FIRST START UP!! Twin Turbo AWD V8 S-10 And It Sounds INSANE! Ep.11

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Sep 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Fasterproms Year ago
Guys I honestly thought we weren't gonna be able to make this happen! Thank God it all came together and somehow easier at the very crucial moments. So Many people helped, gave their time and Thank you to all the Sponsors that made amazing things happen, We still have a ways to go but this was exciting! My Wife has been really helpful and understanding! So rewarding to meet a deadline especially when things didn't look as though it'd happen. We are shooting for a GM based Cheaper Hoonigan truck and I believe we are starting out right!! I can't wait to share with you guys the build as it progresses!! Lets just call this Stage 1! If you guys like what you see please help tell a buddy, if everyone does that we could REALLY GROW this Channel! Thank you all for the support! Also Please Check out the instagram side @fasterproms sometimes we have some exclusive stuff in there and or teasers!
Steven C
Steven C Year ago
Love how the can says toxic 6 as you just casually your fingers in it to check to see its e85
The Architect
The Architect Year ago
Fasterproms I went to my doctor appointment Tuesday and as I pull ini see an actual ALL original Typhoon in the rare deep red,,..must be the same color as yours 😉 had a new paper plate on it and I was in LOVE !!!! It was definitely a garage queen , interior interior was flawless. Out came the female nurse from the office and she walked right to it!! As a likely 65 year older OF nurse her cool card won't atmospheric when I realized it was her new daily!!!! Said she's always wanted either a cyclone or typhoon and one day by chance took a new way home and she said she saw IG sitting in someone's detached shop with a for sale sign. The original owner was selling it ,..only 32,000 original miles and the supposed white haired elderly man said he never drives it so time to go. She said he was shocked anyone's knew o cared wjAt it was,..???? Only one of THE LEGENDs!!! I meAn think of how ahead of iits day!!! Seriously an all wheel drive turbo 6 SUV that did 0-50 in 4 seconds nine stock!!!??? I still smile when I think of those days. I was in junior high Our vice principle bought the first one I'd ever seen. WAs black.😍 oh and I Jsut remembered the nurse told me what she payed 😳😭. I'll bet it was a record low for one these days and with the mileage and all original she could seriously eBay it and triple her money. But she said she's Keeping it too she dies. Epic taste ! Oh I just realized there was one mod,..the impossible to find Factory cyclone and typhoon wheels were gone.original owner bought some aweful set of almost 1990'd low rider custom wheels. They are aweful. Anyway saw that and instantly fhought of fasterproms!!! Also love that your wife is a part of your videos ,..she's awesome, . Also love when coopers in yours too, he's completely different on your channel , he's a smart add and funny. Did ur wife ever do a first drive reaction in porkopotimus?? Just watched CLEETUS video and saw the pork and also coops Unicorn which is identical to the ond I had except mine was the manual 😍 Wish I'd kept it BUT went c6 z06 wit. A pretty awesome build and was by far my favorite of all the cars I've had. Dazed and confused reminds me of Ken Blocks 1970's AWD TT economist truck. He lives 4 streets up from me and man he'd digit this build.
Uncertified Mechanics
Sick truck man saw it today great work
Justin Whitaker
See ya in bowling green
Steve Martin
Steve Martin Year ago
Congratulations bud it sounds awesome!
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden 4 months ago
No wonder tater tot. Blown up. The worst thing you can do is Rev a motor at 10,000 RPM with no load on it. You got to be kidding me. You just spent 50% of that Motors life just now and the only one giggling about it is you
Alexander Males
Alexander Males 10 months ago
What did you use to turn it into a awd truck?
Boyd Phelps
Boyd Phelps 10 months ago
Sema build bluetooth drive shafts
Chad Warner
Chad Warner 11 months ago
I'm just now catching up on the channel and have made sure not to watch anything actor this point. Congratulations truck sounds amazing.
Derek Stewart
Derek Stewart 11 months ago
What Intake manifold is that? I thought I knew all of them lol
Clint Shell
Clint Shell 11 months ago
Please put up a disclaimer before any future filing is filmed. Still sending shivers up my spine.
Oliver Robey
Oliver Robey 11 months ago
When are you going to give us an update on Franken S-10
Cody Z28
Cody Z28 Year ago
When's your next S10 build video?
Retired driver
Damn that runs smooth
#Spoolage is totally a word. The car community is full of them.
