First Take debates whether Philip Rivers should retire from the NFL | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Keyshawn Johnson and Max Kellerman debate whether veteran QB Philip Rivers should retire after moving on from the Los Angeles Chargers.
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Published on


Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 80
wildcard veez
wildcard veez Month ago
Rivers is not a hall of fame QB . It's done .
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump Month ago
Wish the Chargers would go home. They are lost in a city they do not belong.
Trumpenstein 2 months ago
Rivers was ALWAYS inconsistent. Even when he was in his 20's. RETIRE FOOL!
jdl619 2 months ago
Rivers will throw for 5,000 yards wiith the colts this year and they will be in they will be in the play offs this year and we migjt have to play each other
Tyrone Alexander
Tyrone Alexander 2 months ago
Phillip Rivers is super bowl bound now.Go Colts.
Johnny Chaos
Johnny Chaos 3 months ago
I think I heard somewhere that Rivers had moved his family to Florida already. If that's the case he's either retiring or going to Tampa Bay.
Rozay Cy
Rozay Cy 3 months ago
This seems unusual __ That dude lookin' like hahaDavis in the thumbnail
Aaron Wiesenfeld
Aaron Wiesenfeld 3 months ago
Old man river needs to go to KC or Baltimore and finally get the ring.
trev N
trev N 3 months ago
They KEEEP Trying to push this you cant be a pocket qb narrative its stupid if you have an ok Oline. Patty is a pocket QB, Brady just won the SB he is not agile, Foles won it before that a pocket guy, Jimmy G pocket guy like the best QBs are mainly pocket guys and give me that in the playoffs most times. How lamar been lookin last couple playoffs when it comes time to pass to a W
trev N
trev N 3 months ago
Would still take him to show a new kid whats up for a yr or 2 if cheaper. He did fall off hard last year with that weird throwing motion. Go get 5-10mil somewere and show a kid whats up but dont think he wants to be that guy
Journal Wright
Journal Wright 3 months ago
Colin Kaepernick accomplish way more than Philip Rivers in a short amount of time and he's out of the league so why does Philip Rivers deserve a job?
Journal Wright
Journal Wright 3 months ago
Philip Rivers is just there. He was beloved in San Diego prior to the Chargers moving.
John Hinojosa
John Hinojosa 3 months ago
Philip is going to Miami
Don Cee
Don Cee 3 months ago
One last year for him Brees Brady and Big Ben please do us all a favor and retire
Chris Thurber
Chris Thurber 3 months ago
Glad to see they talked about this
sdflyr 3 months ago
Teams are not going to want Rivers. He is a consistent clutch loser by serving up interceptions and fumbles. Even on years when he was at his best, he would fail at critical moments by turning over the ball. He is the San Diego Choker.
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson 3 months ago
The charger should go to Oakland
Trae Fittz
Trae Fittz 3 months ago
I think Tom Brady should Retire cuz I def don’t wanna see him play for any team other than the PATRIOTS. Plus there’s Nothing left to prove!! You’re One year removed from a Championship. Don’t go out like this..
William Van Parys
William Van Parys 3 months ago
The end of an era indeed... So who will replace him???
Michael Sherron
Michael Sherron 3 months ago
Big Ben--Eli Manning--Philip Rivers, Hall of Fame Draft class.
O Thongsrinoon
O Thongsrinoon 3 months ago
props to Chargers? that's egregious! the Giants gave Eli classy send off while the Chargers put out a thank you tweet with a video. what's these national guys are missing the point on is that the Chargers are the worst run franchise in football. the OL ranks near bottom every single year under Telesco. they gave up on fixing the OL and find a QB who can save himself by running for their own life. even Russel Wilson can only do so much with porous line as he did couple years back
Jesus Sandoval
Jesus Sandoval 3 months ago
Despite the trash talk Rivers was blessed with 16 years in the nfl not many have that opportunity for example Andrew Luck. The hustle was there good or bad he showed up. good luck to number 17 ⚡️
Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco 3 months ago
If Phillip Rivers gets into the hall of fame the NFL is going downhill quick
Omar YAHU 3 months ago
When will SAS retire? I'm waiting.
