First Take reacts to Aaron Judge & LeBron sounding off on the Astros’ cheating scandal

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First Take reacts to LeBron & Aaron Judge sounding off on the Astros’ cheating scandal
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge sounding off on the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.
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Published on


Feb 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Ju Young Kim
Ju Young Kim Day ago
Anyone feel like mlb did this on purpose, jsut so they would get more media
Alan Flores
Alan Flores Month ago
Unreal, as a Giants fan I dislike the Dodgers obviously, but that was fucked up...
shatner99 Month ago
4:30 Was he talking about how to deal with BLM now? That's like agoraphobic. It's 2020! Come on man!
milo link
milo link 2 months ago
Yankees also stole signs for a long time..... LeBron moved for less money to a competing team in order to win so he should shut up
First Last
First Last 3 months ago
How is Aaron judge an entire foot taller than Altuve
Royce Dutch Jr.
Royce Dutch Jr. 3 months ago
2:53 Aroldis Chapman excluded of course Edit: Also Stephen A it’s 102 MPH not 95 what kind of filthy casual do you take Chapman for
Richard Gaines
Richard Gaines 3 months ago
Rob Manfred undermined the rule of law by failing to strip them and repossess the trophy------- total betrayal of the RULE OF LAW
Dean Hovey
Dean Hovey 3 months ago
Astros barely Won with the massive cheating
Dean Hovey
Dean Hovey 3 months ago
Yes the Astros would not have Won without
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 3 months ago
Nothing is going to happen to the astros and thats what sucks😒 the mlb commissioner has to do something
Tom Hidrogo
Tom Hidrogo 4 months ago
Is it ok to steal second base?
Mike Demirdjian
Mike Demirdjian 4 months ago
LeBron has an opinion on everything these days. What's next, he going to chime in on Twitter when I should tell me landlord about my broken fridge?
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh 4 months ago
4:15 that didn't hold up well
Andres Salazar
Andres Salazar 4 months ago
Free joe kelly
Remorseless Cuck Slayer II
Keep protecting the Astros commissioner.
Vergil Jerome
Vergil Jerome 4 months ago
What was funny about this when it came out was their fans were actually backing them up LMAO
Aidan K
Aidan K 5 months ago
Now let’s talk about what’s inside that letter Yankees
Seung Hun Lee
Seung Hun Lee 6 months ago
This two horny speaker always make me happy lol
Dustin Harrison
Dustin Harrison 6 months ago
LeBron saying this but his Cavs got help to win the Finals. What a hypocrite.
Johnny 6 months ago
Even non-fans or haters of the Yankees have got to feel for Judge on this one. Cheating your way to the title is one thing, but for Altuve - who, as a leader to the Astros, was almost certainly a key figure in implementing their “system” - to just get away with swiping Judge’s chance to win MVP in his rookie season, something only two people in the history of the MLB have ever done, is inexcusable.
Jason Oshima
Jason Oshima 6 months ago
Can't wait until the documentary about the cheating Trashtros comes out...
1994 Safcgarry
1994 Safcgarry 7 months ago
First take always better without molly!!
Xavier Patterson
Xavier Patterson 7 months ago
I hate the Astros
Bellathebear 7 months ago
Manfred says " it's only a piece of metal " Get your FREE Limited Edition Cheatingsokmanfredsosay Buzzer or Mini Trashcan on Opening Day ! These are OFFICIALLY Licensed and Approved by Cheatingsokmanfredsosay !
Tim Tudosa
Tim Tudosa 7 months ago
Man now I wish the 2020 MLB season happened
Alonso Casillas
Alonso Casillas 7 months ago
What Stephen doesn’t get is that turning your back doesn’t do anything.. if you play baseball you know what’s coming
Lorenc Pepdjonovic
Lorenc Pepdjonovic 7 months ago
0:34 I can't belive that btchass Jim .... whatever his lastname is gets to hold that trophy but Steinbrenners or dodgers owners don't ... FVCK HOUSTON
Haiyan Kim
Haiyan Kim 8 months ago
The nationals won the series
Kwbaseball07 8 months ago
In 2017 Altuve hit .381 at home and .313 at home
kallybloome 8 months ago
VACATE!!!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣
Fred Lew
Fred Lew 8 months ago
Miranda Lovejoy
Miranda Lovejoy 9 months ago
Don’t all MLB teams cheat? Weather steroids or stealing signs?
tony cooney
tony cooney 9 months ago
Max makes great points. Lebron needs to keep his trap shut play basketball keep your 100 of millions and don't worry about baseball.
TheKhaosDemon 9 months ago
Judge should be with an MVP and 2 World Series Rings right now.
Master Thot Slayer
Master Thot Slayer 9 months ago
I vote we change the name to the Houston Ashtrays
Aidan S
Aidan S 9 months ago
Max really switched positions like 4 times in 3 minutes
Christopher Castro
Christopher Castro 9 months ago
Let's go bang on some Trash Cans....Go Astros....To the Haters and Commataters 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 9 months ago
You ever notice that baseball scandals are usually more entertaining than baseball games ?
