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Here is a video Aboute finn and sadie Being cute and charming about each other. Hope you like the video 💓

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Jul 2, 2019




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Oma Oma Chan
Oma Oma Chan 8 days ago
I think fadie and fack are both real
Renata Chávez
Renata Chávez 25 days ago
A Love your video
x Xx†PãoComHambúrguer†xX x
Soah: like Fillie: like
Taco thelady
Taco thelady Month ago
*at least Millie has Noah ;) but they are not dating T~T*
diario do st Fernandes
Fin. Millie. Said. Caleb. Getan. E. Grabriela. 😍😍😎 natalia. Charlie. Vinona. E. David. 😍😍😍
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Month ago
Is only a friendship
email sofia
email sofia Month ago
De chá eles em paz
Reyna klinger
Reyna klinger Month ago
I think they were dating at one point😭💔
Vic Paixao
Vic Paixao 3 months ago
Not cute.....OK CUTE CUTE 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😳😳😳😳😳
Maria Rojas
Maria Rojas 3 months ago
Fadie or faleb
SlimeMaster123 T
SlimeMaster123 T 3 months ago
Ynah Redobla
Ynah Redobla 3 months ago
Im shippingggg thEmmm ang millieEEEe what do i dooOO?!
CocoaBeanPlayyz X
CocoaBeanPlayyz X 3 months ago
I ship fadie and fillie but I think fadie is better and Millie is better off with Noah , gaten dates Lizzy yu so he is okay , and Caleb isn’t 💀
FUCK YOU 3 months ago
fadie is real xddd
floppy kawaii
floppy kawaii 27 days ago
Ovbio k es real xd AWANTE FADIE
Yasmeira Alvarez
Yasmeira Alvarez 4 months ago
What's the background sound it's kinda funny
RollieGamerZ Animations
Mille left the chat...
DioSrAp Ps4
DioSrAp Ps4 4 months ago
Me cae mal esa peliroja
Avril Salazar
Avril Salazar 3 months ago
x1000000 a mi me cae mal porque esta arruinando fillie, no se que tiene esa, pero la odio
Bitchin 4 months ago
I Don't know who to ship like wtf i ship millie and finn and also sadie and finn OMFG i-
Catalina Silva
Catalina Silva 4 months ago
Karen 5 months ago
Samantha González
Samantha González 5 months ago
Wtffff!!!! NOOOO!!!!!🤬🤬it’s GaTEN!+SaDIE! Bitchh!!!
FADIE Wuzhere
FADIE Wuzhere 2 months ago
Then leave ONlY thE peOpLe thAt shIP thEm shouLd bE heRe 🙄
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Y aRe YoU hErE
Mahzabin Khan
Mahzabin Khan 5 months ago
I don't really understand what's wrong with people . First don't you guys began to know them for Stranger things ? And Eleven is the significant character in this show . Can you imagine Stranger things without Eleven . And now Finn and Sadie and those screen shots taken from Instagram , guys if you follow Millie and Finn both , you will find , Mille and Finn also likes each other's post on a daily basis . They are good friends they have mention this a couple of time . And each person has distinct nature which makes them individual . Millie is a confident extremely talented and enthusiastic actress and she only 15 . And also successful . She has a distinct nature maybe she talks more but don't you think that's the shiny part of a teenage girl ? Anything could be inbetween them but they are still learning exploring and also maintaining their celebrity background at this little age . We all love Stranger things . All of them are extremely glorifying . Lots of love to all those kids . I think it's just yesterday Millie posted a story of her on Instagram guess what was the caption ! Its #milleven .
Mahzabin Khan
Mahzabin Khan Month ago
Your name is "Fadie Fink" , ofcourse you could imagine anything like this
Fadie Fink
Fadie Fink Month ago
I can imagine St without 11. Next.
