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Timmy and I are BEYOND excited that we are about to become parents! We cannot wait to experience the intricate miracle of the growth of our baby. God is so good!
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Apr 28, 2020




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Growing with the Bells
So adorable!!! Currently pregnant due this fall🥰🤰🏿Can't wait to share my experience!
SecretMermaid 22 hours ago
the sweetest reaction
Aubree Buysse
I’m so excited for you guys you are so cute I love you guys I’m so happy that this was my first video of yours to watch I’m so excited for you guys!💕
No Name
No Name 2 days ago
All men should react this way, regardless of the situation. ❤️ congrats beautiful Mama! ❤️
dibaby1970 2 days ago
The BEST dad reaction in the history of pregnancy announcements!. CONGRATULATIONS guys! Such a beautiful moment you have shared with us.
spooky katt
spooky katt 2 days ago
ok these people are waaay too perfect 🤢🤢
Eileen Carrasco
Eileen Carrasco 3 days ago
This is the best reaction I’ve seen from a guy. Congratulations
Regina George
Regina George 3 days ago
officially bawling!
lovelife773 3 days ago
This is the best announcement!! I'm crying
Laquiesha Neal
Laquiesha Neal 3 days ago
Brilliant reaction congratulations!!!!!
Mindfully Modern
Mindfully Modern 4 days ago
Oh myyyy heart 😭🥰 Divine Timing is so amazing 🙏🏾💫 Congratulations beautiful soul. So so happy for you both. Ending endless love and light your way 🤗🌌
The Stepps
The Stepps 4 days ago
awwh my bday is october 18 congratsssss
Alyssa Medlock
Alyssa Medlock 5 days ago
Oh my goood was you guys are so deserving of this. I cried with you. This is amazing. 💛
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler 9 days ago
Hands down BEST reaction ever!!!!
Christina Burnham
Best reaction I’ve ever seen ! 👌🏼
Tyla Hoc
Tyla Hoc 10 days ago
I am currently breastfeeding my newborn, crying my eyes out!! This is so beautiful, I can't wait for you guys to experience this love. God is so good!!!
Mommy&Sophia Iris Johnston
I wish my test would say positive so bad 😭
Esther Wells
Esther Wells 12 days ago
Omddd Im so happy for u!! 🥰
DC Loves
DC Loves 14 days ago
My baby boys heart rate was 167 🤣🤣 so that heart rate thing is a myth for sure
di butler
di butler 14 days ago
"It's a super faint line, you can't see it on camera." Shows us a VERY distinct blue line. :DDD I have no idea who you are or why YT recommended your video, but CONGRATULATIONS! I actually cried. :(
Cayleigh Madison
Cayleigh Madison 17 days ago
How sweet 🥺
Chun lopez family
Chun lopez family 19 days ago
The Lords timing is always perfect ❤️
Jennifer Diaz
Jennifer Diaz 20 days ago
Aww this made me want to cry when you told him I are pregnant. His reaction was so genuine. Congratulations.
Mary Lou Berridge
Mary Lou Berridge 20 days ago
CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you !! Get your sleep for the 8 or 9 months cause you wont sleep the way you use to !! Lol lol May your babe be blessed healthy happy and full of joy and laughter throughout his or her life .. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life with your babe !! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy to !! Best of the best to you both and your precious babe !!
christine broom
christine broom 21 day ago
the reaction is EVERYTHING!!!
Morgan Schmidtke
Morgan Schmidtke 22 days ago
Praise God!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!
Lisa Atreyu And Dustin Williams
Vlogs With The Staffords
Omg I am crying, I can’t wait till I have kids ❤️
karma 23 days ago
God bless you both, on this beautiful journey to parenthood!!
MrsPokits TheRiot
MrsPokits TheRiot 24 days ago
I always see these reactions and think they're so sweet, but am also grateful my husband didnt react like this. I'm just not good at handling this kind of overwhelming emotion. I also just feel awkward. When I had my oldest they put him on my chest for skin to skin and I eventually look over at my husband and hes just staring at me..... I was so confused. Why is he staring at me? Shouldnt he be mesmerized by baby? Did he get scared? Several minutes later he was still staring. The first words I spoke after delivery were "why are you staring at me?" I imagine I'm a frustrating partner. But 15yrs later and he still loves me. Does make me kindof bummed I was never able to do the surprise announcement to my husband. Hes much more aware of my body than I am apparently Congrats you guys. Enjoy this time if you can. And try not to stress. I've delivered 3 babies. All by induction. First was 5 day induction. Last was a delivery without pain relief. Your imagination is your worst enemy in most cases.
