"FINISHED" Ronaldo Is An Absolute BEAST!

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Vesmonic Presents - "FINISHED" Ronaldo Is ENDING Careers!
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EMDI x RØGUENETHVN - Let Your Heartbreak (feat. Leo the Kind)[NCS Release]
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JPB - What I Want [NCS Release]
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Comments 80
Malu Month ago
اسطورتي ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
Sudip Rai
Sudip Rai Month ago
Three week ago I drew a pic of Cristiano Ronaldo kissing ball
SkiN PXL Month ago
Messi and Ronaldinho >>>
Ein Network
Ein Network Month ago
Nice, Done support
X ontheweb
X ontheweb Month ago
Very good sound on that vid. Man, you nailed it!
My Name Is Rahul
It's the beginning of the end
G.O.A.T Month ago
Someone please tell him you are allowed to pass to another team player.
iitian roy
iitian roy Month ago
Only Cristiano Ronaldo Fan like
That spin with the ball was too beautiful.
Fresh Mind
Fresh Mind Month ago
I'd like to be "finished" like him in my 37
B Dakhil
B Dakhil Month ago
Try to put a complete video without him DIVING or Throwing him self then tell me he is a beast...
Joepaul mathew
Joepaul mathew Month ago
Beast ❤
Priyanshu Bisht
Priyanshu Bisht Month ago
blue Month ago
Ronaldos got plenty left his legend will live for ever
Paramarta Iganp
Paramarta Iganp Month ago
00:40 He would've scored it himself if he were 25yo.
Antoine Hasbro
Antoine Hasbro Month ago
Hes better than in madrid
CR7 Studio
CR7 Studio Month ago
Cristiano Ronaldo has his career limitless
Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno Month ago
My favorite player Ever...!!! incredible what he's doing in Italy... brutal CR7!! 💪⚽🏃
Miguel Loureiro
Miguel Loureiro Month ago
This guy...he loves playing football so much that when he finally retires he won’t now what to do with all those millions
MAT7HD Month ago
Miroslava Karailieva
Super player 😘👍🙂
Amyth_J Month ago
great to see his dribbling after a while.. real madrid, he just scores.. but in Man U & Juve... he is playing...
Apeksha Rai
Apeksha Rai Month ago
The white elephant of football
Mroane Oitache
Mroane Oitache Month ago
He is normal
Maria de Sousa
Maria de Sousa Month ago
51 👎🏻 must be the haters!😔 cause Messi fans am sure appreciate football and CR7 is is to be appreciated ❤️🥇🥇❤️
Joseph Sankhil
Joseph Sankhil Month ago
When I do this tricks people called me crazy but when Ronaldo does this trick people say wow
Hamza Kebbati
Hamza Kebbati Month ago
if only he scored that shot against atletico
Cristiano Juve
Cristiano Juve Month ago
Nothing is impossible for the ageless Cristiano Ronaldo
PRajwal Rààj igir
Everyone: CR7 is Finished CR7: Beast Mode Activated!
Love Thy Data
Love Thy Data Month ago
Everyone has skills.....but Ronaldo is the one who knows how, when n where to use which skill.
Logan Jimmy
Logan Jimmy Month ago
Ronaldo is a beast but Messi is a God.
DEE Maind
DEE Maind Month ago
Solo quien conoce su talento y capacidad no se deja manipular en contra de Cristiano cr7 el mejor jugador del mundo
Namo namo Bharat
Richard Castaway
Ronaldo is a monster... But you can see hes a little slower with his step overs.. At man u he did like 4 step overs in 2 seconds..
cristiano Ronaldo
Love cristiano ronaldo❤❤
pk_1 Month ago
Imagine they said this guy is finished, he lost his pace, he's dribbling isn't good anymore, messi is better......NOPE! CR7>>>>>>>>>messi
Ric DV
Ric DV Month ago
Watching these highlights, you almost fear that he's still getting better... this man is a fucking robot!
WARZONE TV Month ago
The king of Football ! GOAT
Zidan Ahmad Fauzan
What do you mean finished???
