Fishing with GOOGAN BAITS!!! (The TRUTH -- Unbiased Lure Review)

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MY FIRST TIME FISHING WITH GOOGAN BAITS!!! Bass fishing an ultra pressured pond that has some giant bass lurking in it! Are googan baits the real deal, or are they simply a marketing hoax? There's only one way to find out...
2015 Original video at this pond ruvid.net/video/video-Pew-a9M7YLo.html
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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:
-Googan Trench Hog (Natural)
-4/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook
-3/8 ounce tungsten bullet weight
-Suffix 832 braid (20 lbs) amzn.to/297TGzf
-Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (15 lbs) amzn.to/2vgwiLj
-Dobyn's Champion XP med/fast BC rod
-Shimano JDM Metanium BC reel
Location: Pond in Maryland
Date: 6/14/19
Primary Pattern: Fishing super shallow rip rap & windblown banks
Time Fished: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Air Temp: High of 73 degrees
Water Temp: 76 degrees
Water Clarity: 2-4 inches
Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the NW up to 22 mph
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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 2 506
1Rod1ReelFishing 7 months ago
Any of you guys ever try googan baits? What was your experience? Worth the money or nah 🐟🎣🤑
Aaron Gilpin
Aaron Gilpin 21 hour ago
Zoom and yum is my brands maybe if they get into local Walmart’s here I’ll try em but zoom brand is some everywhere and super convenient.
UltimateNinja1984 11 days ago
I like the mondo worms and kraken craw
Jeff Bradley
Jeff Bradley 3 months ago
Yea good stuff
staticstxn 4 months ago
North Carolina Fishing
Z man products have great action and last longer than anything out there
USAOwnage Montero
How about helicopter lure from 90s
I use whatever is on sale, fish don’t care.
joserP2009 14 days ago
The price is due to all the packaging.
BASS ASSASSIN 15 days ago
Hii please correct those guy's sponsored by 6th sense that are accusing googan baits of ripping them off
Timothy Leger
Timothy Leger 16 days ago
Holy Mackerel ? It's a bass !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
22Pachanga 27 days ago
I went in Oakwood B&T on Lake Lanier, asked the guy if the had googan bait. He said no, but I have some in my truck someone gave me you can have for free...tournament fisherman...
22Pachanga 27 days ago
What was it a condom? Crack pipe?
Thallassophobia Month ago
I got a googan baits ad while watching this
nyas life
nyas life Month ago
Tampon lure tipical lure
Westan MTB
Westan MTB Month ago
Ummm Karl's bait and talkle is 4.19 with subscription🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fishinthelake 19
googan baits are sooooooo trash. i was fishing with the lunker logs and all i caught was a dink not a lunker and i fish with KVD and i have about $500K in tournament winnings and i cant believe i spent my winnings on these trash baits.
Aidan Murray
Aidan Murray 2 months ago
what was that?
Aidan Murray
Aidan Murray 2 months ago
try to fish with the ones that you got in that video that whatever you touch is free for you
StuberBooce 2 months ago
Does anyone know the specific name of this pond
Gregorio Martinez
Gregorio Martinez 2 months ago
11:17 just gonna leave that
VADERZ SCOWL 2 months ago
Glaucoma bass?
charlie poston
charlie poston 2 months ago
why didn't u use the white tube obn the rocks
charlie poston
charlie poston 2 months ago
jamie heidman
jamie heidman 3 months ago
Mike: thinks they are trash here Mike now: they are the best
Dennisha Wilson
Dennisha Wilson 3 months ago
I've caught 17 bass eith a hand line
Ethan Stumpf
Ethan Stumpf 3 months ago
2:03 I find tooooo many of those at my pond
Ethan Stumpf
Ethan Stumpf 16 days ago
Viking God it’s a tampon to stop girls period blood
Viking God
Viking God 16 days ago
Ethan Stumpf what is it???
iTzRomannn 3 months ago
Lol I thought it was one of those tube baits for a second
chris smith
chris smith 3 months ago
That is a beach whistle in those rocks 😂🤢
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs 3 months ago
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant 3 months ago
“It ain’t that long But it’s short and thick” -1Rod1ReelFishing
SoliDeoGloria 07
SoliDeoGloria 07 3 months ago
TopDeckLand 3 months ago
Not that long but short and thick 😂
Randy Swope
Randy Swope 3 months ago
And your going to come in on their success and want to be rewarded. That's a real friend.
