Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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5 фев 2019

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Комментарии 35 679
Protato Gamer
Protato Gamer 56 минут назад
Nice video, MatPat! ❤️
Salty Sause
Salty Sause 59 минут назад
0:10 tis but a flesh wound
Grem Master
Grem Master Час назад
5:33 he says "mr beast"
Jorge Gaming
Jorge Gaming Час назад
If it was biggest fear how can I see death
the learning channel
the learning channel Час назад
Its not a monster, they're angels
ThrillxrBark Час назад
The monster was supposed to look different for everyone, In Sandra's case the monster looked like a deformed baby cos of the fear of her being a mother, at least that's what I've heard lol
Oceanic Gaming
Oceanic Gaming Час назад
Its an Angry bird
mini golden freddy3000
mini golden freddy3000 Час назад
cutulu is zoidborg
blue kites
blue kites Час назад
8:12 😆!!!!!!!
Dubstequtie Час назад
The girl who heard / or saw her mom did have a reaction to the thing that displayed a significant lost though...
Bryan Vergara
Bryan Vergara Час назад
A Succubus... Thats the monster 😂😂😂
Amos Chew
Amos Chew 2 часа назад
Fun fact: Chinese people use HuLi Jing as an insult to call women hussies.
Aaden  poops-alot
Aaden poops-alot 2 часа назад
It’s jojo siwa clones
Joan Weddington
Joan Weddington 2 часа назад
body no
body no 2 часа назад
In Chinese mythology……Hu Li Jings are mostly……pretty fuckable?
The Crafting Skywalker
The Crafting Skywalker 2 часа назад
well you earned my subscription
michael gutierrez
michael gutierrez 2 часа назад
Benvenito Machado
Benvenito Machado 2 часа назад
The Crafting Skywalker
The Crafting Skywalker 2 часа назад
I’m irish and have never heard of the puca
Treychik 2 часа назад
Your criminals theory is false...not criminals...more like insane people can see the monster...and it seems like it's more like a shapeshifter with no physical body thus the weird drawing of black hole thing...
Chantzio 3 часа назад
The monster is John cena *you can't see me*
D U 3 часа назад
Charlie wasn't making guesses at what the monster is, he was speaking of the representation of evil, and unkown. All the beings he mentioned were spirits who were known for being evil spirits Representative of the coming of bad things, it is considered extremely bad luck to encounter a nine-tailed fox in the east for example, Aka Manah is one of the great evils he seeks to corrupt and therefore destroy humanity not quite physically but by making them something less than human. Surgat is one of the 72 demons of Solomon of whom most are representative of coming omens and deathly prices, such as seeing something beautiful in exchange for your sanity. These are not meant to be 'this is possibly who the demon is/are' He is saying they have always existed and are called many things and do many things, he is saying they are under assault by demons, he is NOT saying those are the potential demons doing it.
Thought Ray
Thought Ray 3 часа назад
The monster is disappointing. Culture doesn't need a movie where the answer is, we can't understand what is wrong just don't look at it.
syche77 3 часа назад
Dear God, I can't believe you had to block out the nudey bits on that classic piece of art
Ashly McCall
Ashly McCall 4 часа назад
naroto 9 tals
mia sinibaldo
mia sinibaldo 4 часа назад
the monster is gabbie hannah
Souleater Meh
Souleater Meh 4 часа назад
How do you even come up with this shit? Don’t get me wrong it is good shit but still....
Drangelice 4 часа назад
Cthulu. I'm calling it. Monsters of eldritch lore are known to drive you insane just being in the same room as them
SAM I AM 4 часа назад
This just made me think of World of Warcraft because the "old gods" in the game are all based on Lovecrafts writings.
jim jimjim
jim jimjim 5 часов назад
I'd like to see a sequel to Birdbox where they try to find out ways of seeing the 'monster' without dying.
Andy Draws
Andy Draws 5 часов назад
Maybe it's a shadow bird? Since it's the *bird box* movie
Littlebigman2292 5 часов назад
So in other words the creator of bird box came up with a creative way to rip off H.P. Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu
ITS YA BOI 5 часов назад
Netflix has been hitting it out of the park? Surrrreeee
Senor Sniper
Senor Sniper 5 часов назад
Anyone else think the soundtrack to this video lowkey sounds like the avengers theme?
Carmen Barrionuevo
Carmen Barrionuevo 5 часов назад
If this is true, how did the birds know when the octopus Jesus would come?
doomsakari0 5 часов назад
Maybe it's like the Lights in the IT series
Bad Boy
Bad Boy 5 часов назад
What if the thing was just the Spagghety monster??