HarryCrumb Year ago
On The Trail
On The Trail Year ago
Congrats on the build so far. It def has that just-right pissed off and angry tone to it. Can’t wait to see more. 👍
Lou Donello
Lou Donello Year ago
What front diff are you using. How are you gonna get it to do rear wheel burnouts with the button? Is there an actuator on that front differential
Bad Apple
Bad Apple Year ago
I'm building a turbo 02' LQ9 AWD Escalade
Trevor Andrewski
Sounds identical to Leroy as expected
Mike Larue
Mike Larue Year ago
Ha Jeremy stuck his finger in the hole and then smelled it.
Kurt Barrett
Kurt Barrett Year ago
Holy friggin randomness! I was watching this with my phone on the fan shroud of my truck, while I was doing some wiring repairs. I stopped to watch for a minute while the crimping tool/bead making trick was shown and I look in my hand and I'm holding the exact same.tool... I dunno, just weird to me!
Cody Galloway
Cody Galloway Year ago
Why steel the mass air flow when you'll probably pass a 100 parts stores or more on the way to LS fest may as well just buy one lol
Cody Galloway
Cody Galloway Year ago
Lee Morice
Lee Morice Year ago
Women just have to nag!!! Awww some duck tape.... Holy sh*t...
Smokey Bandit Diesel
Im pretty sure your skills surpass the Hoonigan guys on building bald eagle machines..
OfThePeople76 ByThePeople20
That thing sounds amazing. Even over all that power you can hear that sweet spool trail off on revs. Gonna be a ripper.
Burrell1 Year ago
18:21 if you want to cut to the CRANK. Thank me later! ☻
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker Year ago
Ok Guys.... I'm having withdraw. You were getting ready to go to LS fest.... Cletus has 2 videos up and your at 0.. Come on quit slacking🤪
Reuel Alleyne
Reuel Alleyne Year ago
Hmm Leroy killer ?
Tiporari Year ago
Jorje Pablo
Jorje Pablo Year ago
Sounds VICIOUS !
Mark Hester
Mark Hester Year ago
Bad ass!!!
Jon-Christian Kaczor
I dunno which transfercase your run in but if it has a viscous coupler then in my experience it's a Jeep case and the new process 249 selectatrak case is the toughest of them
John Gilbody
John Gilbody Year ago
Is this a LS or LT?
Hoonicoon Customs
Ict billet has a timing cover with dual turbo drains welded in. 100$
Ronbo RC
Ronbo RC Year ago
Did I hear the name Garrett? aka Cleetus?
Duals Portvet
Duals Portvet Year ago
Wish you guys the best of luck at LSfest.
HEY JEREMY: I watched this video right after ya first posted it. Then we seen you guys on Cleetus's video at the LS Fest. But we haven't seen or heard anything else from you guys since this video. Is everything ok? I sure hope so, and looking forward to seeing or at least hearing from you soon as a response to my question here. Thanks and God Bless. ......Steve in Melbourne, Fl......
Christian Z Gier
Come with it! I can't take the suspense! Lol. Thanks for sharing the great project.
BlkiceMike Year ago
THE LS10..;)
Jeremy, do you still need a maf? I’ll stop at the post office on my way home and send it out today.
Fasterproms Year ago
No sir. Someone gave us one at LS fest. Thank you for the offer!
Dylan Melott
Dylan Melott Year ago
John M
John M Year ago
Bog deep, let her eat. I didn't want a tune, I just wanted to come drop a like and a comment.
Levi Wilkinson
What if you turbo a turbo???
Bog deep let'er eat! Hell yeah brother!
Sammy's Garage
Great Job Boys!!! Sounds Amazing!!! What Intake Manifold is that Jeremy? I'm planning on Boosting my 2005 CCSB and that intake looks huge!
Jon Costain
Jon Costain Year ago
That laugh at 12:35!! Love it 🤣
Mctig Mctiggy
Mctig Mctiggy Year ago
If it’s not ready. Leave it at home.
Doublevanoz Year ago
Who owned the shop him and Cletus used to be in? I thought it was jermeys shop..
Doublevanoz Year ago
Didn't him and Cletus used to share a shop? I thought that was Jermies building
Sprintex SPS Supercharged SXT
Adam Reeves
Adam Reeves Year ago
What an awesome build sounds amazing can't wait to see it burn some tires. You guys are awsome
B C Year ago
4:16 When you realize your wife is cooler than you...
Lance Williams
Can you tell me anything about that grey GM singal cab on the lift? What performance mods
bansheemania Year ago
My New Favorite 😍.. Who's Leroy?? 😛... SHE Needs some Syclone accoutrement..
Adam T
Adam T Year ago
Awesome work, the truck sounds great! Glad your not showing just tuning efforts! Great team.
bansheemania Year ago
This lil Truck is Going to Fly,, Can't Wait to See Her on the Pavement 😎 Good Luck
paulverisor Year ago
The transfer case is enough. You should find a Bravada or AWD Blazer or Astro van front axle. You’ll still have an open dif but you’ll have a solid right axle instead of the slip collar disconnect that is so weak.
