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We were so surprised by them....WE WANT MORE!!
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Aug 1, 2020




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Violet M
Violet M 10 days ago
BTS has 7 members:RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, V and jungkook RM: full name: Kim Nam Joon Position: Leader & Rapper Age: 26 Jin: full name: Kim Seok Jin Position: Sub Vocalist& Visual Age: 28 Suga(My Bias): full name: Min Yoon Gi Position: Rapper Age: 27 J-hope: full name: Jung Ho Seok Position: Main Dancer, Rapper & Sub Vocalist Age: 26 Jimin: full name: Park Hi Min Position: Main Dancer & Vocalist Age: 25 V: full name: Kim Tae Hyung Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist & Visual Age: 25 Jungkook: full name: Jeon-Jung Kook Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper & Maknae (Maknae means youngest) Age: 24 They are all very talented and good people and love all the support they get from Army(fans). Hopefully this will give you an idea of who they are and thanks for the reaction 😉😜
x o
x o 23 days ago
5 members ?? Since when ?? Hahahahahaha
Aletaelove kim
Aletaelove kim 28 days ago
best reaction to black swan! the song is really sad and beutiful and its amazing you felt that even though you didnt understand the language. BTS have said music trancends language and they are great at storytelling with their dance/performance/singing/expression and visuals!
Augenstern Month ago
✨BTS introduction: 1️⃣ruvid.net/video/video-M40jsKiIcm8.html 2️⃣ ruvid.net/video/video-xu0IfBvZMRs.html 3️⃣ ruvid.net/video/video-SrI4AvkABm4.html I recommend⬇️ ON:ruvid.net/video/video-gwMa6gpoE9I.html ;(music video) ruvid.net/video/video-MZh-w2nysuI.html ;( at grand central terminal) MIC Drop:ruvid.net/video/video-kTlv5_Bs8aw.html ruvid.net/video/video-yNcySkQq2dU.html (boy with luv ➕MIC Drop at SNL) DNA:ruvid.net/video/video-MBdVXkSdhwU.html Save me:ruvid.net/video/video-GZjt_sA2eso.html Blood Sweat&Tears:ruvid.net/video/video-hmE9f-TEutc.html Heartbeat:ruvid.net/video/video-aKSxbt-O6TA.html ……………………… 🌌Vocal : The truth untold:ruvid.net/video/video-tK4oNOE4V6s.html ;(V & Jungkook & Jimin & Jin) Singularity:ruvid.net/video/video-p8npDG2ulKQ.html ;(V) Still with you:ruvid.net/video/video-djKdPZiJdvA.html ;(Jungkook) Dimple(stage mix ):ruvid.net/video/video-2AhRNH12ZsY.html ;(V & Jungkook & Jimin & Jin) …………………… 🔥Rap: DDAENG:ruvid.net/video/video-LbSU1_SG91w.html ;(RM & Suga & J-hope) UGH:ruvid.net/video/video-y-0QlQH5d3Y.html ;(RM & Suga & J-hope) Do you:ruvid.net/video/video-0XAxf8aFtL4.html ;(RM) Shadow:ruvid.net/video/video-PV1gCvzpSy0.html ;(Suga) Airplane:ruvid.net/video/video-8O_MwlZ2dEg.html ;(J-hope) Thanks for your reaction💜
BTS cosmos
BTS cosmos Month ago
Their new song will be out on 21 August name "Dynamite"... Do listen
Beyond The 7 Scene
"There's fiveeee.." Her confidence tho 😂
why do i have 80 subs
you should turn on captions, almost all their music have deep meanings
andre silva
andre silva Month ago
7 Membros* = 3 da rap line 4 vocal line
lespatriotsfan Month ago
Nice reaction but I was so distracted by you two saying there's only 5 and then not correcting yourselves or realizing there were 7 of them after the camera showed them one by one lmao Cool reaction though
The Book of Eli
The Book of Eli Month ago
Take away the visuals and it's nothing
Xtine Cabezudo
Xtine Cabezudo Month ago
black swan need this kind of appreciation. Thank you for saying that even though you dont really knew what they're saying but still you felt it. you felt the emotions.. and thats why BTS is ahead of them.. you dont really need to know the lyrics, just the beat and musics itself you'll know what they're trying to convey.
Xtine Cabezudo
Xtine Cabezudo Month ago
PS. but really you need to know the lyrics too.. to all of their songs actually..
Sy J
Sy J Month ago
we are 7
Luisa Bradley
Luisa Bradley Month ago
It's not 5 but 7. All their songs have hidden meaning. Next time put the closed captions on. Great reaction
Spyro Mom
Spyro Mom Month ago
Do watch their Black Swan live performance at James Corden show 💜
Roxy Foxy I like wolf's and foxes!
