Final Fantasy VII Remake - Final Trailer | PS4

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The return draws closer. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE finally arrives on April 10, 2020. Are you ready for a legendary new beginning?
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original with unforgettable characters, a mind-blowing story, and epic battles.
The story of this first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project covers up to the party’s escape from Midgar, and goes deeper into the events occurring in Midgar than the original FINAL FANTASY VII.
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Jarrett Øath
Dammit. I shouldn’t have platinum this game so fast.
Cloud Xz
Cloud Xz 2 days ago
I don't wanna say Game of the Year jet, but it will be pretty hard to top THAT.
Noble Society
Noble Society 2 days ago
Keep grinding 🚀
John Boylan
John Boylan 5 days ago
Why would you spoil your own game with a trailer like that?
Disconnected Mind
Why is Barret Wallace no longer black?
I'm grateful to the comment section. Arigato meena!!
Stefan K.
Stefan K. 10 days ago
Thank you sony... Thank you square.. Cant wait for Part 2... Loved it. Amazing
leonthesleepy 11 days ago
And the award to "MOST SPOILERS IN A TRAILER" Award goes to.... Square Enix!
Grimm Lestrange
Grimm Lestrange 11 days ago
Solamente una empresa lo suficientemente confiada...o estupida, es capas de spolear medio juego en un trailer de 4 minutos...
Lumify | Gil
Lumify | Gil 13 days ago
Really, spoilers? As someone who didn't play the original, I'm glad af I didn't watch this trailer.
Jon 13 days ago
Jeez. I'm glad I watched this trailer AFTER having played through the entire game. Spoilers much?
Manuel Valdes
Manuel Valdes 14 days ago
Well I guess I beat the game already according to these comments 😂
Sanzu River
Sanzu River 15 days ago
SE can‘t do final trailer without showing too much. 😂
Димитрий Завал
Get Russian subtitles !!!! Don’t buy, till
DARA7W 15 days ago
I am so glad Max didn’t watch this trailer.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 17 days ago
just finished the game to watch this trailer, THATS A WHOLE COUNT OF SPOILERS FOR A TRAILER
Eric Gornicki Vargas
As people already mentioned here, it's absolutely ridiculous that Square-Enix thought it was ok to post a trailer with so many spoilers in it! I'm SO GLAD I didn't watch it before playing the game. I really hope they learn and don't do this for the next instalment. Just to be on the safe side, DO NOT WATCH any more launch trailers for Square-Enix's games.
Random Boy 3 m
Random Boy 3 m 19 days ago
A man has bombed a mako reactor in Midgard city! Start the TURK helicopter. Hey! Build the TURK helicopter, and off to the bombing! Attach the bomb to the pillar. Kidnap Aeris. Destroy Sector 7. And blame it on Avalanche! The new Sector 7 bombing collection from Shinra Electric Power Company.
M1GarandMan3005 19 days ago
3:35 Skullface, is that you?
Luis Josue Huallpa Palacios
Ya lo jugue... no es lo que esperaba... decepcion.
Syeda Rashid
Syeda Rashid 19 days ago
Playstaion why do not put budet cuts and gorn even blade and sorecy in ps4
Jacky Coolheart
Jacky Coolheart 20 days ago
This trailer reveal too much of the game, fortunately, I didn't watch this one before playing the game.
Adam Kycia
Adam Kycia 20 days ago
Yea... too bad it's not on PC.
LeonSora 20 days ago
If you haven’t beat the game, DO NOT WATCH THIS TRAILER. Tired of these companies spoiling everything in trailers.
beer2041 20 days ago
could you please patch the game so the characters aren't constantly saying huh??? Oooh? Hmmmmm?? Huh???
Remake 3! Hi Def Espers yo!
The GameChannel
The GameChannel 23 days ago
Time line Before crisis Crisis core FfVII (1996) Advent children Ffvii remake Dirge of cerberus
Krunchy The Clown
Krunchy The Clown 23 days ago
I thought her name was AERIS.
Burghtown Music Group
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Final Recap | PS4
Best game of all time. A masterpiece!
Apex Predator
Apex Predator 26 days ago
I'm so glad for the people who said not to watch this trailer. I feel so bad for all the people who had these moments spoiled. Shame on Square Enix.
Dabuisan 26 days ago
I feel hella bad for anyone who saw this trailer without beating the game
Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez 26 days ago
This game is BEAUTIFUL!
Christian B
Christian B 26 days ago
seriously need this to come out on PC!
Daniel Bolivar
Daniel Bolivar 27 days ago
Final Fantasy VII Remake - SPOILER Trailer | PS4
AlCopelandMusic 28 days ago
For those wondering who the vocalist is on Scarlet's Theme and Stand Up. It's me 🙋 I hope everyone enjoyed both. I hope all are safe, healthy and most of all taking care of themselves as best as possible. Sending my well wishes to those adversely impacted by the Corona Virus and deepest condolences to the families of those who lost people to it. We are in this together. Be well. ♥️♥️♥️
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 29 days ago
They spoiled so such
Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders 29 days ago
i can't wait for Part 2 Part 2 is going to be Nuts
ChiefBozo 29 days ago
Wow this is why you only watch announcement trailers
로손 Month ago
You know what you do when you are a Kingdom Hearts fan and see "Final Trailer" Not watch it till you beat it
Rhov with a V
Rhov with a V Month ago
Song name?