B and B Fishing
B and B Fishing 3 months ago
Who’s here after he’s on googan swuad
daz 3 months ago
*fishing GOOGAN BAITS!!!* Uses only one bait and uses a non-googan bait
J C 3 months ago
u stepped on duck poop lol haha get recycled
Shane Keim
Shane Keim 3 months ago
Anyone watching when mike is now in the Googan squad
Abit Fishing Adventures
Wow!!! Crazy bass.. 👍👍👍👍
Matthew McKitrick
Matthew McKitrick 3 months ago
Who’s watching when he rejoined the googans?
CRYPTIC_ VoiDz 3 months ago
Matthew McKitrick sounds about right
ur nans rotting corpse
Googan is gay
Grey Graham
Grey Graham 3 months ago
Yesterday i whent to a farm pond, and caught around 30 pounds of bass with my friend, we where crushing 4 and 5 pounders like it was nuthin, and we caught most on the mondo worm
Navigating Nik
Navigating Nik 3 months ago
Do you know how to spell. It doesn’t seem like it.
Carson Miller Vlogs
Carson Miller Vlogs 3 months ago
Mike 3 months ago: throws away Googan baits Mike now: Joins Googan Squad
Mutz Memes
Mutz Memes 3 months ago
Carson Miller Vlogs I think he was talking to them about getting back in and this was his hint
Richie Christeleit
Richie Christeleit 3 months ago
Little did he know...
KPbassKing 1
KPbassKing 1 3 months ago
This is a great bait (trench hawg) to use on a jig!
Admire Crxck
Admire Crxck 3 months ago
11:18 “it ain’t that long, but it’s short and thick”
Apex Plays
Apex Plays 3 months ago
Damn you a little bitch, barely hooked yourself
project crowd control
I love the craw they have
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 3 months ago
ur an idiot
daltonc07 4 months ago
I know what that was it was a Airsoft air cannon that makes the bullets shoot
jarchee78 #2
jarchee78 #2 4 months ago
Is this also the pond u done up and lost ur fire tiger spinner bait on the MTB slam?
Sir Megallot
Sir Megallot 4 months ago
Caman brah ya dont do whippets while ya fish???😂😂😂
Alan Rodriguez
Alan Rodriguez 4 months ago
Used my last bit of money on googan baits, let’s use a spinner bait.
Gregory Harrington
Gregory Harrington 4 months ago
How about a frog lure review?? I GEEK about surface strikes!
Dragonking 0203
Dragonking 0203 4 months ago
That first one looks like a Pepe
Food is love Food is life
watching you catch that 5lber reminded me of the time when I went canoeing and lost a 5lber :'(
che350z 4 months ago
this dudes bitches so much
Lana 4 months ago
That intro yikesss 😂😂
Creed Mabry
Creed Mabry 4 months ago
What’s your favorite reel and rod combo?
brando379 max
brando379 max 4 months ago
Did that fish just squeak ? 8:20
Maximus Douglas
Maximus Douglas 4 months ago
CanyonsWunder 4 months ago
best video yet. Sam Barrington is the man. I wish he played for New England
Loranys Aka
Loranys Aka 4 months ago
another episode josh to give blaine a goliath grouper
Liam Owen
Liam Owen 4 months ago
i just realized i found a googan bait at a local pond XD
LEGit_x_DARKz 4 months ago
says how its expensive then pulls out tounghsten weights.
Cooper Pha
Cooper Pha 4 months ago
Every time I see your videos I get fish ads
PonchMuniz 4 months ago
Dude your videos are too funny!
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