Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side of Heaven (Acoustic) [Lyric Video]

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Listen to “Wrong Side of Heaven (Acoustic)” on A DECADE OF DESTRUCTION, VOL. 2

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Oct 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Jordan Goodrich
Jordan Goodrich 9 minutes ago
Just listened to both versions at the same time and damn all I gotta say is double Ivan harmonizing is amazing
Thiago 3 hours ago
Obrigado a todos os soldados brasileiros que estiveram presente na 2° Guerra Mundial. ♥️🤘🏽🇧🇷 _FEB_
Emily Diamond
Emily Diamond 5 hours ago
Since the 1st time I heard this song and I heard him refer to God as a she, I have loved Ivan. ❤ It takes balls in spades to state that as a possibilty, let alone put it in a song that will outlive you. 💙🖤
Leonard616 Day ago
Alex Dragone
Alex Dragone Day ago
Aaaaah this voice... aaaaah this sound 🤤
Daniel Menezes
Daniel Menezes 2 days ago
Perfeita a versão, só faltou a imagem 💪
Martina Kühnová
Cameron Savage
Cameron Savage 3 days ago
I spoke to the devil today and he swears he's not to blame. I understood 'cause I feel the same.
John Romanchik
John Romanchik 4 days ago
I didnt think this song could get better.. I'm happy to say I was wrong.
Cecilia Troxtell
Cecilia Troxtell 5 days ago
I'm no hero
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen 5 days ago
cool !
AlphaRabbbit 1337
Диана Генева
I love Five Finger
sigi schmidhuber
sigi schmidhuber 8 days ago
I've seen this version in Vienna this year before this covid 19 shit came
Noha Francis
Noha Francis 11 days ago
ഇന്ത്യയിൽ നിന്നുള്ള ആരാധകർ
Vadim Ask
Vadim Ask 11 days ago
Just say - WOW !
Feaelle Phoenix
Feaelle Phoenix 11 days ago
DAWN Epic Song 🎶🎧⚓🏁👊
Luan Sousa
Luan Sousa 15 days ago
If there's someone from EUA/UK etc, can you tell me what the meaning of righteous? That means fair or right?
Andre Rozetti
Andre Rozetti 15 days ago
FFDP is killer. Rock fans check it out this new band you might dig it ruvid.net/video/video-VMZqiM1wwKU.html
NonBinary RoyalTea
NonBinary RoyalTea 15 days ago
imagine this version but like, karaoke
Angela Giglio
Angela Giglio 16 days ago
The best very very very. good. 😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Robert Crouch
Robert Crouch 16 days ago
Love this version too.
Arie Pratama
Arie Pratama 16 days ago
More like: "Orchestra Version"
Andy Andrei
Andy Andrei 17 days ago
how 'bout the way of the fist acoustic? =))))))
Giuseppe Bovone
Giuseppe Bovone 18 days ago
Siete la potenza e la divinità dell'hard rock i più emozionanti
Пётр Петренко
And I’m freaking love it!
Mary Contrary
Mary Contrary 19 days ago
My neighbors probably hate me. Oh well
korno basak
korno basak 20 days ago
Oswaldo Efraín Garza Lara
Wooooooooowwww I really love this!!!!
Eric Siebrass
Eric Siebrass 22 days ago
I love heavy metal and want to get a subscibtion from you guys on my channel please. Thank You.
Jonathan Lee Mason
Jonathan Lee Mason 22 days ago
Such a powerful song with deep and meaningful lyrics. Just proves that in the end were all just Human Beings. We all fuck up but the best thing about life is that we all have time to learn from our failings and past mistakes. Cause the one thing we all have in common is the fact that no ones perfect. And why should we be either. I HATE today's music. Pop music does not have songs like this. Songs that actually has a meaning behind the lyrics. Cause they're manufactured not to by design. Bands like 5FDP, Linkin Park, Korn, Disturbed and Slipknot plus countless amazing and legendary Rock and Metal bands never get the spotlight like they're should. While Rock and Metal have plenty of amazing songs like this. The songs that come from the heart and hit hard. Songs that has meaning are the best ones. Cause we can all relate to the song lyrics. Cause every word is true. As it's writen with nothing but Passion and a desire that it goes straight to the heart. And normally means the singer or song writer has been through some dark periods to write meaningful lyrics like this. We all walk through darkness sometime in life. A good reason to like bands like 5FDP. Cause they're Rock. I've been a fan since their first album. As i own all their CD's. And i don't care what others may think or say. Cause this band just like Korn, Linkin Park and many other amazing bands have saved me, Healed me and make me get through another tiresome and miserable day. So thank you Five Finger Death Punch. You guy's Rock.
ian stéfano
ian stéfano 23 days ago
Espetacular 🤘🏻🇧🇷🤘🏻
Cen Cen
Cen Cen 23 days ago
I felt like a concert with Michelle Kemen.. the acoustic are great but original version is better❤️🔥
Katelyn Swinson
Katelyn Swinson 23 days ago
The emotion in this just wow💛
F3L4N 24 days ago
Love this Version ^^ Still a Powerfull Song :) Please do more of this.
ธนพล น้อยจิตต์
Jaakeps 25 days ago
saw this live in their helskinki tour
Артур Гегамян
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 25 days ago
So beautiful
Mateo Gamez
Mateo Gamez 25 days ago
Appreciate our veterans, the ones who still serving and never forget the fallen ones.
RED SMOKEZZZ 25 days ago
Can u make most of the songs to acoustic
Sanduiche iche
Sanduiche iche 25 days ago
Ficou muito fodaa
Jordan Grant
Jordan Grant 26 days ago
bubble guppies
Vlad Jianu
Vlad Jianu 27 days ago
Pure music, just perfect for my ears.
