Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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This theory is 100% SPOILER FREE and does not reference any leaked information.
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The biggest superhero movie in history is almost here - Marvel's Avengers: Endgame! We've been building to this for YEARS! The biggest question that is plaguing us all is - who will NOT survive to the end? Honestly, the fear is real fellow Theorists. All of our favorite Avengers are on the chopping block. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and Black Widow - no one is safe! Today, I am predicting who will live and who will be making friends with the Grim Reaper.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Dominic Neil Diaz
Dominic Neil Diaz 10 hours ago
When most of these aren’t wrong 😮
herminia corales
herminia corales 15 hours ago
I think only Iron Man will survive cuz he needs to snap the fingers to stop thnos
Crisps 22 hours ago
Spoiler Free huh?
meh meh
meh meh Day ago
so close
Subscribe To me for no reason
Theory: What MatPat is saying is what Marvel was originally gonna do but after watching this video they didn’t want MatPat to be right
Alphatrex Day ago
“Spoiler Free Predictions”
CAMRON RAMSEY 2 days ago
Well he was horribly horribly wrong
Tante Buba v2
Tante Buba v2 7 hours ago
Ehm, no
MAGS GamingXD 2 days ago
Dammit I wish they would've given Iron Man the hammer so he can be a God and not die
Nay Aung
Nay Aung 2 days ago
I think ant-man will die ? My English words can wrong because l am a12 years old from Myanmar
HELLO IM EXOTIC 2 days ago
We you were atleast right on how you get every theory wrong in the beginning...
Gamer Noko
Gamer Noko 2 days ago
Series of events MatPat: Tony has to live, and Captain America will die... Marvel: UnO rEvErSe!!!
Thomas Prendergast
Interesting to come back and see if he was right
emerald_boi7 2 days ago
jacob colmenares
jacob colmenares 2 days ago
matpat could't have been more wrong
Nevenka Petrovic
Nevenka Petrovic 3 days ago
tony dies
Tanzi De Gouveia
Tanzi De Gouveia 3 days ago
Iron man Dies in Avengers Endgame
Eric Choi
Eric Choi 3 days ago
AKIVA COLEMAN 3 days ago
Ooops, guess he was wrong.
Toxiq _
Toxiq _ 4 days ago
Who's watching after endgame and now's that's he is totaly wrong?😂
lexh 4 days ago
spoiler alert tony and nat died lol (i actually cried idk why i just grew up watching marvel)
Nathan Nelson
Nathan Nelson 4 days ago
NO YOU CANT DIE YOU MUST BECOME A FATHER!!! Iron man: haha fingers go snap snap
Dakhari Bailey
Dakhari Bailey 4 days ago
MatPat:Tony will survive Marvel:ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT!!!
Surajit Ganguly
Surajit Ganguly 5 days ago
Matpat-Tony lives Marvel- So gonna end his career Meh- buy me a new tissue box
Aiysha sajjad
Aiysha sajjad 5 days ago
Film theory’s nightmare is avengers and game theory’s nightmare is fnaf
Apollo Arrow Of Truth
Me from the future heh heh heh
DarkFlame 6 days ago
Expect for the part where thanos is a moron with little imagination for the amoumt of power he has. Also does it count as being a father when the kids were kidnapped?
DarkFlame 5 days ago
@nachoprime Paperwork & government recognition? I kinda doubt that.
nachoprime 5 days ago
The same way it counts being a father when you adopt
jamie Allen1977
jamie Allen1977 6 days ago
Thunder 7 days ago
The fact the capt. america and iron man are first on that little animation 2:24 and the little picture 2:35
NoahC07 7 days ago
Whose watching this after endgame
Raigardas N.
Raigardas N. 7 days ago
thanos and stark will die
Jacob Millen
Jacob Millen 7 days ago
how did he know
jeffrey wilson
jeffrey wilson 7 days ago
Iron Man's then I die heads up doesn't tell her that showed up put some flowers in your face Frozen in the Heights a whole bunch of emotions I don't feel here's a movie game televised Spider-Man far from home
ShadowPlayz 8 days ago
He got only one right tho.
Mickey Gaming
Mickey Gaming 8 days ago
IISimplePlayedII 8 days ago
Wtf Valkyrie didn’t die
Raccoon Rosa
Raccoon Rosa 9 days ago
He actually kind of right
Zachary Elders
Zachary Elders 9 days ago
The Gaming Kid
The Gaming Kid 9 days ago
MatPat: Tony has to survive endgame Tony in endgame: Dies MatPat: You weren’t supposed to do that
Cipher655 9 days ago
... Welp.
perturbing 9 days ago
Falcon can’t take the mantle of captain America, Steve Rodgers with always be Chris Evans.... it’d just be too weird.
perturbing 5 days ago
nachoprime my point is that it will be weird seeing other people using caps suit, Chris Evans is the perfect cap in my mind, making weird when falcons actor uses the mantle captain America.
nachoprime 5 days ago
Steve rogers is still chris Evan's, falcon is just taking the mantle of cap. something that many characters have done over the years
Albert Gaming983
Albert Gaming983 9 days ago
Sub to me
Victor Chen
Victor Chen 9 days ago
Who's here after Endgame
Nico Sittenthaler
Nico Sittenthaler 10 hours ago
Jonathan Landreth
UnicornGamerGirl 1
Matpat : talks about people dying Also Matpat : *talks mostly about Tony Stark
The Bandita Family
The Bandita Family 10 days ago
Steve Rogers is now Mr.Rogers
The Bandita Family
The Bandita Family 10 days ago
Steve:I know everyone will come back because I saw the trailer for Spider Man far from home
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude 10 days ago
MatPat : Cap. A will die and Ironman survives Marvel : Sike!!!
