Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink acting like best friends for 5 minutes straight.

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Jan 29, 2019




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Jada Poleate
Jada Poleate 2 days ago
This is insane- No hate, I see you want fadie to be real VERY BADLY, but jesus christ, Can two people be friends and not get shipped together? What the heck- Like “They arm wresteled which means they touched hands and notice how he says many times“ GIR- I WOULD HOPE THEY TOUCH HANDS TO ARM WRESTLE- like wth- I love this cast but what in the name of jesus-
Charly sosa
Charly sosa 6 days ago
Emma Rae
Emma Rae 11 days ago
I don't blame him Sadie is the most prettiest girl I have ever seen
Rylee Hunter
Rylee Hunter 12 days ago
Yeah so looking at each other and seeing Noah’s legs is them acting like a couple your stupid aren’t you
Jázmin Míra Csernel
the two heathers😼btw..I LOVE THIS FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH
Milky Torie
Milky Torie 20 days ago
Black hats : I didn’t say I ship them Black hats again : *likes Sadie and finn’s comments* i- 🤨 (I found her saying that in a comment unless u think I’m lying)
Maria Klinaki
Maria Klinaki 22 days ago
He is cuteeww
Kayla Alexandra
Kayla Alexandra 23 days ago
Sadie could play a character as Karen Gillan's sister
yudi te acompaña en tus locas Aventuras
👿no Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard
-Stranger- 27 days ago
I feel like Finn and Noah/ Millie have a better relationship then Sadie
Victoria Lorrane
Victoria Lorrane 27 days ago
I love fadie
So much better than fille
Cami Carrillo
Cami Carrillo Month ago
She separately comes,comes un all of our rooms and she sings us a bedtime
Kurt Lenard Rayos
Sadie and him arent really a couple him and mallie bobbly is the real one but noah and bobbly are like couple oof
Victoria Chaney
Victoria Chaney Month ago
Kinda ship
Strawberry Milkshake
Awe when I heard that sadie sings them a bedtime it just warmed my heartt
T3M_SHADOW 1 Month ago
1:00 what is the name of the video please can somebody tell me
Jade Dolor
Jade Dolor Month ago
It interview
Luz Aguirre
Luz Aguirre Month ago
lets be real the real friendship is sillie
Lois yaasss
Lois yaasss Month ago
I ship them as a friendship not a couple 😂😂
Nishanthi Perera
HeyItsMeh Month ago
Title: Finn Wolfhard and Sadie sink acting like best friends for 5 minutes straight Title in video: *Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink acting like a couple for 5 minutes straight* Me: 👁👄👁
•Hey Rubí•
•Hey Rubí• Month ago
Como cuando shippeas Sillie, Fadie, Soah y Cadie a la vez 👁️👄👁️💧
Teodora Milutinov
Ok hear me out Finn love his water bottle
Lucy The Galaxy Pig
honestly i ship them
leenaa Copeland
leenaa Copeland Month ago
On the second clip finn was staring at sadie and millie was jus like "huh wth is going on 💔🤚"
Weeb St
Weeb St Month ago
I ship her with Caleb 💕 but Sadie and Finn are cute too
Cay Buttress
Cay Buttress Month ago
I think in stranger things mike and eleven should be together but irl sadie and Finn and Noah and Millie
DBgacha 2 months ago
I think Gaten knows Finn likes her
Linder Forstna
Linder Forstna 2 months ago
i dont ship any of the st actors except for natalia and charlie
mimi _land
mimi _land 2 months ago
OK there is a part where you said he was staring at her he wasn't he was looking at millie. If you look at it from another angle you can tell
mimi _land
mimi _land 2 months ago
@Hunny Chantharasenawong no he wasn't😂
Hunny Chantharasenawong
mimi _land but the interviewer is talking about Sadie thoo 🧐 idk like yeh lol
Miruna Baltatu
Miruna Baltatu 2 months ago
dude only for touching her hand or looking at her doesnt mean they act like a couple :v
Anaya's World
Anaya's World 2 months ago
He like the girl
Nathan gaming F F
Nathan gaming F F 2 months ago
I thought Finn like milie Bobby brown
Jade Dolor
Jade Dolor Month ago
Nobody said that lol
quack head hours
quack head hours 2 months ago
well ''acting'' theyre actually best friends doe-
leah 2 months ago
fadie is way better than fillie, you guys only ship fillie bc they are dating on a show. come at me, idc.
