Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach - Gameplay Trailer | PS5

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A glimpse of FNAF: Security Breach.


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Feb 25, 2021




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Comments 100
evelynesquiche 7 minutes ago
Anna. Kitty :D
THATS BALLORA'S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
͔ Hour ago
Disco Master
Disco Master 2 hours ago
How many time do we have to teach you this lesson old ma- Oh dang those graphics.
•CøzyCønnie• 2 hours ago
Your gonna be getting my money as soon as this comes out
•CøzyCønnie• 2 hours ago
O H ?
Nikolas Zarkos
Nikolas Zarkos 2 hours ago
me just being an og and like "what has come to fnaf bro 😩"
Rundøwn Games
Rundøwn Games 2 hours ago
Oh yeah if you didn’t know the fnaf gang or animatronics only kill when you are a adult They were programmed to help and serve children not adults
•Estebøn Tejadø•
*_Como esto no tiene un millón de like?_*
Doot 3 hours ago
I need a 10 hour version of the remix for Ballora’s music box
Doot 3 hours ago
0:51 Freddy looks disappointed. I guess he’s aware and wants to help the kid
VictorMC52 :D
VictorMC52 :D 3 hours ago
Menos mal que me regalaron la PS 5 xd , ya sale !!
Matt Bentz
Matt Bentz 3 hours ago
Everyone says that the we're going down the elevator when we see the night guard...is it just me or does it not look like she's the one on the elevator?
OscarLoveyou 4 hours ago
Is it me or this game is not scary anymore once they added a 3d character
SpookyCampers 4 hours ago
This reminds me of dark deception idk why
SpookyCampers 3 hours ago
@Doot now what if they did a crossover
Doot 3 hours ago
So trueee
Specter7 All hail the dn
Ok that’s pretty neat
Oki Loki
Oki Loki 4 hours ago
this is getting real
Espresso Depresso
Espresso Depresso 5 hours ago
I have a ps5 so as soon I get this game and finish it im selling my ps5 cause I only got it for this and I barely play on it
EZMelloAnimeGR YT
EZMelloAnimeGR YT 5 hours ago
Cant wait
Shilo Eldridge
Shilo Eldridge 6 hours ago
In my opinion everything looks alright
river schmidt
river schmidt 6 hours ago
Actually looks pretty sick, too bad I dont own a playstation
Firefly Monster
Firefly Monster 7 hours ago
Patricia MS Valente
Vai ter para ps4?
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
Seojun Lee
Seojun Lee 7 hours ago
Tbh this game look like it would be much more kid friendly than the previous fnaf games.
Jason DeVries
Jason DeVries 7 hours ago
I found out the animatronic remember the scene of the purple claw I know who that is it's shadow freddy and he wants revenge
Matelend Hi
Matelend Hi 8 hours ago
Hmmmm not sure how I feel
KaylaXoXoXo 9 hours ago
hasumi 9 hours ago
1:32 when Gregory pulls out his watch, notice the number 8 in a caution sign and the number 2 beside a tickets symbol? It's easily meaning 82. Whether or not this fact is useful, the numbers 82 really do spark my attention.
Doot 3 hours ago
I think the 8 shows how high the risk is for you to get caught by an animatronic. Perhaps the 2 is for a reward system or something
Denis Fages
Denis Fages 10 hours ago
Nintendo switch graphics ewwww
Ervin Ryan Jimenez
Ervin Ryan Jimenez 10 hours ago
i still thinking that girl, a nightguard, was the one who wear a bunnt suit
eitel4 10 hours ago
Can not wait for Security Breach
Siento que es 2013 jajaja
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
Por?? Te refieres a que el juego se ve de esa época?
Sentient Sock Puppet
As a fan since the very beginning of FNaF, it’s so weird seeing how far Scott has come but I’m still so proud of him for starting as a poor game developer to a famous game developer and troll icon
Mamasita 10 hours ago
seeing this game grow and stand on its feet to come here is the most satisfying thing ever.
RAINBOW LEOPARD 10 hours ago
Me: fnaf isnt scary Me after the trailer: uuuuuuuummmmmm i take that back
Juan avila
Juan avila 10 hours ago
Este trailer ni dio miedo esperemos que el juego si xd
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
No tiene que dar miedo 🤦🏼‍♂️ nunca fue de terror
Doot 3 hours ago
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer 11 hours ago
Don't get tricked by the Security Guard, that's Vanessa working with Vany to capture Gregory, she's under the influence of William Afton who somehow turned himself into Glitchtrap
Montgomery Gator Gamer Otaku
Eu apareci família
The Gamer. YT
The Gamer. YT 11 hours ago
exacto soy el unico comentario español xd
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 5 hours ago
CROWMAN 11 hours ago
I think S.T.A.F.F only stands for Security Team At Freddy Fazbear
Кирилл Поспелов
пожалуиста сделайте фреди доброго
Shadow Supreme
Shadow Supreme 11 hours ago
Cuando Los gringos no se dan cuenta que es para los que ablan español El chat:
maticraft Soto
maticraft Soto 11 hours ago
La mano de Scrap trap
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
No 🤦🏼‍♂️
Rika _
Rika _ 12 hours ago
Sanelu 12 hours ago
Remember kids, this series started with one man and now has become part of the PS5 library.
Bautista-_- Rodriguez
