First Take reacts to Mike Tomlin's comments on the Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph brawl

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Part 1 of Mike Tomlin's First Take interview: ruvid.net/video/video-3_l_zKIKo6U.html&t
Part 2 of Mike Tomlin's First Take interview: ruvid.net/video/video-tVqhk-JX2jM.html
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin's interview on First Take. Tomlin addressed Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett’s claims that Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph called Garrett a racial slur during their brawl in Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
kingongdude10 3 months ago
Riley Cooper said the N word kept his Job Incognito did too
Tazz EightSixFour
Tazz EightSixFour 3 months ago
0:43 Max, isn't a late hit on the QB "outside the rules??"
Idral Bowen
Idral Bowen 3 months ago
If Garrette, “Thought he heard it.” He would have been saying something about it before he left the field.
Yanzhi Meng
Yanzhi Meng 3 months ago
This white guy is a true racist. He thinks he can hide his racism by defending the blacks with no reason.
Adam Russell
Adam Russell 3 months ago
I think Tomlin's wording laid the case for Rudolph to sue Garrett for defamation of character. He should do it....unless he thinks subpoenas and outside investigation would in fact turn something up. That would be a bad day for everyone but Garrett...especially the NFL if it indicates they buried the sound. I agree with Max. I think Garrett thought he heard something that wasn't actually said.
TommyC503 3 months ago
Hey Max - if Myles Garrett THOUGHT he heard the N word, why would he apologize to Rudolph after the game?
5ghostshadow 3 months ago
Sorry Max. Garrett did not hear Rudoulph say anything. If he did hear it, he would've said that on day 1 and not day 7 as the hole is getting deeper for him.
emmy lite
emmy lite 3 months ago
Either MG is a liar or MR is ! you can't tap dance and have it both ways !
Larry Waters
Larry Waters 3 months ago
So people have forgotten about Richie incognito and Riley Cooper They were known racist who had black teammates and Were in the NFL Richie still Is
0531jos 3 months ago
Tomlin is an idiot. He's 100 feet away. A white guy who would call a black guy the n-word would definitely lie to another black guy.
Papa Filth
Papa Filth 3 months ago
Shades of Jessie Smollot.
Papa Filth
Papa Filth 3 months ago
Garrett trying to use the ol get out jail free card. He said a word so it’s justified to do whatever I want. That’s not ok and very confusing to children.
Yahya Shabazz
Yahya Shabazz 3 months ago
Kellerman is just an sjw at this point.
Christopher Robertson
Bruh to be honest with you I am on Myles Garrett's side have been from the beginning,but for Mike Tomlin to come out like this,I still believe Garrett but Rudolph does have more of my understanding now so I don't think Rudolph is a racist,I believe he just got caught up in the moment and made a mistake.
BaketheSnake 3 months ago
Max back peddling so fast he’s moving backwards. We’ve all seen the video now max is getting put in his place.
Chase 4ever21
Chase 4ever21 3 months ago
Any UncleTom will agree.If his check on the line.😂
Punkakezrzabes tz
Punkakezrzabes tz 3 months ago
Press Charges for Defamation? Holy....
Ricky Mick
Ricky Mick 3 months ago
Max is race-baiting again
Isaac Saiz
Isaac Saiz 3 months ago
If your a Democrat the "N" is the biggest disrespectful word you can use, of your anyone else that word means nothing to no one black white spanish, it's a word and if you put power behind it which is dumb to put power behind a word that makes it everything bad in the book. Grow up move on from the word and stop being a victim of a word!!
Apex Anomalies
Apex Anomalies 3 months ago
I feel like this a juicy smullete moment.
Mike Mose13Y
Mike Mose13Y 3 months ago
In the real world you have to prove someone is guilty not the other way around, but this is Hollywood media pc culture
Larry Langley
Larry Langley 3 months ago
Myles Garrett threw the quarterback to the ground several seconds after the ball was gone. In the NFL that is called a late hit and is a personal foul. That was the incident that started the scrum. These two clowns are so concerned about the politics that they forgot how the play went down.
0531jos 3 months ago
First sentence is a lie, hit was on time. Rudolph started and restarted the fight.
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez 3 months ago
That is ridiculous
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez 3 months ago
Myles Garrett thought he heard something
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez 3 months ago
This guy is such a kiss a**
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez 3 months ago
You know it was just an excuse, after the fact. We all know that.