Their are 7 members and they're names are jimin,suga,j-hope,jungkook,rm,v,jin
MaaDuu fans
MaaDuu fans Month ago
Reshiel Falcon
Reshiel Falcon Month ago
Reshiel Falcon
Reshiel Falcon Month ago
I like ur intro"nando nando nando "HAHAHA
Sumeyra Karayaka
It would be better if you watch the introduction to each member to get into them
hello hi
hello hi Month ago
Hi! My bias is Park Fvking Jimin "Mochi" The blue haired guy
Karen Gavilan
Karen Gavilan Month ago
Haley Brown
Haley Brown Month ago
I love how Jimin just steals everyone's hearts. Either at first, or he sneaks up on you 😂 They all give me feelings
xpeachblushx Month ago
Once you jimIN you can't jimOUT
KrzJoy_ Ab
KrzJoy_ Ab Month ago
react to bts more
Fathia Omar
Fathia Omar Month ago
7 members, not five members
Hobi's Sprite
Hobi's Sprite Month ago
Sorry for commenting, my younger sister is commenting on my account after I've told her not to.
UhgoodEuphoria Month ago
First time commenting on your video because it's BTS and I'm going to wait for more.
-MQ -
-MQ - Month ago
Please react to On Kinetic Manifesto film, hope you'll like it ^^
KRYONart Month ago
Majority of the songs BTS put out have deeper meaning even the ones that seem like “love songs” but actually have a role to play on their ongoing story line concept called “Bangtan Universe”
Crushed Flora
Crushed Flora Month ago
Really enjoyed your reaction and commentary to BTS! There's English captions, click the CC. Lydia- girl if you love Purple, you've found the right group. August 21st they will release their new single called Dynamite. Can't wait to see more of your reactions to BTS
Ghins 89
Ghins 89 Month ago
Thank you for listening to BTS💜💜
You were emotional without even knowing what it means , imagine how you will feel when you know the lyrics and know what it means. And Jimin the one with the blue hair he was dancing contemporary here and his dance has a meaning too. It’s so emotional and beautiful i can only say this song is a masterpiece + this song was the first song to break Adele’s “hello” record of the most song to have #1 iTunes in 106 countries I believe
Hobi's Sprite
Hobi's Sprite Month ago
There seven
Hobi's Sprite
Hobi's Sprite Month ago
The blue hair is jimen😍
NAT Arllde
NAT Arllde Month ago
There are seven members (not five) Kim namjoon(RM) - Kim seokjin(Jin) - min yoongi(suga) - jung hoseok(j-hope) - park Jimin(Ji-min)- Kim taehyung(v) - Jeon jungkook(JK or Jung(kook) cook)
Sandy S
Sandy S Month ago
Why don't you turn on the captions???
Sandy S
Sandy S Month ago
Please react to "whois BTS? The 7 members of Bangtan"...and "BTS from nobodies to Legends 2018 .and 2019" They have a great underdog story ...These videos will answer a lot of your questons
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U
Yona Hendri
Yona Hendri Month ago
there is 7 member
Spacey Month ago
💜💜💜 Real art, real music. No one does it like BTS.
ARMY BTS Month ago
They are seven members they debuted in 2013/6/13 in the song no more dreams The one in blue hair his nickname is jimin but his real name is park jimin The one in purple hair his nickname is RM his real name is Kim namjoon The one in black curley long hair his Nick name is V his real name is Kim taehyung The one in light grey hair his nickname is suga but his real name is min yoongi The one in black short hair that you said he was wearing a corset his nickname is jk or jungkook but his real name is Jong jungkook The last one in black hair too his Nickname is jin but his real name is Kim seok Jin The last last one with brown hair his nickname is j-hope but his real name is Jung ho seok
Chella Blue
Chella Blue Month ago
black swan is about bts' fear of not being able to stand on stage anymore and a confession as an artist who learned what music means to the self © yep it's deep and sad
iiialixthea channel
