Lena & Adam
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We are so excited to finally share with you that we are having a baby! I found out I was pregnant and surprised Adam on valentine's day! Do you think we're having a boy or a girl?
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Apr 7, 2020




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Comments 80
Tabii Alisa
Tabii Alisa 3 hours ago
Lmao they are low key cute y’all I looked up their work and they obviously have a lot of trust in their relationship which is always great .
D C Day ago
Poor kid. It's fuckeddd
Sharon Dingle
I love how he said adorbs 😂
Sharon Dingle
Congratulations, I'm a new subscriber and this is so amazing. Can't wait to join your journey❤. I love how you told the cat before anyone. Haha that like what colleen did 😂
Kimdazzles Day ago
lena and adam = lenam
Kimdazzles Day ago
Lena your hair is so cute. You look pretty in pink! You guys will be great parents!!
Kate Wormwood
This is so beautiful! True love and nothing but joy
JYCE VLOGS 3 days ago
Just found your channel with the gender reveal
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith 4 days ago
Imagine finding a video of your mom eating a mans butt😐 that kids gonna need therapy
VexDubb 5 days ago
Jesus h. Christ even ur bf is such a bitchy ass idiot
Bass Universe
Bass Universe 5 days ago
I'm sorry but Adam22 took the fattest L in history.
MARTIN PRIOR 5 days ago
Im happy for them, but I do hope she actually knows the baby isnt in her stomach
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 5 days ago
Lana! If u haven’t yet, Look up “telling mom I’m pregnant videos” on RUvid. it’s hilarious. Your Welcome! Lol
Christina Davies
Christina Davies 5 days ago
Not gunna lie, I’ve watched this like 3x already 🤷🏼‍♀️😬🤷🏼‍♀️
Adrian The Wetback
Are we sure its adams.....she is kind of a skank
Isabella Leija
Isabella Leija 6 days ago
I'm not crying you're crying 😭❤️
James Shone
James Shone 7 days ago
I seen him blowing her back out so much. Like i dunno how im supposed to feel lmao😂
Shannon Ofarrell
Shannon Ofarrell 8 days ago
3 months is really fast. Ur very fertile girllllllll
Randall 8 days ago
Probably 69 baby🤣😂😅🤣
Katception 9 days ago
So happy for you both 💓
Yeetergang9000 Yeet
Awww that was so adorable!having babies is just such a blessing they bring so much joy!
Sarah lynn
Sarah lynn 9 days ago
Omg you guys are the best I just found out I'm also pregnant! Congratulations
Dooky Shooz
Dooky Shooz 10 days ago
A little jr adam22. imagine lol
Shannon McCarthy
Shannon McCarthy 11 days ago
Ahhhhhh Adam being literally star struck and stunned is the most emotional thing ever 😍
Emalee June
Emalee June 11 days ago
0:48 This *is* a parent
Josie L
Josie L 13 days ago
adam saying adorbs and cute - my heart awh
alexx woodwick
alexx woodwick 14 days ago
I took 6 pregnancy tests too just to be sure haha I felt the shock of the first one couldn’t convince me! And I always get the ones with 2 tests in the box for mental clarity.
alexx woodwick
alexx woodwick 14 days ago
My nipples never changed until my daughter was born and started breast feeding. The colored never changed ever but my nipples became permanently hard once I breast fed. So get used to that. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Halle Williams
Halle Williams 15 days ago
Thats awasome october 26 is my birthday. Good for you guys:)
Shawna Stahl
Shawna Stahl 16 days ago
OMG ur man face!!! ❤️ So cute!!! U guys r to cute!!! An u guys r going to be the coolest parents ever!!💯❤️
Shawna Stahl
Shawna Stahl 16 days ago
Awe so cool!!! Congrats to u guys!!!
Boofy 19 days ago
imagine having a dad with face tats 🤔😂😂
Sadie Zimmerman
Sadie Zimmerman 19 days ago
I literally started crying this is so fucking cute omg
Beth Roach79
Beth Roach79 20 days ago
Awe this is so sweet! Congratulations you guys!!🤰👶
Abel XOTWOD 20 days ago
fk bein the baby fam hahahaha ill get roasted 14/7 in PS7 chat fk dat
Mary 20 days ago
I’m sure they’re good people and they’re going to be great parents but I can’t help but fear for the child
Brian_s3 castro
Brian_s3 castro 22 days ago
New Subscriber love yall! been watching adam for years now haha congrats
Zosia Bryll
Zosia Bryll 22 days ago
lmfao that poor kid.
no love
no love 22 days ago
poor guy. got this dumb prostitute pregnant. he will regret soon! thats why you use condoms kids.. i could NEVER respect a woman who shows her pussy and ass on the internet to everybody
Zosia Bryll
Zosia Bryll 22 days ago
Shadai Rice
Shadai Rice 24 days ago
Her: I'm Pregnant Him: we're keeping this a secret right?? Her: yeah Him: gives her a ring Her: tries to put in on ring finger but doesn't fit.. 😭😭😭 Why do I see so many Red flags
Imani530 20 days ago
Shadai Rice Normally couples won’t say anything for at least 3 months due to that being the time where most miscarriages happen.