Max is such a white apologist.....
Kevin Swiber
Kevin Swiber 3 months ago
Either way, have to give Tomlin props on defending his player.
0531jos 3 months ago
@Kevin Swiber It's difficult for me to understand what else Garrett could do to convince people. You know Garrett asked the league for the audio of the incident on that night, no? He thought the league had audio, and he wanted to get his hands on it? Contrast that attitude vs. "I'll sue you if you don't stop talking about it!"
Kevin Swiber
Kevin Swiber 3 months ago
Nobody knows but the 2 players involved. Most of the public, including the media, don't think Rudolph said it. I'm not arguing that, just like when a coach defends his players. He did it during the anthem protests too...
0531jos 3 months ago
Why props for defending a liar?
First Name Last Name
I find it hard to believe that nobody would go tell Tomlin "hey, Rudolph said the word" if he actually said it.
Ebonynsweet 3 months ago
One word “Riley Cooper”. How soon do we forget.
TacoFlavouredKisses 3 months ago
Max Kellerman is basically saying Myles Garrett is schizophrenic.
Dill Widit
Dill Widit 3 months ago
Max is being an idiot here imho. Noway did Garrett even think he hurt it! It would've been brought up by Garrett directly after the game. PERIOD! Max, your being naive.
jbhardy1 3 months ago
Thank god for Max Kellerman. If not for him I would’ve never guessed that Mike Tomlin was black.
ryan bray
ryan bray 3 months ago
Okay now Max is saying the n word is the worst word in the English language this is coming from a Jewish man. Now had he said any racial slur is considered to be among the worst words in the English language maybe I could have got behind it come on dude FOH!
ryan bray
ryan bray 3 months ago
Does anybody ever notice how Max always takes the side of the black athlete in every situation I find that strange... and if it's not a black or white tape issue he'll always take the side of the black athlete against the establishment
Dwayne Taylor
Dwayne Taylor 3 months ago
Lmao Mason will never take a Lie Detector Test!! We all know he said it...nobody snaps like Myles unless..unless well we know what happened lol
Dwayne Taylor
Dwayne Taylor 3 months ago
@BaketheSnake everybody is not the same
BaketheSnake 3 months ago
Dwayne Taylor if he said Myles would have told people right away.
2 Hart's Sports Talk
Mile's Garret knew if he claimed this it would HELP his cause.....I'm sorry but African Americans are taught to use the race card in bad situations...... people won't PUBLICLY admit that they know this to be true......but in the safety of their home will say it......it's just FACTS
T-Series Is Gay
T-Series Is Gay 3 months ago
We should use sports as a way to connect races not start a race war smh
0531jos 3 months ago
Tell Mason that.
D DLedge
D DLedge 3 months ago
You know you're a white liberal when your feelings outweigh the facts and truth.....lmfao!...Ya that guy never said or did that thing, but that black guy feels like he did soooooo
Stevewitav 94
Stevewitav 94 3 months ago
Mike Tomlin: I’m a no nonsense type of guy. Antonio Brown: Bet.
Bobby Meadows
Bobby Meadows 3 months ago
Its really quite simple - Mike Tomlin is only defending his QB because 1. The owners coax him too, 2. Job to protect 3. Team unity 4. Rudolph is probably the last reason for speaking up... IF IT WAS ABOUT RUDOLPH He would have spoken about it LONG TIME AGO!
Bryan Petrillo
Bryan Petrillo 3 months ago
For the millionth time, it wasn’t until JOSINA ANDERSON said publicly that “Mason must of said something for Myles to attack him like that” then magically a day later that’s the exact excuse he goes with, nothing was said and Josina is just as trash as Myles is...debate over
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 3 months ago
Kellerman you're the biggest idiot
D Cowboys
D Cowboys 3 months ago
Softball interview. Garrett isn't dumb, he knows he doesn't want his past actions and the fight to hurt is career future and life after football. What better way to continue to preserve your name then to justify your actions by accusing Rudolph of using the n-word? Garrett now adds the "stupid" part. Before it was " I think I heard" or "I believe I heard." Fast forward and now it's "I know I heard." And the cherry on top, "I don't want to make this a racial thing." BS that's exactly what this is and was from the first accusation. Sounds consistent with lying to me.