Ileana Cordovez
Ileana Cordovez 2 months ago
2:26 poor Finn 🥺
Bxby Mychi
Bxby Mychi 2 months ago
Why is everyone talking about how this friendship (or ship) is betted than the one with him and Millie? Ya'll saying it like you're tryna make Millie is jealous. As if she likes him or sm. Sure I love Sadie but why ya'll acting like this a love triangle of some sort? Like Millie's toxic? I don't favorite Millie, by the way, so don't think I'm tryna stand up for my fav just 'cause. But I lovd this ship- 🤧 Don't get your strings crossed. 👣 Edit: Also, I know at the end it said to comment your thoughts on Fadie, but it didn't say to compare the two as if it was a competition.
ーm o ø n i e g o ø n i e
I’m sorry, I’m wheezing💀💀💀 *this is so stupid.* 👁👄👁
Micheal Muiruri
Micheal Muiruri 2 months ago
They are not cute and I hate Sadie
Jade Dolor
Jade Dolor Month ago
You hate Sadie cuz what?? He hang out with Finn that's dumb
Yasmin 2 months ago
I feel like all fans are litterly judging not un a bad way but if he looks at a girl everyone is like omg #couplegoals 😂not hate love y'all
VINCE ESQUIVEL 2 months ago
Finn and Sadie for me isss you know buttt iwant her for me im kidding
texting story tea
texting story tea 2 months ago
I feel bad for Sadie during interviews. She is always left out and when ever she tries to talk Millie talks over her.
Richa Manhas
Richa Manhas 3 months ago
Sadie is real life barbie
Sgar55 3 months ago
fans:"oMg FiNn HaS a FeMaLe FRieNd Let'S sHiP tHEm" Me:Can he just have a female friend like jeez
eddiekaspraks_2ndfannypack X
I love them and everything but cadie is stronger and I just- love themm
Sara J99
Sara J99 3 months ago
So cute but millie and Finn I think good together❤️
Awi panda
Awi panda 3 months ago
#fadie but you know if you think that this might ruin his relationship
kasandruchiz 3 months ago
fadie > i love them man they’re so sweet and their friendship is so amazing
Aesthetic Buzz
Aesthetic Buzz 3 months ago
I feel like Finn liked Millie when season 1 came but then Sadie came. If your willing to fight cash me outside how bout' dat?
Paige Watkinson
Paige Watkinson 3 months ago
But why ship people I mean yes I may do it but like one comment said it’s because they kiss in the show like with Mackenzie ziegler and Johnny Orlando they actually have heaps of chemistry together but with Finn and Millie they barely hang out they only hangout on set or during work nothing else
Hely Taekwondo
Hely Taekwondo 3 months ago
I think Finn have a little crush on Sadie
iiYana_pinkx YT
iiYana_pinkx YT 3 months ago
Tbh they so ship.
Evelin Betsabe Flores Herrera
No era finn oficial
ᴄᴏʟᴅ ɢɪʀʟ
si lo era xd
century 3 months ago
4:38 can u write me about he talks, I just don't understand. Plz
z 3 months ago
i might not ship them (i kinda do, not as characters but as themselves) i feel like the people that are the closest in the cast are sadie x finn noah x millie gaten x caleb (within the party)
Anu Pinjari
Anu Pinjari 3 months ago
I ship everyone as a friendship nillie and fadie are also like friendship and they are not even dating in real life i just want to say i ship them but not like couples😊
Azzy Am
Azzy Am 3 months ago
This is kinda scary lol it feels like they’re being so closely watched
The weirdo lives here weirdosss
Aww he forgot his words 1:37 💙
Genesis Ahoy
Genesis Ahoy 4 months ago
You said best friends....
Lauren Bee
Lauren Bee 4 months ago
2:36 if they touch hands they MUST be dating
Pebble Stream
Pebble Stream 4 months ago
i like this. they are great friends!
