First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH. www.c-span.org/debates/

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Sep 29, 2020




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Moonlight 2 hours ago
US election is getting more and more entertained.
sophia eller
sophia eller 2 hours ago
the clownery
Ricky James
Ricky James 2 hours ago
Lets be fair. Biden was trying to be civil about the debate. Trump refused to let up. He kept going. And biden is only human its just a matter of time before he gets irritated. At least biden looks serious too. Overall trump just looks like a fool. I feel like Wallace was babysitting my autistic child.
SE KIM 2 hours ago
Donald Trump -You are the BEST PRESIDENT!!!
Myikie Kam
Myikie Kam 2 hours ago
Ahh...the hippies
Grace Pilarski
Grace Pilarski 2 hours ago
If trump wins Canada here i come
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean 2 hours ago
Trump needs a diaper change.
aesop2020 2 hours ago
“Elections have consequences” might be the truest statement Trump’s ever made
Dramatic Eyeball
Dramatic Eyeball 2 hours ago
I felt those sighs from biden...
Productively 777
Productively 777 2 hours ago
Let’s bring Obama back🥺
Beverly Blake
Beverly Blake 2 hours ago
Trump just likes to hear his own voice, even when most of what he says are lies. He loves to make up things and take credit for good things done by other people. He is a disgrace for the United States. I look forward to seeing he and his joke of a family, escorted from the White House by force and Trump hollering, it is all fake, I won, I won, I won!!!
衛巴 2 hours ago
Lol rip América, nice knowing yall
Randu Navarro
Randu Navarro 2 hours ago
So Biden wants to give 20 billion to Brazil ?
XmotherbrainX 2 hours ago
Like watching an episode of Jerry Springer
Yukiko N
Yukiko N 2 hours ago
Trump never shut up and kept talking over Biden even when the moderator asked him to shut up.
pp 2 hours ago
starts at 29:45
Aiden Lyon
Aiden Lyon 2 hours ago
Let’s Hope Billy Eichner is the Moderator next time.
Kelvin Lau
Kelvin Lau 2 hours ago
Biden seems dumb, can he without medicine?😂
SeaWater 2 hours ago
Orange kinda sus ngl
H K 2 hours ago
Sorry idiots but we DONT want you 🤣 amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/30/how-to-move-to-canada-google-searches-trump-us-debate
Grace Pilarski
Grace Pilarski 2 hours ago
Biden: actually states what he will do to make the country better. Trump:NONONO I DID THAT BETTER I DID IT He's just being trump lmao
american freedom
american freedom 2 hours ago
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James Odhiambo
James Odhiambo 2 hours ago
Utkarsh Raj
Utkarsh Raj 2 hours ago
Where's Kanye West? He would have made this comedy show a lot better with Yezzy is King preachments
Brinky 2 hours ago
Jesus, Trump actually won this debate so hard...
Bad Girl
Bad Girl 2 hours ago
Neo2266 2 hours ago
I like how this has the shitty mafia city ads
DBZFIGHTER02 2 hours ago
This is a good roast🙂
Batsu Games
Batsu Games 2 hours ago
Biden said it google biden ukraine, he said I want a billione dollare or else, from a country that has been destroyed by germany and russia, they had chernobyl destroyed from nuclear meltdown in the 80s not to mention in the 40s woman children stuffed into barns and burned alive or shot if they leave the burning barn by nazis, now they have old women and men living in horrid conditions with no electricity no water no nothing. Look up bald and bankrupt and his videos on chernobly and the radiation zone. You will see the truth. These ppl have lived 70 to 100 years almost with nothing no tv no radio no nothing! And there whole family is in the graveyard from war! Find the truth watch his videos and you will see why would you ever threaten them for a billion when the people dont even get 80 dollars USD a month for living and they went through the nazis and so many other things! You will also see they say for themselves the USSR was the best time they lived better!
MOONSTRIKE999 ArmedRabbit
41:03 the roast was SILLY And trumps face is iconic 😂 41:10
Raquel 2816
Raquel 2816 2 hours ago
I lost some brain cells watching this
Pat K
Pat K 2 hours ago
This is so painful and funny to watch at the same time. If only Trump starred in coco melon everything in America would be fine😉
Aastors 2 hours ago
Steve Edwards
Steve Edwards 2 hours ago
Looked nothing like a debate but rather a farcical debacle.
Cheems Burger
Cheems Burger 2 hours ago
Im confused,is this a debate or a TV show?
Just watched a commercial that had Biden winning in the polls.... Definitely 2016 all over again 😂😂😂😂 but unlike last time I'm voting Trump not Gary Johnson. Landslide victory coming this year.... for sure.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 2 hours ago
Indians to Americans : First time 🙃🙃
I’m Odd
I’m Odd 2 hours ago
I think Tekashi 69 should be the president. Who agrees. And maybe Lana Rhoads as America’s First Lady.