Darren Braemer
Darren Braemer 3 months ago
You don’t hit a QB like that when you’re winning at the end of a game
Darren Braemer
Darren Braemer 3 months ago
Lmao Mason Rudolph is a bust at best. But the league protects QB’s and receivers. He was driven into the ground and got pissed. Dude was clearly trying to injure him.
0531jos 3 months ago
@Darren Braemer alright so for a star they would bend the rules and pretend the hit was dirty, you kinda proved my point dude.
Darren Braemer
Darren Braemer 3 months ago
Bull you hit Brady or manning that way and you’ll get fined.
0531jos 3 months ago
Like how? Hit was clean.
BendConscious 3 months ago
Okay, I get it now. This is a schtick. They just take turns taking opposite stances. Not a single guy, mostly of them black, did not hear Rudolph said that but Garrett, and Garrett didn't say that was said until he realized the situation he got himself into.
0531jos 3 months ago
Garrett told John Dorsey and Larry Ogunjobi that night, this is a matter of public record, how do you not know this.
James Geschwender
James Geschwender 3 months ago
Nobody wants to hear the N word but every other rap song has the word in it. I've been called cracker or white cracker and it has never bothered me a bit. It's just a word nothing more. People find it offensive but they dam sure don't have a problem saying it 50 times in one rap song
VinceALinceAble SRT
VinceALinceAble SRT 3 months ago
Max trying not to lose his white knight status. Race baiting just sells, sad world
atkidz 3 months ago
Who cares about this nonsense let's here about the xfl
foolio2k1 3 months ago
Miles was just defending himself from a crazed loser named Mason.
Black Bimmer
Black Bimmer 3 months ago
Juicy Smollett whispered it in his ear.
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards 3 months ago
Where’s uncle ruckus when you need him?
gator nation
gator nation 3 months ago
Miles Garrett is a racist punk. He just wanted to try to justify his f**k up and used race as a means to try to lessen his suspension. If that was said to him he would have immediately said it as he was leaving the field, not wait after he and his camp had time to make up this lie. Another Jessie Smollett
shaunpisk 3 months ago
It went from a disorderly conduct fist fight to an assault with a weapon because someone maybe or maybe not said something? Are you kidding me? This is how our society dissolves itself on national TV.
USA Sport Stacking Club
Miles Garrett should take & pass a series of polygraph tests, or else be banned. Racism is terrible. Fake racist accusations are worse. Jussie Smollett should spend YEARS behind bars.
Dawson Mancabelli
Dawson Mancabelli 3 months ago
Max Kellerman just made up the most illogical possibility of events so to make sure he lined up with the facts while making sure he didn’t call Myles Garrett a liar. What a pansy
joshbpimpinmusic 3 months ago
until that audio gets discovered i'm not going with either side....
0531jos 3 months ago
@BaketheSnake audio was looked at and they "didn't have" audio of the entire incident.
BaketheSnake 3 months ago
joshbpimpinmusic audio was looked at and nothing was discovered.
Polamalu 43
Polamalu 43 3 months ago
Max is an idiot. Pick a side.
chris klein
chris klein 3 months ago
This nonsense is ANCIENT HISTORY ESPN. ANCIENT HISTORY. As a sports fan it would be nice if programs like First Take, and others would focus more on sports, not continuously revisiting old topics. This is PURE NONSENSE !!!! Very very few people, probably very biased people actually believe Miles Garrett. It’s DEAD NEWS let it go Please !!!!
Casey 3 months ago
I’ve never been in a situation where the “N” word was used like that and it wasn’t made public immediately. He woulda told one of his teammates before he was in the locker room and definitely before the next few days. Hopefully he didn’t say it. It just seems unlikely he did and only one person is covering it up. Also seems unlikely NFL would cover it up. If a cover up of that leaked they would have more problems then they did over the Kaepernick issue.
A. Devon Dykes
A. Devon Dykes 3 months ago
So just because Tomlin doesn’t think he said it means he didn’t? I bet had you asked Riley Coopers teammates would he call a black man a N-word they would have said NO! Had their not be a video of Cooper saying it he would have said I never said it. So just because Tomlin defended him, an just because Rudolph says I didn’t say it doesn’t mean he didn’t say it!
KD Bmore
KD Bmore 3 months ago
I dont know who's lying here?
Kiltman 3 months ago
Myles Garrett needs to get over himself. Tomlin called him out on his BS. This is old news.