The greatest show on earth
This ronaldo fanboy is giving same clips 10000 times
abdirahman liban
I just saw Ronaldo wearing his name in Arabic
Khairil Akbar
Khairil Akbar Month ago
Allways like ronaldo
Samu Studio
Samu Studio Month ago
Bro Please make a video for Cr7 with song Vision by Lost sky. Please bro
Pero Radova
Pero Radova Month ago
the sounds used for music on this vid could not be WORSE.. thats a pile of shit noise.. like most fan made vids, watch on mute or play some rocknroll to fix the cunts selection!!!
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Month ago
The best player in the world👊
Fuzzy Month ago
Finished Ronaldo has 35 goals in 35 games in all comps this season....insane
K3R3R IQ 200
K3R3R IQ 200 Month ago
Much love from Iraq 👋🥰🇮🇶
Haro Wanderlust
Haro Wanderlust Month ago
He became even more talented after he left Madrid
Zulhaily Zhafran
Age is just a number..
Jatin pant
Jatin pant Month ago
Brock lesnar: am i joke to you ?
Aldira 02
Aldira 02 Month ago
Is he really 35 years old?
Ric Bakar
Ric Bakar Month ago
Hail the king beast of soccer!
Ebube Orlukwu
Ebube Orlukwu Month ago
The king
I'm A Plant
I'm A Plant Month ago
Is it just me or is he learning to dribble now?
SK7 HD Month ago
Great bro
armando Lorenzo
armando Lorenzo Month ago
CR7 the best of the world
Nabin Rajbhandari
My favourate hw is my killer instinct
Cristiano Ronaldo 7
The king
cristiano Ronaldo
Williams Productions
U could actually be including clips from 2016 which is when this "finished" business started
TOD. BOD Month ago
2015 I think
CR7 🔥 G.O.A.T.
Track_UpriseYT Month ago
For me is little deficult with Ronaldo is 35 and he is best
barca 200
barca 200 Month ago
Ronaldo this season is soo amazing, dribblings like 2013 and finishing was never better.
ARWV - No Copyright Music
Amazing work bro! 🔥🔥
Repost. Ng
Repost. Ng Month ago
Please stop this u made me almost shed my tears for saying he is ending his career now. I love this dude so much and football will almost be funless when he retire. Cr7 until 45years
king maan
king maan Month ago
If you're a member of ronaldo family fans like 👍👍
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7 Month ago
cr7 king
Abdiaziz Mohamed
the GOAT never get finished, but he is genius when it comes finishing the Goal
CRX7 STUDIO Month ago
CR7 is 🐐❤️
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres Month ago
Cr7 the ballon'dor 2020🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Mushthaq Ahammed
Why yall surprised about his dribbling ability.. Its still that same Cr7 who Terrorised Premier League defenders without any mercy...he even told in an interview that he intentionaly kept himself from wanting to dribble like he did back in united.. Not because he couldn't..and now he want to bring that old shool ronnie back.. That's all
Are bhai bhai tu India se hai?
Jonathan Giron
Jonathan Giron Month ago
CR7 El Mejor Jugador De Todos Los Tiempos.. Puro Nivel Mundial, Una Máquina, Una Leyenda Y Un Crack. Monstruo.👍⚽💪
Deniz Yaman
Deniz Yaman Month ago
As Ronald o is getting older he is playing better I feel like he would never retire🤷🏻‍♂️
Coubra Ouattara
Coubra Ouattara Month ago
Il paraît qu'tè vieux🤔🤔🤔🤔
Pavel Pau
Pavel Pau Month ago
Boss legend
Mario Marino
Mario Marino Month ago
CR7 the best!!
Pinku Ahad
Pinku Ahad Month ago
Love cr7 ❤️❤️
Hak najej Mess
Hak najej Mess Month ago
Legend has it that the player who wore all the Jersey numbers far a forward is the greatest player ever
CR7MAGIC Month ago
🚨Alert Messi Don't come Here 🚨 Bcz Your daddy CRISTIANO will Make you spin your head 🤣
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