MonkeyBarz179 9 months ago
Like I’ve said before, it’s going to be a looooong and excruciating season for the Astros. They’ll deserve every minute of it.
DuWayne Engram
DuWayne Engram 9 months ago
I agree with Stephen A Smith 100%.
rafterscott 9 months ago
I LOVE the idea of the players turning their backs on the Astros. I don't think it'll happen, but God I wish it did.
Timbob Just The Facts
You hear that? That's China calling you Lebron, answer...
Yankees Fan For Life
ManFred should resign
Tyler Wolf
Tyler Wolf 9 months ago
What about guys like the pitchers, and people who were in aware, like that means taking away garret cole’s ring, when he had nothing to do with it!
nrj6490 9 months ago
Max "the Yankees were beating the brakes off them" Kellerman
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz 9 months ago
I’m just speaking out loud here , but those rings will probably he some of the most valuable pieces of sports memorabilia in 50 years due to this scandal. Hands down the biggest scandal since the ped era.
John Barnes
John Barnes 9 months ago
Steven A is an idiot. Those who can...Do Those who can't.....criticize Steven A is part of the reason ESPN sucks.
Amos Pagan
Amos Pagan 9 months ago
Gary InMarz
Gary InMarz 9 months ago
Astros must think that it wasn't that big of a cheat by acting this way! Now they will need to prove it by winning the world series in 2020.
Karan Phull
Karan Phull 9 months ago
Emotionally these Houston guys are going to get drained and booed ...not gona be good for em
77kirkwood 9 months ago
Pablo Escobart
Pablo Escobart 9 months ago
Go Astros!
City of Gentlemen
City of Gentlemen 9 months ago
I like that idea. I’d go further and wouldn’t announce the team or the starting line up.
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 9 months ago
They should take the trophy away but the only reason this got into something was cause of the word technology. But teams steals signs.
WhiteFeather 9 months ago
If the commissioner doesnt remove the 2017 Championship from the Asstros, MLB will take a huge hit and fans will lose alot of respect to this sport. Stop the bleeding, remove the Championship. And give it to The Dodgers and Yankees.
Scott Morey
Scott Morey 9 months ago
Yeah Lebron. Tells Daryl Morey to be careful what he supports because it cost him $$$. All he cares about is Lebron so he should just shut his face
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 9 months ago
So what Patriots cheated atheles cheat steriods other performance enhancing drugs .... Nothing got taken away.... Home run records ect ... Its just something to moan and groan about... FOR GOD SAKES LET PETE ROSE IN THE HALL OF FAME
J B 9 months ago
They better find out the “hit the batter” sign real quick.
Gaspar R
Gaspar R 9 months ago
I wonder what the baseball players union is saying about all of this cheating.
Ralph Bulson
Ralph Bulson 9 months ago
If these cheaters don't get punished reinstate Pete Rose.
Dos XBD 9 months ago
Then if LeBron’s tweet should be taken seriously, the 2016 Warriors should be irate that the NBA cheated them out of games 5 & 6 to give the Cavs and edge. Also the NBA shiuld be irate LeBron has been using PEDs the last 12 years. But i guess thats not important.
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart 9 months ago
Vacate title and postseason ban for 3 years !! Then all the fans might think some Justice is done !!
Mr. MERCEDES 95 9 months ago
LeTurd should never speak on anything EVER That clown is an idiot- play basketball & stay out of everything else
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 9 months ago
I'd have my whole team walk up to their dugout one by one slowly with the pregame camera rolling and have each player have a few dollars in a pocket that they pull out and toss it into the Astros dugout before each and every game!
rrboss33 9 months ago
Male Nurses Rock 2
Male Nurses Rock 2 9 months ago
For starters, I dont want to hear about Yankees fans being outraged by cheating. How many wins were won with steroids and/or money? That would take years of clips compared to bangs on a trash can. So all of yall, oh excuse me, all of you all can shut the flip up...and as far as all out outrage goes...Houston Astros fans had to endure a poor little kid holding a sign saying, please pitch to my daddy so he can get the homerun record...with tears in his eyes....we didn't even say anything about the amount of steroids he was taking...even though it was enough to make his head pop like a bad pimple...we just simply didn't pitch to him...where was the outrage then!!!! I'm proud to be a Houston Astros fan...I couldn't be prouder...you know why? You have ostracized them so bad that no team would want them...so they cant leave our team and we will be winners for a very long time...so keep it up!!! I like being a winner!!!
Luc Grand
Luc Grand 9 months ago
You would strip away gold medals from the Olympics......this is no different, end of discussion.
Seagull Rock Squawk
Seagull Rock Squawk 9 months ago
David Ortiz “ he’s a snitch “ . What a thug thing to say.
Seagull Rock Squawk
Seagull Rock Squawk 9 months ago
Altuve - that little cheater. And calls himself a Christian ? Makes ‘ Faith ‘ videos ?