Alexius Gandyloyd
Alexius Gandyloyd 25 days ago
congratulations to the both of you... truly tremendous news!
Teadie777 25 days ago
boiiiiiiiiiii imagine being an onlyfans baby smh
Zosia Bryll
Zosia Bryll 22 days ago
i feel so bad for the next generation of kids tbh
natty0875 25 days ago
So happy for you guys!! You guys are gonna be the best parents ever!! You deserve nothing but happiness
Toxic Lux
Toxic Lux 25 days ago
Everyone who disliked are her only fans subscribers
jamie zebra23
jamie zebra23 26 days ago
Libby Law
Libby Law 26 days ago
I’m crying 😥😥😥😥
Lindsey Brock
Lindsey Brock 26 days ago
This is so very sweet!!!!💗
Steph 26 days ago
so much hate in these comments i don’t understand. no doubt you’re going to be an amazing mommy Lena 🤍
LIL BOSS 26 days ago
I’m surprised this girl is with this guy , he’s a total Loser Lol
Kristin Short
Kristin Short 27 days ago
Just teared up a little. Love you guys and so excited for y’all!! No hood like parent hood! ♥️
Rotten 27 days ago
Dankyy Dinaa 420
Dankyy Dinaa 420 27 days ago
When he said that is so adorbs I cried :(
Samantha Reynoso
Samantha Reynoso 27 days ago
this makes me happy :)
Maman Dokhi
Maman Dokhi 27 days ago
Shut up
BASH Mayne
BASH Mayne 28 days ago
Is your face all natural?????????? It's cute. Shout out adam
Cuckoo-Clock Heart
Cuckoo-Clock Heart 28 days ago
You are the sweetest cutest shit ever 😭😍
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 28 days ago
I’ve never seen Adam so excited or show so much emotion. I get goosebumps on my face when something sweet touches my heart and my face was covered in goosebumps from this. Love it!
Kiynx 28 days ago
The answer is, is that adam’s son tho???
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane 24 days ago
That's horrible as u can tell they are inove
Jennie J.
Jennie J. 28 days ago
I found out I was pregnant the exact same way you did! Pee'd on a stick put it down expecting it to be negative and then brushed my teeth looked over and it was positive!
Justin Nunez
Justin Nunez 28 days ago
Adam is soo stupid, his reaction was soo delayed.
Fearful Sauce
Fearful Sauce 29 days ago
Shes So Nice I Mean Shes So Normal And Not Acting like a pornstar
vicky wen
vicky wen 29 days ago
I don’t know if she does porn with other guys but what if Adam isn’t the father like oof
Aspen Ford
Aspen Ford 29 days ago
Awh my newborn has that onesie 🥺
madison banks
madison banks 29 days ago
Congrats babe
Jonas Jensen
Jonas Jensen 29 days ago
Good for u, congratulations!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
This kid ain’t gon survive high school 💀
Arthur Castillo
Arthur Castillo Month ago
Damn that baby going to be raised by a coke feened and a half a pornstsr
Zosia Bryll
Zosia Bryll 22 days ago
nah shes a full prostitute.
Jabrony Month ago
I don’t think anyone cares about her personal life they just wanna her content on Twitter lol
jason maw
jason maw Month ago
This is so staged. I can see u guys planning this shit out. Adam your going to be like this and I’ll be like that so it’ll look legit.
Gissy B
Gissy B Month ago
Aww I found out I am pregnant on Valentine’s Day too!
Riss Rova
Riss Rova Month ago
If it's even faint its def positive hahaha
Cole McCullough
Cole McCullough Month ago
I’m sooooo happy for you. You’re going to be an amazing mother 🖤
Ant Month ago
Dude this kid gonna get ROASTED at lunch
J Zilla
J Zilla Month ago
Adam 22 looks like she would have a sexual relationship with his daughter
T D Month ago
Lena honestly seems like the sweetest person. I’m happy for you and Adam man congrats!
Daniel Pascoa
Daniel Pascoa Month ago
By watching you two i think you'll make awesome parents! congratulations this spliff is youz guyz!
Daniel Pascoa
Daniel Pascoa Month ago
I got the same gift, it was my birthday though! after that happened two more times! Damn weed and vagina's!
Sophie Deetz
Sophie Deetz Month ago
Aw I cried this is so cute. I’m so happy for you both! You’ll be amazing parents
David Herrera
David Herrera Month ago
Adams old ass is gonna be 72 when the kid turns 21.
Emily Caitlynn
Emily Caitlynn Month ago
my bday is oct 23. BET
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