Broksee Workout
Broksee Workout 27 days ago
O.O ... in acoustic we can hear better this voice !!!
Furkan Terzi
Furkan Terzi 27 days ago
adri bahri sumirat
adri bahri sumirat 27 days ago
the original version with orchestra will be great
Greg Valencia
Greg Valencia 27 days ago
I need a hard hat sticker brother lov ur music helps motivate me to grind it out
G3RRY _ 28 days ago
Damn, what a beauty!
Ståle Berg
Ståle Berg 28 days ago
That’s was good
Женя Петрович
Андрей 47
Андрей 47 29 days ago
👍cool😎best track
Nathan Cripps
Nathan Cripps 29 days ago
Sean Youngman
Sean Youngman 29 days ago
Ivan moody would be the best president ever he has put together this band which is one of the best bands ever I dont care what anyone says. He would do better as president Ivan your the shit and you remind me of myself. I wish I could be in band anything I wouldn't take one dollar hit me up Five finger death punch Ivan look me up I was hoping to be at red rocks to meet you but nope. Your songs everyone has meaning in them and that's flipping the sound this world needs and your voice. Thank you Ivan please look me up or write me hope I here from you. 5FDP 4 LIFE IVAN MOODY FOR PRESIDENT
Laczkó Milán
Laczkó Milán Month ago
Sounds like the younger Ivan
István Jóna
István Jóna Month ago
Hailey Walker
Hailey Walker Month ago
Anyone else notice that the lyrics changed a little bit? From "I saw the devil today, and he looked a lot like me" to "he looks just like me". Just me? Okay 😭
Ольга Жильцова
💥💥💥 ооочень понравилось! Необычно! Оригинально! Обожаю его голос ❤❤❤
V GF Month ago
Sheree H
Sheree H Month ago
RIEKELT Month ago
more of this beautiful!!!!
tomi Tomi
tomi Tomi Month ago
Stealthy McSteal
I refuse acoustic
Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker Month ago
We must extend a helping hand out to thoughs who need it. That way we can celebrate and say thank you on veterans day instead of remembering them each year on memorial day.
cole Stevens
cole Stevens Month ago
Underated so sad
松元剛 Month ago
Gaetan GABRY
Gaetan GABRY Month ago
Is it a new cover ? damn i love it much more
f a t c a t
f a t c a t 26 days ago
It's there own song...
Alvezzz Month ago
Eu nao tava esperando por isso, minha amigo
Eventservice Schmitt
Well done guy’s! I like that very much 🤘
fox weirdson
fox weirdson Month ago
5FDP... One of my personal favourite!
Logan Neria
Logan Neria Month ago
0:12 - 0:25 sounds like something straight out of the legend of Zelda ocarina of time
perfect powerwashing
Happy Halloween
Paweł K
Paweł K Month ago
I don't know what to say... MAGNIFICENT!!! 💪👍😎💀🤘
tofallon186 Month ago
Awesome guys!! Keep it coming sirs!!!!
Teresa Month ago
Absolve the acoustic version ❤️🎶🤘🏻
Duarte Guelha
Duarte Guelha Month ago
The mix's so good... Where's the pop filter tho? Autch
Good Practice
Good Practice Month ago
Another vibe
Viktor Klim
Viktor Klim Month ago
The greatest cover
Mich Solo
Mich Solo Month ago
красиво. Не много слышал иностранных песен столь глубоких и со смыслом. Уважение. РУсская версия озвучки песни ruvid.net/video/video-2ezmU_9BDyQ.html
Michael Hunt
Michael Hunt Month ago
Wow wow!!!!!!#🎆🎊🎇
Sérgio Silva
Sérgio Silva Month ago
Наталья Безуглова
Ребята, вы классные! И творчество ваше классное!!! 👍😍
Alessandra Protzner
I love you guys ♥️
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson Month ago
Love this! One of my favorite FFDP songs! 🤘😎
Frank Ritter
Frank Ritter Month ago
Can we get a album like this?
Zomber Month ago
I love this song, always brings me back good and bad memories. #SemperFi
David Lee Allshouse Jr.
Wow...is it wrong to get all kinds of teary eyed hearing this song? Thank you so much.
Don Juan
Don Juan Month ago
Before I posted this comment there was 666 comments and I hit 666 in my truck the other day I think someone may be telling me something 😈
A. C Verti
A. C Verti Month ago
Eu não sabia que essa música conseguiria ficar mais perfeita ainda
Chappie 124
Chappie 124 Month ago
Its always good your sound keep going one day i will become like you guys 😍❤🤞
Shady Bad
Shady Bad Month ago
Man this so f’n good, amazing that it sounds so much better with the orchestra’s backing
Daniel Barros
Daniel Barros Month ago
My favorite band... Always singing relevant things
404 000
404 000 Month ago
I need a song anywhere but here without maria brink
Roger Magill
Roger Magill Month ago
My hat is off to you for the production of this song!! It speaks volumes to those who understand! Unfortunately there are to many that are so blind in life that WILL never understand 😪
CaLV Yo'eL
CaLV Yo'eL Month ago
This is about feeling half way in between. Ohh yeaaahh. Half the world, half what He actually is about. Discerning up from down. Evil called good.. very timely.
vando meneguetti
Ficou muito bom!
Patrick Poiares
Patrick Poiares Month ago
Perfect song
CraftedRaven Month ago
I love this ,it makes me wanna cry more than the original
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