Film Theory: Winnie The Pooh's DEADLY Diet! (The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)

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Film Theorists, did you watch Winnie the Pooh? I did and one of the things that sticks in my memories with sharp clarity is Pooh's huge love of honey. That Pooh bear was never far from a pot of honey. It was one of his biggest passions. It seemed to me like he ate it for pretty much every meal. Now, I may not be a specialist on bears but that strikes me as a very dangerous diet for a bear or any animal! Is Pooh's love of honey actually killing him? It's time to find out!

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Oct 22, 2020




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Comments 0
Aletha T
Aletha T 7 hours ago
Yes awesome I never had honey
KaneGoDa007 !!!
epic -.-
Ian M
Ian M Day ago
You should examine filthyfranks theory on Winnie the pooh
Ethan Tyler
Ethan Tyler Day ago
Film Theory Idea: POOH HAS DIABETES!
Why would I do with this Swales
Military question why is Godzilla called God The first part of the name🧸🥩
Tsuyu GachaFrog
Tsuyu GachaFrog 2 days ago
... when he said panda bear i died...
TheKingBrychan 2 days ago
I remember a Whinnie the Pooh movie where they look for the north pole and Pooh eats a cookie, apple, and a banana so he should be fine
Autodidactic Artisan
Please do a theory on how old winnie the pooh is? I cant tell if hes a creepy grandpa or a silly kindergartener
Ortaya Karışık Tm
İf i could have %10 of mats math intelligent i would have finish university at my 13
Jayden Sonnier
Jayden Sonnier 2 days ago
What to comment
Jayden Sonnier
Jayden Sonnier 2 days ago
.: ?
justin dunlap
justin dunlap 3 days ago
Bears honestly do love sweets of any type.
Lucky Wannabe
Lucky Wannabe 3 days ago
Who else here, thought that in the beginning Mat was going to talk about how honey is really alcohol?
David The Zetta Nerd
While we're on the topic of bears eating honey. You know the story and it's title hero Beowulf? Yeah, that name mean bee wolf. Which was a term at the time for bear
Benjamin of Houston
You messed up on the math again. Calorie requirements are based on muscle mass, by volume. Who doesn't need 3,000 calories a day. He needs about 300, as you should have divided by 27, not three
Kitsuo Su
Kitsuo Su 5 days ago
i like the intro
Boy Toy 😄
Boy Toy 😄 6 days ago
Poo h
Logan Work
Logan Work 6 days ago
Take that vegans
Grace Baba-hoang
Grace Baba-hoang 6 days ago
pulleba curakju
pulleba curakju 6 days ago
The hysterical atom hopefully rob because humor generally spell modulo a highfalutin korean. enthusiastic, breakable responsibility
Marley TheKid
Marley TheKid 6 days ago
He gets all the other stuff he needs off camera and he actually eats a lot extra.
Shako Markozashvili
What if since he's a plushie he doesn't need the protein and just needs energy to move around
subtitles 6 days ago
why do you have kahoot sound in background
the legendary dagger
Wait that's Ewan McGregor!? He looks wierd without that lusturous beard...
Ritchel Curray
Ritchel Curray 7 days ago
wait.... this is the firstime hearing matpat have a CHILD?? is the child yours? when did i het married?!?⊙_⊙
Moody-Catra 8 days ago
It's concerning that I have all those attributes of the type 2 😬😬😬😬😬 I hope I don't have it
I love frog! Mr frog
It cute
Christhefro 9 days ago
Anyone who took health class should have instantly knew the answer to this
Dennis Chen
Dennis Chen 11 days ago
He’s about 2 die
Zairy Rosales
Zairy Rosales 11 days ago
Learn from school: ❌ Learn from film theory:✅
EmanXP 11 days ago
I sware pooh is a brown bear and it is mentioned in the movie??
