First Look at the Hole-Punch Display!

Marques Brownlee
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A closer look at the camera cutout hole-punch display 👀
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Phone provided by Huawei for video.

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Jan 15, 2019




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The Variety Universe
2019: INTRODUCING THE HOLE PUNCH NOTCH! COMPATIBLE DEVICES $1900 2020:we are now selling hole punch notch to cheap phones COMPATIBLE DEVICE $200
RoiF 3 months ago
We call it the "Holy phone" 😍
Dennis K
Dennis K 3 months ago
It's tucked up, why do fucking manufacturers make a camera on the side of the phone. It should be in the center all the time. I rather have a camera in the middle well on the front as in the back. Or no camera at all.
Afiq Syahmi
Afiq Syahmi Month ago
Then u should buy a pop up camera stupid
Mohamed Rizvi
Mohamed Rizvi 3 months ago
plz review Huawei nova 5T and do the comparison with other moiles like nova 5t
Noah Hood
Noah Hood 4 months ago
Nahhh fam not feeling it. Maybe we will have cameras under the display in the future but until then I prefer slim bezels (no notch/holepunch) or maybe a motorized/pop-up/flip camera. I almost feel like the hole punch is even more distracting than some notches. Is that just me?
Ibrahim Abu Zaid
Ibrahim Abu Zaid 4 months ago
Can you make a review for huawei nova 5t
ZAD720 5 months ago
I see PewDiePie headset and I click
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li 5 months ago
Dude I got my nova 5t for 253 usd
Jianre Hsiung
Jianre Hsiung 6 months ago
pop-up camera is SO MUCH BETTER!
Linh Vu
Linh Vu 7 months ago
Hole punch or notch are stupid hacks just so phone manufacturers can claim the screen display larger than what it actually is - surprised noone called that out.
FunkDoobie 7 months ago
I'm rocking the v20 but black back. The hole punch is a winner for me.
Rathesh starz
Rathesh starz 8 months ago
Need Honor 20 review
Zhaiv 9 months ago
i want this phone does this phone work in Canada, Due to the ban? idk anything about this lol
Adrianmark Jesudass
Adrianmark Jesudass 9 months ago
How about it's liquid cooling system? Is it good?
Adrianmark Jesudass
Adrianmark Jesudass 9 months ago
@Ben Clarke that's great to hear...
Ben Clarke
Ben Clarke 9 months ago
I have one, it let's you play any game at maximum settings and it stays cool
ARQ 10 months ago
Marques: *snaps Half of all tech products become matte black Marques: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Ein Frosch~
Ein Frosch~ 10 months ago
I'm honestly to happy with my Honor View 20, like, the cutout wasnt a selling point like the camera or the cpu, but boy this phone looks good.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 10 months ago
I purchased the regular Honor 20 a few days ago and I have to say it's an amazing phone for the price. £399 here in the UK. It feels like a much more expensive phone both hardware and software wise. It's fast, the battery life is great, the UI looks very neat and tidy. I chose this phone because I'm waiting for the iPhone 11 with 5G when I upgrade in January. Because I'll only be keeping whichever phone I purchased for 6-7 months I didn't want to spend too much money and for £399 this phone is an absolute bargain in my opinion. Same CPU as the P30 PRO, 6GB of RAM, a very decent camera, the latest version of Android including the latest security patches. It's just an all around bargain in my opinion. I do really like the look of the hole punch display but functionally I think I would have preferred a notch housing the front camera. I rarely use the front camera however so looks wise, yeah the hole punch display looks great. I do hope everything turns out ok with the Hauwei/Google issues because they make great phones at great prices. I'll be keeping my Honor 20 when I get my iPhone 11. The UI on the Honor 20 is great. It has an iOS ish touch of polish to it whilst still fully integrating Google's service's such as Discover and assistant. Unlike Samsung with Bixby. Why Samsung didn't just go with Google assistant is beyond me. Sorry for going off topic. And thanks for the video.
Teddie Eddie
Teddie Eddie 11 months ago
Google pixel 4 and 4 xl will come with a hold punch
Jishnu D cru'Z
Jishnu D cru'Z 11 months ago
Wich phone is this
Alison Miller
Alison Miller Year ago
Interesting how they know that they need to put that in the center and they won't do it until a future release. Oh well, that's how they keep being able to make changes, I guess.
Daniel L
Daniel L Year ago
Mind blown when you pointed at the hole punch in the corner of the video, didn’t even see it
vishalini suresh
i hate this
RutherFord Camerino
Hole punch doesnt work at all!
Sridhar Gobi
Sridhar Gobi Year ago
Iam using honor v20 😍
Shehan Bhashitha
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean Year ago
What does mkbhd stand for
Edouqrd Year ago
Is that a pewdiepie headset on the top right corner of the thumbnail?
Aashutosh Tiwari
I didn't notice the shadowing thing until u mentioned 😭
Oliver Pejcic
Oliver Pejcic 3 months ago
Hello, can you also see on your HonorV20 shadowy thing surrounding hole punch? On white background you can also see it, it's like edges are gray and inside is white, but it's surrounding front camera and it's visible on the top and on the sides?
John Paul Cando
John Paul Cando 7 months ago
Jessica Roldán
nothing about the camera? can you tell me if its better or worse than the samsung A9 please?
Rahul M. Prathap
We don't need notch, hole punch is great. Otherwise, companies should stick with the design just like S8/S9 etc.
AFbas10 Year ago
so what's up with the darken area? do they reply u?
