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In this video you guys will see our reactions of finding out I'm pregnant telling my husband and my daughter.

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May 12, 2021




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sophia barbosa
sophia barbosa 2 days ago
Happy sis
Angie Trujano
Angie Trujano 6 days ago
Bendecida eres mujer porque has creído sin ver.Esto vino ami corazón cuando vi tu reacción 🥰🙏🏼🎈🙌🏼Bendito sea mi Dios por sus milagros y por sus bendiciones 🎊🎉☺️
Carolina Cruz
Carolina Cruz 6 days ago
Eres tan feliz eso t brota asta x los poros.... eres afortunada yaz q bonita vida tienes
Maritza Menjivar
Maritza Menjivar 7 days ago
God works in mysterious ways my dad passed away March 7 of 2010 from pancreatic cancer and exactly 7 years later on March 7 2017 I gave birth to my baby girl 💞
True Love
True Love 7 days ago
Behold, children are a gift of Yahuah, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3
Rocha 19
Rocha 19 10 days ago
Que hermoso tus bebes estaban destinados hacer twins even tho years apart but they will have an amazing bond 🙏🏻
Yojana Donis
Yojana Donis 11 days ago
Janet Pedroza
Janet Pedroza 12 days ago
Why am I crying with u 🥺🥺💖 god knows when is the right timing
Cathy Phu
Cathy Phu 13 days ago
Ahh!! When they told you the results I was literally watery eyed too because I know you were so shocked and I can feel it from here!!
Crystal Novoa
Crystal Novoa 13 days ago
Awww 🥰 congratulations on baby #2 ♥️
Brenda Marin
Brenda Marin 14 days ago
Omg 😥😍😍😍 estoy llorando ... Felicidades
Nat Mota
Nat Mota 15 days ago
Ami se me hacia tan dificil dejar ami bebe de 3 años cuando sali embarazada de mi segundo baby 👶 y tu yazmin bien aventada😊 ojala que todo salga bien
Jackie Juarez
Jackie Juarez 15 days ago
Omg best respond ever ‘’ no mames wey’’
Esmeralda M
Esmeralda M 16 days ago
I have 3 kids and I never cried finding out o feel bad 😂
Marisa Guevara
Marisa Guevara 16 days ago
Congratulations!!! I need to know where your oversized flannel is from I’m obsessed 😍
Mayra Orellana
Mayra Orellana 16 days ago
Sos su fans desde Honduras no entiendo nada lo que abla ella i no sube nada en español 😪😪
Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez 16 days ago
No mames guey jajaja valentin
maria velazquez
maria velazquez 16 days ago
Dios es amor 🧡🥰 felicidades!!
januki pradhan
januki pradhan 16 days ago
I have seen how much you suffer before jayline was born . God bless u dear its is god blessing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
VIRII Beauty VLOGS 17 days ago
How cute!! My two babies are born the same day! Different year and month!! 🥰 I also think it’s so cute! My daughter was suppose to be born on the 11 and was born on the second and my baby boy was suppose to be born the 29 and born the second 😅
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 19 days ago
Cristina Sanchez
Cristina Sanchez 19 days ago
Omg congratzzzz!!!!!! Hermosa mil bendiciones para ti y tu familia When u were pregnant with ur girl i was pregnant with my boy y ahora im 5 months pregnant again gracias a Dios y miiiiraaaaa tu tambien👏👏👏👏👏 Los tiempos de Dios son perfectos y les deseo mucha felicidad y BENDICIONES!!!!
Selena Griffin
Selena Griffin 19 days ago
Oh my goodness I cried happy tears
I love him with youuu!!!
Lesli Arellano
Lesli Arellano 24 days ago
remember that God’s timing is always perfect 💗 blessings baby girl !
lixy olguin
lixy olguin 24 days ago
Omg muchas felicidades👶🏻 a los dos asta me hicieron llora 😭
Michou Romero
Michou Romero 25 days ago
What an awesome surprise
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas 25 days ago
very ggod...
Ana Cazares
Ana Cazares 25 days ago
Ay noooo, me hiciste llorar.. 💕 y también recordar esa emoción que sentí al enterarme de mi segundo embarazo 💙 esa sensación de emocion-miedo 💓
First Name
First Name 25 days ago
Why am I just finding out (through ig) I'm subscribed to your channels YT never shows your uploads!!! Anyways CONGRATS!!! 🥰❤ now I gotta go through all of these videos lol
Muhammad Hamza Abid
Nice Video
Adriana Barba
Adriana Barba 26 days ago
Aww 🥰 congrats solo dios sabe y todo a su tiempo ... i think your having a BOY November es el mes del niño team boy heart💙
Natalie Mosqueda
Natalie Mosqueda 26 days ago
Omg I love you guys!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ congratulations!!! This is the most beautiful genuine video ive ever seen!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brisa Delgado
Brisa Delgado 26 days ago
Omg you Could Tell You Were So Nervous! Congrats❤️
Melissa Adilene
Melissa Adilene 27 days ago
Love you guys congratulations I cried the whole video 😂 💕💕💕💕
Derusha Chetty
Derusha Chetty 29 days ago
You give me hope ❤ God bless 🌸
Carmen Hernandez Flores
Me gustaría ver sus videos pero solo los hace en inglés 🙁
Rosa Rosa
Rosa Rosa Month ago
Ya no haces videos en español
April Donjuan
April Donjuan Month ago
My bet is on a baby boy. Congratulations jasmine I always get so emotional watching your videos when you talk about your pregnancy journeys ❤️ un fuerte abrazo para ti y tu linda familia.