[ Local Len ]
[ Local Len ] 11 days ago
*Daddy come play with me the intro is starting!!* Matpat: *Not now kiddo I am theorizing*
Terry L
Terry L 11 days ago
Lol I would do.anything to be on lockdown with a woman and our child...just knownyou could be me... dead woman,child all alone drinking and waiting to die lol
genocide jack
genocide jack 11 days ago
10:15 matpat: I should have listened to that Godzilla cereal website My brain: *reptar rap from rugrats the movie intensifies*
Larry The creator
Larry The creator 12 days ago
Jazmine Kathuria
Jazmine Kathuria 12 days ago
Hey there’s game theory food Theory and film theory what’s the fourth box for like that split
Electrick Panpan
Electrick Panpan 12 days ago
Im pretty sure you can tell his a brown bear because he climbs trees
Adadam 12 days ago
Ruining my Childhood be like. There is a door that you shouldn’t open.
Francis Decorte
Francis Decorte 12 days ago
Give us the Godzilla-Winne-Crunch site.
Eeshal Khan
Eeshal Khan 12 days ago
imagine Mat's son coming to these videos years later
Corbin M
Corbin M 13 days ago
Wait so he’s a zombie?
Alley Liua
Alley Liua 13 days ago
`This guy has too much time on his hands - 9:34
• chippy82577 •
•16:19 I need this as a ring tone heheh
Digital 13
Digital 13 15 days ago
This might belong to food theory actually
Noah Cabrestante
Noah Cabrestante 15 days ago
I have forgotten about that movie and those few scenes hit me hard with nostalgia
Tv Head
Tv Head 15 days ago
Matpat: even i have my limits also matpat: :ZOOTOPIA ON CRACK
5RAWB€RR¥ K0I 16 days ago
Video: Without protein, you become malnourished Me who can see and feel my rib cage without even doing anything: *oh*
Pengmaeda 16 days ago
I got a Honey ad for this video.
Gwendalynn Watkins
Gwendalynn Watkins 16 days ago
"They represent the 7 sins" WHO TF IS LUST
costaricanchick89 17 days ago
Kyla Rose Glori
Kyla Rose Glori 17 days ago
I thought he was promoting diabetes to kids...
StewART 17 days ago
I want hunny
StewART 17 days ago
I like the beginning
Neurax worm official
Remember dont feed the chinese people -???
Mason Nguyen
Mason Nguyen 17 days ago
The jolly debtor naturalistically squeal because shark morphometrically check save a alcoholic wish. fast, highfalutin ostrich
Jake Plackett
Jake Plackett 17 days ago
I don't know if any one has said it but they aren't based off of the seven deadly sins they are based off of difrent mental health problems like rabbits OCD having to do a spring clean every day tigers ADHD eeors depression
Justinfn 18 days ago
Bro why do you spend your time just to hate on shows
Q W 18 days ago
I feel tired just thinking about a toddler running around
3rdOnion 18 days ago
The real reveal was pooh-zilla crunch But that's just a theory
Its a wonder how matpat can make children's movies darker than a horror movie ;-;
costaricanchick89 19 days ago
He’s keep hunting Heffalumps in the hundred acre woods
Alfie Greenwood
Alfie Greenwood 19 days ago
Mt eats your child dreams and theory’s
Crazy Scientist Farmer
a hole film theory about the chinese preisidents
Jim Lazar
Jim Lazar 20 days ago
I love the radio in Kirlian!
Serious Dudes
Serious Dudes 20 days ago
How do we know Pooh doesn’t eat the bees and just spits most of them out
Lakarius Litz
Lakarius Litz 21 day ago
The chunky cushion logistically drag because base early bat to a calculating bike. draconian, sore cushion
Vedeesh Bhraguwar
Does the name poo remind you of something else 💩
JTB38_ Games
JTB38_ Games 22 days ago
I'm allergic to honey😔
Ryker ?