Leena Houari
Leena Houari 4 months ago
He wish she was on millie’s place when he kissed her
zhala 4 months ago
title :: finn and sadie acting like best friends for 5 mins straight intro :: finn and sadie acting like a couple for 5 mins straight me :: * *confused* *
NachoNacho 4 months ago
Sense Noah and Millie are together maybe Finn and Sadie:)
Engla Maria Sjöberg
Finn: looking at a girl* Fans: omg the're dating for sure, they have too. Yeah sure
Elena18YT 4 months ago
FINN has more romántic chemistry with his water bottle than with MILLIE
Aisha Rakic
Aisha Rakic 4 months ago
Finn, Millie and Sadie are all friends. But Finn and Millie are pretty cute
Simply Anemone
Simply Anemone 4 months ago
I think she likes him as a friend and he likes her more than that and he tries to make it obvious by recording and looking at her but she may not like him that way
Aira & Ericha Playzz
When the title says them acting like "Best friends" but in the begining of the video it says them acting like a "Couple" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Giovanna Mendoza
Giovanna Mendoza 4 months ago
No eso no puede pasar😡😡
KOZA ABDİŞ 4 months ago
I’m sorry but I ship Fillie
bruised soap
bruised soap 4 months ago
🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮 whoever ships them
bruised soap
bruised soap 4 months ago
I love Sadie but they don’t go together I’m sorry
finn wolfhard imagines
i mean they could be really good friend like this boy and me were like that we even joke around that he is the dad of my child (it's our joke) but we really don't like each other our friends think we like each other but we don't we dated once but it didn't work out
nina s
nina s 4 months ago
lmao they hate eachother in the show yet they bestest friends irl
FriesPlease 4 months ago
Cristina Coelho
Cristina Coelho 4 months ago
max is always at Mikes house and I can just imagine Mike saying in his head "get out of my house I HaTe u"
mariana arte
mariana arte 4 months ago
Mi pareja favorita es fillie😘😊😊😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😋😍😘🤐🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
crystal bean
crystal bean 4 months ago
So notice how this person is literally pointing out everything a friend would do with another friend? Smh.
Just Gracie
Just Gracie 4 months ago
Ok but I swear they are models
Nancy Español
Nancy Español 4 months ago
their just friends
Debra Adriana
Debra Adriana 4 months ago
People in the commets: awww they are so cute Eleven: SHUT UP
lonnie Jr
lonnie Jr 4 months ago
How could you do this to Millie Bobby brown I mean she was way better than Sadie because she's kind loving sweet ❤️ ❤️♥️
Josie Louise
Josie Louise 4 months ago
When Finn is ‘staring at Sadie’ can you not see that they all are, she is the one talking 😂
BlackHatsss 4 months ago
Yea no shit, I'm not blind. But I'm not talking about them in particularly I'm talking about Finn.
Virginia Jimenez
Virginia Jimenez 5 months ago
This is so cute❤❤❤ i ship
Caz Butterfly
Caz Butterfly 5 months ago
I hate it when I see people say them two have no chemistry, it's like- are you dumb? Like are you dumb?!
ImGulostAndBrunost Yt
But theyre not in love🤢
BREEZYBRI C 5 months ago
Gabi Google
Gabi Google 5 months ago
I think he likes Sadie tbh
ashers_ angxl
ashers_ angxl 5 months ago
3:30 “first ever vlog had Sadie in it” what about Gaten and the DaWg!!!!!
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 5 months ago
Why can’t Finn just be a normal teenage boy who has female friends without anyone shipping them Just because they look at each other (etc) doesn’t mean that they like like each other. Just saying
Mira Wansa élève
Mira Wansa élève 5 months ago
There just friends
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 5 months ago
they just friends but they still cute
The Stalker
The Stalker 5 months ago
ChaesMe xX
ChaesMe xX 5 months ago
I ship mike with el but i ship Finn with Sadie.
Alexia Chavez
Alexia Chavez 5 months ago
Ok I really don’t ship them cause it would make it awkward between them but this is so cute
Μαρια Μαριλου
Three furry stars
Three furry stars 5 months ago
Finn and side Millie and noah
brigidskata 5 months ago
they would honestly be such a cute couple, but I like their friendship. I’m pretty sure Finn lowkey has a tiny crush on her
Priyanshi Saxena
Priyanshi Saxena 5 months ago
For sadie and Finn🥂
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