Fishing with GOOGAN BAITS!!! (The TRUTH -- Unbiased Lure Review)

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MY FIRST TIME FISHING WITH GOOGAN BAITS!!! Bass fishing an ultra pressured pond that has some giant bass lurking in it! Are googan baits the real deal, or are they simply a marketing hoax? There's only one way to find out...
2015 Original video at this pond bit.ly/2IiVquj
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#fishing #bassfishing #bankfishing
Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:
-Googan Trench Hog (Natural)
-4/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook
-3/8 ounce tungsten bullet weight
-Suffix 832 braid (20 lbs) amzn.to/297TGzf
-Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (15 lbs) amzn.to/2vgwiLj
-Dobyn's Champion XP med/fast BC rod
-Shimano JDM Metanium BC reel
Location: Pond in Maryland
Date: 6/14/19
Primary Pattern: Fishing super shallow rip rap & windblown banks
Time Fished: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Air Temp: High of 73 degrees
Water Temp: 76 degrees
Water Clarity: 2-4 inches
Conditions: Partly cloudy with winds from the NW up to 22 mph
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Jun 16, 2019

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Comments 2 328
Any of you guys ever try googan baits? What was your experience? Worth the money or nah 🐟🎣🤑
Isaiah Glatz
Isaiah Glatz 3 days ago
I dont feel like you really tried the baits i have only used the kraken craw but got some nice smallies
Trent Piersall
Trent Piersall 4 days ago
I love Googan Baits because there is a secret pond behind a hospital in my area and i've never had any luck catching big fish there and when I threw on a Bandito Bug the fish went absolutely crazy and caught some pretty big fish
Tianpei Guo
Tianpei Guo 7 days ago
bandito bug: causht 1 small bass in 3 months
Maddox Zolner
Maddox Zolner 12 days ago
I only like the slime shake, trench hawg, and bandito bug.
CJ Weller
CJ Weller 13 days ago
My first cast with the bandito bug I caught a 2.5 pound large mouth fishing on a kayak on an upstate New York lake, for creature baits the bandito bug has been my go to for heavy cover so far this year! The bug hasn't failed me yet.
Rehmey 2 hours ago
I mean.. it really wasnt a review lol.
Aaron F
Aaron F 7 hours ago
Gunga type beat
The Good Music That’s Actually Bad
What is that metallic looking cilinder object with a noby thing at the end of its shape that is next the natural granite grey rock on the ground
Gavin Cronkite
Gavin Cronkite 11 hours ago
Does anyone know what the name of this pond is?
Cody ellston
Cody ellston 12 hours ago
This whole situation between him and the Googans is like watching natural selection in person
ploua her5
ploua her5 13 hours ago
Can i have some
hugs not drugs 69
Gio's Channel
Whats the thing at 2:00?
Aban anan
Aban anan Day ago
overly dramatic geez
Jay Beegz
Jay Beegz Day ago
Everyone is so hung up on the fact that they are copies of other popular baits. Guess what.. so is most things in this world. KFC vs Popeyes. Beats vs Bose. Oakley vs Aviators. Etc etc There is also nothing wrong with competition. It causes big brands to innovate, to improve quailty, pricing which benefits both the company and the consumer. They definitely have a younger fan base and saw an opening in the market. That's what you call smart. Not to mention they are inspiring a new generation to pick up fishing which is almost certainly dying. Capitalism.. American dream... imagine being mad over that.
Jay Beegz
Jay Beegz Day ago
@Robert Adcock they don't. They're both headphones though... think you missed the point there bud
Jay Beegz
Jay Beegz Day ago
@Robert Adcock they don't. They're both headphones though... think you missed the point there bud
Robert Adcock
imagine thinking beats even suck the pinky toe of bose...
You didn’t even review the Googan baits, and I’ll I’ve you a bit of advice too. You’re passive aggressive comments speak volumes to your character.
Cole Bailiff
Cole Bailiff Day ago
The Charles Boyle or Tobias Fuke of RUvid Fishing
tidalx savage
tidalx savage 2 days ago
U are a closet hater "jizz hands"!
Robert F.
Robert F. 2 days ago
Baits and color look great but at that price point i will never buy them. And start using windward and leeward...lol.
Arul Santoshi
Arul Santoshi 2 days ago
10:27 “holy shiezel”
Dungo 3 days ago
I’m too embarrassed to buy those baits because it seems like only kids watch their channel
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 3 days ago
Is that a tampon lmfaooo
Jeckell Outdoors
Jeckell Outdoors 3 days ago
What did he find a 2:00 can't tell what it is
Life is like a hurricane Here in Gainesville
Jeckell Outdoors a tampon
Marty Clinger
Marty Clinger 3 days ago
Mike starts sniffing it “ooh that’s interesting” Me: I wouldn’t be surprised if he started eating it😂
JBUG THA PLUG 4 days ago
Trust me if you were hooked past the barb you would know smh🤦🏻‍♂️
Joshua Her
Joshua Her 4 days ago
He says spinner bait beating googan baits but he barely used the trench hawg let alone he didn’t even use the other googan baits... garbage video
Christopher Black
Has anyone used culprit 7.5” red shad worms? They have done me good.
MrHellizone Hellizone
When handling ANY fish (not just trout) its important to wet your hands if your touching the body of the fish. On every fish there is a layer of mucus or slime that allows the fish to glide through the water easier. That same layer acts as skin protection from bacteria and infections that could kill the fish.