Break Down
Break Down 3 months ago
1:10 you just "soar" too many afternoons where Phillip Rivers couldn't get it done xD
j720 3 months ago
I think that the Chargers did the right thing by not resigning Philip but all of these guys have forgotten how many games Philip has started. One of the most durable players of all time - scrambling Quarterbacks get hurt a lot. I wish he could of moved around more than he did but i don't want a Michael Vick either because Vick got hurt a lot and so will every other scrambling QB.
Franklin Franklinson
He should play for the XFL.
Mogwai Man
Mogwai Man 3 months ago
Pretty much, dude fell off hard.
PHOENIXQ2024 3 months ago
KJ talk like the chargers don’t have a squad lol 😼
Jay 3 months ago
Dumb ##$#@. I think we've seen the best of Brady too. But nobody sees his decline in throwing accuracy just like Rivers
Moreala Morehead
Moreala Morehead 3 months ago
This the thing hall of farmers retire when they want too
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts 3 months ago
Let em play some were else and see what he can do
Hard Ostrich
Hard Ostrich 3 months ago
I think stephen a should retire
Deletisthefitis Lol
Deletisthefitis Lol 3 months ago
Chargers might draft Justin Herbert
Super19900991 3 months ago
How many playoff wins? How many playoff appearances? What's his win percentage? Hall of Fame???
Jacob David
Jacob David 3 months ago
How you going to tell a man to retire? Media pisses me off I swear.
LAMPPOST Greystroke
LAMPPOST Greystroke 3 months ago
my follow up to this is Keyshawn Johnson.. he is a fantastic analyst. He was also a player. he knows what its like to play and no longer play. I am on Mr Johnsons side with this one
LAMPPOST Greystroke
LAMPPOST Greystroke 3 months ago
Mr Rivers will retire when he chooses to or if no team decides to take him on. I just love these sportscasters..sportscasters who have never competed in pro sports, they are saying that someone should walk away from something that not only they have done for the better part of two decades, but have loved...for the time they do what they do, its who they ARE. I draw comic books...i was and still am a pro for a LONG time...i just entered my 50's there is NO ONE who will tell me that i should stop because of my age... Id love to see how you guys would feel if someone told you that you weren't useful...
VicZX6R 3 months ago
Rivers is still a smart snake like Brady... just need to a team like Manning did to get him a ring with a supporting defense. I'd gladly sigh Rivers and Brady for 1 or 2 yr deal then pay dak 40million a year. These 2 dudes still have some in the tank. Dak is trash.
aSickSpartan 3 months ago
Stephen “we get alla that” smith
Amuurican 3 months ago
Rivers is done, if that's who you want as your QB you don't wanna win his best years are behind him its over.
Joe Biden is a Racist, Senile and Corrupt Pervert
Two-opinionated big mouths who have never played a sport at a high level in their lives will determine if a borderline Hall of Famer should retire... Yes, I'm really interested in their "expert" opinions...
SASUKE UCHIHA 3 months ago
well at least Philip Rivers still got his plan B hotdog stand job gig 😊
Joshua Mckoy
Joshua Mckoy 3 months ago
Stephen A smoking crack
CeezDawg 3 months ago
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva 3 months ago
Rivers as a back up for the texans!!!!
James Tiefry
James Tiefry 3 months ago
Stfu if you get rid of the ball ascfast as he has your fckd with our oline your pathetic
Adam James
Adam James 3 months ago
If Phillip rivers warrants consideration for HoF then Eli is forsure going to the HoF
Matt Foley
Matt Foley 3 months ago
Indeed he does need to ... please don’t come here we don’t want u
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter
Philip is the king of creampies Kee out here looking like he was gonna eat Stephen A when he said Rivers should retire Rivers is better than Big Ben and Eli, he just wasnt as clutch and never won a super bowl(s)
Cyrix D
Cyrix D 3 months ago
The pocket passes is slowly making its way out of the NFL this is a mobile passers league now.
Noag Bogudki
Noag Bogudki 3 months ago
This is so disrespectful it’s not funny, guy has one of the top 10 arms in the league
Brandon Weaver
Brandon Weaver 3 months ago
If Rivers had spent his career with a good organization, he would have gotten a Super Bowl ring. Those Chargers teams with him and LT had the talent to win a Super Bowl but they were wasted with Norv Turner as the head coach.
buddy Israel
buddy Israel 3 months ago
Max go back to boxing full time, and Keyshawn go somewhere smdh Rivers should retire. He putting down another Brother in Brisset smdh Black folks is doomed we are our biggest enemy really.
