First Take debates Ja Morant vs. Zion Williamson for NBA Rookie of the Year

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and rapper Common play "Who do you love" and make their picks for the NBA's best point guard and debate whether New Orleans Pelicans big man Zion Williamson or Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant should win rookie of the year.
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Published on


Feb 14, 2020




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Comments 80
aldrin de jesus
aldrin de jesus 4 months ago
This year its chris paul
Effren Woods
Effren Woods 4 months ago
The key word is YEAR!! you can't win an award for half a year. If Zion wins then we all know it's a popularity vote not skills. Even if New Orleans gets the 8th seed that's not enough. Memphis is a small market and Ja has brought them from obscurity. My vote is Ja because of the FULL SEASON he has had. Nothing against Zion(although he was out with injury) but if he wins then Next year a rookie should sit out half the season and shine the 2nd half to win the award.
SryWRLD 4 months ago
Don’t disrespect Ja like that. Zion is great but he’s only played a handful of games.
ThirtyTwoShots 4 months ago
I just wish yal talk different topics, swear they beating a dead horse with these recycled topics
Yahya Shabaka
Yahya Shabaka 4 months ago
I like Zion for Rookie of the year. After I seen him blast out Steven Adams from the key to out of bounds. And other plays that defy reason. He is something special and unique. Ja is a great player as well. He is a throw back player. Zion is that and much more. He is blasting big and strong grown men in their prime in the paint. In the paint is where the real war is. And Zion has punk those who live in the paint.
RetardedUnicorn9595 4 months ago
The answer is obviously neither...Ben Simmons ROTY
Josh LaGuardia
Josh LaGuardia 4 months ago
Ja Morant
CC 4 months ago
Best point gaurd is trae young or dame
nsg shaun
nsg shaun 4 months ago
Its Russell Westbrook plain and simple
i'm wifin' justina valentine
Ja. Well, Zion is probably more talented that Morant but Ja has been doing it the whole year. It'd be so disrespectful to Morant if Zion won this award.
Husky Thor
Husky Thor 4 months ago
Zion hasn't played enough games and it's not like he's lightyears better than Morant right now. Morant get ROTY easy
Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Collins 4 months ago
You can't reward people for playing part of a season. If Ja just keeps his same place he deserves it no matter what Zion does.
One Punch Pelican
One Punch Pelican 4 months ago
I'm a Pelicans fan being from New Orleans and Zion can one day be the best player in world but that special young man in Memphis deserves it for playing well all year
Jrashidel Ali
Jrashidel Ali 4 months ago
Why is this a debate
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 4 months ago
Best point guards this season 1) Dame 2) Trae Young 3)Westbrook 4)Ben Simmons 5)CP3 6)Kyrie Irving ( only this low because of injury) 7)Kemba Walker 8) Jrue Holiday 9) DRose 10) Kyle Lowry 11)DeArron Foxx 12)Ja Morant 13) Spencer Dinwinddie 14Jamaal Murray 15)Dennis Schroeder/ Devonta Graham
Cee Hall
Cee Hall 4 months ago
Luka hasn’t been the best point guard??
Mark Drekaj
Mark Drekaj 4 months ago
Cee Hall been looking this comment man
Colline Cabaluna
Colline Cabaluna 4 months ago
I think Ja wins the ROTY. But everybody know that Zion is better than him. If he played since the start of the season didnt get injured he will win it for sure but Ja deserves because he stayed healthy and played the whole season. ZION IS STILL BETTER THAN JA NO QUESTIONS, HE GOT BETTER STATS COMPARED TO LUKA AND LEBRON ON THEIR ROOKIE SEASON, BUT HE DIDNT PLAY THE WHOLE SEASON.
Wi ll
Wi ll 4 months ago
For me Ja gets it, he’s played like a beast the hole season and maybe if Zion wasn’t injured I’ll give it to him but Ja deserves no one was expecting h grizzlies to be 8th 😂 and Zion is great but evening acting like he’s gonna win a championship or come at least top 3 his first season which will not be the case 🤷‍♂️
Jared Martin
Jared Martin 4 months ago
It would be complete bs if Zion wins it over JA
Dylen Worthington
Dylen Worthington 4 months ago
If Ja morant doesn't win rookie of the year if would be the biggest robbery of all time
Solo Young
Solo Young 4 months ago
KL Chambers
KL Chambers 4 months ago
Stop acting like a rookie NEVER WON ROY after playing less then half a season . It’s been done and Zion can do it
Benjamin Oliver
Benjamin Oliver 4 months ago
Ja Morant easily, unless Zion can lead his team to the playoffs with the time he has left
The_HBK_23 4 months ago
Being from Chicago, it's a shame the nba and ESPN making it seem like Chicago is just black
Capital G
Capital G 4 months ago
Why tf is Zion even in the conversation he was out for half the season
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality 4 months ago
Dame is a great SG
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 4 months ago
Ja Morant is the best PG of the new generation, Curry, Kyrie, Westbrook, CP3, Dame in no particular order best 5 point guards of their time
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 4 months ago
Tdot's most hated, Trae’s points don’t mean anything with that record
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 4 months ago
Brandon Thomas Foxx is whack Morant schooled him he’s just got a bit of speed in his game they’re both in the western conference yet sac town suck
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 4 months ago
The best new point guards are Trae Young and DeArron Foxx, people just don’t talk about Foxx cause he plays for Sacramento
Tdot's most hated
Tdot's most hated 4 months ago
Kristopher Raymond
Kristopher Raymond 4 months ago
Others may think it, no one else is saying it.. Damian Lillard/Russell Westbrook= Ja Morant
Slinky 4 months ago
Thank u max for saying Ben Simmons bc he doesn’t get enough credit bro he’s been putting up great numbers and has the best record at home and is the best on the team rn as we speak. Also his defense is such a beauty to watch like he’s so good at defense it is as fun to watch his dense as much of his offense. And this is not saying he can’t do anything offensively bc he is arguably the best passer in the league and is unstoppable in the paint. People be straight hating on this dude bc of his jumper but don’t sit and watch the game. He will strap up ur best player while controlling the game offensively.
