First To Pull Sword From The Stone Wins $10,000

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First To Break Into Armored Truck Wins $10,000
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Oct 3, 2020




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Comments 100
JustDustin Month ago
First To Break Into Armored Truck Wins $10,000 ruvid.net/video/video-RWPzWPOKuX0.html
Adam Trammel
Adam Trammel Hour ago
Oh my gosh I am such a fan of your shows I love it so much
Arnaf Playz
Arnaf Playz 10 hours ago
Good video
Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green 11 hours ago
@Fame clan hi
Crylbiss dinglechalk
How many of you are below the age of ten
Amy Gastgeb
Amy Gastgeb Day ago
Geovany Bonet Diaz
Geovany Bonet Diaz 8 minutes ago
you guys could of just use the bucket then put it in the other bucket
Sdee 3 hours ago
I thought I was watching mrbeast
ARON JIJU 4 hours ago
Jorge Matias
Jorge Matias 5 hours ago
Rachel Rowberry
Rachel Rowberry 14 hours ago
What the song called
Chris Felfel
Chris Felfel 15 hours ago
Even American god Satan can't do that..
Dream 19 hours ago
Selengemaa Sumhuu
Selengemaa Sumhuu 19 hours ago
Mi Angel Clay
Mi Angel Clay 19 hours ago
9:39 I can't believe he is that strong
SSJFlaming Swordsmen
Justin yall need to make a trent proof wepon What yall should do is have them make strong wepons for trent and see which one is the perfect unbreakable wepon for him
Roblox Automod
Roblox Automod 20 hours ago
Now i know how painful making movies is...
Luis Reynolds
Luis Reynolds 20 hours ago
Why do you try to act like mr beast
Manuel XXXKing
Manuel XXXKing 21 hour ago
I thought there were just going to pull the sword And now they're using weapons so they can break a concrete
Carman Family
Carman Family 21 hour ago
imagen trent hit the stone wiht his fist and it just dostroyed
Parker Lucas
Parker Lucas Day ago
Why the hell dose this gye give out his bank account.
Nicola Allsopp
Oh god three dustins guess what it equals DISTUCTION WEAPONS AND MORE DISTUCTION
Oliver Brogden
Oliver Brogden 14 hours ago
Adam Barr
Adam Barr Day ago
I didn’t know they had jackhammers in the Medival century
Austin Beach
Austin Beach Day ago
You sick
Kain Weaver
Kain Weaver Day ago
I think the whole thing took one hour
Maureen Clifford
That guy is a yeti ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️
Timon Greve
Timon Greve Day ago
Someone know where can i get these shovel?
Darlene Clarita
the Bass
Kiera YAU Cheuk Kiu KIS2017SEP14
Awesome I loved it
Kevin Alford
Kevin Alford Day ago
Bro I love your videos
Mayra Martin
Mayra Martin Day ago
Pol Pogba
Pol Pogba Day ago
Bruh they said it’s hard work when Mexicans do that all day and don’t complain abt it
kaktysBlaster RUSORIA
When you use weapons use like dimomd gloves too.
Oliver Brogden
Oliver Brogden 2 days ago
This gust is mr.beast 2.0
Simon M
Simon M 2 days ago
Simon M
Simon M 2 days ago
Simon M
Simon M 2 days ago
Snake Invader
Snake Invader 2 days ago
Jair Aviles
Jair Aviles 2 days ago
OK TRENT WHY!!! WHY DID YOU BRAKE THE OG BAT!!!!!! THE OG BAT WAS IN THE FIRST VIDEO!!, 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡
Jair Aviles
Jair Aviles 2 days ago
Harrison Mcleod
Harrison Mcleod 2 days ago
You should give everyone unlimited time and they go at the sane time
amberlyn swaney
amberlyn swaney 2 days ago
i Happy
body games
body games 2 days ago
Justdystin get out the sword for 10k Mr beast hey take 20k for free because i am bored
ZohuFNM 2 days ago
Low key the way they unlock weapons is very mobile game kind
Christopher Johnson
Christopher 🔐💙💚💷💶💵💴💎💳💸💰
Gaming Taco
Gaming Taco 2 days ago
what is the music mate it’s so good
Mountain Boarder
Mountain Boarder 2 days ago
Why are they chopping away concrete from the outside of the cube?
