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New Moon and NEW Merch! Now that Moon is 3 months old, we're back at making videos ... starting with our last episode ever of OMG We Bought A House! SHOP OUR NEW CREATIVE WEIRDO MERCH! shop.mrkate.com/
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DOLAN TWINS HOUSE: ruvid.net/video/video-cfLV2KDhxQQ.html
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Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Producer: JJ Mayes
Filmed by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Editor: Vianne Robitaille
Sound: Nick Carignan

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Sep 12, 2019




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Faith Year ago
Man this is so emotional to watch as someone who dreams of doing something like this for a home! Congratulations on your beautiful baby and your beautiful home. You guys work so hard and are amazing inspirations ❤️ much love! Also Moon is such a mini Joey!
Mind and Body M. F. TV
Actxve_Paisley 4 months ago
Omg they liked your comment!
Rashid Mahmud
Rashid Mahmud 6 months ago
FULFILL THREE WISHES ruvid.net/video/video-PugdhJ8Turw.html
Gracey Brooks
Gracey Brooks 11 months ago
Congrats you got a hart
Aswathy Anish
Aswathy Anish Year ago
I love them so much!
hotsixty 10 days ago
Erica Flores
Erica Flores 20 days ago
I love the look of your house. It's beautiful! What white did yall use on the walls?
Apple Soriano
Apple Soriano 22 days ago
Why do you call the flooring in your bedroom?
Astra Steria
Astra Steria 26 days ago
Awww I'm missing this series.... OMGWeBAH... ft. Moon... Been binge watching those years and years. Such an a mazung journey to witness 💖🌻🌑
Sherilyn Fernandes
This is a classic example of simple, elegant and classic. You don't need big mansions to call it a home, you just need a wonderful family and a drive to create something beautiful. This is amazing. Is it just me or others keep going back through ugh the old videos? Love you Kate & Joey 🤗
Maya Ajami
Maya Ajami Month ago
U kinda look like Halsey
Raquel Dobson
Raquel Dobson Month ago
The re-vamped garage would make a great guest bedroom/en-suite, adding further value to the property...
TubnQT Month ago
It’s absolutely gorgeous!! You’re vision is “20/20,” haha (2020). I like your guest bathroom even better than the master bathroom. And I don’t have words for the breakfast area with the green banquet seating and beautiful vintage chandelier.
Lavinia Temple
Lavinia Temple Month ago
I love the house 😍
Kağan Sarac
Kağan Sarac Month ago
Heather Lynn
Heather Lynn Month ago
Absolutely GORGEOUS
thenetherfield Month ago
That looks so amazing! Congratulations on your renovated house and your new baby. :)
TaylorGH1823 Month ago
If you ever do sell it you should put a “before” picture in each room so the new people can see how much you did!!
Jackie Garland
Jackie Garland Month ago
Janjan Month ago
For that price in LA!!! That’s a steal. Thought it was over a million.
Nayeli Meza
Nayeli Meza Month ago
Mr KATE !!!! What is the color of your living room feature wall??? How can I do that color in a no paint rental??? 😭
Ashley Mufasa
Ashley Mufasa Month ago
We have the same wipe warmer!
Jane Snyder
Jane Snyder Month ago
Moons face is like 👁👄👁 adorable
Nemilovesroblox Month ago
This is sooooo cute the baby omggggg and in the beginning when Kate spiked joey it was funny
Lavinia WELLESLEY 2 months ago
ow i hit me kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Delaney Holton
Delaney Holton 2 months ago
so in other words in LA a two bedroom two bathroom move in ready single family house is over a million dollars
Lucía Evangelio
Lucía Evangelio 2 months ago
I love your house! Is such a magic house. It's incredible how you trasformated that much the house, but keeping the old style. Moon is so cute and I really love his name. Congrats! 💜
Mayra Flowers
Mayra Flowers 2 months ago
I came back to this video just to reassure that it was 800,000 when Mr.Beast bough a whole island for 700,000 uhm wtf
tina schmidt
tina schmidt 2 months ago
Annoying voice
tina schmidt
tina schmidt 2 months ago
kelly hatton ok, I just unsub then. Sorry i dont have the same taste as you.
kelly hatton
kelly hatton 2 months ago
tina schmidt your last name is one of the most annoying names. GTF out of here ✌️
Madelyn Elizabeth
Madelyn Elizabeth 2 months ago
He is the cutest baby EVER
Chloe 2 months ago
Bruh dat house was expensive my house is nice w 4 bed rooms and it’s 400K
berrin 2 months ago
Omgggg Moon is so cute 🥺😚
Pokuri Nanditha
Pokuri Nanditha 2 months ago
Beautiful, increadable!