K B 4 months ago
ja is ROY because if you have to say “if zion played all year or if he gets his team to the playoffs”! JA HAS PLAYED ALL SEASON AND HE ACTUALLY HAS HIS TEAM IN THE PLAYOFFS! if zion does doesn’t beat what JA is actually doing!
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 4 months ago
Bruh Ja earned and deserves ROY. Cmon maaaann.
Mustafa Ball
Mustafa Ball 4 months ago
Who do you love as NBA's best PG ? Russell Westbrook
AJOSUE 4 months ago
Legend 07
Legend 07 4 months ago
Stephen a surprised me with his Roy vote. o.O
AS ALCATRAZ 4 months ago
Ja morant for sure
just sick of you
just sick of you 4 months ago
I think that guy looks like Alonzo Mourning. Does that make me racist?
Serama PH
Serama PH 4 months ago
Morant is a beast
Tohunga Riwai
Tohunga Riwai 4 months ago
Zion ain't the ROTY. It's Ja Morant, hands down. Zion has missed too many games to win ROTY.
Walter Frisbee
Walter Frisbee 4 months ago
Zion can do his in 4 bars...Ja need an entire 16.... that's the difference
Kimola Mc Millan
Kimola Mc Millan 4 months ago
Why are they having this rookie debate????? Something tells me they gonna Rob Ja from that...the way the media killing this Zion thing who hardly played a dozen games
Sam Blakemore
Sam Blakemore 4 months ago
ErroneousE 4 months ago
Why though🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
LaRon Scott
LaRon Scott 4 months ago
Ja Roty
Twoin ss boss
Twoin ss boss 4 months ago
It's ja
Chelle 4 months ago
1:53 Simmons is not the defensive player of the year...
Real Nigga
Real Nigga 4 months ago
Chelle hes leading the nba in steals
PG 13PACERNATION 4 months ago
Zion Williamson is TEN games into his NBA career and is averaging 22.1 PPG and 7.5 RPG in 27.4 MPG! Rookie of the Year? 🤔
Dang Pineapple LLC.
Dang Pineapple LLC. 4 months ago
Ja 'Rule' Morant...no relation. *heavy shrug*
Jason Liao
Jason Liao 4 months ago
Lol harden carries a team from the 14th seed to the 4th seed and all he got was hate now dame is trying to just get into the 8th seed bearly and he’s some how the best pg in the game?
MEECH !! 4 months ago
Ben is a good defender but DPOY, relax
Joshua Pâté
Joshua Pâté 4 months ago
I think Michael Porter Jr. should get some consideration if he keeps playing at a high level after his ankle sprain!
Angela f-rachal
Angela f-rachal 4 months ago
There's only one from the two. I one that's been playing the whole season.
Q Dog35
Q Dog35 4 months ago
Ja morant is the obvious pick duh !!!
McIntosh Francois
McIntosh Francois 4 months ago
Forget how many games they played. The question is who is a better player? The answer is Zion. Take Ja Morant best 10 game stretch and compare it against Zion(recovery) 10 game stretch and see if its better than Zion's. The answer is NO!
DeZ Nutz
DeZ Nutz 4 months ago
Morant easy he’s actually played over 9 games and still got good stats. His team 8 seed too
MJS 4 months ago
Rookie of the YEAR. Not Rookie of 2 Weeks and a Half. 🙄 Ja, easily.
J T 4 months ago
Media trying so hard to give Zion ROY
Navid 4 months ago
who do you want for one game, or season... morant or Zion? that answers your ROTY question. Zions stats in even a short sample is enough for him to win this.
Creux 4 months ago
*Lmao you're an idiot. Hush.*
Kofi Oppong
Kofi Oppong 4 months ago
Luka Doncic. !
Sesh 4 months ago
The answer is Morant easily, he has played the whole season while playing with less talent than Zion who has Ingram an All-Star.
KL Chambers
KL Chambers 4 months ago
Sesh Ingram just became an all star this year. Doesn’t matter if Ja has played the entire year if Zion out plays him especially head to head then Zion is ROY
Mowglie 4 months ago
@Sudden Arrival Nope. It's a regular season award same as any other.