BTS had 7 members - Kim namjoon' RM: rap monster :: the leader - Kim Seokjin'Jin': the eldest member :: Worldwide handsome - Min Yoongi'Suga': his our little Meow meow 🥺 sorta swag - Jung Hoseok'J Hope': his our sunshine :: somehow we call him dance teacher - Park Jimin' Jimin': his our little mochi 🥺 - Kin Taehyung'V': we call him gucci Gucci boy, baby bear and our little tiger 💜 - Jeon Jungkook'JK,Kookie,': Golden Maknae:: his the youngest member "Maknae means - Youngest " and the "Golden-Maknae" means multi talented (?) they debuted in year 2013 BTS company name : Big Hit Big Hit is actually a small company before, but BTS made Big Hit into a Huge Company 💜 More information and awards they got : -BTS BIGGEST BOY BAND IN THE WORLD -The highest paid kpop act and boyband in the world -The first and only group who have 3 billboard #1 albums in span 10.5 months beating the record of the legendary Beatles, same level with the legends -The Kpop giant who conquered the world -the 1st kpop to slayed the legendary studiums in the world! SOLD OUT ON A MATTER OF MINUTES! -There are only 12 Legendary artist who've sold out the Iconic webley studium, and guess what?!? Our young legend is one of them 😌 -The youngest and first kpop group who received the highest honor in south korea Government (HWAGWAN)" Cultural merit" not "cultural commendation" but CULTURAL MERIT! -The first kpop group who perform at NYRE 2 years in a ROW! -1st kpop group to win ARTIST OF THE YEAR at KMA ( Korean version of Grammy ) -1st and the youngest to received GMA lifetime achievement award -21 wins in music bank ( Boy With Luv 2019 ) -Korea's walking Conglemerates -Korea's Nation treasure! -The only group who was included in Nation anthem vid in Korea -The 1st group to win ARTIST of the year at TFA -the 1st group to be invited at the Grammy's and their suit are displayed at the Grammy's museum! -The 1st group to have Grammy non for packaging design. -The 1st group to hit #1 in Billboard! -The 1st group to win MOST LOVED ARTIST AWARD -dubbed as the Kpop King's by International and Korean media -The first group to win Daesang at the first ever Hallyu Awards for Increasing the hallyu fans to 90M!!! ( The power tho 😎 ) -BTS and ARMYs received personal letter from Pres. Moon of south korea -The first and Only Kpop Group to have 2 platinums and 4 Golds at RIAA ( recording industry Association of America ) -THE ONLY KPOP GROUP who accounts $4.65B A YEAR to SK economy 😝 -The First Kpop group to graced the cover of the Iconic TIME MAGAZINE -The First Kpop group to speak in front of the UN -The First Kpop Group to be Massive WORLDWIDE! -The most preffered Kpop Group in 111 Countries! -BTS won 136 awards 2019 ALONE! I repeat 2019 ALONE! -BTS ad fees is the highest in korea history -The first Kpop act to be invited and performed in the US mainstream shows ( Ellen D, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, BBMA, AMA, GMA, SNL and many more -etc.- -The first Kpop group to be invited in some renowned UK shows -The first Kpop group to win BILLBOARDawards, AMAs, Variety and many more -The First Kpop group to win 4 Daesangs in Night (MMA,MAMA) -BTS sold 40.7M albums since debut while the other groups only sold 12M below -The ONLY GROUP to be in FORBES RICHEST CELEBS LIST 2019 -The first Kpop group to have #1 on UK chart -The first Kpop group to dominates German, UK and US charts -The FIRST ASIAN ACT TO SURPASSED 5 BILLION STREAMS on Spotify -The First and ONLY Kpop Group to have 3 #1 albums in Billboard in the same year, beating the records of the legendary the beatles - HOLDS MANY GUINESS RECORDS -dubbed as the most influential, successful and powerful Kpop group of all time -dubbed as the Beatles at 21st century -Holds many RUvid Records -most followed and mention in Twitter -Billboard top social 50 #1 2 yrs in a ROW -Twitters Number 1 worldwide artist -CNN's Best Group of the decade -BTS can double the show ratings in one performance 😎 they brought the highest rating both korean shows and abroad! -BTS is the No.1 product of korea -BTS is the most In demand group world wide -Youngest Group who holds 4 Best selling albums of all time in Korea History #1 is their album MOTS PERSONA - formula E ambassadors - unicef ambassadors - BTS is the only group who does fan meeting in studiums and dimes arenas 😎 again FAN MEETINGS not Concert! - The Only Group who turned BigHit into a Giant Company, bigger than Big3 in terms of Net INCOME 😎 Whos doing it like BTS? NO ONE! 😝 - Pres. Moon said, bts is the future, Pride and Leader Of Korean Culture 💜 Tysm, borahae!