Buenísimo lo quiero jugar
BrendanLM 13 hours ago
We had Rebrands, Phantoms, Nightmares, Rockstars, and now it’s time for.. *GALACTIC!!*
spring Bonnie wojtex
Pulper guy
La Señora De Min Yoongi UwU
Fnaf 1,2,3,4 y 5 le gana ahre
emma 14 hours ago
ahhhh i’m so excited to play this you have no idea
isimpforeggos 15 hours ago
Ok but I love the music
SOY VALERIA 16 hours ago
Vanny "vanessa" sera la misma persona
SOY VALERIA 16 hours ago
Vanny es la misma persona vanessa
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
SOY VALERIA 16 hours ago
La musica se parece la caja de musica de Ballora 💃
Juan Paiva Fnaf
Juan Paiva Fnaf 4 hours ago
SOY VALERIA 16 hours ago
Al final del vídeo aparece un brazo de un nightmare pero morado, creo que es un "nightmare springtrap" o sera un nuevo animatronico. 😱😱😱 saludos desde la CDMX 🇲🇽👍♥
Twilla Catron
Twilla Catron 16 hours ago
1:58 who is that?
Doot 3 hours ago
Maybe Afton
Hope Moldenhauer
Hope Moldenhauer 16 hours ago
Me knowing because you’re a kid the animatronics won’t hurt you and will protect you from Vanny: “well well well, how the turns have tabled.”
Pet lover 152
Pet lover 152 17 hours ago
Dude!! The music in this trailer effing SLAPS!!!!!
Alphanianl 17 hours ago
De un juego simple hecho desde Powerpoint, Hasta una joya creada por Las mejores empresas, Que hiciste Scoot Para ganar nuestro afecto 😎🤙
Mr Minyak
Mr Minyak 17 hours ago
I mean that’s cool but I liked it when you could just close doors I’m a baby I don’t wanna have a heart attack every time I play th game
UltraRat3 18 hours ago
dang thats scary
Yeet Yippy
Yeet Yippy 18 hours ago
Lookin for a friend
Darickfox O
Darickfox O 18 hours ago
This series is going downnnnn hill
XeLaH Gt
XeLaH Gt 19 hours ago
Grogery shirt and hair is like crying child is he?
USSF Enterprise
USSF Enterprise 18 hours ago
FNAF 4 The Box Robot
XeLaH Gt
XeLaH Gt 19 hours ago
Wait what is gregory was crying child?
LordiGodess 19 hours ago
Such a big and looks like an expensive place But they got the discount killer demonic animatronics 🤔🤦‍♂️
xMark27 19 hours ago
When does it come out?._.
Nategreat00 19 hours ago
LIKE if you’re pumped for this new game!
drponpon 21 hour ago
finally freeroom how long did it take
{GD} Ryan
{GD} Ryan 21 hour ago
i literally can't wait if this game is going to be released!
vibez __
vibez __ 22 hours ago
will this be on pc steam????
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Day ago
Yeeeeaaaaaa boiiiiiiiii
This is beautiful, I've looked at this for five hours now.
Kenny McCormick
You’re telling me there’s more?!
This shows that Scott isn’t lazy or money hungry, he has a bigger budget so he uses it for his games.What a legend
Otaku Rblx
Otaku Rblx Day ago
From a game created by a person who was bored in 2015 into a game that is more popular than fortnite im proud of scott
yuvalito's channel
let's all agree about one thing, we all wanted to move around in the fnaf games
Wing one`翼
Wing one`翼 Day ago
Wish it looked more scary
Jenelle Bennett
love it
Sun Downer
Sun Downer Day ago
Freddy looks like he's young like about 20 years old but sounds like an old wizard
Doot 3 hours ago
I think you made a mistake with Monty but its not confirmed yet so...
Crow man
Crow man 21 hour ago
At what point in the trailer Freddy was talking?
Sookwah Yap
Sookwah Yap Day ago
Purple hand is glitch trap
Shreyas Jay
Shreyas Jay Day ago
It's time Markiplier....
Blueberry_ Smoothie
Not gonna lie but this seems scary....
USSF Enterprise
1:57 Nightmare Purple Guy :)
Zovian Day ago
Freddy is not ready
Colin Jordan
Colin Jordan Day ago
The camera movement needs work to make the experience more immersive. It looks really cool otherwise!
daniel ferriols
is this baby!? 1:54
Dacia Mapping
Dacia Mapping 20 hours ago
obviously not but that does sound like it's the same voice actor. Not sure though
Mariel Blancas
hey the monster at the end is that glithtrap in a suit cause he is still in vr so he isnt real yet so this might be his form being built by vanny
Perthehounic Day ago
What? Not Heve foxy! this is going to be the worst game in this franchise :/
Beatrice DeMarr
1:57 what is that-
Bubu 223
Bubu 223 18 hours ago
@USSF Enterprise it can be
USSF Enterprise
Nightmare Purple Guy
Bubu 223
Bubu 223 Day ago
toxic springtrap?? i think
Aesthetic Noob
Trailer: exists Me: *rapidly remove earphones*
Shadai Batsuuri
I just watched this
Mi Lento
Mi Lento Day ago
Kardashians must be play in here...i hope soo :0
Dyl and blade puppet master and crazy cat Studios
I’m not sure if I’m gonna have this on the switch or pc
Gopnes Day ago
It wont release on the switch until 3 months after release, whilst the ps5 and pc will get security breach right when it launches, so id say pc, but you could wait if you prefer to get it on switch But also idek if this will come to switch considering how intense the graphics are
RyanOmega Day ago
I’m not scared what so ever 😕
Zalu Suarez
Zalu Suarez Day ago
Lastima que sea pobre XD
Allieland Day ago
Did anyone else hear balloras music box while they were showing the animatronics
SpicySpider Day ago
I’m hyped for this
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