Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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This theory is 100% SPOILER FREE and does not reference any leaked information.
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The biggest superhero movie in history is almost here - Marvel's Avengers: Endgame! We've been building to this for YEARS! The biggest question that is plaguing us all is - who will NOT survive to the end? Honestly, the fear is real fellow Theorists. All of our favorite Avengers are on the chopping block. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and Black Widow - no one is safe! Today, I am predicting who will live and who will be making friends with the Grim Reaper.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 15 817
Aim Flame
Aim Flame 8 minutes ago
Stark will die
Daniel Gavin
Daniel Gavin 8 minutes ago
My predictions for who is going to survive/die Iron Man: Survive Hulk: Survive Nebula: Survive Hulk: Survive Captain Marvel: Survive Thor: Survive Valkyrie (I think she will be responsible for bringing Tony and Nebula to Earth. I think she has been edited out of trailers.): Survive Pepper Potts: Survive Wong: Survive Antman: Survives Okoye: Survives M'baku: Survives Shuri: Survives Queen Ramonda: Survives Hawkeye: Dies Captain America: Dies Black Widow: Dies War Machine: Dies Rocket: Dies I also think all the people who died in the snap and Gamora are stored in the soul stone and will be released and brought back alive. One of the end credit scenes will hint Red Skull returning to be the villain in an upcoming film (Probably like an avengers film but people like Thor, Captain Marvel and GOTG will leave to the galaxy. A bit like in Civil war when there wasn't many god like beings). In an upcoming film, Bucky will be forced to take the mantle of Captain America to sort off have a chance to defeat Red Skull.
CyberPool 1856
CyberPool 1856 9 minutes ago
I know what going to happen 😏
Alejandro Magno
Alejandro Magno 10 minutes ago
In all honesty, it does not matter your movie predictions are wrong. I like your predictions, and they make much more sense, than the actual movies. I am still excited to see the film, but either way your theories, so far, to me are the best.
A A 11 minutes ago
I am confused why it's won't and not willn't or win't
1 Destro
1 Destro 12 minutes ago
Remember that the series in Disney + are going to be canon with the movies and one of the series that are going to come is of Falcon and Winter Soldier and in the comics both are sucesors of Captain America so he might die in Endgame
Mike Jhon Padpad
Mike Jhon Padpad 12 minutes ago
I know, Hawkeye will die... Hehehehe you didn't see it coming because you didn't notice it 😂😂😂
Mary P
Mary P 12 minutes ago
Where TF was Hawkeye lol
Bubba 09
Bubba 09 13 minutes ago
Wait didn't someone call 101 facts fact boy.
Bryan Le
Bryan Le 13 minutes ago
just give us an adult film with black widow 😉
DainaTheDēar 16 minutes ago
Me: Matt if you kill off Tony I will kill you 16:39 Me:...... I guess you get to live another day (Also even if you did kill him off I wouldn’t kill you)
Kwitchiecat 18 minutes ago
Cap = dead
Addison Adams
Addison Adams 18 minutes ago
Thanos and Avengers start playing Uno. Thanos puts down custom 'Half the universe is dead' card. Avengers use Reverse or Rewind card. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Noodlehead 6666
Noodlehead 6666 19 minutes ago
So I think Ant Man would sacrifice or as good ol Mar Pat said Black Widow
Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie 19 minutes ago
Its rewind time everybody
leng subscribe please im PRO68
Tony and Thanos should be together
INSPIRE 19 minutes ago
Nicholas Miracle
Nicholas Miracle 20 minutes ago
The only person I hope dies in Endgame is Captain Marvel. Preferably by having Thanos snap her out of existence.
Color S
Color S 20 minutes ago
Captain Marvel has a 38% of dying
Reptilc Gamimg
Reptilc Gamimg 21 minute ago
Thanos will win again haha
Allen Richardson
Allen Richardson 22 minutes ago
What happen's if all of them just DIE!
time travel
time travel 22 minutes ago
Iron man and captain American and of course thanos
Christopher Henshaw
Christopher Henshaw 23 minutes ago
I don't care any more cause of Capt. Marvel and the direction of the MCU after this movie! Well it was funny while it lasted!
1 Destro
1 Destro 23 minutes ago
Sometimes (meant always) the time travel has plot hole
Donovan Leone
Donovan Leone 23 minutes ago
Vid Police
Vid Police 24 minutes ago
This sounds...... Right
silver Stuff
silver Stuff 25 minutes ago
So what youre saying is Tony takes his horse to the old town road?
I LIKE MEMES 26 minutes ago
Finally something good is on trending
Noah Ert
Noah Ert 26 minutes ago
Ghost Rider
Emannnen 26 minutes ago
I think Iron Man dies and I think Cap leave the Avengers. I really don't hope Black Widow dies. I like her. The only thing I want to see in this movie is Deadpool. He still has that clock that he can travel back in time. Use it and join the Avengers movie. Here you go Marvel!!