Sudden Arrival
Sudden Arrival 4 months ago
If he takes them to the playoffs and maybe past first round playoffs people will look back and say Zion. But it is rookie of the YEAR, and the year includes all the way up to the finals doesn't it?
Chrollo Chi
Chrollo Chi 4 months ago
what if he starts averaging over 25 ppg?
KenHitThose 4 months ago
@De’Aaron Rose of course but he missed over 40 more games so he just can get it
Ceasar 4 months ago
Without question is JA! Zion has only played 10 games. TEN. Disrespectful if they give it to zion over ja.
Matthew weiss
Matthew weiss 4 months ago
Steph Curry if he was healthy no doubt
Kababy Loadmanagement
Over lebron? I mean he is a pg by definition of a pg. He passes and is primary ball handler. 57% of time, he plays PG, 8% at SF, 35% at SG.
nigg nigg
nigg nigg 4 months ago
it's zion so just stop it.
Austin Full
Austin Full 4 months ago
Remember when Brogdon won ROY over Embiid and Saric because they didn't play enough games?
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs
@Nemesis z the most games Zion can end up playing is 39 which isnt much different than Joel Embiid's 31.
Nemesis z
Nemesis z 4 months ago
yes but embiid should've won that year....2ndly zion was injured before the season started, he didn't get injured between the season.....he simply started season late and if he finishes healthy and gets them into playoffs than he should get it
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs
I think embiid only played like 26 games that year. Zion will probably play more than that. I still think it goes to Ja tho cause hes been doing this all year and has his team in the playoffs.
13uckets 4 months ago
Why is this a debate
Gregory Kirkland
Gregory Kirkland 4 months ago
No Russell bro, y’all straight disrespectful
Tom 4 months ago
I'm not going to lie, IF Zion carries the Pels to the playoffs and knocks off the lakers, he's for sure winning ROY. But only then...
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 4 months ago
But it's not a playoff award. He would only be credited for taking the Pelicans to the playoffs.
P4P Best.
P4P Best. 4 months ago
Even the title of the video is a total disrespect to Morant.
Emmett Bold Jr.
Emmett Bold Jr. 4 months ago
It’s Friday why do we have to deal with molly.
Ja'Rell Smith
Ja'Rell Smith 4 months ago
Why is this a debate.... it's easily morant.... he's played THE WHOLE SEASON and has balled the whole season
Ja'Rell Smith
Ja'Rell Smith 4 months ago
@blic leak fugg are you talkin about? luka won it last yr... SO OBVIOUSLY HE'S NOT A ROOKIE ANYMORE
blic leak
blic leak 4 months ago
Ja'Rell Smith he is in the conversation but it is obviously Luka
Matthew456987 4 months ago
Zion duh he’s the best rookie so far
The Joker
The Joker 4 months ago
If Ja gets robbed of ROTY
Black Shades Johnny Cage
Y’all need to chill Westbrook do his thang but he not the best pg
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 4 months ago
He's top 3 to say the least...
KPNxtra 4 months ago
Brandon Ingram is better than Zion
Chelle 4 months ago
KPNxtra ...for now
KPNxtra 4 months ago
I agree with you but here’s my problem Zion only played 10 games
Siegel Gaming
Siegel Gaming 4 months ago
Dame is overrated shut up lmfaoooo
Christopher Hernandez
Disrespectful to ja putting Zion in the race. Smh
Travis Blair
Travis Blair 4 months ago
@Young Freeman Obviously??? You sound so matter fact, hype man. Ja's been the better player since college. At every level, going back to high school, Ja has had more responsibility Zion in leading their respective teams. Both are good & talented, but don't sit here like a fanboy a spit out hyperbole.
Young Freeman
Young Freeman 4 months ago
Nate Cruz Zion’s obviously the better player lmfao and you really brought up position like that matters. Come back to this comment in 1 year so I can continue to call you dumb for thinking that Ja is even close to Zion😂
Travis Blair
Travis Blair 4 months ago
@Nate Cruz Facts 💯
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz 4 months ago
Perish obviously the better player? Bro please stop. Ja plays PG on a team that isn’t selfish. Zion plays SF/PF on a team that plays ZERO defense so he gets even more possessions. Ja is literally the main reason why the Grizzlies are the 8th seed
insomthegreat 4 months ago
Not if the pels take the 8th spot.
JustinSanity Entertainment
You cannot win a regular season award missing half the season. He has been sensational, but availability is the best ability.
Rae 4 months ago
Only common's handwriting is good
Replicant Roy
Replicant Roy 4 months ago
The best PG in the NBA isn't playing right now.
Neutral Genius
Neutral Genius 4 months ago
Ok cool. bye.
Chelle 4 months ago
Neutral Genius he said “the best PG in the NBA”, therefore your response doesn’t make sense.
Neutral Genius
Neutral Genius 4 months ago
Guess hes not in the NBA then.
Djibson DaSilva
Djibson DaSilva 4 months ago
JA will win it all no doubt about it. Kid got a bright future ahead of him.
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