Five Finger Death Punch - A Little Bit Off (Official Music Video)

Five Finger Death Punch
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Official music video for 'A Little Bit Off' from the new album 'F8'.
Stream / Download 'F8' - 5fdp.ffm.to/f8album
Directed By Rob Anderson
Sketches by: Jordan Kerbow / www.artstation.com/jordankerbow
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Instagram: instagram.com/5fdp/
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Website: fivefingerdeathpunch.com/
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Jun 7, 2020




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Urban Tourist Дмитрий
Приятно смотреть и слушать, лучшие)👍😌
Cali VanBuren
Cali VanBuren 9 hours ago
My favorite song ever! I love you guys for always singing my soul!
Imperius 9 hours ago
Man how things change in 4 months
Robert Christensen
Robert Christensen 9 hours ago
Holy fucking shit Mr Duncan keorber your comment was so bad ass I broke my screen pressing the like button.i fight demons every God dam day it is exhausting I have depression, anxiety,diabetes and other personal issues,this song is me
Blueberry the kj Eric Raeder
Man la looks dead my small town on the other hand still everyone out and about doing there thing
MutantComment 10 hours ago
I like that he makes it hard to wake up at 8:00am...
Dawn Kuha
Dawn Kuha 10 hours ago
Best F*cking song and video you have ever made.
Dave Cirrone
Dave Cirrone 11 hours ago
One of my favorite songs
John Fields
John Fields 11 hours ago
Lost several close friends in a very short span its hard to process some days but this song helps. One of those friends showed me this band i heard this song a few days after he passed which was the day i lost the girl who ment the world to me.
Chris Rohland
Chris Rohland 13 hours ago
I challenge you guys to do a song in 7/8 time I know u can. It would be incredible.
DJ DINO 20 hours ago
That fit is fire
Laurel Stromer
Laurel Stromer 23 hours ago
I can't help but think the costume and makeup artists for the Avengers' movies went to FFDP concert, saw Ivan and said to each other at the same time: "Thanos".
Holly Friend
Holly Friend Day ago
Love this song!
Kane Drows
Kane Drows Day ago
For what you guys were able to do during all this, this video was amazing. After all of this cove in bull crap calms down, I would totally love to see a remake of how you guys originally imagined it because judging by the storyboards it looked like it would have been even more badass
Sum Dum
Sum Dum Day ago
I'm a little bit off today, something down inside me's different Woke up a little off today, I can tell that something's wrong I'm a little thrown off today, there's something going on inside me I'm a little bit off today, a little bit off today (I'm a little bit off today, a little bit off) See, I'm a little bit off today, I cannot put my finger on it Got up a little off today, just to play that same old song I don't really wanna try today, I see nothing in my reflection I'm a little bit dry today, feel like I could die today Feel like I could die today Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey yeah, don't ya know? (I'm a little bit off) Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey, you gotta let it go (I'm a little, just a little bit off) I'm a little pissed off today and there ain't nothing you can do about it I'm a little put off today and I could not tell you why Got a really short fuse today, everyone around me's fucking crazy I'm a little ticked off today, a little pissed off today (I'm a little bit off today) I told a little white lie today, I smiled and told someone I loved them I had to say goodbye today to someone that I love I couldn't even cry today, I think my heart is finally broken Didn't need a reason why today, I don't need a reason why today Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey yeah, don't ya know? (I'm a little bit off) Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey, you gotta let it go (I'm a little, just a little bit off) I got a little too high today, got lost inside a sea of madness Crashed a little bit hard today, crashed a little too hard today Everybody sing Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey yeah, don't ya know? (I'm a little bit off) Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey, you gotta let it go (I'm a little, just a little bit off) Hey, you gotta let it go (I'm a little, just a little bit off) I'm a little bit off today Something down inside me feels so different Just a little bit off today You can all fuck off today Source: LyricFind
David Wilson
David Wilson Day ago
Their current video really sends a message, could this video be sending one too? Could he be sending a message about 5G by looking and around at the sky during most of this video what saying he feels Little bit off and might could die?
none of ur business
you should take a shot for every time he adjusts his hat
BEAT LA Day ago
1:14 I know, you're welcome ; )
Mike The Red Engine
You guys are fucking masters at making me feel ALOT better when I'm down. I know this year sucked bollocks, but don't stop making this incredible music! Stay frosty!
Susan Moore
Susan Moore Day ago
My new favorite song. Love you guys and your music.
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Day ago
This song completely describes my mood today. Thank you for for this awesome song
James Nelson
James Nelson Day ago
Sea of madness sums up 2020!!!!