Melina De Santos Medina
my girls are exactly 2 years apart one born on nov 17 and the other nov 16! lol congratulations i can't wait to find out what you guys are having!!
torres Beauty
torres Beauty Month ago
Omg Valentin is so sweet.
Jesus saves
Jesus saves Month ago
God's timing is always perfecttt. Love Himm
Naomii Lopez
Naomii Lopez Month ago
Deberías hacer estos videos también en español. Para las que te vemos saludos desde mexico
When she started shaking when she found out I immediately started to get teary eyed, I just wanna give her a hug omg SENDING LOTS OF LOVE, PRAYERS AND SUPPORT! LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I PRAY YOU HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY PREGNANCY!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! omg I'm literally crying typing this hahahaha ♥
April Vasquez
April Vasquez Month ago
I’ve been watching you from the beginning girl and when u were first pregnant with jaylin I cried and I was so happy for you 😭😭😭 and now it’s the same happiness all over again I am truly happy for you in everything yas you’ve accomplished so much and you are living your dreams 🥰
Yudi Bautista
Yudi Bautista Month ago
Omg i cry 💓😭 pero muchas felicidades 💓
Karla Solis
Karla Solis Month ago
You make me cryyyy!!! Whyyyy?
Dee Kn3ras
Dee Kn3ras Month ago
Ok , I'm in the minute 10 , now tell me , Why did I think it was a good idea to watch this video while doing my maquillaje? Now I'm crying 😢😭🤧❤
Adrianna Zepeda
Adrianna Zepeda Month ago
My youngest is 9 yrs and i JUST found out I am pregnant!.. I havent told my husband. I plan to surprise him on fathers day! .. Now I am really going to be looking forward to baby videos from you (not that i wasnt but this is truly a surprise for us!!). It's been so hard for 4 days to not blurt it out!! again, congrats!!
Solesito Arambula
Omg this is soo cute your daughters reaction!! Adorable!!
Paola Karkaletsou
Me caga q digan, no lo esperaba 🙄. Si están cogiendo q esperan una bolsa de galletas😛😛. Como sea felicidades
:/ Month ago
Omgg that happened to me too when ttc for my 2nd baby I found out on my annual check up & I couldn’t believe it 🥺❤️ congrats
Tirza Gamez
Tirza Gamez Month ago
Omg congratulations 😍♥️ this literally happened to meee both pregnancy same due date y todo 🥲♥️
Annette Herrera
Annette Herrera Month ago
I LITERALLY cried !!! OMG I am here since the first time you kept trying to conceive and wow I am soo sooo sooooo happy for you ! God bless you and your family ALWAYS!
Ivy Cid
Ivy Cid Month ago
Eres bien chillona Yas😁!... pero me caes bien... que bonita y sorprendente una noticia asi💛... Que linda tu bebe y que linda la reaccion de Valentin, que hermosa familia tienes!.
Mayra Cervantes
Mayra Cervantes Month ago
Nancy Amara
Nancy Amara Month ago
Idk why your videos always hits me hard. Right straight in my heart ❤ they are so emotional 😢 congratulations 👏
Lily Camacho
Lily Camacho Month ago
😭god is so good!!! Another beautiful blessing! Felicidades! ❤️
Carlesly Brito
Carlesly Brito Month ago
Awwww so happy for u guys
Jackie Jimenez
Jackie Jimenez Month ago
Loved his reaction! “No mames guey” 😂💗💗💗 im literally crying!! 😭😩💗
Olga Perez
Olga Perez Month ago
This video made me tear up!
Marisol Gonzalez
Felicidades. God bless y’all. 🤍
Nice video
Bell Cruz
Bell Cruz Month ago
We ovulate every month but some people still can't get pregnant just because of it. For example I can only get pregnant in November it's super weird so my kids are all late Aug/early sept babies. So that may be the case for you as well. I was trying to get pregnant for 6 years when my doc told me about that and she was right I was 90 percent more fertile in November than any other month which is why I wasn't getting pregnant because I didn't want my kids to have the same bdays but after six years we said well let's try November again and bam pregnant like nothing.