Fear the Pig Gaming
Fear the Pig Gaming 27 minutes ago
I am thoroughly convinced that Tony has to survive mainly because I'm also thoroughly convinced that Pepper's a skrull
The Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle 27 minutes ago
Black Widow is useless. Fight me
I'mA Weeaboo
I'mA Weeaboo 27 minutes ago
If black widow dies I'm thanos snapping myself
Jonah Rankin
Jonah Rankin 27 minutes ago
Hey may pat. The reason black widow most likely won’t die is because there is no point to kill her if her movie comes out after
Dans 28 minutes ago
Batman dies plz dont hate me i know Batman is DC don't hurt me plz
NOTStan448_1 _
NOTStan448_1 _ 28 minutes ago
In one of the end game trailers , it shows that cap is sad and carrying a coffin with some other people . So someone close to cap died . Idk who
Pablo57 28 minutes ago
idk if you guys saw Hulk in the new Avengers suit but he is. I don't think that's important but is something.
Mr. NiceGuy7
Mr. NiceGuy7 28 minutes ago
I think Hulk will kill Thanos/Survive the "Endgame"
Tapapa playz Pug
Tapapa playz Pug 31 minute ago
batman is going to die
Gavin White
Gavin White 31 minute ago
The guy at 4:14 hugging the child looks like Mr. Beast
Rhyme Time
Rhyme Time 31 minute ago
What a theory?
Sharking Bait
Sharking Bait 32 minutes ago
i saw that gungeon effect nice
Philip Xavier
Philip Xavier 32 minutes ago
*uses clock from Enter The Gungeon at **1:20* god I fucking love you.
Asriel 33 minutes ago
Speaking that it's an almost 4 hour movie, I think the audience will be the ones who won't survive Endgame
Don't Sub To Me
Don't Sub To Me 33 minutes ago
Old: Hulk Smash New:Hulk Smash Her
Darkrhino 33 minutes ago
Matpat you can just delete the video
WarWolf Gaming
WarWolf Gaming 33 minutes ago
I'd say that Cap has to go.
ro t
ro t 33 minutes ago
Thanos: who's hawkeye? whatever let me snap again just to make sure
Lazy Rice
Lazy Rice 33 minutes ago
Funny fact! My dad just brought this topic to me and we started having a debate on who's gonna die
I ate your chicken nuggets
~turns on iron man helmet~ ~sigh~ Is this thing on? *Hey Miss Potts*
Your Favourite squrtle
Your Favourite squrtle 34 minutes ago
Hawkeye wasn’t in the movie infinity wrs
Katie Ho
Katie Ho 34 minutes ago
As much as I’d love to believe that Tony is going to live, based on the trailer for SpiderMan Homecoming he’s gonna die
has one red ball 4 upload with no 0 subs lele
Ninja will aprear and on pump thanos
Kaylee Atienza
Kaylee Atienza 36 minutes ago
I don't mean to be mean but I hope Hawk guy would die because he's just annoying
KingGamer FTW
KingGamer FTW 37 minutes ago
Me: gets endgame tickets a few minutes after the launch of the trailer announcing tickets now on sale *was panicking* Friends: Cool, can I come?
bustermk2 37 minutes ago
Captain Marvel bites it. She will probably be resurrected but from what I have seen in the shorts she seems to be coming off a little cocky. That won't fly with the Russo brothers.
My Penis Is only 3 inches but
I say Tony’s finna die (I have a inside source)🤫🤦‍♀️
Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Subscribe to Pewdiepie 40 minutes ago
Wow matpat you really went all out on this one
The fat Raccoon
The fat Raccoon 40 minutes ago
Kraglin will survive
Mexican Man
Mexican Man 40 minutes ago
Spiderman: Far From Home is the only movie actually confirmed.
James Hsieh
James Hsieh 41 minute ago
a reddit user saw it without cgi and says its captain america
Jennifer Ringleb
Jennifer Ringleb 41 minute ago
Guillermo Bogan
Guillermo Bogan 41 minute ago
The first 25 seconds was pure cringe
The Random Thing
The Random Thing 42 minutes ago
In the comics Captain America Dies in Civil War and is replaced by Falcon who than becomes the new Captain America. Who else thinks this might actually become a thing!!!
JJSparkles 11
JJSparkles 11 42 minutes ago
All I want is black panther, black panther sister and spider man and I will be happy but if they die I will kill my self
Jehú Pedraza
Jehú Pedraza 42 minutes ago
Autumn Sprott
Autumn Sprott 43 minutes ago
I know why hawkeye was left out. He's not in Infinity wars. But we can assume he's not snapped and I bet he's going to die.
Simon L-V
Simon L-V 43 minutes ago
Don’t you dare touch Hawkeye!