Motley Byron
Motley Byron 3 months ago
In America these days...what's left of the KKK have been RAN SO HARD... they now MUST HIDE in more remote bunkers than the ones Osama Bin Laden hid in... in America these days... black American wealth is growing FAST...why Stephen A's last contract guarantees him $10 MILLION a year... Oprah isn't so lonely on the Fortune 500 list of BILLIONAIRES anymore... as now there are 5 black American Billionaires... 380,000 black millionaires in the USA... the American Dream is for ANYONE with the HUNGER to get out there and EARN IT...like Stephen A did!
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts 3 months ago
They spelt “Steelers” wrong on top of screen
Specto 3 months ago
I think it is meant to convey....."Steel Resolve".
Redwingsfan 3 months ago
Max, you can’t have it both ways. You say you don’t believe Mason said it but that you also believe Garrett truly believes he heard it?? One of them is lying. Take a guess which one.
Logan 3 months ago
Max sucks bbc confirmed
Sylvester Thompson
Sylvester Thompson 3 months ago
Also, Rudolph is MAGA Cultists, I wouldn’t put anything past him in that sense.
Zayle wackoroblox
Zayle wackoroblox 3 months ago
Steven A ( hip puncher ) Smith
Sylvester Thompson
Sylvester Thompson 3 months ago
Tomlin is the ultimate company man in the biggest company town, with the “Company Franchise”. Not buying the Black Splainning, from Tomlin.
0531jos 3 months ago
Oh my god, the one person on the internet who gets it. THANK YOU.
Runescapewithred 3 months ago
The "Company Franchise" that's owned by a major civil rights family?
Jason Bowser
Jason Bowser 3 months ago
Max believes it based on the evidence? What evidence? Based on Garrett’s word? Because that’s the only “evidence” that supports it was said. That’s a really weak argument act, Max.
0531jos 3 months ago
Garrett's actions are completely consistent with someone who was called the n-word. He told John Dorsey that night. He tried to get audio from the league that night.
Anthony Dedrick
Anthony Dedrick 3 months ago
Whether Tomlin believes he said it or not is irrelevant. Does anyone truly believe he would come out and even allude to being against his own player? Does anyone believe he would even give the air of not supporting his player? He had to come out and say something. And sure, he hasn’t said it to his own teammates. Doesn’t mean he didn’t say it to Myles Garrett. Max doesn’t believe there are problematic players to have ever played in the NFL? Richie Incognito anyone?
Eugene Jordan Jr.
Eugene Jordan Jr. 3 months ago
Remember, Riley Cooper had black teammates
Pat Bateman
Pat Bateman 3 months ago
Eugene Jordan Jr. Remember, people have cried wolf before. Even when they weren't in a position like Garrett (if he's lying) where it was their only out
gorobot 3 months ago
The question is, how hard did he hit the R?
Eugene Jordan Jr.
Eugene Jordan Jr. 3 months ago
Trying to figure out why the mics were turned off?! Also, why Mason not doing interviews, and why is Mike doing it for him?! SMH I'm with Miles....Look at the Mason eyes when he tried to attack Garrett. The NFL is covering up something.
new country 1
new country 1 3 months ago
Lmao. Your a joke. If someone called you the n word would you like to talk to him to apologize. Doubt it. Right there you know Garrett's lying.
Texan Football Houston
Love this show
asiaticgodborn 3 months ago
Riley Cooper begs to differ with Max’s assessment of being incapable of being racist towards African-Americans by way of having fellow African-American teammates.
Eric Riffel
Eric Riffel 3 months ago
Riley Cooper was at a country music concert with a bunch of white people and one black security guard, and was drunk. He wasn't surrounded by a bunch of black football players who were bigger than him.
Vivienne Duong
Vivienne Duong 3 months ago
“...most despicable word in English....” hmmm. It’s a nasty word but I can think of many other worse ones like Cleveland or Browns. With nowadays technology, if MR said it, the truth will comes out. MG is pulling his last effort to save face.
kingongdude10 3 months ago
White people think racism doesn’t exist because they’re white lol
Pat Bateman
Pat Bateman 3 months ago
kingongdude10 I'm white. I know it exists. Do you know stereotyping, oversimplifying, and overgeneralizing exists? Reverse racism. Now there's something that doesn't exist.
trey trey
trey trey 3 months ago
This is still a news story story? Once again a white man (Mason Rudolph) starts trouble than tries to play the victim to hide behind the judicial system.
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