Finn and Sadie Moments (compilation)

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Edited: I Ship It
Call you by Cash Cash ft Nasri of MAGIC!
#Fadie #FinnWolfhard #SadieSink


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Mar 30, 2019




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Comments 1 110
Mia Cruz
Mia Cruz 3 days ago
Commentif you think Finn and saide as a copule like for Finn and Millie
the Blairs
the Blairs 5 days ago
Sadie: *leans on Finn's arm* Finn: *is totally fine with it* Millie: *leans on Finn's arm* Finn: *oh gosh not again, please get offfffff*
Erin Mcphail
Erin Mcphail 7 days ago
I don't ship it who I do ship is Me and Finn
Nanie Wheeler
Nanie Wheeler 9 days ago
Because he is kind of strange to Millie, but Sadie is not Finn is more interactive with Sadie! With millie he ignores her THAT SCIENCE DOES NOT EXPLAIN
Giada Demitri
Giada Demitri 12 days ago
Giada Demitri
Giada Demitri 12 days ago
Giada Demitri
Giada Demitri 12 days ago
*Millie Avakin strake*
Só pro saber de vcs seus iludos o Finn ta namorando a millie Bobby Braun hahahaha idotas👌
ninguem u.u
ninguem u.u 19 days ago
Mano caleb noah e agr o finn mano ksksks
Gabrielle Semer
Gabrielle Semer 19 days ago
Ils sont ensembles ?
thayana melo
thayana melo 22 days ago
Honestly , i thought ir sucked becuse fillie is the best and fuck it whoever yuckes🙄😡
Luisana Herrera
Luisana Herrera 22 days ago
Finn se tiño por sadie,tiene pelirojo
chez grg
chez grg 27 days ago
; e l e v e n
; e l e v e n 27 days ago
I ship fillie, I love fadie as a friendship ❤️
las locuras de Azul XD
cindy escobar
cindy escobar 28 days ago
Love finn and seidy
Maky 06
Maky 06 28 days ago
*Im sorry, but Fillie is best🥰🙈*
Ailín Gutiérrez
Ailín Gutiérrez 29 days ago
Millie y noah. Finn y aadie
Billie eilish Queen & Goddess
Finn cheated on me with sadie, finn is an idiot Obs: I still love this finn cuteness more .........
*satine pimentinha*
n gosto muito mais respeito
Inés Peirado Sáez
Ya me dió celos la sadie :v
gilmar ramos
gilmar ramos Month ago
TeaThicc Month ago
after seeing finn and jack being so chaotic towards each other naturally and with the it cast it makes it hard to ship him with anyone else-
Samu CL
Samu CL Month ago
familia elvira valdez
no pago el internet para ver como sadie se lo roba a finn >:I
*Millie Avakin strake*
Aff odeio essa garota que escrota sou mais a millie
kokodzin Month ago
In my opinion Finn is happier with her than with Millie. With Millie, he seems more annoyed than cheerful
Jestem m misfit
Jestem m misfit Month ago
White Chocolate
White Chocolate Month ago
Like Millie and Finn even said they don't like each other so... Yeah
Gesù Cristo
Gesù Cristo Month ago
No basta ora si fidanzano sennò vengo dall Italia e li faccio scopare io Dio porco!
Ивелина Терзийска
2:04 So Cute ♥️ Awwwww
ASMR. Girl
ASMR. Girl Month ago
I ship Sadie and Caleb
Twinkle's Gothic 99
Minute 2:08 millie looks mad oops!
AMV series
AMV series Month ago
Naóoooo por que po to tao cansada desse vídeo que to info ate nunca mais
Norma Gutierrez Prado
Alguien traduce los comentarios
Itz Zia
Itz Zia Month ago
Odio este ship arriba fillie
Roblox gaming YT channel
Sofia Balba
Sofia Balba Month ago
I ship this because Millie don't like Finn she like Noah than Finn
Nadia Omar
Nadia Omar Month ago
Emanuelli Scorsatto
eca gente
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda Month ago
Fillie is real
S0ft Lauraww
S0ft Lauraww Month ago
NOOOOO! Its Fillie guys
oOf Month ago
OMLLLLL MY FAVE SHIPPPP REEEEEE. I have literally been a fade shipper since season two like OMGGGG YESSSSS
ame Deg
ame Deg Month ago
I hate you this shipp , i love for sadie , pero no este ship
laysa Magalhaes
laysa Magalhaes Month ago
Eu prefiro fillie
Sarah Suarez
Sarah Suarez Month ago
The dislikes are all Caleb
SONYEO uwu Month ago
I love sadie
Tropical Traveller
Sadie would be great as Ginny Weasley's daughter in Harry potter
Guadalupe Nambo
Guadalupe Nambo Month ago
Maria Victoria Rucci
Entonses ay posibilidad de que sean novios o mejores amigos
Ronald Marollano
Gisselle S
Gisselle S Month ago
Awwww this is beautiful. 😍
angela 2 months ago
lowkeyy ship but ://
Tahiz Chong
Tahiz Chong 2 months ago
Lo sabía
XagostinaproX agostinaYT
Like si quieres que millie y Finn estén juntos #Fillie♥️
Bitter Sweet
Bitter Sweet 2 months ago
2:14 look at Millie's face though :v
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 2 months ago
I'm gonna kill myself if I see them together while Caleb's with his awkward smile
Dalma Szabó
Dalma Szabó 2 months ago
False. Soah
Who U??
Who U?? 2 months ago
I have a felling that Finn has a crush on sadie and I hope so
Who U??
Who U?? 2 months ago
I really ship them than fillie
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