The Peetes
The Peetes Month ago
Such a beautiful family y como te quiere 🥺 congratulations!!! ❤️ Last pregnancy we were pregnant at the same time pero estás sola esta vez amiga 😅 jaja
stefany ramirez
stefany ramirez Month ago
This is the boy year they are having a BOY I just know it 💙🥲
Raelynn R
Raelynn R Month ago
I need your lip combo here♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ella Ell
Ella Ell Month ago
“No mames guey” 😂😂😂😂
crystal sanchez
crystal sanchez Month ago
Omg me n my hubby talk to eachother like that😂"no mames huey" after being together 15yrs
Natasha Mahayni
Natasha Mahayni Month ago
My last period was January 20, 2021 and I’m going to be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow!! 💙💙💙
Jenny Moran
Jenny Moran Month ago
When you said “ I AM?” , your reaction was just beautiful then top it off with his reaction 🥺 So precious !
Gabriela Espinoza
My 2nd & 3rd where made around the same time both I found out on my Birthday April 4th 2 yrs apart . My second was born Dec 3rd My third Nov 22nd the crazy part is My husbands birthday is Nov 30th in between
Keileb plays
Keileb plays Month ago
Gracias usa asu esposo que abla español Eya no quiere ablarlo
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Month ago
When you told jayleen about the baby and she pulls up your dress she’s like “aver mami vamos a sacarlo” 😂
Narkita Month ago
Yasmín expecting again makes me so emotional
Strawberries Cream
This is so crazy. Tell me why we were pregnant at the same time with my 1st pregnancy and I’m pregnant again with my 3rd..(1st were twins) and my 2nd pregnancy also has the same date as my twins. Congratulations
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Month ago
fun fact to those who didn't know
Missi Vazquez
Missi Vazquez Month ago
“No Me Levantess El Ves-ti-doooo” total Paulina de la Mora vibes lol
Marlynn evelynn
Marlynn evelynn Month ago
Omg stop I’m crying with you since I’ve been watching you for a while I’m so overly excited for you
Susan Ward
Susan Ward Month ago
Congratulations you have a beautiful family so cute big sister going too be great for lil sis so exciting enjoy ❤️💜🎉🎉
Leslie Alas
Leslie Alas Month ago
Dude why am I crying like this. Congratulations 🥲
Caro Month ago
If it’s a girl you should name her “milagros “ 🥺
BeckaMontero Month ago
Lol this whole time I was like she’s just putting on weight no big deal lol but to find out you’re pregnant 🥰 I’m so happy for your family!
Janine Estrada
Janine Estrada Month ago
My eyes watered So happy for your family !! Felicidades it’s truly amazing when we see gods hand in our life .what a gift 💝
Janine Estrada
Janine Estrada Month ago
Me finding out I’m pregnant with my third & last baby my rainbow 🌈 baby 2 years later when I told myself I’m done no more kids at all
Juana Merrill
Juana Merrill Month ago
He is so sweet love your family what a blessing ☺️ I love to see when I see other family’s be in love the way I’m in love 🥰
Sarahlaicah Santos
this was just like the very first time I'd viewed your video when you find out that youre pregnant with jayline 😍 congrats Mama Bird ❤
jatziry Contreras
I cannot wait till I get pregnant, it’s been a tuff process but seeing your video gives me hopes ❤️. Iam glad your going to have another beautiful baby.
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Month ago
Aww i love valentins reaction 🥺🥰 you guys are meant to be parents blessings ! 🥳
Deysi Ramirez
Deysi Ramirez Month ago
I had the same due dates My second oldest was due 8/18/2007 Was born on 8/29/2007 My youngest was due 8/18/2020 But was born 8/13/2020
Xhristi Xo
Xhristi Xo Month ago
To find out your due date is counting ahead 7 days after the first day of your last period and 3 months back of your last period you had. Example, your last period started June 5th. Then your due will be. March 12. That's how they will calculate with the chart yearsssssss ago. Lol if you seen those circle LMP Calculators. If you don't, Google it lmao. Just a fun fact to those who didn't know
Mónica González
S U B S T I T U L O S en Español Jazmín ♥️♥️♥️♥️ porfa 🙏🏻 Felicidades y bendiciones
Tracy Bonnie
Tracy Bonnie Month ago
Im in tears now! So happy for your whole family 😭✨
Adriana Corona
Adriana Corona Month ago
Him asking you “como te sientes” says so much of him! Te ganaste la lotería🥺♥️ congratulations to the both of you 💕
Wendi Month ago
Congratulations💖😍😍 & your symptoms were exactly like mine
vajeloma Month ago
Fun fact my sister and I are both born the same day 2 years apart
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Month ago
Mitch_ellee Month ago
Congratulations!!!!! I’m sooo happy for you! Me: crying Over here cuz I’m happy for your family!
Alondra Garnica
Alondra Garnica Month ago
He is like, “no mames güey”
brincy carrera
brincy carrera Month ago
Crying!!! ♥️😍🙏🏽 Bendiciones!♥️
Sandra Monroy
Sandra Monroy Month ago
Aww , I wish I had happy tears like you. When I found out I was preggers for the second time on my IUD & having bp issues I cried sad tears 😢 peeo diosito save porque hace las cosas
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Month ago
Español porfabor.!!
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