FADIE Wuzhere
FADIE Wuzhere 3 months ago
Mileven is real but not fillie 😞
Mahzabin Khan
Mahzabin Khan 3 months ago
@CocoaBeanPlayyz X ha ha ha ha maybe not , i was just emotional
CocoaBeanPlayyz X
CocoaBeanPlayyz X 3 months ago
Mahzabin Khan but was it that serious you had to make a hole paragraph in a half???
charlotte baker
charlotte baker 5 months ago
I hate the song☠️
Maria Piredda
Maria Piredda 5 months ago
Am I the only who noticed that Finn is way more comfortable with Sadie than with Millie?
Zam Andal
Zam Andal 5 months ago
i heyt you max
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Zam Andal bahahahha
Rita King
Rita King 5 months ago
@Zam Andal it ok
Zam Andal
Zam Andal 5 months ago
Rita King Sorry My Sister Wrote That.
Rita King
Rita King 5 months ago
Why dont say that it not nice i love sadie/max she is my favorit
SlimeMaster123 T
SlimeMaster123 T 5 months ago
OMG i love the music i need it 😂
SlimeMaster123 T
SlimeMaster123 T 4 months ago
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Your love Nicki Minaj ?
anonima de la tec.18
I think fadie is real cause he acts better wht sadie than millie
Valentina Cervantes
Valentina Cervantes 6 months ago
Safin is real
CocoaBeanPlayyz X
CocoaBeanPlayyz X 3 months ago
This girl said safin it took me 2 hours to figure out what she was talking about
SlimeMaster123 T
SlimeMaster123 T 4 months ago
Wtf 😂it’s fadie hahahha lol
Athos Wolff
Athos Wolff 5 months ago
Paige aldc
Paige aldc 6 months ago
The songggg lmao
FADIE Wuzhere
FADIE Wuzhere 3 months ago
Paige aldc every time I hear it I DIEEE 😂😂😂
Theater Vlogs
Theater Vlogs 6 months ago
Lamo I get mad at these types of vids I only see him with mille😂
Theater Vlogs
Theater Vlogs 6 months ago
Finn looks at Sadie:(shippers) omg they soo like each other.....
queen_nydi 6 months ago
If yall dont stop with that lil song
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Tea Shook it’s funny 😂 oi dont stop 😂😂😂
Tea Shook
Tea Shook 6 months ago
queen_nydi lol sorry 🤭☺️
bubba felix
bubba felix 6 months ago
Omg are u from the Netherlands?? Or Belgium?? I saw the language on the ig posts 💞
hOlaaa lalaala
hOlaaa lalaala 6 months ago
Mad Wheeler made me dislike stranger things
nilladie lover44
nilladie lover44 2 months ago
Fadie>>> madwheeler
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What about fadie?
Pick UP Edit From Netflix
:( its our opinion
Lucas -
Lucas - 7 months ago
Nah it’s Caleb and sadie
turquoise potato
in your opinion lmao
SlimeMaster123 T
SlimeMaster123 T 5 months ago
Lucas - tru
Valentina García YT
Fadie or fillie
꧁ιтz • кαмι꧂
floppy kawaii
floppy kawaii 22 days ago
Fadie UwU
fer msm
fer msm 22 days ago
what ever, both are perfect
alohatonii 23 days ago
Anny Horses
Anny Horses Month ago
D1d I 4sk
D1d I 4sk 7 months ago
Woah he liked her post, they’re now dating and in love 🤦‍♀️
CocoaBeanPlayyz X
CocoaBeanPlayyz X 3 months ago
Chill it just cute moments the jealousy is real
emberinq 6 months ago
better than millie and him
emberinq 6 months ago
Wicked_wiener_the_first uGlY aSs
Tea Shook
Tea Shook 7 months ago
I Didn’t say they were dating. Its just a cute moment video :)
Kawaii Boba
Kawaii Boba 7 months ago
Wicked_wiener_the_first she is not ugly and I assume you aren’t
They0dore Kam
They0dore Kam 7 months ago
The song was killing me 💀
marafr0mig 3 months ago
lala toys. odete Rodrigues de Souza
1 :15 parece que eles estão apaixonados
Lydell Miller
Lydell Miller 7 months ago
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