Allison Shakespeare
Trun one the subduction and the one with the blue hair is jimm ,jhope,V,junkook, suga,rm,jin its 7 of them
Lala Mu
Lala Mu Month ago
Girl, if you just didn't wanted to listen to them before but also didn't have nothing against them you were NOT a Hater... 😅😅
JJZ Month ago
ARMY is waiting for your next BTS reaction💜
Reactionando Month ago
Coming soon 🤫
Aoom Love
Aoom Love Month ago
Thank you for React BTS
Charity Hooper
Charity Hooper Month ago
OMG! I loves your reaction! ♥️ I hate to say it but girl on the right doesn't know BTS very well (but I love you so please don't be offended), there are 7 members, not 5! You guys can learn together and I will watch and support! 😊
papillion Month ago
The DarkOpZ
The DarkOpZ Month ago
HEY CHECK THIS SB19 GITZ ALBUM ALREADY OUT REACT to #SB19 Love Goes dance video performance on MTV asia BTS is NUMBER 1 & #SB19 is NUMBER 3 BILLBOARD social 50.
Across The Universe
Pls turn on the CC their lyrics are meaningful this song particularly hits me in the feels not just because of how it sounds but because of its meaning.
망개요정 Month ago
JH BN Month ago
V. T.G
V. T.G Month ago
The guy with purple hair is RM.
l disgustaed I
l disgustaed I Month ago
react more bts content please
l disgustaed I
l disgustaed I Month ago
they are 7
Taetaskookies Month ago
Her: There’s 5 Me: that is not correct 😂 Also if you still want to know this is all the members names: Rm(Kim namjoon) Leader/ rapper Jin(Kim seokjin) vocalist/ visual Suga(min yoongi) rapper J-hope(Jung hoseok) rapper/sub vocalist Jimin (park jimin) vocalist V(Kim taehuyng) vocalist/visual Jungkook(Jeon jungkook) vocalist/visual/sub rapper/ centre Also I recommend watching mvs like :fake love, blood sweat and tears,dna ,idol ,boy with luv ,on,mic drop ,there are so meany songs and thier mvs are so captivating Lmao There you go :) hope you guys become part of the army fandom
Nabihah Rehman
Nabihah Rehman Month ago
• There are 7 members in the group • Songs are in korean but they put a little english in • 3 rappers and 4 vocalists/singers • The fans are called Army • Their songs always have a meaning • They make and produce their own music
E Rato
E Rato Month ago
I really love that Black Swan can be people's introduction into Bangtan... This mv is so beautiful
hayila Month ago
Purple hair - RM (Kim Namjoon) [Leader + Rapper] Curly hair - V (Kim Taehyung) [Vocalist] Blue hair - Jimin (Park Jimin) [Vocalist] Grey hair - SUGA (Min Yoongi) [Rapper] Black hair - Jin (Kim Seokjin) [Vocalist] Light brown hair - j-hope (Jung Hoseok) [Rapper] Black hair with blue tips - Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) [Vocalist] Just a heads up (not sure if you know this), Korean names start with their surnames so for example RM’s first name is Namjoon not Kim. And they change their hair colours very often so I recommend trying to get familiar with their faces rather than hair colours. This was to just show you which one is which rather than what you should remember them by! Looking forward to more reactions! 💜
vien to
vien to Month ago
If you press CC you'll see the lyrics. They're talking about their fear of losing their passion about music.
Balladsrun Month ago
ruvid.net/group/PLTOVzBONg8TKhoOA8nMZjfYf3sPvaObmG these are the introductions to every single member, so react to them if you want to to get a better backstory
yuliana neni
yuliana neni Month ago
They're 7 member's
prislinus Lpz
prislinus Lpz Month ago
Pls react to I Need U Ver japanese
chrɪstɪna nomee 7
Great job! Blue hair dude = Jimin, he is a religion 😂 Do more yes!
chimmy Month ago
Blue haired is JIMIN! He’s my favourite too
David Michael
David Michael Month ago
Both liked Jimin and J-hope which is like 2 for 2 lol.
Meri Gultom
Meri Gultom Month ago
Please react bts MV like idol,bwl,DNA mic drop,black swan and thanks for watching my BTS..BTS is the Legendary KPop
more songs. u dont have to make a vid just listen :): louder than bombs, truth untold, jamais vu, mikrosmosos, your eyes tell, save me, stay gold and forever young by bts - shadow:interlude, the last and agust d by agust d (rap) - love and persona by rm (rap) - serendipity and promise by jimin - still with you, begin and decalcomania by jungkook - stigma and singularity by taehyung (this is r&b vibes) - epiphany by jin - ego by jhope They’re all members of bts, just some solo work. i got notifs on and subbed. looking forward to ur vids
Kayla Seu
Kayla Seu Month ago
That wave part in the intro got me 😂 appreciate your reactions! Looking forward for more BTS reactions!! 💯💜💜 Please react to Who is BTS: The seven members pf bangtan, so you get to know them better! 😘
aimee huang
aimee huang Month ago
there are 7 people in BTS, not 5.