Viper 2 days ago
So I check out his first ever video and I wasn’t ecspecting him to say fuck
shawna trout
shawna trout 2 days ago
Teemrs suk solos win
Maddog Madsen
Maddog Madsen 2 days ago
Well that's what she said
Maddog Madsen
Maddog Madsen 2 days ago
He can not pay for $10,000
Maddog Madsen
Maddog Madsen 2 days ago
It should be $100,000
NWA_RILEY YT 654 2 days ago
Buy new ones
noah martin
noah martin 2 days ago
i thought this was kid friendly but for some odd reason they putt a song with the n word in it on a kid friendly channel
Among us videos
Among us videos 2 days ago
Damian Grigsby
Damian Grigsby 2 days ago
I love Trent test him with 100 layers of wood
Techno Fox
Techno Fox 2 days ago
Bro i like how off cam they fill it up fakest vid ever
Chaos Acsend
Chaos Acsend 2 days ago
The crownless again shall be king
CJ Long
CJ Long 2 days ago
Actually tho that score mark he was making with the axe coulda been the key if handled right. Why with stones you can score and snap them the right blows and chiseling along that score and that sword would be free
Nate Cooley
Nate Cooley 2 days ago
Ronny Jr
Ronny Jr 2 days ago
Jayden Ton
Jayden Ton 3 days ago
HoW Do u cloneeeee
Corey Goodwin
Corey Goodwin 3 days ago
Wow all i hav. To say is wow
Aziz Aljaber
Aziz Aljaber 3 days ago
hello hello mum but under hello hello
Creator Of Creations
Trent is like jake from mr beast, except jake is gone cause he wanted to do other stuff he wanted to do.
CzechGamer 3 days ago
Fun fact: you are reading this comment
Amy Barone
Amy Barone 3 days ago
Idk how Jaramys voice dose not hurt from all that yelling about the wall
Lifeafter Death
Lifeafter Death 3 days ago
How TF is Trent so strong?
king herobrine
king herobrine 3 days ago
MrBeast channel is much better Who agree?
10:24= me when i see a loose nail
Kyree Washington
Kyree Washington 3 days ago
Orlando Mendoza
Orlando Mendoza 3 days ago
Where can I buy Trents helmet
flying will
flying will 3 days ago
Good thing trent doesn't have anger issues
Khong Phan
Khong Phan 3 days ago
Stacy Urban
Stacy Urban 3 days ago
Dason The goat
Dason The goat 3 days ago
Trent Hamma time
Nate Short
Nate Short 3 days ago
I like your videos
Andrea Hill
Andrea Hill 3 days ago
Dakotah Patton
Dakotah Patton 4 days ago
Quick question how many of them have hernias
Jose alonso
Jose alonso 4 days ago
Just Dustin plz Make a new video plz I want to see more of Zack an you and Trent
4:07 i didnt i know Dustin was a triplet
L higgs
L higgs 4 days ago
Me mums car Yeet granades
Bruh trents time just goes up everytime Dustin talks for 3 mins
Ada Floyd
Ada Floyd Day ago
Harrison Gaming
Harrison Gaming 4 days ago
Lo Gun
Lo Gun 4 days ago
Who else misses Sweeeeet?
SevenSoul Studios
POV: God looking down on you 9:39
Grzegorz Adamczyk
Haddara Nez
Haddara Nez 4 days ago
Hi Poppooooooooo 🕷🤩🖕🏾.
Dominic Gibbons
Dominic Gibbons 4 days ago
Yeah! Leta go trent
Dominic Gibbons
Dominic Gibbons 4 days ago
To be honest, Dustin you should never have even given Trent a sledge
Dejuan Watson
Dejuan Watson 4 days ago
Rip masse 2019: 2020
beastie 58
beastie 58 4 days ago
I rather watching mrbeast video
Tristan Hockle
Tristan Hockle 4 days ago
Rip the people who clean this up
noor shehadeh
noor shehadeh 4 days ago
miki Vlogs
miki Vlogs 5 days ago
Im suprised that trent was traing hard
Toby Parsons
Toby Parsons 5 days ago
Trent should work at construction
Bas Gillissen
Bas Gillissen 5 days ago
Dennis Cromzigt
Dennis Cromzigt 5 days ago
HudBud Playz
HudBud Playz 5 days ago
I clicked on a link on another vid and it took me here and this is sick
HudBud Playz
HudBud Playz 4 days ago
I made a vid for you pls watch it
HudBud Playz
HudBud Playz 4 days ago
Omg you actually hearted I love your channel,vid idea first to break unbreakable toilet wins 1,000 dallors
JustDustin 5 days ago
Thanks for watching more 💪❤️
Rafael Virrueta
Rafael Virrueta 5 days ago
That's a claymore
Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia 5 days ago
10 Weirdest Cat Breeds In The World ruvid.net/video/video-fahYJKx3_4U.html
Stacy Randall
Stacy Randall 5 days ago
All are all are cheating
M Cap
M Cap 5 days ago
Hi 👋 is your day wing
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