First Take reacts to the NFL reinstating Myles Garrett from suspension

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MORE First Take on Garrett: ruvid.net/video/video-xZlekMeisQg.html
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Keyshawn Johnson react to the NFL reinstating Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett from suspension following an incident with Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph. #FirstTake #NFL
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Comments 80
BeeBeeInn Hour ago
Max Kellerman...white guilt personified
xConceptz1 Month ago
Myles Garrett started it when he threw Mason down wayyy after the play was over. End of story. He, and the rest of the Browns, were intentionally trying to injure the Steelers. That’s a fact, especially when the Browns were laughing and bragging about hurting Pitt’s players. Max obviously didn’t watch that game
He explained why he did what he did in the new video
Gran Marquis
Gran Marquis Month ago
Miles Garrett tackled the guy in which Rudolph landed on him so where did Miles throw him to the ground???
Zolar Waka
Zolar Waka Month ago
SAS’s idea of keeping the suspension alive into this season would’ve been a bad idea. If he’s suspended for Game 1, does that mean he gets no pre-season reps? How does he get into game shape? Does he sit a couple more games to get in game shape? Or, worse yet, maybe he gets into Game 2, hurts himself or others because he’s not physically able to compete? Not sure SAS knows much about elite-level conditioning to understand the implications of his undercooked opinion. Playing NFL football takes a bit more prep than it takes to sit on a couch with a bag of Cheetos to watch others play.
Mikey Jones
Mikey Jones Month ago
The point steven a is not getting is what was said to make myles garret do what he did
Thomas Month ago
This Jew max kellerman despises white people. It’s apparent in every argument he ever makes.
Joy Rider
Joy Rider Month ago
Why are they harping on this, it’s over, move on to a important subject, do you open up a can of worms just to have a subject to talk about.
CoastToCoastin Month ago
stephen A is right the NFL should send a stronger message because honestly he couldve killed mason rudolph even just ripping his helmet off he couldve snapped his neck also couldve killed him hitting him in the head with his helmet...and mason rudolph NEVER said any racial slur
brown55061 Month ago
The reason Myles tackled Rudolph hard was because he never got a sack during this game and he was frustrated. BUT it was still a valid tackle. Stephen is playing semantics because apparently QBs aren't allowed to be tackled on the last play of the game. Maybe he should commentate bad mitten from now on?
Susan B
Susan B Month ago
Myles Garrett had three fines last year.... THREE! He punched Delanie Walker during the 1st game of the season, knocked the Jets quarterback unconscious, and this incident. I saw his interview.....wearing glasses to soften his visual. If he’s doubling down, take a lie detector test! Game over! Why talk about it! Be about it!
Mario Jones
Mario Jones Month ago
Max is right, they overreacted!!!! Here Stephen A go again, SMH!!! If, if was a fifth, we’ll all be drunk!
djbasquiat Month ago
Spot on Max. I'm not interested in the rest of this BS. Especially not from those two people
Andy Villarreal
Andy Villarreal Month ago
Max just hates Mason’s politics 😂 how he start that
Josh B
Josh B Month ago
What about the Steeler who punched and kicked Myles after the incident?
Josh B
Josh B Month ago
Well Mason was chasing Myles down, what if Myles wasn't walking away? Mason would have probably put his hands on him, Myles defended himself.
Josh B
Josh B Month ago
Stephen A is biased. Mason asked for it.
ckalnicki Month ago
Somebody smack Max.
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy Month ago
Max Kellerman professional ethnomasochist
Nirvanaman1527 Month ago
clicked on video. heard max speak for 15 seconds. click on a different video.
TheButcherHooks Month ago
He didn't even throw him that hard seen worse and he was trying to do the same thing to Garrett plus just because it's the Steelers Stephen A has a bias so meh he knows better now he lost a lot of money because of what he did
Yes Dex
Yes Dex Month ago
Why is everyone saying it was the last play it was mason was tryna get his jelmet back to score a touch down
king monz
king monz Month ago
I dont think people will forget no matter if Garrett starts or not.
