Finding The Best Way To Make A Grilled Cheese

Joshua Weissman
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Some say toast with mayo, some say butter, and some say that the classic American cheese version is the only way. I would very much like it if we could just stop arguing and actually put it to the test.
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Everyone : Mayo vs Butter Me : Mayobutter
As8ley 12 hours ago
I’m very disappointed there was no tomato soup.
Yin 21 hour ago
No ingredient list down the description box 😂
what about a grilled tosti? *_thinking emoji_*
Peáchybéar UwU
Y'know what'd make the sandwich better ? *A drizzle of apricot jam*
Jeshta shetty
Has lily singh copied the montage tune
[MGP] Mister K
i really, really wanna try that apple brie grilled cheese, it looks so god damn delicious, im not really into cooking but i think im gonna give that one a shot
Erethess Day ago
A "grilled cheese" with anything in it other than bread and cheese is not a grilled cheese. Its a fuckin' melt.
Laura R. W.
Laura R. W. Day ago
Horseradish Havarti makes it amazing!!
Laura R. W.
Laura R. W. Day ago
Havarti Horseradish, white cheddar, provolone.
Samsun Nahar
Samsun Nahar 2 days ago
"You don't want Anything going soft earlier than you expect it to" (2:23) - Josh 2020
Azia Ramirez
Azia Ramirez 3 days ago
I suggest another simple childhood classic. "Beans on toast"
v2joecr 4 days ago
What about the 2D grilled cheese sandwich. You take a well seasoned cast iron skillet no butter on the top yet. You put a cast iron pan with 2 cast iron pans in it for weight until it is browned. Butter the side that is the top before flipping. Put all the weight back on it until the other side is brown. Remember they will be larger that they were before you smashed them. I'm skipping steps I'd expect @Joshua Weissman & anyone to have watched this episode all the way through.
Kyla Beyers
Kyla Beyers 5 days ago
I had never heard of people using mayo on grilled cheese before this video
Adeline Patrick
Adeline Patrick 5 days ago
I use Sara Lee bread and then I butter both sides to get it REALLY buttery and crispy. I put 2 slices of yellow cheese.
Leafy 5 days ago
i like to use mayo on my grilled cheese
Hailee Rodriguez
Hailee Rodriguez 5 days ago
I love you :)
415_jjjxydxnjj 6 days ago
Me making a grilled cheese when watching this
Bubbles The Shitrocker
Its 2am and I made 4 grilled cheese sandwiches for my stoned ass because of YOU!
17 DAP
17 DAP 7 days ago
Mayo is goddamned disgusting
Sam Dove
Sam Dove 7 days ago
my favorite is with quality american and bacon.
Nievette Reynaldo
Out pizza the hut I dare you.
Jordan Hargrove
Jordan Hargrove 10 days ago
Does no one make grilled cheese in the microwave?
Jordan Hargrove
Jordan Hargrove 10 days ago
Never mind, y’all said grilled
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie 10 days ago
Josh...you said Gouda decently good- I’m dutch and proud, the “g” is a little louder but that’s just a dutch thing, but yes it’s pronounced how josh said it, Gouda not gooda-
B A S S 10 days ago
tip: toast the bread on both sides for 2x kwispy
kairav the cuber
kairav the cuber 10 days ago
The Apple one is an embarassment
Troy Vasquez
Troy Vasquez 11 days ago
Use brioche buns
Hirokka 11 days ago
People put mayo on toast????????
Jack Mullenbach
Jack Mullenbach 11 days ago
He did they mayo toast dirty
CPIZZI 12 days ago
I think Ingredients list got deleted..
sarah rosenbaum
sarah rosenbaum 12 days ago
He put too much mayo. What a dumbass
Alexandre Dumas
Alexandre Dumas 12 days ago
What kind of barbarian does't toast both sides of the bread before melting the cheese?
omjed360 12 days ago
i made one with scrambled eggs in between
Neel Suvarna
Neel Suvarna 13 days ago
You know you can pee on your buger or sandwich buns to make them more flavorful....a Weissman tip
Gamer stella123! stella123
Hows your day?
Rid 13 days ago
Tried it tastes burnt on the outside
Cheri Crook
Cheri Crook 13 days ago
I like coconut oil. Gives it a delicious crisp.
Skadragon 14 days ago
Nonstick pan Two slices of bread Sharp cheddar America cheese singles (optional) Butter Mayo (optional) Heat pan on medium. When hot butter on pan until a little melty butter pool forms and slap a slice of bread on it. Repeat. Flip both when toast adding a little butter for the other sides. Spread a small bit of mayo on the toasted sides, place cheese slices, and then a healthy covering of the cheddar and slap a lid on that bad boy. You should now have two slices of toast covered in melty cheesy goodness. Turn the heat up. Flip both those bad boys and let that cheese get a nice crispy sear. Transfer both to a plate and match cheese on cheese to form the true grilled cheese sammich. You're welcome.
CexCells 15 days ago
Think the idea behind the mayo thing is it's healthier, maybe.
