Final 3:39 of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals | Cavaliers vs Warriors

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We flashback to the final 3 minutes and 39 seconds of Game 7 of the NBA Finals where 2 of the best plays in NBA History transpired!
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Dec 24, 2016




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Comments 80
Tomer Razker
Tomer Razker 14 hours ago
Even though the refs were on the warriors side the Cavs still won
Jedi Fortaleza
Jedi Fortaleza 19 hours ago
Glad Draymond Green didn't get that triple-double... 1:26 skip to 1:52
Kleigh 20 hours ago
Still one of the greatest moments in the NBA
Jean M
Jean M 20 hours ago
still can’t remember a moment where my heart was beating 5 times a second other than this day
young cash Fire
young cash Fire 23 hours ago
This one of the greatest NBA Finals game in NBA history especially for LeBron James and kyrie Irving 3 - 1 deficit
Xavier's Leong Way From Home
I love how the clip starts with 3:39 left in the game and no one even scores until 53 seconds left, such an intense ending
BuyMyMilk Day ago
No one mentions how close speights shot was lol
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon Day ago
Great perimeter defense from the Cavs but Curry and Iggy had many chances to put it away. Smh, they should have won
nate long
nate long Day ago
kevin love with the absolute clamps
Nissan370Z Glass
Chiefs are Super Bowl Champs
4:59 . Klay had chance to switch back on to Irving..his height would have made that three alot harder to make
Curry is a choke artist...all those damn three's he makes in regular season, several hundred three's but when they need a basket he had NOTHING, 3:40 a stepback three he normally makes doesnt even hit the rim like he suddenly forgot how to shoot??? Wtf
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard
Say what you want about bron. He promised Cleveland a title and he delivered
Daniel Melean
speights tried to ray allen his way out of this one
Python Power
Python Power Day ago
3:00 = in transition 3:03 = when Iguodala knew he messed up... 3:05 = BLOCKED BY JAMES!!!!!!! 3:00 + 3:05 = LOL ... you’re welcome :)
Jack Coolidge
This feels so weird to see so many people together now. I hate this shit.
Opposite George
Steph missing alot of threes this game...
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez Day ago
Kevin Durant was big mad. Even draymond called him to come to the warriors
Joseph Siciliano
What poor shooting .Only 1 3pt bucket.
Ricky vazquez
Well they are playing in game 7 of the NBA finals. Their bodies are exhausted and they're all gassed out
Marcial Ramos
why don't they show the three Lebrun hit to tie it at 89???
Ahmed Day ago
What a great NBA Championship game we have seen. If you want to share your sports stories or anything related to sports call in two radio shows. 704-332-0173. Weekdays, 7am ET to 9:30 am ET, 3pm ET to 6:30 pm ET. 502-571-1080. Weekdays, 12pm ET to 12:55 pm ET.
Jaxattax1 Day ago
Michael Lenane
this shit sucked ass. both team sucked and were choking so hard. curry was embarrassing. kyrie bails out lue for not even calling a play and tosses up a lucky three. lebron tries his hardest to choke on both ft and almost misses both. wow
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty Day ago
that blonde reporters voice is fucking terrible
Johnny Polo
Johnny Polo 2 days ago
Hard to believe Golden State didn’t score a single point in this span.
Daniel sanchezaldana
Curry bricked his ass off
AJER ONESKI 2 days ago
GOAT JAMES 🐐 he even had a triple double smh
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández 2 days ago
Why do the play with T-shirts?
the simp and the chad.
Underrated finals eevvverrr
YanusDV 2 days ago
idc what they say about LeBron. goat or whatever...what I Know is that this championship was LEGENDARY and I will tell my kids about it
NTK 94
NTK 94 3 days ago
KD had to go and ruin what couldve been a great rivalry.
Cristopher Gomez
Cristopher Gomez 3 days ago
Yall don't understand man....it was an NBA game 7 on a Sunday, on a FATHER'S DAY 🥺. The emotions man
Snod 30
Snod 30 3 days ago
Fuck Cleveland but not Lebron and kyrie
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 days ago
finished Watching the Last Dance, and realized that NBA this days is fucking boring.
Brendan L.
Brendan L. 3 days ago
Girl: What 3 words are better than “I love you” Me: “BLOCKED BY JAMES!!!!!”
Denharo Francis
Denharo Francis 3 days ago
As a warriors fan this is painful to watch every time cuz this series should have been ours
דן בנימין ברנע
Bro it’s 2020, in 2016 I watched this and cry... Thank u lebron
hotshot3466 4 days ago
The level of respect lebron has even when he’s going at it with someone is just mind bottling 0:51
Phøenix 4 days ago
You may make fun of JR Smith and his iq however if he didn't contest that shot, Iguodala wouldn't have double clutched that shot which would prevent that historic block from happening.