NinjaNatwood Month ago
Good lord Max is an idiot
Alan Hanks
Alan Hanks Month ago
I've literally never agreed with anything that's ever came out of Max Kellerman's mouth. Guess that's what they call good TV now.
Bryce Czech
Bryce Czech Month ago
Screw mayson he a sissy
official class treasurer
When Stephen A is defendin the guy who said the racial slur and Max is defendin the guy who got mad about the racial slur 😂
Da'Ghost Hicks
Da'Ghost Hicks Month ago
Myles Garrett go walk in the locker room like size me up a new helmet lace it with some metal lol
Bradboi LFT
Bradboi LFT Month ago
But he didn’t crack his head open...
Jose Pablo Hayaux du Tilly
Max’s take was and still is moronic. Attempted murder is such a huge offence.
desmond hargett
desmond hargett Month ago
Max sometimes gets 💯. Steven a Uncle timing. Mason Rudolph started it.
Kenrick Turner
Kenrick Turner Month ago
Stephen A. Smith being extra 😏 I don't agree with him playing the man's role or commissioner role by suggesting that the guy get an extra punishment to go into the next season when he already got 6 games from the previous season 🤨❗
ICEMAN Mcpherson
This max guy is an idoit
Soggier black by Huskies have been
This is why I give zero fucks about football they wine to much I’ll stick to fighting
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Month ago
Max is a buffoon
Mr Get Right
Mr Get Right Month ago
Herbert Leggieri
Myles Garrett tackle them with over aggression. They were taking late hits all game. Miles could have just simply tackled him. But he chose to grab him then spin him to the around and slam them in the round. Then stayed on top of of him. Like someone else already stated imagine if it was Tom Brady that guy hit spun around slam to the ground and messed up his shoulder. Myles Garrett would never be allowed to play football again. Then they would prosecute when he hit Tom Brady with his helmet
Virgin Month ago
People have to realize you start a fight be prepared to get hit. No man on here would let another man assault them then just walk away. Mason was mad cause he thought he got hit late which he didn’t and pressed the issue got whack-a-moled acted innocent and played victim. Victims don’t go looking for trouble.
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia Month ago
Max this isn't a bar !! It is a national televised tv
Joey Garcia
Joey Garcia Month ago
Max is a idiot !!
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Max is soooooo right. Stephen A always does the NFLs bidding because the NFL PR department directly pays him
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
there was 0% chance he has his head cracked open from a swung helmet. Have you ever felt a helmet Stephen A??
Josh Bertolasio
Josh Bertolasio Month ago
JRobAviation Month ago
Max no
Fran Mac
Fran Mac Month ago
Why is Max Kellerman permitted to discuss anything other than boxing? He's absolutely terrible.
Wayne Marcelin Sr.
Leo Mcjagger
Leo Mcjagger Month ago
This didn’t age well for Max Kellerman, after Mike Tomlinson just talked to the public earlier. 😂😂
Robby Stafford
Robby Stafford Month ago
"myles garrett.. did what he needed to do" keyshawn should be suspended lol
Kevin Thibodeau
Kevin Thibodeau Month ago
Oh we still on this ok
ZionsMySon Month ago
Max is just an idiot when it comes to football at this point
ZionsMySon Month ago
Bruh Mason didn’t pursue him 😭😭😭😭 and Myles has lied on him trying to accuse him of being racist,Myles is being a joke right now and I’m a browns fan
ZionsMySon Month ago
M Harrelson for one you don’t know your just some idiot with no football knowledge and no eyes because Garrett was the aggressor
M Harrelson
M Harrelson Month ago
@ZionsMySon u ain't no browns fan gtfo
ZionsMySon Month ago
M Harrelson and I’m turning 19 in may so
ZionsMySon Month ago
M Harrelson heck no even tho we suck I have been a browns fan for these first 18 years of my life
M Harrelson
M Harrelson Month ago
@ZionsMySon Steelers fan???
Chief Tahchawwickah
That’s what happens when say racist things. Wack!! -COMANCHE NATION
Marsonis2ya Month ago
Stephen A can be so dramatic sometimes. Saying "You didn't have to grab him and throw him to the ground." It was a legal attempted sack. Go back and watch the full play again. Mason knew he was about to get sacked and just barely got the ball out right as Myles initiated the tackle.