Kris Brooks
Kris Brooks 2 hours ago
A wire can be seen from Biden's shirt at 102 minutes in ruvid.net/video/video-nFEmkQ3qmrw.html
winn 2 hours ago
Why Joe Bide smile so often, he seems make this a joke. At least Donald Trump feels authentic and take this debate seriously.
Mikey Simone
Mikey Simone 2 hours ago
Minute 41, can’t believe Biden didn’t answer this
Parthiv Rajesh
Parthiv Rajesh 2 hours ago
there is something highly suspicious with Biden: I saw him touching some sort of cord, it may be a wire. I don't have the timestamp but I have a link: ruvid.net/video/video-nFEmkQ3qmrw.html. there was a claim going around that those were rosary beads but there were no actual beads on the cord so that's false.
Catarina Vio
Catarina Vio 2 hours ago
Ummm America r u ok ?? Blink twice if you need help.
GreenSwede 2 hours ago
i am deeply sorry for all you americans who have to deal with this
J Justi
J Justi 2 hours ago
Oh my god. Joe tells lies while his eyes were open. One minute he accuses its trump’s fault for shutting down businesses and next minute he accuse trump to open up businesses. Made up your mind man. Trump Do is wrong don’t do is wrong. Joe not even have guts to answer a question (I don’t want to answer that). How can we trust him to lead the country? No guts no plan even don’t know what himself talking about. America, we have a problem! We must definitely VOTE for TRUMP 2020
Catarina Vio
Catarina Vio 2 hours ago
Lmao imagine believing a clown can be president
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 hours ago
Trump screwed up the country enough already and he is doing nothing about climate change
hitec25 2 hours ago
I was laughing so hard till I thought about it.....one of these idiots is gonna run the country for the next 4 yrs😑
Josh Mars
Josh Mars 2 hours ago
1:22:40 Is it just me or was Joe about to say destroy before saying sorted out?
Productively 777
Productively 777 2 hours ago
You know what let’s not vote for anyone and protest to ask someone to be in office
Amarily Montemayor
Amarily Montemayor 2 hours ago
Mr president, mm, m. Mr president, okay mr president.. trump: no. Mdjgftudjufd
Tierahelto 3 hours ago
This was a whole roast battle trump won in some but Biden won I don’t like Trump and I don’t know Biden but he seems chill :)
拖pie村小红 3 hours ago
they just made me eager to be a president.
I’m Odd
I’m Odd 3 hours ago
Is it weird that I’m from Saudi Arabia watching this? I want to live in America though.
Nagato Uzumaki
Nagato Uzumaki 3 hours ago
The next debate should be on ZOOM, mute the other person when it’s not their turn to speak. Would be much more enjoyable if it was uninterrupted.
Roshan Tiwari
Roshan Tiwari 3 hours ago
Who won it . . . . Everyone who hadn't seen this.
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery 3 hours ago
1:16:25 "Why should I be so different from the two of you?" Answer. Because he is the Debate Moderator.
Ad Vert
Ad Vert 3 hours ago
57:15 Biden has a small device in his sleeve that slips down, but there are enough frames to make it out. Bunco Biden.
Speedking_A1 3 hours ago
IM SOOOO proud to be American 🇺🇸😃.....................
anony writes
anony writes 3 hours ago
everyone cancel ur Netflix subscription you've got this now
Once they really started getting into the serial interruptions and all of the tension, and seeing the moderator completely lose control I laughed so hard I really almost fell out of my chair! Probably the funniest thing I seen all year!
Daniel Salgado
Daniel Salgado 3 hours ago
so much corona in one place
BG chal
BG chal 3 hours ago
Chris Wallace totally fucked up man. He just had no balls its like he was begging them to be cordial. He really should have laid down the law and not pleading with them. He just reminds me of someone who has low t
Valentina 3 hours ago
President Trump please kneel down and pray to God to give you patience and peace of mind. His points wont put you down. Only your reactions to his points making you to look like you are not being professional. This might give Biden a plus point to win.
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 3 hours ago
Politic debates are like children fighting about who gets to play with which toy lol
Marc G
Marc G 3 hours ago
So my takeaway from this comment section is people tend to look at the person and their personality instead of their policies and decisions. Trump's no saint, Biden isn't and neither is anyone else in this world. People get so hung up on words they forget to look at the actions.
SS Bundestag
SS Bundestag 3 hours ago
Jeezus! There will be no debate if Trump is participating.