Makala Lewis
Makala Lewis 25 days ago
His reaction was priceless
MrFrankiecharlie 26 days ago
Congratulations!!! 🙏🙏🙏💓
Chloe Cleaver
Chloe Cleaver 26 days ago
I love this so much💖
Messy Princer
Messy Princer 27 days ago
Afta being on utube for 18 hours have ended up here
Simon Zehr
Simon Zehr 27 days ago
Praise God!
Reeva Jazzel
Reeva Jazzel 27 days ago
Omg his reaction is priceless! I can't wait to see your journey! this is amazing , what a blessing!! Congrats to you and your husband love!
Denise Darnell
Denise Darnell Month ago
He has me bawling my eyes out !! My daughter jist found out she is expecting TWINS for my newest grandbabies...my other daughter just gave me a grandson in january so I get 3 in 2020 to add to my first 2 grandsons
Carlie Michalak
Carlie Michalak Month ago
Cutest reaction I’ve ever seen.
Tina M Fam
Tina M Fam Month ago
The heart beat Theory is wrong because everybody’s heartbeat goes up and down just like yours would if you were to run up a flight of stairs if your babies more active or less active or if you’re more active or less active the heart rate will move around as well so never go by the Heartbeat that doesn’t really mean anything. Get the book ina may gaskins guide to childbirth it’s a game changer to learn to trust your body!!
Doing the Mom Things
CONGRATULATIONS! Growing your family is so special!
mg bosch
mg bosch Month ago
This is probably the most heartwarming and wholesome video I've wartched in a long time
Arisleida Damian
God bless your belly and future family🙏Congratulations 🙏
Babs Phillips
Babs Phillips Month ago
FOCUS YOUR CAMERA!!! It's making my eyes cross! And what grown adult man still goes by the name Timmy??? But this whole video was cute and the phone call from Timmy was AMAZINGLY PROPHETIC! That's why it hit him like a TON of BRICKS when she told him!! It's powerful!
Leah The Woman In Camo
So you think it’s necessary to start a comment with an insult? Clearly you’re missing a few brain cells.
Angela Flack
Angela Flack Month ago
Congrats. By babys heart beat was 160 and he was a boy.
F M Month ago
I know it may hurt your feelings or you may not like this or you know this but baby is very delicate, the best way to grow a baby healthily is to stay calm, positive, stretches and no jumping and intense or fast exercises!!!
Leah The Woman In Camo
You’re spreading misinformation. Stop.
Emma Gillespie
Emma Gillespie Month ago
If my husband isn’t as excited as hers I quit
Rylee Hinz
Rylee Hinz Month ago
I got chills
Kaitlyn Cookle
Kaitlyn Cookle Month ago
This was the sweetest video ever! I laughed, I cried and I’m so happy for you both!!! ❤️❤️ God is good :)
Pernilla S
Pernilla S Month ago
You both, ahhh, the most wonderful reactions I have ever seen.
Roisin Joyce
Roisin Joyce Month ago
aww his reaction was priceless
Leora Glover
Leora Glover Month ago
Are you having a boy or a girl
Lauren Midgley
Lauren Midgley Month ago
Your reaction was so joyful and sweet!! Congratulations mama!!💗
Lauren Midgley
Lauren Midgley Month ago
The godly message!! Ahhh chills!!
EmmaProductions Month ago
Aweee congratulations mama! I'm also currently pregnant. I'm 3 month behind you but yeah. I'm gonna be 2 months in 3 days! This kid is already causing me trouble with all this nausea and allergies. Like ugh. Lol but I cant wait. I already heard and saw the heartbeat and it was just heartwarming, I cried. Especially after 2 Miscarriages. That little heartbeat was the best thing I heard. The first heart beat was 116 the second one was 146. I'm actually hoping it's a boy but I dont really care if it's a girl. As long as he/she is healthy😇 itll all be worth it once my little bundle of joy is born.