WAKE UP Year ago
And cleats new engine fired right up 🤣🤣
WAKE UP Year ago
Jeremy please stop trying to make a "Leroy" that was cletus original idea and made Leroy and himself famous w that car stop.clout chasing and trying to copy cleet.
Linc H
Linc H Year ago
Awesome work... cant wait to see her burn some rubber!
Micah Mullins
Micah Mullins Year ago
Sounds like old Leroy
Barnball SaidsoTM
"I'm going to steal my wife's mass air flow" Such a classic car builder line! Been there heard that before. Killer build Jeremy!!
David Basham
David Basham Year ago
Jermey are you using hpvi2 or do you have the pro set going get one so I can do my builds just wondering which one to get
Bradford Bowman
Go team underdog OEM!
T1bud 42
T1bud 42 Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-5hJ0kMY6rc4.html You need to fabricate the bed like this truck!
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Year ago
Laz got that genuine faster proms band aid
Jacob Booth
Jacob Booth Year ago
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton Year ago
It wad good to meet you guys. Still waiting on the Uncle Sam blower deal.
Astounded454 Year ago
This is gonna be a beast! Watch out Leroy
Jacob Poucher
Jacob Poucher Year ago
Bog deep!! let her eat! free tunes at ls fest cleeter said so.
Jeremy Thibodeaux
For the love of Pete please kick the exhaust out of the fenders..It would be sooooo much better like that. :) Love the content and so does the Wife! I'm building a 02 Sierra that I'm doin a awd swap on. This truck is an inspiration! Also, she watches just to see the Goldens lol. We lost ours during Harvey.. One Love!
bahopik Year ago
I don't believe in "hood plans" after watching other channels))
Mark Holcombe
Mark Holcombe Year ago
Sounded like someone screaming around 1:42..
William M
William M Year ago
Dude! Your wife is absolutely hilarious. You should have had her give her play by play commentary way before now. No shit. She is a bad ass. More commentary mom. So damn funmy!!
SpaceRider Year ago
Maybe in 12sec qm?
Micky Smith III
In honor of our " Dad's " have at it, buddy. Can't wait to see what tune you give it, to get er down the track? Camera wife: can I have the twin turbos? Jeremy: ahhh NO
Steven Noblin
Steven Noblin Year ago
Throw that thing on the dyno!
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt Year ago
Great job 👍 super cool build it's just too sweet 👌
Vader Year ago
Is this channel for free tune-ups?
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez Year ago
Needs mirrored turbos, just for outright bling. Nice job though, really. Always wanted a Syclone, love that body style. Honestly most manufacturers have gone backwards in the looks department.
I need you to work on my 6.2 chevy
Prucilak Year ago
Bog Deep Let er Eat.
David Cook
David Cook Year ago
Sounds like freedom.
paul Wollersheim
so sick!
Tim Young
Tim Young Year ago
Sounds sooo sexy! Hurry up w the next vid!!! Great job guys!
Paul Henry
Paul Henry Year ago
Boys and their toys‼️ 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Tj Potts
Tj Potts Year ago
Thats the biggest effing intercooler ive ever seen
Manufalket Year ago
1987FX16 Year ago
That last rev was a damn good one!
15:55 is where it’s at Not the start up. The Fuel pump prime noise
ForAl lMankind
18:20 As a well known tuner could say : "That's so freaking cool !" It started up mate ! it runs ! what a month ! Congratulations ! i'm definitely on it !
J A Year ago
So basically all you need no is the odds and ends
Jasen Worrell
Jasen Worrell Year ago
I've been wanting to twin turbo my 2000 dodge Dakota and this build is giving me the inspiration I need now I just need the money lol
skipman8yard Year ago
Darren G.
Darren G. Year ago
260k? People are sleeping on you brother.....
MrMcNorm Year ago
Amazing! It's been great watching this build come together. :)
Aaron Schaefer
Sooooooooooooo Jeremy how in the world are you gonna do the pre race burn out in a awd truck???? Has anyone else thought this??
Rémi Year ago
Go electric water pump and mount the alternator to the rear Diff! No belt looks so good
matthew stafford
Question?...I always look for O2 sensor placement but never have any luck figuring it out...awesome truck👍👍
Abbajaba Gaming
Big deep, let her eat! I'm here for the lifetime free tunes!
Mack Built
Mack Built Year ago
Jeremy talks too much
jnic69 Year ago
Turbo exhaust fireballs = pure joy
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