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma 3 hours ago
Trump won fair and square!!! The fact that all left and media is crying how horrible the debate was and other debates have to be cancelled means they know biden was beaten badly!!😂 And trump was debating both chris n joe at the same time. Only because of chris, biden was able to atleast look good. And one thing about proud boys being white supremacists, look at them, black white hispanics all are part of that group. Its just anyone not left is a racist!!😅 Proud boys exist because the crazy antifa are beating n breaking unarmed common people and someone has to stand up to them!!!
S T 3 hours ago
This is a Presidential Mastur'bate !
The Art Seller
The Art Seller 3 hours ago
who wants to winn 2 million dollars ? go to my video ruvid.net/video/video-4Pb2WYnmJ3Q.html
Pilgrim 3 hours ago
49:22 can't believe this guy is still going on about 'fake news' jesus christ
evoKai93 3 hours ago
I wonder what the next debate will be like?
Rameen Saleemy
Rameen Saleemy 3 hours ago
This is an amazing new episode of Two Senescent Bucket List for Netflix. 😉
i’m yer dad
i’m yer dad 3 hours ago
They're both awful and I really hate trump but biden all we got
az khan
az khan 3 hours ago
All the arguing, even COVID won’t get between these two ancient kids
victoria Spears
victoria Spears 3 hours ago
Trump just go back to celebrity apprentice already!!!!
The Tard Guard
The Tard Guard 3 hours ago
I think the problem in our country is how people like yang never make to the final 2. Yall dumbasses always chose the corrupt fuckers who have been in the game a long time and have the most influence and power. Newsflash dipshits, if you keep voting dem or Republican you will NEVER see change. Those are the only parties that have ever been in office. Parties in themselves are fucking dumb, it literally encourages being an ignorant dipshit. Quit being a sheep
Hi 3 hours ago
24:12 I like how that lady walked in, sat down and everyone around her wasn't wearing a mask. I died laughing.
Yzabella Gonzalez
Yzabella Gonzalez 3 hours ago
Me everytime Trump interrupts Joe: 🖕
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 hours ago
Your finger must hurt by now
Glenn Gentry
Glenn Gentry 3 hours ago
I cant wait to put an end to corrupt politicians who have been in office to long. I hate republicans and democrats equally but trump is good for the country.
Glenn Gentry
Glenn Gentry 3 hours ago
I cant wait to put an end to corrupt politicians who have been in office to long. I hate republicans and democrats equally but trump is good for the country.
victoria Spears
victoria Spears 3 hours ago
Trump over did it with the sun tan
Tamara Zayed
Tamara Zayed 3 hours ago
Watch later ..
Jie Kin
Jie Kin 3 hours ago
This makes me want some weed this is so annoying
THEONLYVI 3 hours ago
The ghetto, shits not funny.. imagine voting for either one of these idiots
Jie Kin
Jie Kin 3 hours ago
one will win
M J 3 hours ago
More than half of them aren't wearing masks. This has been a bullshart year of a crooked agenda
Soukaina El Yemlahy Chouati
My brain hurts
DC8Combi 3 hours ago
Yes indeed, nobody shows up for Biden rallies. They are more like funerals 😝
Andrian Cudlea
Andrian Cudlea 3 hours ago
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ
ironymatt 3 hours ago
Take a shot of Jack every time someone says "Here's the deal..." If you don't need to be hospitalized, you won.
王陽明 3 hours ago
Trump's counterattack : 1: China, China , China !!! 2: Fake news, Fake news !! 3: No one knows better than me
min ko ko tun
min ko ko tun 3 hours ago
Trump has a lot to speak as he loves his country
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 hours ago
He basically hates us
Soukaina El Yemlahy Chouati
He doesn't lol
min ko ko tun
min ko ko tun 3 hours ago
Biden is weak in speaking
Edwin Kuria
Edwin Kuria 3 hours ago
can Trump listen patiently ? He is like; GOD; I want to take you to heaven, but before you go....( gets interrupted) Tump ; I already know the place. In fact i was with the 24 Elders and they approved my arrival ( Trump finds himself in hell)
ChrisDalyn J Michael
Debate starts at 29:44
Thái Bảo Nguyễn
1:02:27 - What is behind his suit?
melanie s
melanie s 3 hours ago
Ik some of yall cant illegally vote but vote here comment down below Donald Trump and Joe Biden??
Jonathan 3 hours ago
I won't be surprised if Trump wins again... Biden is a weak leader in my opinion. This debate is a joke as is America's politics - and I live in Africa where we don't have a great track record.
rameir jeter
rameir jeter 3 hours ago
No truop
TayTay Swift
TayTay Swift 3 hours ago
I'm not a fan of either but please search Biden "whispering" to children here on RUvid. Its disturbing af 🤢
Soukaina El Yemlahy Chouati
U forgot trump.....
Jason Muench
Jason Muench 3 hours ago
China ate your lunch Joe What you gonna do about it
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