Pokuri Nanditha
Pokuri Nanditha 2 months ago
Sophie Loi
Sophie Loi 2 months ago
i want this house!!! It looks amazing. I would buy it if i could afford it
Mind and Body M. F. TV
taliaariel 2 months ago
moon is adorable and this house is amazing you guys are so talented 💗
Nicole Ancker
Nicole Ancker 2 months ago
WOW!!!! Amazing!!!! You guys did such an Awesome job!!!! Your both so Talented!!!! Kate, Your painting is Very Impressive!!! I Love how detailed and real the animals look!!!! 💙💕💙💕🌈
Ayla’s Art studio
Ayla’s Art studio 3 months ago
If you had a baby girl you could name her Luna
Carolina1 3 months ago
I like them, but the baby voice with the whining get's a little hard to stay with.
Kate 3 months ago
How do they make it a series? Like it says Season something Episode one
milica paranosic
milica paranosic 3 months ago
do you ever do NYC consults - OMGs?
Addison Gericke
Addison Gericke 3 months ago
This is my dream house! It's so pretty!!
British Schleich Horse Queen
3:29 Joey in the mirror with moon was too cute!😁
Veejay Floresca
Veejay Floresca 3 months ago
amazing makeover!!!! and I am obsessed with the final outcome!!
sandy victorin
sandy victorin 3 months ago
I need them from when in old enough to but my own house. That'll be in like 8 to 10 years but still
Allison Zarbl
Allison Zarbl 3 months ago
you guys living in that house already increases its value 😂
Fatema Munavar
Fatema Munavar 3 months ago
They forgot about their chimney tho
C. X. Pankow
C. X. Pankow 3 months ago
Such a beautiful house. Is the master bedroom as big as the lounge though? 🤯 that’s pretty much an entire apartment with the walk-in wardrobes and en-suite 😱
Sierra Sykora
Sierra Sykora 3 months ago
This house makeover is giving me LIFE!!! I'm obsessed with the shared bath room and the nook!
Theertha Niya Lakshmi
For the Indians wondering the house costs 9 crore 82 lakhs and 41thousand rupees😓
Civilization Refugee
I'm in love with it!
Laraib khan
Laraib khan 3 months ago
u r great . your baby sooooooo cute
Fatema Lokhandwala
Fatema Lokhandwala 3 months ago
I am IN LOVE with the house
Aaralyn Allin-Zayas
Aaralyn Allin-Zayas 3 months ago
"moon's landing" 😂
Dhiya Syeda
Dhiya Syeda 3 months ago
Your house really said: 🏚 -> 🏰
Pearl Berko
Pearl Berko 4 months ago
You're both interior designers? I love how you complement each other
beberly Orellana
beberly Orellana 4 months ago
Why did you cut that tree!!! Still love your house but whyyy!!! It was so weird but beautiful but anyway you do you it’s your house
Rameesha 4 months ago
I still remember when the series first came out and waiting for new episodes, can’t believe it’s finished and they have a child now 🥺
sana saqib
sana saqib 4 months ago
Hi first time saw your program and loved it you guys together rock mashallah
AAA Curlzzz
AAA Curlzzz 4 months ago
I love how much he has the baby 💜 what great parents
Krishna 4 months ago
If my future man is not handy like Joey I don't want him.