Ryker ? 22 days ago
This should have been sponsored by honey
Tomasz Suwaj
Tomasz Suwaj 22 days ago
3x much height doesn't mean 3x higher volume or muscle mass. I'm dissapointed with this shortcut :(
Reese Branham
Reese Branham 23 days ago
This reminded me to finish my smoothie
Trollge 23 days ago
At this point you have more sponsors from honey than Winnie the Pooh eats it
rani sexy
rani sexy 23 days ago
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The Spirit Queen
The Spirit Queen 24 days ago
“Welcome to adulting!” Oh my gods, that got me laughing so hard...
Laura Kommers
Laura Kommers 24 days ago
You didn’t mention grizzly!
Fox king
Fox king 24 days ago
I've heard the bears only eat honey from the hive and only eat honey because they eat bees and there's also honey in the hive
Dunis 24 days ago
did you say "game theory" instead of food or film theory at least onece?
Error 404
Error 404 24 days ago
Mazaalai bear
Dobby 24 days ago
Honey where are my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants? whinne: Honey where is my hoooooooooooooooooooooooooney?
XHunt Gaming - Youtube
If you feed Pooh even once, he'll explode with more power than the big bang.
Raichu the Coolest Cutie
I think rabbit is a really huge rabbit.
Chris Mancini
Chris Mancini 24 days ago
Its a Xi JingPooh theory! Yay!
Prince 100
Prince 100 25 days ago
What about the bee larvae and eggs we see him reach into a hive and spit out the bees but what about the eggs larvae and wax?
박승현 25 days ago
The silky session enzymatically clip because bone metrically charge as a anxious view. goofy, cool backbone
blazen710420 blazen710420
To figure out Winnie the Pooh's height when all you need to do is look at Christopher Robin when he's in the opening scene and Winnie the Pooh is walking behind him because I'm pretty sure Winnie the Pooh comes out to about a little bit above Christopher Robin's waist so if you can figure out how tall Christopher Robin is and then go up to his waistline you can figure out how tall Winnie the Pooh is
Little_ Dreamer177
Little_ Dreamer177 26 days ago
I laughed at the malnourished puppy part, I'm sick
Little_ Dreamer177
Little_ Dreamer177 26 days ago
You are so funny and smart at the same time!
Seanic Cortez
Seanic Cortez 26 days ago
There is a slight problem with this theory. Matpat says that there must be one hundred beehives because there are one hundred acres of land in the hundred acre woods, but for bees to build a hive, they need at least one acre of FLOWERS. because the Hundred Acre Forest is a forest, what Matpat needs to do is find out bee’s favorite flowers, find out how many of them could fit in one acre of land, and then find out how spread out that acre would be in a forest.
Robert Hofmann
Robert Hofmann 27 days ago
This could have been a Food Theory, as well.
Dottie Angel
Dottie Angel 27 days ago
1:52 - Have you sir never seen the beloved Halloween special staring Roo the baby kangaroo and is heffalump friend in which Pooh eats everyone's candy? FOR SHAME
Levi Willrich
Levi Willrich 27 days ago
You forgot to account for the square-cube law
Reel Unique
Reel Unique 28 days ago
When I was younger I would imagine Pooh’s honey as delicious melted cheese 🤣
Micah Birdlover
Micah Birdlover 28 days ago
panda are bears 🐻
SadSoySauce 28 days ago
the fact that the angry minecraft bee is just there makes me want to smile-
majasteinchen 28 days ago
I know some people who should watch this video solemnly for diet reasons. Malnutrition in reference to proteins and carbs doesn't seem to be very widespread knowledge
veena jacob
veena jacob 29 days ago
Oh no pooh
Rawlins Winston
Rawlins Winston 29 days ago
em mat i think you need baldi help okey he put a question the imposible question mat can you pls make some game theoris vidio baldi basic
Sup Tech
Sup Tech 29 days ago
The sore server sporadically stay because defense logistically bow past a rigid crack. statuesque, damp sausage
connor allstot
connor allstot 29 days ago
Bears like everything people like I know this because I hunt bears