Muhammad Hunain Khurram
Spoiler Alert: Batman dies in endgame
Lands of Time
Lands of Time 44 minutes ago
I’ve seen some spoilers by some random guy
Radu u
Radu u 45 minutes ago
diet coke i dont feel so good
Too only The 2
Too only The 2 45 minutes ago
Iron man
Erika 46 minutes ago
Hawkeye black widow
Michaelsmith 11plays
Michaelsmith 11plays 46 minutes ago
Iron man was 2008 not 2007 Oh god I’m a nerd
Mixinnitup 46 minutes ago
I have a theory tha we will see MatPat in Endgame
Oilerpa 46 minutes ago
Groot dies
Ninja StrongHeart
Ninja StrongHeart 46 minutes ago
If Cap or Iron Man die I would be surprised but at the same time not since they do die in the comics. In the Winter Solider movie Black Widow & Cap were suppose to be couple but the Russo brothers said no. Like really they would make a awesome power couple and in Civil war Natasha looked upset when Cap was talking with Sharon and Tony noticed it. I am excited to possible seeing X-men in phase 4 if we do I hope we get the original storyline of X-23 and her as a teenager.
IVN 47 minutes ago
Please let it be captain mary sue. Oops I meant captain marvel
Tasha Rob
Tasha Rob 48 minutes ago
I thought Black widow would die also because of the prequel that’s going to come out
proven lies
proven lies 49 minutes ago
Mat Pat in avengers age of Ultron iron Man sees the future where all the mane six are dead many that is how it ends they all have replacement many once they save everybody they die Bucky becomes cap hulk well she hulk might come rody becomes iron Man we seen that hulk eye was training his daughter in the bow vlackwidow might have the guard from black panther Thor has scarlet witch face it all are reveved but the main sis die at least it is my theory.
HeyItz BabyGurl
HeyItz BabyGurl 50 minutes ago
1:07 - 1:11 MatPat: "Antman crawls up his butt, expands." Me: "Hahahahahah." Obviously Loki and Glamora are dead for good.
eileen kitten
eileen kitten 50 minutes ago
Do a vid about the simpsons predicting the future again... Norte Dame
ninjax3620 51 minute ago
My bet is what ever he said would happen is the exact opposite of what happens
Elysia Worm
Elysia Worm 51 minute ago
I’d like to say that in the ads I keep getting before my videos Cap and Black Widow say “whatever it takes” and I haven’t seen any where anyone else does
super leo
super leo 52 minutes ago
GamingPros 52 minutes ago
Bet (blank) will die during the Avengers movie. Check the date this was made and you'll see. Edit: grammar
Yonathan Mezegabe
Yonathan Mezegabe 52 minutes ago
my theory is that the banner controls hulk again, but this time he becomes "professor hulk" so he can help tony with the building a gauntlet for the hulk to put on to fight him. However, some how some way he's gonna have to go back in time/alternate dimension so we'll see 2 hulks that way when the avengers get the stones to use the infinity gauntlet, so prof hulk can use it in order to defeat thanos and save everyone. Now here is how characters die. Before Hulk can do it captain america is gonna need to risk his life in order to stall for moment for Prof. hulk to put on the gauntlet then defeat him. But it would be cool if two captain americas duke it out like the comics.
Captain_Atom !
Captain_Atom ! 52 minutes ago
What if no og avenger dies but Stan lees cameo is one where a group of civilians are in danger in front of the avengers and Stan lees character dies giving the avengers time to rally
MythBeyondLegend _
MythBeyondLegend _ 52 minutes ago
Omega Red
Omega Red 53 minutes ago
Black widow is one of the most irreverent avengers ever how is she gonna die Tony is gonna die bro
Thenos The Grape
Thenos The Grape 53 minutes ago
Hawkeye, Cap, Nebula, Black Widow, Stark, all die
gamergirl1035 53 minutes ago
captain america will probably die, but i don't think any other avengers will
Th4t 1 M3xican
Th4t 1 M3xican 53 minutes ago
I'm agreeing with the tony surviving but believing that the character of iron man will end.
lorenzo suprani
lorenzo suprani 54 minutes ago
So Iron Man is going to pull off a Dark Knight Rises ending, not bad at all
TN _TJ 54 minutes ago
Who's Hawkeye
Erin Kaethe
Erin Kaethe 54 minutes ago
haha 😂 great theory 👍🏼 excited to see how this plays out
Brony King Amethyst Rain
Captain America and Thanos must die. Everyone else gets to live. and Disney... Renew Robert Downey Jr's Contract
school toons
school toons 54 minutes ago
What about Loki
Nick 55 minutes ago
Hulk dies :) not a theory
Katrina Hayes
Katrina Hayes 56 minutes ago
3 hours and 2 minutes of **hopefuly** heaven
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