The Girly-ist Goth
Ha - I love this! Good job guys! 👍🏼
Bye Felisha Warr
I am really feeling this song..ur music is a lil different what I'm use to but this one hit home! Amazing song
Danny Gambrel
Danny Gambrel 2 days ago
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 2 days ago
Kinda funny how everything is closed and then Ivan looks at the open liquor store! I have problems myself and glad they didn't close. But, when you think about liquor stores being essential, it does kind of make me laugh! Probably essential because so many Americans would be going through alcohol withdraw at the same time as the pandemic! Lol 😆
this foo
this foo 2 days ago
I really like this songs from five finger death punch
Jonathon Loechte
Jonathon Loechte 2 days ago
Sry but I did not really like the soundtrack. Guys sound like they're selling something. Song kinda sucked
Logan Diemert
Logan Diemert 2 days ago
This song spoke to me in a way that I couldn’t comprehend or understand. I am truly blessed and I know someone out there is looking out for me the moment I heard this on the radio. I’m a little off and glad I found others just like me.
Will Chaney
Will Chaney 2 days ago
I don't often leave shitty comments but this song just fuckin sucks. How does a band like this start as bad as they did and keep getting worse? And everyone is reading into these meaningless lyrics more than your English teacher who read Catcher in the Rye way too many times.
Scott Harvey-Davies
United we stand, divided we fall brothers and sisters
LS6-SS 2 days ago
Can't believe these guys support biden.....
Will Hoffman
Will Hoffman 2 days ago
It hits me in my plums. Deep.
Stela Vigue
Stela Vigue 2 days ago
Death Punch your music is fire
Dan O'Connell
Dan O'Connell 2 days ago
Herc Engineer
Herc Engineer 2 days ago
I can’t stop listening to this. Love the groove
PA Hunting
PA Hunting 3 days ago
The thing with the Eye patch in the ice Age collision Course movie seems like Ivan a bit Idk why lol
Joel arterburn
Joel arterburn 3 days ago
I see this song about 2020
David Schwartz
David Schwartz 3 days ago
I Love you guys!!!!
Donovn Hamm
Donovn Hamm 3 days ago
This was once motograter quality and now they have turned into dads. Bring back the heaviness
Outlaw Jim
Outlaw Jim 3 days ago
That’s a nice watch
nick schumacher
nick schumacher 4 days ago
Dam u guys rockt the world with this one best song 🎵 in my opinion about what is been going on lately this has been my life for the last couple years but I've never let it push me around to the barking point
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith 4 days ago
Nice job with the video. Heck I'd watch you all walk around the block three times as long as you NEVER SHUT UP 😜❤️💋
Jennifer Mahoney
Jennifer Mahoney 4 days ago
W❤️W❣️ First time listener and I L😍VE you guys!!!!! Yay, new music for me 🤸‍♀️ 🤸🏽‍♂️
jon garrigus
jon garrigus 4 days ago
Loving the raider color Jersey
David Moss
David Moss 4 days ago
Babe, I gotta go play...I hope that I return. Shit's going down in the sandbox.
Richard Sublett
Richard Sublett 4 days ago
I love it
William Verstraete
Great fuckin song and great fuckin message!
Nathan Stapleberg
This song is my life
Laura k Brown
Laura k Brown 4 days ago
Everything in one song 55dp is hands down a x man I'm convinced
Daq Clemens
Daq Clemens 4 days ago
They should replace the virus picture with the democratic party
Lee Herren
Lee Herren 4 days ago
I also love how it's like god and the devil is playing chess with his life and emotions with every move they make.
Lee Herren
Lee Herren 4 days ago
I also love how it's like god and the devil is playing chess with his life and emotions with every move they make.
Lee Herren
Lee Herren 4 days ago
This song perfectly describes how i feel when my depression starts to bother me and even how i feel when i'm about to have a seizure.
Mandie DePoe
Mandie DePoe 4 days ago
Theresa Gignac
Theresa Gignac 5 days ago
2020 summed up in a song
edward novak
edward novak 5 days ago
This song hits home so bad. Besides when seasons change this one speaks to me almost as well.
Mykeus Gaming
Mykeus Gaming 5 days ago
Looked like some Ruy Lopez, good stuff
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 5 days ago
I fukn love FFDP
Jo O.
Jo O. 5 days ago
Basically, my life 24/7. Dealing with a chronic illness & depression sucks.
karl warren
karl warren 5 days ago
Sometimes it makes it better just to here the thoughts that bounce around your head out of someone else's mouth, thank you
cheeseburger Boss
Co vid ...sux
sh9683 5 days ago
government tyranny sucks
kip renninger
kip renninger 5 days ago
This song is more contagious than COVID-19
Travis Chaddock
Travis Chaddock 5 days ago
Living your entire life while having bipolar disorder is depicted into this song pretty well.
Lane Mikkelson
Lane Mikkelson 6 days ago
You just became my number one favorite band.
Shroomsta 6 days ago
Currently going thru detox and this song is perfect 5fdp has been helping.
Dayn Hoy
Dayn Hoy 6 days ago
This song eases my pain. Thank you. One day at a time.