StealthySZN 9 months ago
I’m a yankee fan and the only thing I want is the astros ws taken away and for judge to get that mvp that he got robbed off of. Don’t suspend them just take it away if ur taking there ring away. If they take there ring then don’t suspend them.
msp tcb
msp tcb 9 months ago
You can't blame the baseball players They don't even speak English
RAMON RENDON 9 months ago
And suspend them.
John Wang
John Wang 9 months ago
Just wait till the stros step foot in the Bronx. Yankee stadium will be a riot.
Seitzer1 9 months ago
Manfred still has a job, WHY?
breven sanford
breven sanford 9 months ago
I can get behind Stephen A on this
Is My Whiskey Ready
Is My Whiskey Ready 9 months ago
All Astro’s deserve fastballs aimed at their heads
Brian Driskell
Brian Driskell 9 months ago
At least Tom Brady got punished when he was caught cheating. 🤷🏽‍♂️
SuperSixOne 9 months ago
Judge, sit down, you were the strike out king in 2017...Lebron stay in your lane son and if they want to strip away championships start with the patriots
Outer 9 months ago
3:10 he about to say Houston Ratsos lol
kallybloome 9 months ago
Want_Thy_Smoke 9 months ago
That’s smart to turn your back to em
Harry Corson
Harry Corson 9 months ago
Are the Astros the only one cheating or are the only ones caught?
Krunchy 67
Krunchy 67 9 months ago
Hahahahaha...a Yankee complaining about cheating!!!😂😂😂
BW-CT 9 months ago
They shouldn't take the trophy away either. Where would MLB draw the line at when and when not to take the title away? What if several players on a championship winning team are proven to have been on steroids? Do you take away the title? No. This is big news, and affects baseball, but punishments were handed out (suspensions of GM and manager), the team was fined the max $5 million, and future draft picks were taken away. That is the max punishment. Players were given immunity to get to the bottom of the scandal. Case closed. If MLB wants to do more, they should revise the maximum punishments. Raise the maximum fine to $100 million, forfeit games, etc. But silly to strip them of the title at this point. It is already tarnished.
BW-CT 9 months ago
How many 2017 Astros players are on the 2020 roster? Silly to "disrespect" the entire team by not shaking hands or "turning their backs" during the national anthem. Players on the field don't need to make a statement, because many ex-Astros are now on different teams. For example, the Yanks have Gerrit Cole. Silly to think the Yanks would disrespect the Astros on the field when they have Cole on their team. Let the fans decide how and if they want to support the Astros. And let the fans of the other teams tell the Astros how they feel. Players should not get involved on the field.
Rick Olivares
Rick Olivares 9 months ago
The Houston Asterisks!
Edwin Mohan
Edwin Mohan 9 months ago
I’m not taking the Astros side here in any way, I know they cheated. But when you look at home and away splits. They have a higher everything away: average, wins, home runs, hits and OPS. I’m just saying that you have to look at what’s fair and look at specific situations and look at all 162 games to get all the information.
Eric W
Eric W 9 months ago
What I don't get is why they would even want to cheat... I mean cheating is for the person that sucks, not for the ones who are the best at something!! They deserve to be ridiculed! Personally I think the whole team should be suspended from baseball for the 2020 season!
Jaerock 9 months ago
this idiot stephen A Smith still said GSW were gonna beat raptors in the finals last year . lulz
Robert Schwartzback
Robert Schwartzback 9 months ago
I want to say I can't believe how MLB is (well, not) handling this ... but I can believe it. MLB may be sacred to the players, coaches and fans ... but just like the commish's "Piece of Metal" comment showed, the suit and ties at the top are blind to anything and everything except the bottom dollar. They view punishment as 'bad for business', so whether or not it's good for baseball or the integrity of the game simply doesn't matter to them.
Mark Kortum
Mark Kortum 9 months ago
Force them to move to Boston.
Larry Klein
Larry Klein 9 months ago
I didnt hear him say sorry
sbfarmer 8
sbfarmer 8 9 months ago
how do the players that were on '17/18/19 that are no longer as_holes participate.
ChickenOfDarknes 9 months ago
Hey i mean it made baseball relevant topic to talk about again.
illusioNery 9 months ago
They can turn their backs to them AND also bean them and go for hard tackles
Tivo Zamorano
Tivo Zamorano 9 months ago
Altuve is gonna get it hard youll see his stats are gonna suck hes gonna be moping floors for a living when he sucks
Happier and with your mouth open
Bruce Bochy retired at the perfect time. Manfred needs to grow a pair
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 9 months ago
who cares what quin lebron think jijiji.
Justin Caldwell
Justin Caldwell 9 months ago
LeBron's comment is rich! He was on the bio genesis list and has more than likely been taking steroids for the better part of his career. Look it up!! Guys a cheater his dang self!!
Brett Ramos
Brett Ramos 9 months ago
But what about new players on the team that had nothing to do with the scandal?
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