Stay blessed
Stay blessed 3 months ago
Yes because he’s garbage
Quincy Lewis
Quincy Lewis 3 months ago
Phillip Rivers is a Hall of Famer his issue is that he ran into Tom Brady and Peyton Manning over the years. Also not the best coaches.
Cam Young
Cam Young 3 months ago
Keyshawns faces all 2020 @ 0:15 - 0:16
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 3 months ago
Chargers only went 14-2 with Marty Shottenheimer and they fired him. Chargers never recovered from that and moving from SD ruined them.Send him to Miami to die with honor in from of a good fan base and good weather on a losing team.
Seth Benson
Seth Benson 3 months ago
How come they suck rivers for underperforming his whole career and say hes a future hall of famer but then fault eli for having 2 superbowls and critize tony romo (who was as good as rivers) and call him an underachiever when romo wasnt even drafted
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 3 months ago
Da Greatness of da Raiders!!!! Yeah but Oaktown Bizz
Billy Hill
Billy Hill 3 months ago
Chargers offensive line sucks If bread Eagles there he'll get killed. Philip Rivers can still play somewhere if they have offensive line help protect him.
Mexican Zeppelin
Mexican Zeppelin 3 months ago
Philip needs protection and Indy done got it. Good call Keyshawn. That's a SB contender, right there. And folks, Philip did not lose that divisional game in San Diego against the Patriots. They guy had some bad luck. He also played hard against the Pats in 2007 in the playoffs on a bad knee in the cold. Mucho respete, punto!
J R 3 months ago
They changed the game so much that the QB is more like a glorified RB. Watching Mahomes run around until a receiver gets open only to shovel pass it for 10 yards is boring. At least Rivers can place the ball 40 yards down the field in a tight window only his receiver can get.
Carlos Pepes
Carlos Pepes 3 months ago
He needs to go with the bears and win a Superbowl or two and show trubisky the ropes.
Phil Gray Likes
Phil Gray Likes 3 months ago
Tough as nails with a Rocket for an arm
kung fu kenny
kung fu kenny 3 months ago
Retire. Trash
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes 3 months ago
Rivers is better than 2/3 of the qbs
REALM OF RAGE TV 3 months ago
As a Texans fan I hope to God he stays away from Indy. That team would be scary af to play twice a year 😂
OneStopShop 3 months ago
id like to see rivers on a team with a really good O line
Elbert Lee
Elbert Lee 3 months ago
Haha only in professional sports is it ok to let other people tell you what to do with your life and career
Brian Hunte
Brian Hunte 3 months ago
Steven A his throwing motion made him throw 59K in yards bro...stop your nonsense
Zach Lyons
Zach Lyons 3 months ago
I like Rivers alot. And Ima 49ers fan. But... He had some ELITE teams. That should have easily won the SB. LT and company were NO joke... If he couldn't win with them, then idk what he could win with.
J R 3 months ago
McCree in 06' cost them a Super Bowl trip.
BrandonSpencer 3 months ago
I really want them to stop putting Rivers name in the same sentence as the Colts. He is a great but Indy already has Brissett who is only a step down from Rivers.
J o s e p h J o h n s o n
Chargers was suppose to been moved on from Phillip Rivers...
Dr. Taurean Walker
Dr. Taurean Walker 3 months ago
Always loved Keshawn! He sounds like a pastor of a mega church.
stephenson aman
stephenson aman 3 months ago
If he retires this season he should get into the hall before Eli does
Keith Addison Sr.
Keith Addison Sr. 3 months ago
Keyshawn Johnson how dare u blame Indianapolis falling apart on Jacoby talking about the team was there and he fell apart when it was the other way around Jacoby played his heart out, balled out of control and it was the team that fell apart so we're just going to ignore the fact the defense was awful or the hall of fame kicker missing everything from extra points to 40yders and had the worst kicking season of his career so none of the blame is on the head coach who coached scared like he didn't Kno what he was doing
RODley Pumpkins
RODley Pumpkins 3 months ago
Stephen A needs to stick to basketball.
José Afonso
José Afonso 3 months ago
The Chargers is slowly losing all of its identity First the city, now the QB I bet that Spanos will change the name and the logo in no time
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia 3 months ago
Bring the chargers to Mexico cityt
WhoozyOMO 3 months ago
Philip Rivers HOF??? GTFO
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