Noah JK
Noah JK 6 days ago
Chillo 6 days ago
Imagine if this song was on their Way of The Fist album xD
1freethinkr 6 days ago
It's so sad to see how fear, misinformation, and tyranny have taken over this country and the world as well. A LOT of people are so convinced that EVERYTHING that the mainstream media and others has told us is true with no debate or dissension allowed. What a shame that free thinking is no longer tolerated by those who prefer control, ignorance and fear. IF there's anyone out there who has an open mind and REALLY wants to know the truth about this plandemic, go here: freedomplatform dot tv then click on the Plandemic Indoctornation link. I just want peop[le to think for themselves but far too many will, instead, angrily defend tyranny and absolute obediance. How sad this is in the 'land of the free & the home of the brave'.
Valerie Houck
Valerie Houck 6 days ago
I can totally understand this song ~ I'm from NY & I know someone special that lives in Las Vegas. When I saw Ivan walk out on the strip, with no one around ~ that's exactly what it was like, so different than anyone's ever known. Great song guys!! It has a lot of meaning for many other situations as well!! ♡
Carl Caruso
Carl Caruso 6 days ago
What I LOVE about this band. This awesome group of fellas.... Their TRUTH.. Seen them 7 times... My first experience, they were NOBODIES .. at a tiny venue in Little Rock, Arkansas... Best fn show ever... Rocked my world.. I'm 48yrs old
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe 6 days ago
This is Ania's favourite song and I'd like to get a few likes for a beautiful soul... ⚘ Love UK ✌
Totally lame video, but that dog is cute as hell
BlkHwkDwn63 6 days ago
Welcome to the new normal 🙃 Living the dream... Covid style 😷😔
Jonathan Powell
Jonathan Powell 6 days ago
A virus (Media) that travelled xxxxccccvvv miles... can't spread 6 feet huh... lmfao.
My mind my life
JC 75
JC 75 6 days ago
Covid-19, confinement, couvre-feu...et le moral ? Bordel de chiottes
jay Tee
jay Tee 6 days ago
First two weeks (working as a bartender in March) Covid freaked me out... then you figure out it’s all bullshit
Don Quixote
Don Quixote 6 days ago
Best way to avoid Quaratine or contacting a positive covid result? Dont take those shitty tests that mark goats and paw paw fruits positive. That even the inventor of the test says it doesnt work for covid testing... That its a multiplier test; that will artificially read positive eventually as the sample is multiplied larger. Or you can choose to isolate yourself to avoid work or public scrutiny... and fuck off today.
Louie Fantin
Louie Fantin 6 days ago
This song straight up
Faith Prince
Faith Prince 6 days ago
White hat
Wolfheart 49
Wolfheart 49 6 days ago
People hate on five finger and Moody and what not. Although we can all agree... they never let down.
Darby Ballou
Darby Ballou 6 days ago
Man , I love ffdp I have been listening since 97, 98 and no matter what I am dealing with they have always help me thur it. From addiction prison death of loved ones, getting separated from family, lose of jobs they have help me stay strong enough and fight that demon inside and get back everything that my nemesis has takin, because it was never enough , even with all the bleeding, but man it's all Champaign now.... sorry couldn't resist.... love you guys ..👊👊🤘👹👹👹
DestinyKiller 6 days ago
Added to my If 2020 Were a Song playlist
Brian Cooksey
Brian Cooksey 6 days ago
These guys get what’s going on. Thank God not all bands are liberal douche bags.
Michael Benage
Michael Benage 7 days ago
royalty free music
Kira's light Army
I for one will not take this corona lightly ruvid.net/video/video-6lhy6yjDmJY.html watch my newest video for context
Justin Ethnostate
Everyone around everyone is fuckin crazy these days. Vegas is a horseshit place to be in 2020. At least we got a kick ass FFDP album out of it
Nicholas Blayton
Nicholas Blayton 7 days ago
Just wondering but what was the round amount spent on this video?
Indy Custom Made
Indy Custom Made 7 days ago
I have a massive playlist with all your songs. Songs that I purchased and not stole. So many songs for different moods. Also as a Veteran, many songs hit home deep! Ivan my brother your voice is spot on. I would love to interview you. I believe you have some amazing stories to tell. I hope all you guys stay safe in the band. I wish Jason nothing but the best. Everyone's journey takes them in different directions sometimes. You never know maybe all your paths will come together one day again. Peace.
heather orlo
heather orlo 7 days ago
sawft bunzzz
sawft bunzzz 7 days ago
The virus is not real any one who believes in it is a sheep
Lostcoy 7 days ago
The horses are coming.....
Hayvn Peel
Hayvn Peel 7 days ago
I know every single one of your songs and if you guys could say my name in one of your videos I would be the happiest person in the world my name is Hayvn
Hayvn Peel
Hayvn Peel 7 days ago
I’m your Biggest fan and I love you ❤️😘💕
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 7 days ago
This is why you are one of my favorite bands. Love you guys and love your music. I have been fighting depression for years. And have recently been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. Not hard to notice when I'm off.
vsync 7 days ago
the existential struggle of one man deciding whether to wear a hat
Marc Ziemann
Marc Ziemann 7 days ago
I hope jur all right
shreddaddy1 7 days ago
I'm a combat vet, this is me......
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