Aleeza Mahmood
Aleeza Mahmood 4 months ago
Who's watching after moon turned 1
susuilu 4 months ago
you guys have the coolest intro and always fun to watch you
Rusty LeAnn
Rusty LeAnn 4 months ago
Never gonna move to cali. I can buy a 5 bedroom home 10xs the space, with so much 4-5 acres for 500,000
Nana's Corner
Nana's Corner 4 months ago
Beautiful! both the house and Moon!
Lovely Pacarro
Lovely Pacarro 4 months ago
Such an amazing house. You guys are great! You guys work so hard with your home :)
Jerry H
Jerry H 4 months ago
New subscriber here. My first introduction to your channel was when you did an amazing job for Jeffree. You both ROCK. Moon is already a chill soul but when he grows up, he's gonna be a super chill Rock Star!
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 4 months ago
Keep at it
yellowsighs 4 months ago
i love the vibe, feel, and the style of your house its so cool!!!
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 4 months ago
My mom also painted a mural in my bedroom when I was born. Moon is going to appreciate that so much when he grows older
Flow Chart
Flow Chart 4 months ago
I prefer the bush unchopped
Kadir HARIS 4 months ago
Gellie Beans
Gellie Beans 4 months ago
I miss the big plant in front of your house. 😅
Nicole Parker
Nicole Parker 4 months ago
Where is that bed from?
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly 4 months ago
You two are amazing. Three beautiful people. I luv watching you both. The house is so cute. It’s gorgeous. I think you’ve done really well. Xx
Xyz 4 months ago
Loved the story that went with Moon's room.
Isabella O'Brien
Isabella O'Brien 4 months ago
I love you so much you really inspire me for my doll houses that I decorate I live in Melbourne Australia congratulations for your new house and the baby 👶🏼👨🏽👩🏼🤰🏼👪
S W A G G Y 4 months ago
Me: *saves this video to a playlist so I have inspo for my bloxburg house*
Elizabeth Maguire
Elizabeth Maguire 4 months ago
OMG this house is so cool
Garcis Garcia
Garcis Garcia 5 months ago
Mom is the cutest 😍
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 5 months ago
If only they checked the wall behind that mirror in the bathroom people used to put razor blades in that little slot
Ms Cmbd
Ms Cmbd 5 months ago
You guys are amazing 💯
Alex24 5 months ago
I seriously love your bed!!
Tj Dang
Tj Dang 5 months ago
Wow California homes are so expensive
Ella Conte
Ella Conte 5 months ago
It’s so pretty like a... enchanted mansion.:)
vaderladyl 5 months ago
I don't like that they killed that 90 years old tree. You don't kill trees that old. Shame.
vaderladyl 5 months ago
Holy Shit! Houses in LA are really expensive!
Stereotypes 5 months ago
Play the drums sir
Bacbyen Le
Bacbyen Le 5 months ago
Baby so cute 😍
Lili 5 months ago
Omg this is so beautiful
A L 5 months ago
Love your home 🏠
Drew Veflin
Drew Veflin 5 months ago
“We didn’t do too much renovation” but they like put in walls. They are so badass and they don’t even know it.
Athena T
Athena T 5 months ago
PAUSE! This took 6 years?
Nadya 27
Nadya 27 5 months ago
wow.......just wow😳😍
Fatma Ashraf
Fatma Ashraf 5 months ago
This home is just perfect!!!
Pekiii 5 months ago
Gotta say, its way better than most celebrities multi million dollar homes😁
Morgan Fredrich
Morgan Fredrich 5 months ago
Their like HGTV who...?
Phoebe Sparks
Phoebe Sparks 5 months ago
This is such a nice fix and a beautiful house structure 👍
SS CHANEL 5 months ago
Is he from the CLICK FIVE???
The Singing Engineer Ankita
Moon is sooooo cute!! Also,u guys are doing an incredible job!! Keep working together like this and make more such videos ❤️❤️
Jay dubsss
Jay dubsss 5 months ago
Wow! This is beautiful but I’m honestly surprised how different Kate’s aesthetic is than how I would have guessed for her own home! Sooo beautiful though
Jesper Højte Stenbæk
Omg we bought another house...?
Moriairom 1
Moriairom 1 5 months ago
Wow the house is so beautiful 😍😍😍 good job 👍🏾
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