Jenaye Moffatt
Jenaye Moffatt 5 часов назад
I can literally get behind anything this guy says!! This makes so much sense.
hassan king
hassan king 6 часов назад
The only cat lover
The only cat lover 6 часов назад
I am aka hannah 😄
Ryker Quackenbush
Ryker Quackenbush 6 часов назад
Actually. Here: I'm a military veteran. My brain is so full of mental disorders that I've stopped caring about what they're called. I take the medication that I need to. My mind wanders because of events that I want to explain in person. But Stan Lee died and we were all left with nothing. Do you really realize that Stan Lee was the One Above All before me? He's Avatar Roku, so to speak. I'm Avatar Aang, so to speak. I know this sounds crazy, but if you'll just hear me out, I'm sure that I will persuade you over the validity of my ideas and arguments. Matpat. Let's get a drink or some food and talk about suicide awareness. Please. I'll bring my girlfriend, so I wont fucking rage that the napkins smell like dirty rotor rust. You have my word that I am an authentic human being that wants to hold your and everyone's heart like a teaspoon full of oil while walking through my luxurious mansions. Yours Truly and Sincerely, Ryker Derek Quackenbush. Yes. I am a real human being. Beep boop.
Zachary Bell
Zachary Bell 6 часов назад
Was that overwatch music in the background???
papa franku
papa franku 7 часов назад
What if gabbie hanna is the monster?
viethuong vothai
viethuong vothai 7 часов назад
The monster is actually… t series in a different time line when he beat pewdiepie… welp, bye everyone
cody burgett
cody burgett 7 часов назад
People going crazy and killing themselves...? It must be the plants!!!! Which reminds me, does anyone here like hotdogs?
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 7 часов назад
My favorite RUvid! I’m just binge watching some past videos cause I’m bored
Flare Guy
Flare Guy 8 часов назад
Everyone is asking what is the monster but nobody is asking what the fuck is mayonnaise
ultra f3arl3ess
ultra f3arl3ess 8 часов назад
are those demons real?
Ghoul _
Ghoul _ 8 часов назад
There are no worshippers in the book. Just saying....
Zzz Zaps
Zzz Zaps 8 часов назад
I guess its a bird that has a shaped of box..trust me guys this is very well thought out.
DRIFT 8 часов назад
A literal octopus Jesus
The Sand Cookie
The Sand Cookie 8 часов назад
1:06 - 1:14 sounds like WeatherReports stand. Except it doesn't drive you to insanity or suicide but makes you think you are something your not :/
Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong 9 часов назад
movie title is bird box, but no mention about birds reacting to the monster..
Paul Daves
Paul Daves 9 часов назад
The monster is YT rewind and the people who don't kill themselves at the sight of seeing it are just mainstream vloggers. *This explanation seems most plausible to me*
Tornexus 9 часов назад
No I’m how to basic!
Yuki Watanabe
Yuki Watanabe 10 часов назад
oh glob I should've known there were spoilers... I should've finished the book before viewing this video... now I know there were people who have seen it and nothing happened to them
Clock Maker
Clock Maker 10 часов назад
hu li jing-狐狸精 means fox spirit(but evil), and they can also seduce people, and are mostly bad. they are the opposit of 仙-xien, wich are basiclly saints. both become what they are after a mortal being meditates, and goes through intense spiritual and mental training for years unend, but jings do it evilly, and some will go as far as drinking blood
WolforDragonDemon 10 часов назад
Matpat i love you, i do but not seeing the monster wAS THE POINT It was kinda that whole horror movie monster idea where you try and hide it for as long as possible so its the viewer imagination making it as scary as possible but, like Taken for it to actually be Textual rather than just movie meta. But, thats just me snf I'm still gonna watch this video I just wanted to mention this thing ghjkl
PopularGamer MCPE
PopularGamer MCPE 10 часов назад
to the 0.1%seeing this i hope you have a wonderful life,any subs are appreciated,thx for 672subscribers.....thank you so much for that TYSM
Mxtrix 11 часов назад
Its a baby snake
TorianasaurusRex 12 часов назад
Anxiety through the roof on this theory lol
Nitro Fire
Nitro Fire 13 часов назад
What if it is a bird.You now bird box is the Movies name..... BIRD BOX LOL 🐦 📦
RaksssC 13 часов назад
if they showed the beast then the people will rape each other
RaksssC 13 часов назад
maybe the monster was just a giant bird
thegaming ninja
thegaming ninja 13 часов назад
Beefaroni Bert
Beefaroni Bert 13 часов назад
Actually Bird Box was a book in 2014 while A Quiet Place was only a movie from 2018, AQP ripped off BB
†SOMEWHERE. SAD† 14 часов назад
There is one demon Charlie said but you never explained the varios daevas
tsohgallik 14 часов назад
clearly its a Cthulu monster... Thats what Gary was drawing.... I was really wondering if it was a Cthulu ripoff and yeah... It is....
illuminati 14 часов назад
The Real Question Is "But What If I'm The MONSTAAAAAAAAAAH"
VansTheMan 14 часов назад
What if you were legally blind if the bird box happened?
