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Today Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer and friends are going to the beach in search for buried treasure buried in the sand. Carter and Lizzy Teamed up and Hunter and Stove (Stoves Kitchen) teamed up. Each team has a metal detector, shovel, and bucket. The team that can find and dig out the most buried treasure wins $10,000 cash money. Each team will have 30mins to search for gold, silver, and jewelry in the sand on the beach with their metal detectors. The team that can find the best treasures will win the grand prize of 10,000 dollars grand prize. Who will find the best treasure? Comment #Gold #Money #Challenge and who you think will win the grand prize of ten thousand dollars cash.
LAST TO FREEZE WINS $10,000 ruvid.net/video/video-PG3bljMmJfQ.html
CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH WIN $10,000 ruvid.net/video/video-gNqKu80wxLM.html
WALK ON WATER AND WIN $10,000 (Carter vs Liz) ruvid.net/video/video-tD8GU0iTsR4.html
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Feb 13, 2019




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Comments 66 824
Carter Sharer
Carter Sharer 7 months ago
Who do you think won? VOTE NOW!!
ItzGachaPlayz z
ItzGachaPlayz z 2 days ago
#Carzy all the way
Josh Phelps
Josh Phelps 3 days ago
Carter you won
Zeenat Begum
Zeenat Begum 3 days ago
Ahmad Ch
Ahmad Ch 7 days ago
Team carzy
DangerBoy Dylan
DangerBoy Dylan 11 days ago
Vinod Bhardwaj
Vinod Bhardwaj 7 hours ago
Round 1 carzy Round 2 carzy Round 3 carzy
Marion Cruz
Marion Cruz 8 hours ago
Joel MP Ng
Joel MP Ng 9 hours ago
Crazy won absolutely 1 2 3 is for carzy
Paul Morrison
Paul Morrison 16 hours ago
1. CARZY 2. carzy 3. carzy
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores 18 hours ago
Team Carzy
norbert Faryna
Carters team yay
norbert Faryna
The thing said hunter
Mika Leon
Mika Leon Day ago
Celia Flores
Celia Flores 2 days ago
Why did you break up
Adyaan Paracha
Adyaan Paracha 2 days ago
I live in Santa Monica
1) Carzy 2) Carzy 3) Carzy
Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson 3 days ago
nottahippo1 3 days ago
3 c w
nottahippo1 3 days ago
C 2 w
nottahippo1 3 days ago
C 1 w
Sami Ullah
Sami Ullah 3 days ago
1 round win team carzy 2 round win team carzy 3 round win team carzy
Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson 3 days ago
Crazy Carry Carzy
anthony zavala
anthony zavala 3 days ago
all the way team Carzy
anthony zavala
anthony zavala 3 days ago
team carzy
Tyler Olson
Tyler Olson 4 days ago
Wendy Harrell
Wendy Harrell 4 days ago
Round 1 carzy Round 2 carzy Round 3 carzy
Kendyle brimacombe
Team. Crazy won 123
Salma R
Salma R 4 days ago
Mila Safar
Mila Safar 4 days ago
Car you are lazy one
Ferline fay Sablay
Carzy Carzy Carzy Won!
Blake Pegg
Blake Pegg 4 days ago
Chloe Choo
Chloe Choo 4 days ago
Carzy won
Bat woman
Bat woman 4 days ago
Carter Lizzy won the game because they got the most of them. And I think Stove Rayn had the less of them
Kynlee George
Kynlee George 5 days ago
carzy won
Shashikant Shivadekar
It should be Ryan and Hunter
Marnie Ahmad
Marnie Ahmad 5 days ago
Waste 💰
Tayla laird
Tayla laird 5 days ago
Yessenia Hernandez
Team c
Hollie Naden
Hollie Naden 6 days ago
If you think about carter and lizzys name carzy The zy from lizzy in there team name leaves li The car from carter in there team name leaves ter Then if you add them together it makes liter-litter. And the other teams name was recycling which is to do with litter Pls like because this comment took me probably over five mins. Hope you enjoyed 😉
Muhammad Musa
Muhammad Musa 6 days ago
Your team
Girija Sharma
Girija Sharma 6 days ago
I think team CARZY won💑
Nvpreet Kour
Nvpreet Kour 6 days ago
#tearm crazy won
Brittany Hall
Brittany Hall 6 days ago
Carter’s I love those jewelry
Tariq Litchfield
Tariq Litchfield 8 days ago
Aashman Malhotra
Aashman Malhotra 8 days ago
sarah campbell
sarah campbell 8 days ago
teym carsey
Jason Ng
Jason Ng 8 days ago
go team carzy pls won
Hy Wang
Hy Wang 8 days ago
Khloe Ceja
Khloe Ceja 8 days ago
Time crazy
Val Leslie
Val Leslie 8 days ago
Bubba Reeves
Bubba Reeves 8 days ago
team crazy
Cesar Alvarado
Cesar Alvarado 8 days ago
Teamcrazy took the W to the house
Dawn Flint
Dawn Flint 8 days ago
Falconry Southeast
team carzy
Arlen Tafa
Arlen Tafa 9 days ago
Team Carzy
Jeffrey Escobar Ochoa
Team crazy
Diya Patel
Diya Patel 9 days ago
Team carzy
leesafields07 10 days ago
Team carzy
leesafields07 10 days ago
It is a hoop earing
Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams 10 days ago
Team carsy
Lebogang Montsholepelo
All rounds #crazy
Flor Salinas
Flor Salinas 10 days ago
Team carzy
Jamez Pickstone
Jamez Pickstone 10 days ago
Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith 10 days ago
Team carzy won the whole thing
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