ARMYONCEs need Bogo Shipda pt2
3:20 you look like bunny when smile..cute(the girl on the right side with white shirt )
`방티즈 Month ago
I love your reaction ♡ please check out more bts 💜
Roxana Montoya
Roxana Montoya Month ago
Great reaction !! Welcome to This beautiful hole!!! I really love see new baby army’s so I hope that you can do more reactions
Gaby Zamora
Gaby Zamora Month ago
you should react to a guide to bts!it tells u alot of stuff about the members!
ILiVeToLove Month ago
Watch the Black Swan Art Film ruvid.net/video/video-vGbuUFRdYqU.html
LaShan Da
LaShan Da Month ago
If you wanna know more about bts you should watch who are bangtan boys seven members
Ania Heavens7
Ania Heavens7 Month ago
Please react to more than bts, I subscribe
c Month ago
bts actually make art, not just generic music. that’s why we stan btspop
Sandy Martinez
Sandy Martinez Month ago
Put closed captions (cc) on for English subtitles.
Alia Tiara
Alia Tiara Month ago
You like purple I see..... Well then I purple you💜💜💜
Winter bear
Winter bear Month ago
J Yikes
J Yikes Month ago
Éléonore Morettini
Jimin (the blue hair) his a contemporary and ballet dancer
함께특히 최근 시장점유율이
the previous album was about the brightest side of ourselves and about loving ourself and this album its about the darkest side of ourselves :)hope u undrestood
Roselyn Naga
Roselyn Naga Month ago
Please do check out #On: Kinetic Manifesto film come prima #Who is BTS?? The 7 members of Bangtan #Nobodies to Legends #BTS crash course 2020 #BTS contribution to Music... U guys will get more insights to who they are thank u
Dale Allen
Dale Allen Month ago
Please keep reacting to Bts. There is no one better out there
Kris Dee
Kris Dee Month ago
Don't forget to turn on the captions next time coz BTS' lyrics are always important😊
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Month ago
libbywinslet Month ago
This is clearly not a first reaction, using the fan base for views.
kpop stan
kpop stan Month ago
Please react to more BTS, especially the video introduction to them. I really love your reactions, so keep it up! Btw, I'm a new subscriber!
I’m kind of sad you guys didn’t activate the English captions on the video cause the lyrics has such a deep meaning 😔 it’s basically about the passion an artist feels for his art and the fear of losing this passion at some point of their career, they did another version of this song with a more classical vibe with a contemporary dance team dancing to it in a very expressive way that literally makes me cry of emotion in the end... on the very beginning of this second version of black swan that I talk about, there’s a quote saying: “a dancer dies twice - once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the most painful.” I’m glad that, even tho u guys watched without the lyrics, u were able to feel how emotional this song is. Thank you for giving these boys a try 💜 I recommend you guys to check out the video “Who is BTS?: The Seven Members of Bangtan (INTRODUCTION)” to get an idea of who they are as individuals, they are not just idols in this kpop industry but they also producers and lyricists, they are way more involved with their music production than majority of kpop idols tbh, no shade intended towards any kpop groups cause I also love kpop but I’m really proud of BTS for breaking so many kpop stigmas. I also wanna point out that they came from the bottom of that industry with no big company name behind them and had to work really hard to get where they are now, their history as a group is very impressive and even motivational when u consider the amount of hardships they had to overcome as a group that everyone in Korea looked down and mocked them saying they never gonna make it, that’s why the fandom ARMY can be a little overprotective sometimes cause we saw people taking advantage of them too many times...
hey heyo
hey heyo Month ago
Reaction bts on kinetic manifesto it's really good
Roverei Elveña
Roverei Elveña Month ago
Please react to their "ON Kinetic Manifesto Film". Its really nice and I like your reactions. Thanks for reacting to BTS. 💜💜💜
dancar Month ago
Glad y’all are enjoying BTS. Just ignore some of the really snobby, toxic fans in the comment section. They don’t get out much.
OWLiv de Jong
OWLiv de Jong Month ago
You felt the SHADOW! That's what they wanted. This album is based on Carl Jung philosophy which explores Personas, Egos and Shadows.
Oralia Duque
Oralia Duque Month ago
Ok so stop now if you don't want to fall down the rabbit hole. BTS should come with a warning label. I love them and Im glad I fell...lol!
liv benjamin
liv benjamin Month ago
thanks for giving bts a chance OMG, I purple you React to this when you have time: first song is only performed by the singers of the group and Pied Piper is with all the members, enjoy xx
S K Month ago
They are seven, and there’s a close caption 😊, thank you 💜
c lng
c lng Month ago
i love the reaction nvn
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