DeflateGate 12
DeflateGate 12 3 days ago
He either makes it rain or causes a drought lol
Dwr12187 4 days ago
I love how this era is dubbed soft bc theres no hand checking.....every single possession in this video had a lottttt of hand checking. I don’t quite get why it’s so over exaggerated.
Lil Peep
Lil Peep 4 days ago
Kevin loves defense on Curry at 44 seconds left was a clamp God
Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott 4 days ago
Crazy final minutes. But damn this is some sloppy basketball lol. You can tell all of those guys are exhausted.
Harsha Suresh
Harsha Suresh 4 days ago
Man I’m a Warriors fan, but major props to the Cavs
Acey Priced
Acey Priced 4 days ago
Bron is the 🐐
Lore Vb
Lore Vb 4 days ago
Good god if LeBron made that dunk he would have eternally buried Draymond right there
lolololo 4 days ago
2:27 great performance by the bench
DanielPlayz 4 days ago
I was wearing a Cleveland cavaliers champion t-shirt when I was watching this.
iamphil84 4 days ago
And then KD had to join GS just to beat Cleveland and lebron smh
iamphil84 4 days ago
Kyrie almost pulled a JR smith! Where the heck was he going!! Lol what a great duo lebron and kyrie were! 😢
Jurong SG
Jurong SG 4 days ago
Noel Fagan
Noel Fagan 4 days ago
Curry ain’t clutch 3:35
Obi Juan Coochie
Obi Juan Coochie 4 days ago
8:42 Yea that reporter was for sure a golden state fan. Just by they energy she had
Pokehero-YT 3 days ago
A-Diddy 77
A-Diddy 77 5 days ago
Son:Dad why is my sisters name rose? Dad:Because your mother likes Rose's. Son:Thanks dad. Das:No problem, 2016 Cavaliers comeback
Marcus Gomes
Marcus Gomes 5 days ago
just had to come back again and watch that Kyrie 3
jerome murao
jerome murao 5 days ago
iloveyou bronbron thats why i believe u
R A 5 days ago
Little did LeBron know he cursed the Indians 4 months later 😮
RonanStraya 5 days ago
This is gonna go down as one of the biggest scoring droughts in history
Immigrxnt 5 days ago
Still don’t understand how so many cavs fans can hate him for leaving. He promised us a ring and he got that for us therefore he’s free to go where he wants. I’m forever grateful 💪🏽🐐
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay 5 days ago
LeBron is something else.. legend
zころばし屋 5 days ago
I love this is big 3😍from japan
Mike Guidry
Mike Guidry 5 days ago
To not foul or goal tend on that block by James was the most incredible part I think. One millisecond or inch different that could've been an easy 2 for GS which would've probably led to GS being 2016 champs.
yeetus yeetus
yeetus yeetus 6 days ago
Clickbait. it was the final 3:38 .
oswoq okedwwew
oswoq okedwwew 6 days ago
Is only my impression or LeBron James can only clean the shoes of Michael Jordan?...
YouTube Watcher
YouTube Watcher 6 days ago
the goat
Tyran Reed
Tyran Reed 6 days ago
I can’t believe I’m saying this but Jr Smith clutched up when he made igudala double clutch the layup
iamphil84 4 days ago
Grim Weeper
Grim Weeper 6 days ago
The stakes were high but the Final 4 minutes of this game were played like it was an exhibition... Just like the whole game of 2010 Finals Game 7...
slaviboy 6 days ago
1:10 What, what are you kidding me :D
Weird comments
Weird comments 6 days ago
wow at 3:04 reminded me of that time my died died from skin cancer in 2012
Bryson Land
Bryson Land 6 days ago
Gonna tell my grandkids this was the greatest comeback in NBA history
Emman Mingz
Emman Mingz 6 days ago
The most important block in history of NBA happened on this game
John Ambriz
John Ambriz 6 days ago
I remember that day I was so happy for bron bron 😁✊🏿✊🏿
D1 Kyrie
D1 Kyrie 6 days ago
Never seen Curry beeing so not clutch before. U cant just have a off game in the Game 7 of the finals
MosMoneyENT 6 days ago
When you really study these last 3 mins and 39 seconds you realize how hungry Cleveland was and how great This game truly was. Everyone put there hearts on the line and you can tell how much of a better coach Ty Lue was. Curry can't guard Kyrie and he was torching him this series especially the last 4 games. Love played tremendous defense during the last 2 mins. Lebron well he's LEGOAT lol. I watch this series every year
Hot Sauce 92
Hot Sauce 92 6 days ago
I Miss You Dearly NBA 💔💔💔
animation_sway 6 days ago
6:19 the sportsmanship from K.I
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 6 days ago
LeBron was fouled at 0:37
SiLenT366 6 days ago
horrible basketball
Jason Adams
Jason Adams 6 days ago
He may be good, but LeBron is Soo soft
Dr. Doofenshmirtz
This shows you that lebron is still the best in the playoffs and I can't wait to see him dominate and return to the playoffs
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