This is the dumbest trailer I have ever seen that doesn't care about spoilers. Can't wait when they show the ending of the game then.
Dave Madden
Dave Madden Month ago
lol what idiot gave the green light for this massively spoiler filled trailer? It's the entire story of the game, including the surprises for players of the original 🤦‍♂️😂
gwynbleidd Month ago
just finished the game 5mins ago...gawd!...the music alone is worth my money...i'm new to ff7, now i get why people are worshipping this game back in the day....i need more so i'm gonna play the original one. also, QUARANTINE ur the best!
Interdimensional Harmony
I didn’t see this till now after being close to platinum, but man this is a bad trailer. way too much spoils of the game. seriously don’t do this with remake part 2. I would honestly have been ok if this trailer got dislike bombed, but I’m sure many people just want the game to succeed. For anyone wondering yes the game is great and hopefully u read all the comments which tell u not to watch this trailer.
4299standard Month ago
Correct me if I’m wrong So what I researched on the web, ff7 remakes other parts of the story will be treated as new games instead of download content. As part two will have full price of a new game, which brothers me that they call it ff7 remake as if it was the full game remake. Should have went with ff7 remake part one or another title
apfel nymous
apfel nymous Month ago
No proper turn based system - no buy. Thanks. Next.
Gebel Month ago
I will say this trailer gives away so much, to the point people need to stop saying the game is misleading. That they thought it was gonna be a faithful remake when they really gave so much insight here into how it's not.
PamPamTamTam Month ago
Alright, I'm here to finally watch this trailer after beating the game.
Same, lol. Didn't want any spoilers, even though I played the original many times back in the day.
Pierre Zaboori
Pierre Zaboori Month ago
I'm so glad I didnt watch this before I beat the game. It spoils SOOOOO MUCH! How ridiculous.
Merc Month ago
So happy I didn't watch this or any trailer past the Tifa reveal one. WAY TOO MUCH INFO
Jman36x Month ago
This is a terrible trailer WAY too many spoilers! Glad I was warned before I watched it.
Mike Mac-man
Mike Mac-man Month ago
They really went out and spoiled 90% of the new stuff in the game with this trailer didn't they?
Voldebutt Month ago
DONT WATCH THIS TRAIL!!!! MASSIVE SPOILERS!!! Literally shows the end of the game xD
Ramona K
Ramona K Month ago
Just finished the game, absolutely love this game! tho I prefer the previous voice for Sephiroth.
Jacob Duff
Jacob Duff Month ago
I very glad I didn't see this before finishing the game
i have ff15 on pc
Ricky Bozzi
Ricky Bozzi Month ago
I really thought that Jess was voiced by the same actress who did Olette in Kingdom Hearts II
dr zoidberg
dr zoidberg Month ago
Multiplayer party system and mod support.
Tom Z
Tom Z Month ago
Honestly I watched it before the game and didn't really spoil anything for me. Yes, I know certain scenes now, but didn't ruin the game.
Qasim Haji
Qasim Haji Month ago
Just beat the game, cool trailer but please do not watch this if you haven't played it yet, I think this trailer gives a lot away.
Jacob Hair
Jacob Hair Month ago
This trailer really revealed to much. Glad I skipped it
Abigail Pinckney
Dang Sephiroth! He gives me chills!
Aحmad A.
Aحmad A. Month ago
For god’s sake somebody put SPOILER ALERT in the title
Xandersama Month ago
I finally watching this after finishing the game. I must say this trailer is SPOILER HEAVY!! This is NOT how you do trailers at all!
BEANgotthatdope Month ago
Now make final fantasy x-3 with this same battle engine and keep things linear.
Jonathan Whinky
Jonathan Whinky Month ago
When Cloud's And Friend In Midgar ?
olpdragon Month ago
glad I beat the game before watching the last trailer. OMFG, why so spoilery? It pretty much shows the whole game, haha.
Hassan Shahid
Hassan Shahid Month ago
I miss crisis core
Fluffytiger2013 Month ago
Tbh I didnt expect him to not be a simp
DadBod Game Squad
So glad I did not watch this before beating the game!
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal Month ago
Seriously!?! You sell us a game at full price, and without warning, it turns out to be only HALF OF THE GAME?!!? BEWARE PEOPLE, IF YOU BUY THIS GAME, IT'S GOING TO STOP, *MID-PLAY.*
Cronosecks Month ago
Saw this trilaer before release and I do not regret it one bit, even showing stuff like killing Barret, it was just obvious it wasn't going to be permanent, all this trailer did was raise the HYPE through the roof and I'm glad I saw it before, it made the whole experience much more enjoyable.
GhostGaming400 Month ago
I’m glad to not see this trailer before I played this game I was trying to avoid any huge spoilers
Wyr3d Month ago
Those voices....nope lol
The Bembucaro
The Bembucaro Month ago
Poor Xbox players
Drew Month ago
Well, spoilers. I guess next they'll be telling me Aerith is Luke's father.
Evomre Month ago
Unfinished product. 1/1000.
Gaming Options
Gaming Options Month ago
I love this game and played the original version many times. I also create videos for different kinds of games. You can check it out. Thanks
Dávid Kozák
Dávid Kozák Month ago
Why is this game so popular... never played it
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