damn i hate taglish...
John2 Alarcon
John2 Alarcon 11 months ago
The boodle fight is an age old tradition in the Philippines. The army just coined the phrase ‘boodle fight’ for it.
Lyn 11 months ago
Ayy u love my country
Darby Harvey
Darby Harvey 11 months ago
I never felt comfortable when doing the big feast, I’m somewhat a germaphobe when it comes to food and also theirs that one person who touches the sauces and touch other foods and don’t eat it
Nicholin V
Nicholin V 11 months ago
scooter and redbull
Blou Bear
Blou Bear 11 months ago
Thank you for these, Great Big Story, these really are great
Arneldan Cruz
Arneldan Cruz 11 months ago
So many videos about the Philippines lately by many big channels? Why is that?
wins lyn
wins lyn 11 months ago
Birds nest is not commonly eaten by filipinos its chinese...that's why Philippines exported birds nest to China or Chinese restaurants in philippines
Mj de Guzman
Mj de Guzman 11 months ago
Di pa ako naka try ng tamilok
Chris Ly
Chris Ly 11 months ago
Here in the Philippines, we have a 180+ dialects used in every region.
Aicelyn Runs
Aicelyn Runs 11 months ago
I'm a Filipino and I didn't even know we have this kind of dish
Gamer 11 months ago
i'm filipino i understand thier saying grabe (wow)
gen len
gen len 11 months ago
I'm a Filipino but I never tried that called "Tamilok" a worm like, and I don't want too that looks disgusting 🤢
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