Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




8 янв 2019

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Claudia Ramos
Claudia Ramos 2 минуты назад
Fenty Morphe & Dior are the winners
Ashley Joramo
Ashley Joramo 2 минуты назад
Too faced matched the best.😁❤❤
Julia Reding
Julia Reding 2 минуты назад
dior, two faced or fenty
Ashley Joramo
Ashley Joramo 3 минуты назад
Does James have a boyfriend?😁
Brandi Goad
Brandi Goad 3 минуты назад
@jamescharles I think that you should try using the "Born This Way" foundation mixing it with a little of the "Dior" spray!!! it seems like those 2 colors would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for you. On the other hand, if you don't want to do that then just use the Fenty but I really think you should try mixing the 2, I think you'll love it!!!
Sarah Zutter
Sarah Zutter 8 минут назад
I think Fenty or Too Faced was the best match
Siena Santos
Siena Santos 9 минут назад
FENTY 100%
Maria Serrano
Maria Serrano 17 минут назад
Too faced. And Fenty
Molly Meyer
Molly Meyer 18 минут назад
Lol, I am crazy about my own foundation shade matching but for other people who cares? I still can't find one that matches me perfectly and when I got color matched in Sephora, I was tanner than I am now (summer vs winter). It's not like you're trying to pretend you're darker than you are in an insulting way. So, basically, why is there hate?
Jenna Plummer
Jenna Plummer 26 минут назад
I think that the issue is that you’re a lot paler than you think and also, your chest is more white whereas your face is more red
Alexandra 27 минут назад
whats with his hair
CharlieGamer2106 27 минут назад
lieselotte0209 29 минут назад
Sis!! Fenty looked best 😍
I’mnotalwaysabitch 36 минут назад
I think the Dior is more complimenting foundations or you!
Shawn Collier
Shawn Collier 38 минут назад
When did men start using makeup?
Diamond 07
Diamond 07 30 минут назад
Idk but James' channel started in 2015,I think that he looks incredible in makeup ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Rosie Doonan
Rosie Doonan 39 минут назад
defo fenty!
keithandinas 40 минут назад
I would say #1 Fenty, #2 Dior, #3 Morphe, the other three seem too off
Gemma Postgate
Gemma Postgate 49 минут назад
I love you I follow you on tik tok and instagram
Naija Clarkson
Naija Clarkson 50 минут назад
Fenty and Morphe looks amazing
Hannah Henry
Hannah Henry 53 минуты назад
Too faced Fenti matched so weeellll!!
BeFrie 56 минут назад
1. Fenty 2. Too faced 3. Morphe But tbh the fenty one did look quite drying on the skin
BALENCIAGA CROCS 57 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
Sofia Öhberg
Sofia Öhberg 57 минут назад
Omg the Fenty foundation was literally perfect
Adylene Mendoza
Adylene Mendoza Час назад
I think fenti 170 match best
Amelia Z
Amelia Z Час назад
I love you James your so cute sis
Kajsa Malmquist
Kajsa Malmquist Час назад
I definitely think the fenty foundation matched the best !!
FiConn 777
FiConn 777 Час назад
The born this way is perfect which u tried on first fully! Omg I love u sisterrr
Madison Bluett-Davis
Madison Bluett-Davis Час назад
Makeup forever fenty and two-faced, lowkey fenty looks the best
Georgia Bull
Georgia Bull Час назад
Do u have a cold
TheWTFQ Час назад
love the fenty
Aatra  Khan
Aatra Khan Час назад
And makeup forever hd
Aatra  Khan
Aatra Khan Час назад
Fenty and Dior 👍🏻
Amy Beeman
Amy Beeman Час назад
Too Faced!
Miranda Kieren
Miranda Kieren Час назад
“People keep saying my skin isn’t warm” *looks cool toned af in this video* Honestly tho I think he usually looks more of a neutral warm color. Maybe the lighting is just off in this video
Paige Martinez
Paige Martinez Час назад
Dior, FENTY, morphie
michelle haucke
michelle haucke Час назад
Fenty and morphe
Leaah Ninic Nilsson
Leaah Ninic Nilsson Час назад
The spray foundation by... Dior? I guess it was from Dior, but I think it matched you the best!♡
Faye Nicole San Juan
Faye Nicole San Juan Час назад
Fenty! Morphe comes in second and Dior flash 3rd :)
Abigail Brooks
Abigail Brooks Час назад
Sister James your missing a nail
uwu owo
uwu owo Час назад
“I’m literally going to quit my job”😂
Erika Stocker
Erika Stocker Час назад
Justine Payton
Justine Payton Час назад
Too faced! It matched perfect!
Sirena Chantal
Sirena Chantal Час назад
Face vs Neck: You have two different colors in these areas naturally. Below are foundation tricks to balance (also try combos of these) 1. Try to exact match your foundation to the *face* as closely as you can, only apply it to the face & then blend to your natural skin-tone under the jaw - recommended - not to continue doing neck, ears and chest. 2. Color correct the slight youthful rosy hue on your face (by using a green color corrector) 3. Use two different colors for your foundation and blend them under the jaw line or 4. Use one color foundation and two different colored powders (one for face, the other for neck) to blend. Or - skip it altogether when going out. You are young and beautiful. You really don't need foundation! :)
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez Час назад
I really liked the too faced nude it really matched his skin and I love this channel!!!
queen Rose
queen Rose Час назад
James look sisterlicious without makeup get it
Miss Lovegood
Miss Lovegood Час назад
I had the worst possible start to the year( bullies)
Ashlyn Wood
Ashlyn Wood Час назад
fenty or morphe
Kimberly Eland
Kimberly Eland Час назад
Two faced or fenty
Kayla Mulchinski
Kayla Mulchinski Час назад
the ones that look best on you from the final 6 were Fenty and Too Faced. I definitely think you should give Fenty a try because in my opinion that foundation looks better than the Too Faced one
MsNazrix 2 часа назад
Fenty looked the best
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