Jai Singh
Jai Singh Year ago
waterdrop notch nd popups camera is better... asymmetrical position like punch hole is bugging
How to activate Big punch hole notification display honor view 20 which app please help me boss
How to activate view 20 hole punch into notification led
How to activate camera hole round glowing
Daniel Drag
Daniel Drag Year ago
Can u do full review on this fone....the camera and battery life n screen etc
upbeatmanoj Year ago
We need a hole punch vs notch video. Comparing the space usage, gaming, all the drawbacks of both.
Arjun Pro
Arjun Pro Year ago
Marques I have a question is honor a sub brand of Huawei
Arjun Pro
Arjun Pro Year ago
Actually The Samsung's galaxy a8s got the first hole punch setup And it was released in China
farhan hafeez
farhan hafeez Year ago
Can you hide the notch in huawei nova 4?
Nweisha Ng
Nweisha Ng Year ago
I am not good with all this terminology jargon in the techy lingo but .....I still don't know what the hell is Hole-Punch in reference to. I'm thinking it's the dot on the corner? and ...so ?? is the dot to adjust screen size display?
Matt A
Matt A Year ago
Its referring to the dot on the screen in the top left corner which is the front camera on the phone.
Tyrion Year ago
Honestly? I don't give a crap about all that. Give me a phone you don't need to sell your kidney for, that doesn't break when you drop it from 2ft
Kevyn Morgan
Kevyn Morgan Year ago
You don't review Nokia why
Khotso Year ago
Yo, Question. Are you the first one to coin the term "The hole-punch"?
Adam Miaw
Adam Miaw Year ago
PewDiePie plays pubg mobile on this phone!!
dead body
dead body Year ago
Well put bro
Gorin Animations
Why can’t they just put a small camera in the screen Even the 2007 spypen is better than the 2017/8 notch
Linh Vu
Linh Vu Year ago
Oh the madness of bezel less display... You know that when you use almost any app (including videos and games), the top display will need to be cropped to eliminate the disturbing black hole, right. The only thing you can enjoy the oh so beautiful and large display is the wallpaper at the home screen. How is that "bigger screen in a smaller body"? And it wastes more juice. And it cost more to build, and more expensive to buy. This craze needs to stop someday.
Bobby Jay
Bobby Jay Year ago
It's better than having a notch but I'd rather have it like the Vivo NEX S where the selfie camera comes out
Idrees Ismail
Idrees Ismail Year ago
any one else notice the subtle PEWDIEPIE easter eggs 1:02 Edgar Headphones 1:12
Jay Tay
Jay Tay Year ago
I'm hiding that bitch!!!!
kurui. m
kurui. m Year ago
Marq:"Would you rock this phone" Me: no I'm poor
Gamer channel
Gamer channel Year ago
Pewdiepie 1:12
ByteGuy Gaming
It triggers my ocd
SaucyIbra Year ago
I love this phone
Angel Snowflakes
04:33 they can solve this by moving the time and the notifications to the middle. It would be VERY wrong to move the hole to the middle, very bad idea! It would be very distracting.
Adarsha Year ago
Actually it's annoying
farsi Year ago
i liked Vivo v15 pro more 😊
Viølet_ chanUwU
It's an amazing phone
I like dat
Shriyansh Singh
Will review it?
Greg Draven
Greg Draven Year ago
I got this phone a couple of days ago. I'm loving it. The more you use it, the more you get used to it, and I have to say, I'm not bothered by it at all. It's a nice talking point.
Vivekananda N
Vivekananda N Year ago
Honor: We have the future design concept for Smartphones Samsung: We will catch up soon Apple: No Headphone jack! People: Wooooahh Apple is so innovative......
Apple is rotten.
Bad engineering by Samsung. The hole punch should have a sliding fully functional circular screen underneath that covers the camera while watching photos and videos. In other words, the hole punch should not be visible all the time.
Hole punch is a big distraction, unless they found a way to cover it up while watching photos and videos.
TestFlightRC Finland
1:12 PewDiePie vs t-series
Dev Nath
Dev Nath Year ago
Honor is best phone in the world
Jair Bolivar
Jair Bolivar Year ago
Best implementation of an infinity screen looks great, better than any stupid notch. I can't wait for every manufacturer start working on this including Google. That is my opinion though.
Technical Minds
this notch is the stupid madness..
chingonio a
chingonio a Year ago
That doesn’t sound innovative tho better than a big notch I guess
Sahak Levonyan
Like for the pewdiepie headset
mr santana
mr santana Year ago
The selfie camera is only good for two things --- selfies and live streams. The fact that they can't find a solution to the problem is funny because the technology exists to invent an OLED display that can literally show the entire screen with no hole punch or notch ... by simply hiding the camera behind the glass and then turning off the pixels at the site of the camera to allow light to enter the camera ... I mean, is it that hard? I call it lazyness
i cannot stop watching the hole...
Wajahat Siddiqui
The whole punch is a lot better than ugly notch Imo Doesn't interrupt or take your attention away much
H. Sjoevall
H. Sjoevall Year ago
Apple will figure it out, but it won't be this. That hurts my eyes.
That one Dude
That one Dude Year ago
Y’all know if it can be activated in U.S?
I LightenStar I
The phone looks rushed.
Sheldon Grey
Sheldon Grey Year ago
that hole punch detail at the top corner of the video omg ❤️
viraltaco Year ago
I never use the front facing camera. Do people use it? I mean. Sure you can facetime with it. I hate when someone facetimes me. I don't take selfies. They're always terrible.
Dominic Rogers
Don’t understand the point of having the hole punch instead of a notch
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