Tay W
Tay W Month ago
The shoe squeaks from Timmy flying around took me back to high school musical 😂 lol congrats!!!
Anahita Karimi
Anahita Karimi Month ago
I have never seen that guy who’s exciting to have child. Most men don’t care! 🤔😧 So weird!
Leah The Woman In Camo
Anahita Karimi just because a man doesn’t react with excitement doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Such a ridiculous comment.
Jaclyn Leet
Jaclyn Leet Month ago
Aww the cutest reaction ever!
Carrie Cantrell
Carrie Cantrell Month ago
Wow God is so Good!!! So amazing!! He will keep blowing your minds!!❤️🙌🏻
Chito Sandoval
Chito Sandoval Month ago
He’s reaction was priceless , for sure he’s going to be a good dad and you a good mom , new subscriber, congrats and hearing their heart beat is pretty cool
Paula Hartman
Paula Hartman Month ago
Oh My Goodness!!! Talk about Fate and God's Will Shining so Clearly!!! I absolutely Love this!! Thank you for sharing this Extraordinary Blessing!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bon Lucas
Bon Lucas Month ago
How on earth did you cope for 11 days without telling him?! 😱🥰
Megan Blankinship
This is so sweet! Congrats!
Art hyland
Art hyland Month ago
I cried so much watching this video and I have no idea who you guys are!! That message he got from someone was in such perfect timing. I keep watching this over and over. His reaction is so wonderfully genuine.
Dr Zenko Bilas
Dr Zenko Bilas Month ago
Good news, you can shorten birth: please see Ina May Gaskin statistics in RUvid video 'Reducing the fear of birth in US culture'; and Aniball & Epi-no Delphine Plus birth aiding devices reviews. My RUvid videos 'Opening Doors For Baby to 10cm' & 'Birth explained for children/for 16+/Sheehan's' - it worked for us. A forceps birth transformed into a normal birth. Thank you for your comments.
Camillo Panichi
Camillo Panichi Month ago
I know the joy of life that will come and as parents I wish you all the best for you and your creature.A heartfelt hug from Italy
Liana Kokiri
Liana Kokiri Month ago
Best reaction Iv ever seen! Definitely subscribing, excited to follow your journey ☺️ Congratulations x
Pooky Clown
Pooky Clown Month ago
You watched yourself through the whole video so you didn’t act your normal self. Stop it.
Leah The Woman In Camo
Pooky Clown your comment is so idiotic. Just a troll.
Boqorada Jubaland
Masha allah he reaction 😫😫😫❤️💯
Ashley Harden-Harper
I love it! Congratulations! I’m due October 16th!!
Matthew Carrubba
Congrats to you on the news that you are pregnant and my thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy especially during Covid-19 and God bless you and your unborn baby and stay safe and healthy. Love you guy's, Matthew Carrubba from Oklahoma
wendy pederson
wendy pederson Month ago
so happy for you both and you have the most beautiful green eyes ...hope baby has them too. wowa. :)
NATALINE Month ago
Someone get me off this floor. I am in tears. God bless you guys🙏🏽 God is so awesome.
BubblesV23 Month ago
Congratulations guys! I am TTC for my first! If anyone is interested, I am posting regular updates on my journey. Wish me luck! Baby dust to all that needs it! :)
Robyn Evans
Robyn Evans Month ago
Just came across your account and OMGosh you guys are so humble and loving congrats and cheers to a new healthy baby.
Monica Canjura
Monica Canjura Month ago
Awwww she’s so sweet
amanda Ross
amanda Ross Month ago
Congratulations to you both 🍼
Ryian Month ago
This is literally the sweetest thing! I don’t even know you guys and it had me tearing up! Congratulations 🎉
Angie Fuentes
Angie Fuentes Month ago
Congratulations!! I wish life and health to your baby 👶!!!
Luna Moon
Luna Moon Month ago
I’m new but the poor guy “no you’re not, no your not”😂🤣
Mikayla Welborn
Mikayla Welborn Month ago
Congratulations! I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby! Due December! I tried to hold out like 6 days with my husband and only made it to like 4 lol
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