Sean Pflum
Sean Pflum 15 часов назад
You sound like young Martin Short
Meme Reuploader
Meme Reuploader 15 часов назад
It's "The Storm" from Fortnite
Joe Beese
Joe Beese 16 часов назад
Another overrated sjw heavy narrative filled movie.
Rando Corn1865
Rando Corn1865 16 часов назад
I stopped @ 8:09 is it the cathulu I know I miss spelled it
Krubyy 16 часов назад
the monster is magikarp using splash
P͈h̓͘a͎n͉t̪͠o̩m̓͞ Ǵĺ̸i̭̊t̻͆ch͝
I'm just gonna say it now, why didn't they just remove their eyes instead of putting on a removable blindfold? I mean come on people! Just get rid of them their useless at this point!
Dead Smoking
Dead Smoking 16 часов назад
It's Feminism
dkemp735 16 часов назад
Look in jessicas eyes on the thumbnail...
annette anderson
annette anderson 17 часов назад
The monster is the spirit of Paul walker
Lolgod_ 16
Lolgod_ 16 17 часов назад
May be they did not show it because then it would effect us
Violet Sunset
Violet Sunset 17 часов назад
the monster could maybe medusa from greek mythology
Laharvizanial 17 часов назад
It’s t-series sub count
Grimalkin Felidae
Grimalkin Felidae 17 часов назад
I just assumed it was a Lovecraftian entity lol Rapture theory is interesting
[GD] Makoi
[GD] Makoi 17 часов назад
John Cena
Calvin Gaster
Calvin Gaster 17 часов назад
8:00- "Why not Zoidberg?" (V) (;,,;) (V)
Default Skin god
Default Skin god 18 часов назад
The creator of the movie said that what you see is something you love or a baby with wrinkles all over it’s body
Blondie Kay
Blondie Kay 18 часов назад
The monster has airpods and we cant see him because he doesn't speak broke
Ngoc Hien Le
Ngoc Hien Le 18 часов назад
No i love god
Carlos esquivel cruz
Carlos esquivel cruz 18 часов назад
the monater is big chungus
Gølder06 18 часов назад
So... doesn't anyone think about zalgo?
TordEddsworld {•DiamondKind•}
TordEddsworld {•DiamondKind•} 18 часов назад
I watched like 30 minutes of the movie and couldn't watch anymore because I was gonna cry
Virtual Gamer
Virtual Gamer 18 часов назад
Surprise it's cthuhlu
Kinder The King
Kinder The King 19 часов назад
*ACTUALLY, IT'S A PINATA FILLED WITH SOULS OF DEAD BEINGS. 1. If you cheat you must kys. 2. Lunatics don't follow rules. 3. The person who helped Mal in the house seen her mother sticking out. 4. People can imitate voices. 5. It is a beautiful pinata. 6. Pinatas can't open doors. 7. It wants you to die so you can join the pile. MY EVIDENCE IS CLEAR.*
Mia the golden wolf :3
Mia the golden wolf :3 19 часов назад
I was thinking that they saw the cruel reality of the world. ;^;
Nikki Kohai
Nikki Kohai 19 часов назад
17:24 why is Bendy here
SoullessBeats05 20 часов назад
7:43 “Horny”😏 It’s a joke. Don’t take it seriously.
The Adventurer
The Adventurer 20 часов назад
Now I want to see Kratos go toe to tentical against Cthuluh
SophiDopi 20 часов назад
Cathulu is right but the fox can be one to prooven when the daughter that tried to save the woman said “Mom” and walked into the fire
Psychic Mage god
Psychic Mage god 20 часов назад
I know how the monster aka devil looks like If you know the guy who is crazy that was let into the house by the saved woman He did some images of what it looks like
ʟօʋɛʟʏ _ʟɨֆǟ
ʟօʋɛʟʏ _ʟɨֆǟ 20 часов назад
What if I’m the monstEEEERRRRRRR
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