Ok Chief
Ok Chief 15 days ago
“You don’t want anything going soft earlier than you expect it to” sadly I felt that
Zak Payne
Zak Payne 15 days ago
the apple and brie one is really similar to one here where I live, this places sells one that is brie and fog jam and its bomb
Kthanid The Great
Kthanid The Great 16 days ago
I feel like I'm getting serious Deja Vu here. *Cough* Babish *Cough* *Cough*
Mariah B
Mariah B 16 days ago
I go hard Josh. I caramelize onions and slip in some avocado's and tomatoes. I also expirmented recently with dipping the bread in egg and rolling it in panko crumbs. It was interesting. Idk if I'd do it again. Maybe if I had added spices into the panko. Idk. Pepperjack always.
Photos On A Roll
Photos On A Roll 16 days ago
Can you experiment with a Popeyes buns thats what i do and its really good
Seth price
Seth price 17 days ago
I like to put cheese on top of my grill cheese and then flip it on the pan for it to crisp up on the bread making a delicious cheesy bread filled with gooey pull apart cheese on the inside. I love it because whenever I make simple things my girlfriend is like how do you actually cook so good. My only response is I'm picky AF and if I'm making it, it needs to be perfect in my eyes.
Sebastian Alimardani
I think that the reason for the mayo hype, is the fact that it has a higher smoking point. I've also found that cooking the mayo toast for longer decreases the mayo flavor, that some may find horrific. The butter tastes GREAT if you cook it at the right temperature - but most of the time butter just get burnt and tastes like literal garbage.
Auster Butt
Auster Butt 17 days ago
You definitely don’t want A N Y T H I N G going soft faster then you want it to. 😉
Lucas Boerkamp
Lucas Boerkamp 17 days ago
'You don't want anything going soft sooner than you expect it to' thats what she said
TsubasaSake 17 days ago
who defuq cooks grilled cheese with mayo???
Cowboi 18 days ago
Toast with butter and add mayo to the top bun after cooking it’s fire
Takara Hayashi
Takara Hayashi 18 days ago
I'm in the camp of "if you add anything beyond cheese, it's not a grilled cheese anymore", it's just a grilled sandwich.
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 18 days ago
Grilled cheese is better when you use a pan
Gladson Kbiji
Gladson Kbiji 19 days ago
when did apple started making exhaust
cory twigg
cory twigg 19 days ago
Totally didnt copy someone else
pears 416
pears 416 19 days ago
I put a lil garlic salt on the buttered sides of the bread 🤤
Mort Mort Mort
Mort Mort Mort 19 days ago
There are certain things that American cheese is the right choice for. Burgers and grilled cheese. You can get better quality American cheese than your bog-standard Kraft. You can sometimes find sharp American in delis, especially in the Great Lakes region.
kris Ill
kris Ill 19 days ago
Rob and big already made the best grilled cheese
Nick Pemberton
Nick Pemberton 22 days ago
I have never had a grilled cheese 😭
XxmonstragloxX 22 days ago
I bathe my bread in melted butter lol
Zachey’s Flip
Zachey’s Flip 23 days ago
Slice of cheese Italian cheese mix two slices bread olive oil
JB Khan
JB Khan 23 days ago
I've never in my life heard of anyone using mayo to grill grilled cheese... always butter.
Melina Sabatino
Melina Sabatino 23 days ago
Vanilla Music
Vanilla Music 23 days ago
WARNING ⚠️ Do Not Watch While Hungry 🤤
Todd Long
Todd Long 24 days ago
I heat the pan first and melt butter in it until it just starts to brown and then I add the unbuttered sandwich. Just before flipping I add a little more butter. Works out well and I don’t have to butter the damn bread lol
wyatterminator _
wyatterminator _ 24 days ago
Butter not mayo 👍
Salvia 24 days ago
you see, i like the mayo toast and the butter toast. so i’m real extra and toast the bread with the mayo before i make the sandwich and then i make it with the butter so i get the best of both worlds
JMTN 24 days ago
2:22 that’s what she said
Christian Danielson
Hey there, at 3:29 in your video it shows a wooden basket holding some food in the background. Can i ask where did you get the basket? Great videos, always makes me laugh! Thank you!
wyatterminator _
wyatterminator _ 25 days ago
I hate mayo
Barred Knight
Barred Knight 25 days ago
The Joker
The Joker 25 days ago
Nah fam... Add some strawberry jam and maybe some apples and it's 10x better
Saivirup A
Saivirup A 25 days ago
Am I the only one who is addicted to the music? It's soooooo addicting.
JG124 25 days ago
If you want to try a real god tier grilled chesse you've gotta try using Texas Toast instead of regular bread.
suspiciousgoose98 25 days ago
You're supposed to butter both sides of the bread
Zoixvo 26 days ago
intro song?
Kierra Bunch
Kierra Bunch 27 days ago
I come here for the B-rolls
Jennifer Tu
Jennifer Tu 28 days ago
Wait you don't say the G in GOUDA!?!? 🤯
Steve 28 days ago
Why a cold pan?
ChesterSnap 28 days ago
I finally tried Mayo a couple of weeks ago and I didn't realize it cooked faster so by the time all my cheese had melted it was almost burnt
Ur Salty667
Ur Salty667 29 days ago
That's nothing compared to mine
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