Steven Kincaid
Steven Kincaid Month ago
Max don’t do the “ifs” that’s a serious thing to do. You can’t swing helmets at people that’s a serious crime in the real world. This is probably the only time that I agree 100% with everything Stephen A. said.
corey porter
corey porter Month ago
Rudolph deserved every piece of that helmet
Dru Music
Dru Music Month ago
Max either hasn't played football or hasn't drank a beer before because those 2 things are not equivalents 🤣🤣
God Jupiter
God Jupiter Month ago
And this stupid football player thinks they should just move on? They are saying this only because Myes garrett is Black. Max you are missing so much. Always forgive one side but you would NEVER forgive the other side. Myes destroyed his character. If it was the other way around I m sure Kellerman would NOT be saying let's just move on!
Terrel Thompson
Terrel Thompson Month ago
When did he start wearing glasses?
Markel Miller
Markel Miller Month ago
Funny how the NFL decision to punish both players hurt the team. Lol Garrett suspended which hurt his team. Mason was allowed to play and hurt his team. Honestly can’t figure out who was really punished. Yes, Garrett lost money for being suspended but Mason realized he’ll never see money like that because he’s a backup QB only.
Dru Music
Dru Music Month ago
Max the type of guy that says "well I stabbed him cause he started pushing me, cmon officer he didnt die" No one is upset for MG reacting but football fights happen, you CAN NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE on television almost split someone's skull open. Plain and simple. With all that being said his suspension was 6 games, it's done.
Dawson Mancabelli
I wonder if Max blames women for getting assaulted because of what they were wearing like he blamed the victim in this instance..
s4LUVN Month ago
Max K. Shuuuuuut up.... you defended myles garret then turn around and said he needs to be suspended all in one sentence lol
Omar YAHU Month ago
He was dead wrong, the NFL issued a punishment that was served... end of story. Play ball!
Patrick Mahomes's arm
We get it max you wanna be black.
Mindmatters 001
Mindmatters 001 Month ago
Mason is 6”5 Garrett is 6”4 so mason is actually taller and their weights are similar. Why is it that they lie about their size difference?
Letmetellyouwhythatsbullshit _
Myles Garett did nothing wrong.
Stinnis Brown
Stinnis Brown Month ago
Max keep it 200
Vincent Bianchi
Vincent Bianchi Month ago
I'm confused - the white guy is defending the black athlete and the black guy is defending the white athlete?????
redstang5150 Month ago
For once I agree with Max.
Sassonic Aquariums
Garrett claims the N word was used? Rudolph's teammates and head coach are black and Garret is expecting us the believe this and he's playing this card? Pathetic. Keep you eye on the issue here, Garrett could have killed Rudolph with that helmet
Patrick Harnedy
Patrick Harnedy Month ago
I don’t understand. The whole point of this is not the fight, it’s that Myles used his helmet as a weapon. Mason wasn’t innocent at all, and if Myles got in a couple of hits with his fists I wouldn’t have had a problem. It’s not only that he could’ve killed Mason with his helmet, but he played the race card instead of apologizing. I think a longer suspension was warranted.
george 69
george 69 Month ago
My boy Garrett playing this season end of story.
Eliza Grogan
Eliza Grogan Month ago
If ever proof was needed that NFL players suffer brain injuries, this is it. How did this come up as recommended for me. A bunch of idiots defending a stupid sport.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones Month ago
Max sounds like he's from the hood!
mike Month ago
....yet Josh Gordon misses whole seasons for smoking pot
matt bash
matt bash Month ago
Max sides with African Americans to save face. He doesn’t have an honest opinion
Jerriot Glencamp
Keyshawn know more about football then Molly. Who agree?
MaRio Month ago
Max is 100% correct
Dr Fu Minshew
Dr Fu Minshew Month ago
Black people always making things about race. It’s all groupthink. Politics, media, entertainment, sports.
Bryant Madison
Bryant Madison Month ago
That’s what’s wrong with society now, people start fights and play victim when someone reacts how they do. You can’t do something to someone and then tell them how to react
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