MrHellizone Hellizone
Dont be like this guy who's man handling and rubbing these fish down with bone dry hands. Please wet your fucking hands before handling any fish.
Drew B
Drew B 5 days ago
Ur part owner.... ive seen the tax fillings lol...public knowledge
Drew B
Drew B 4 days ago
@Gavin Pollock google owners of googan tbh baits could br dramatically better im making my own at the moment and they will be better
Gavin Pollock
Gavin Pollock 4 days ago
I wanna see that!!
Lawrence Mercado
Lawrence Mercado 5 days ago
11:18 “It aint that long, but it’s short and thick!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JBUG THA PLUG 4 days ago
Lawrence Mercado yeah man, really funny isn’t it.🤦🏼‍♂️
Ryan Deskar
Ryan Deskar 5 days ago
You can see how salty he is that he didn’t stick with them after seeing how much they’ve made lollll
RomanOutdoors 3 days ago
Ryan Deskar “I really don’t know why you keep replying” that very reason. Your arrogance proves you’re wrong. You have absolutely no evidence this guy is mad. Why? Because he isn’t. He’s living the time of his life. If the Googans are so superior, why don’t you hop off 1rod’s dick and and go watch them?
Ryan Deskar
Ryan Deskar 4 days ago
RomanOutdoors it’s really not that big of a deal dude. This guys pissed he missed out on a great opportunity to get his name even bigger. Doesn’t matter that much tho cuz the boys in googan squad are superior fisherman anyway. I really don’t know why you keep replying 😂
RomanOutdoors 4 days ago
Ryan Deskar Unlike you, not everyone is just greedy about money and only wants a bunch of money. Some of us actually have value in family and morals. I would much rather have a good life with my family and those morals than have a bunch of money but not have a family. Also, check that statistic again. Jon has never released his net worth and the statistic you looked up is for the musician.
Ryan Deskar
Ryan Deskar 4 days ago
RomanOutdoors I’ve been watching 1rod since 2016 idk what you’re talking about... my point still stands no matter what his intentions were. Jon B is worth 4 million now and anyone would be salty about missing out on that.
RomanOutdoors 4 days ago
Ryan Deskar I can see you’re a new viewer, so let me explain. Mike did not want to move to Texas. Mike wanted a family with his serious relationship and wanted a house in Maryland.
Jon Wisham
Jon Wisham 5 days ago
The way to go is Gary Yamamoto senko 5 inch is the best
Maximus Decimus
Maximus Decimus 5 days ago
Definitely looks like Ft Detrick
Mr_fisher and_gang
Where do you get that jj magic stuff. Cause that stuff would help me with muddy water I go to every where. Here in Arkansas
ReflectFN 6 days ago
He notices the smell more than the fish do😂
Pete Sunshine
Pete Sunshine 6 days ago
One time I found 28 tampon things
Blue Collar Fishing
Not sponsored by the googans is a more graceful answer than I invented the googans and they all rod my coattails and my success to the top and then took my idea and marketed it to themselves.. ?? They seem like decent baits but not any real difference in other soft plastics already on the market?
Owen Peelle
Owen Peelle 7 days ago
Have you ever tried using swivels instead of having to tie your lure or bait on, just trying to help! Love the vids man
William Johnson
William Johnson 7 days ago
Owen Peelle what good bass fisherman uses a swivel lol
Joseph Guzman
Joseph Guzman 7 days ago
Googan baits smell is disgusting 🤮🤮 but it works
ROBLOX Government
Dude theres so much duck crap there its sticks
jason enevoldson
jason enevoldson 7 days ago
googans are the best mabie you are bad at fishing
kc Bryan
kc Bryan 7 days ago
Just one minute!!! cheak out this footage from 2015. Whilst I do a whippit
Last Cast
Last Cast 7 days ago
His voice when he sets the hook😂
Work and Play
Work and Play 8 days ago
I think they’re over rated personally.
Gattosquad 8 days ago
$1 per bait? mate sell those in Australia for that and you'll crush the market in under a year, our equivalent is $10.99 at a chain retailer with huge buying power... for a single one. We call 3 for $29.95 a deal.
Jimmy DeLozier
Jimmy DeLozier 6 days ago
That sucks balls man!
Sawyer Ackerman
Sawyer Ackerman 8 days ago
Ngl that guy had his drag too loose and his spool popped off, happens to the worst of us
ploua her5
ploua her5 8 days ago
Caleb Onion
Caleb Onion 8 days ago
Mike:We're going to use the spinner bait ok let's give it a spin Me: haha I see what you did there
Grey Stickel
Grey Stickel 8 days ago
You used one type of googan bait the entire video... that’s not a fair review
DudeitsGrafton 8 days ago
Lmao. Dude in the bottom left of the googan's shout out has pink eye.
Ryan Langley
Ryan Langley 9 days ago
Googan would be way better with you. The only guys I like are Lunkers and Lakeforkguy. The other ones just seem slimy and crooked.
J&J Bassing
J&J Bassing 8 days ago
Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.
Thomas T
Thomas T 9 days ago
Good vid I would like to see a part two. googan baits catch big fish a few days ago I took my brother out fishing and he caught a 5 pound bass on a slim shake
RaZe Clan
RaZe Clan 9 days ago
mike-AHHHH i hooked myself, oh oh wait i got it out cRiSiS AvERaTed
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