Ognen Mihajlovski
Ognen Mihajlovski 10 days ago
Your 94% right, but 6% wrong
Skyler 10 days ago
I think Marvel took advantage of just this type of over analyzation of Steve and Tony’s character arcs. Steve is all about self sacrifice, and Tony is all about being selfish. But by showing how they have both changed throughout the narrative, they pulled a big “Uno Reverse Card” and had Tony be the one to sacrifice himself this time instead of Steve, whole Steve got to be selfish and live a happy life with Peggy. This subversion if expectations was incredible, and it really works too.
Harvey Malthouse
Harvey Malthouse 10 days ago
It turns out he was right
Fredbear's Universe
She kills herself.
Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls 10 days ago
This is actually really close! Well... Kinda...
Max Brandsgard
Max Brandsgard 10 days ago
Am I the only one who wishes this was true
Max Brandsgard
Max Brandsgard 10 days ago
You close tho
Varun Dhullipalla
Varun Dhullipalla 10 days ago
You were wrong
David Kinnamon
David Kinnamon 11 days ago
Lol nope........ he ded
Hidden Hype
Hidden Hype 11 days ago
So wrong
Magraf Castro
Magraf Castro 11 days ago
So for those of you who didn't watch avengers basically who died is Wonder woman,Superman,Green lantern,Aquaman, and Superman
Raphy Bergeron
Raphy Bergeron 11 days ago
It was iron man
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 11 days ago
him: tony cant die marvel: we will prove you wrong
Turtsles 101
Turtsles 101 12 days ago
“We see the comparison of them (Tony and Thanos) as fathers” We do just not as MatPat sees. Thanos killed his child so he survive. Tony died so that his child could survive.
Diana Vega
Diana Vega 12 days ago
Spoilor alert: Irorn man is DEAD!!!!!
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 13 days ago
Mat:Tony wont die Mcu: oh I dont thing so
Aimee Arnold
Aimee Arnold 13 days ago
Tony dies Ialready watch The movie
oliver milan
oliver milan 14 days ago
oh boy he was almost right
Pąřkįøāń._ .Ÿńżįę
So Tony will survive. .. Me: oh okay. When the End game went out. Me: *watching Iron Mans death* 😱😭😱😭 wait.... MatPat: Tony will not die... Will not die... Me:😶
Taye Reiss
Taye Reiss 14 days ago
Interesting how he got cap and iron man basically switched about their fates
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 15 days ago
cause i'm saness!
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 15 days ago
me to avengers; don't give it up always live!!
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 15 days ago
when it came out me; lol people came back
Allie Hunter
Allie Hunter 15 days ago
The heaven of Disney disney+
Allie Hunter
Allie Hunter 15 days ago
Tony ded
Allie Hunter
Allie Hunter 15 days ago
Tony is now in disney+
Allie Hunter
Allie Hunter 15 days ago
Purple shrek
Dude is so right this should be a spoiler alert besides the iron man part
TheFingCat 14
TheFingCat 14 16 days ago
did anybidy see home much that soul stone guy looked like redskull without the red 😂😅
Giakon 16 days ago
You know it is red skull, right?
Hello Mate
Hello Mate 16 days ago
Ads S.
Ads S. 16 days ago
Tony, at the beginning of Endgame just wanted to be a father and didn't want to stop focusing on it so he refused to help. But, when he was in his kitchen washing dishes he looked at a photo of him and Peter doing peace signs with each other. That made him motivated to see if he could figure out time travel. When he did he made the decision to be a hero again and save his friends including Peter. Several times in the movie I saw him doing peace signs. After Hulk snapped and brought everyone back everyone came back and helped the other defeat Thanos. But when Thanos was about to get the goblet back and snap again, Tony did the thing that he was probably afraid of at the beginning. He had to swap his hand armor for the goblet to save the universe, to save Peter, his friends, and family. He snapped and saved the universe but also lost his life. He wanted to be there for Morgan because growing up he didn't feel like he had a great relationship with his dad. That is also why he wanted to protect Peter so he wouldn't feel like a bad father. He died a hero. wow that took a long time to make
Stoaky Oak
Stoaky Oak 17 days ago
Ok so before the movie came out I thought it would be Spider-Man I mean everyone loves spidey so an emotional death but I don’t think they killed him off because everyone loves him
Süper Güneş
Süper Güneş 17 days ago
But you couldn’t find iron man
Süper Güneş
Süper Güneş 17 days ago
You’re awesome
Süper Güneş
Süper Güneş 17 days ago
Wow You’re fucking right
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