Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 38 986
Hannah is a human
Hannah is a human 2 hours ago
To be honest the reason they probably made the monsters form not seen because that would make the scary affect of the movie Less scary What’s the fun in a movie without conspiracies?
drawing snöbohm
drawing snöbohm 2 hours ago
Thats too true..
ImThatReader 2 hours ago
It’s obvious isn’t it? It’s Barney
Rana Astitva
Rana Astitva 6 hours ago
12:16 Lydias mom was dead 10* years ago
ღWell Itz Isabelღ
Bird box monsters: exist Blind people: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*
Markio Chan
Markio Chan 17 hours ago
The movie just made my brain rip Apart..Why couldn’t the movie start off like “ There was scientist doing some experiment and he or see dropped a bottle that Holds the ceature and it escapes. Skipping through when everyone dies except the kids and the mother (I forgot the name) She looks around in a library and finds a book that tell about the creature but still had to get away from them..
Kid Coheed
Kid Coheed 17 hours ago
It's a Bogart from the Harry Potter Series
drawing snöbohm
drawing snöbohm 2 hours ago
Arixo Zyphir
Arixo Zyphir 18 hours ago
10:00 Does anyone else hear the Avengers theme? XD
Puddin 18 hours ago
I think Huli -jing is more suitable here because he can make ppl see dead, make an alternative mindset where people will think that ugly isn't ugly actually It's no so bad " just like Olympia describe. On top of he could change it forms technically, it's voice too . and this could be seen in the last part of the movie where Olivia and the child were being called by dead people . About he not passing through walls or going inside the house, as u said these creatures might not be interested to put so much of efforts like Kathulu
Rosalie Foronda
Rosalie Foronda 21 hour ago
It can't be cthulhu because it didn't effect animals
OneDumbPony 21 hour ago
I really hope you do bandersnatch soon.
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones 21 hour ago
I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy I’m poppy
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones 21 hour ago
The monster is Shrek doing fortnite dances and dabbing.
Wayne Shaffer
Wayne Shaffer 23 hours ago
Seems to me the best thing to do in this movie to survive is to immediately stare at the sun until blind.
Danielle Ferron
if you look at chuthulu eyes. you commit die conincedince i think not
Thomas Hogan
Thomas Hogan Day ago
I didn’t take you for the religious type!
4drenaline Gelix
But I thought God wouldn’t want us to kill ourselves-
4drenaline Gelix
I love how he named one of the creatures “horny” 😂💀
Jacob Lovett
Jacob Lovett Day ago
Octopus Jesus: note taken
Baileys World
The Illuminati is invading earth😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
ALoonwolf Day ago
It's God. Nobody can look at him and live; they are consumed by their own imperfection before him and are compelled to destroy themselves. Except for the crazy people - the Christians. They are made immune to the burning of his presence, and love and worship him, longing to share him with everyone else and make them see too. Cthulu probably also represents this God, the great monster waiting to destroy the world (again).
bendyboi 5736
Cloud Gang
Cloud Gang Day ago
Insane peep:forces blind dudes eyes open Insane peep:it's beautiful :3 Blind dude:
GachaGirls Friends
Who else her just finished or is just watching it and starts scrolling the comment section
Actual Cancer
It might be a copy of A Quiet Place, but Bird Box did one thing much better than A Quiet Place, and that was that they never showed their monster. It's a horror film, and one of the things that humans fear more than anything is the fear of the unknown. If we can't even fully conceptualize something, we fear it. That's just our nature, and Bird Box manipulates that masterfully. A Quiet Place shows their monster in the very first scene, so it was never scary. Tense, sure. But not scary.
Galaxy Envy dragon [GD]
6:09 oh, whats next? mobile task forces?
Minioutrobot 2 days ago
Can I send you a picture that is one of my creepypastas
Juaquin Tiangco
Juaquin Tiangco 2 days ago
The monster is super ugly..... so I guess it's me
SpiritForce 2 days ago
Thanks for sharing the Bible with 8 million subs, bro!
Ana Bilandžija
Ana Bilandžija 2 days ago
The "monster" is sun light becouse it is everywhere say : "it is everywhere !"
Nime -Chan
Nime -Chan 2 days ago
Why was bendy there?
Ari Tales
Ari Tales 2 days ago
16:25 Do you see MatPat in this frame? I do XD
Codnope 2 days ago
Anyone else just look at the title and was just like “bam eldrich horror time”
Bagheads 125
Bagheads 125 2 days ago
We made that theory too cause I love terraria
Breanna Ledbetter
An octopus Jesus
CJ&Alex Draw
CJ&Alex Draw 2 days ago
I love how the theories he said was coming soon, haven't yet
Raiden 2 days ago
so, i haven't looked through the comments yet, so i might not be, but am i the only one who thinks that Malorie that KINDA looks like Michael Jackson??(sorry if i spelled his name wrong)
Amadou Diallo
Amadou Diallo 2 days ago
He has his own people
Daniel Boelke
Daniel Boelke 2 days ago
I'm being perfectly honest, I don't think it's the rapture. I think it is HP Lovecraft plus the SCP foundation. Look at the scp-001 document titled when day breaks.
ShadowedSnipez 2 days ago
Tallest in world
ShadowedSnipez 2 days ago
Robert waldow on bed
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez 2 days ago
What the people see is they're worst fear, any fear you have will appear together as one thing, but everyone has different fears than other people that's why "the monster" is invisible till you see it. But some people that are insane and dont have fear end up becoming their own monster.
Adoniyah Last name
Me watching it- OMG MatPat THATs cAtHulU MatPat seconds later-The picture is indeed CAtHulU. Me- T_T I thought I had it..
Ivan Ortiz
Ivan Ortiz 3 days ago
The first monster drawing like that big one monster in the red mist.
•Yamato and Shadow playz•
I didnt question it cause I always thought the monster is a ufo but in a costom of a bird living in a box or a bird that has birds or a ghost or sally the eartworm or a human shadow thats the name is bird box XD or a sacubos or a demon or a gorgon like eureyale stheno or medussa remove medosaa XD or its not its probobly a shadow that there eyes are glowing or a octopus man or one of love crafts characters in her book or things :P or something thats what I always thought :P but now yes I am very questionable :P or not eh edit: I know am late cause I got grounded UwU
a random Darklight
you didnt add the fact that animals are not efected.
Wolfie Thorn07
Wolfie Thorn07 3 days ago
*The monsters name is Chad.*
Any- mations
Any- mations 3 days ago
Jesus is always the answer 😂😂😂
Nightflight The Nightwing
I'm insane
Woddie 3 days ago
Make the monster look in a mirror
Damia Ragsdale
Damia Ragsdale 3 days ago
When u said that it couldn't be a loss you lost me cause the women who died in the car talked about her mother saying she saw her
Ma. Christina charice Rivera
You can walk around with your eyes open with a bird if it starts chirping a lot close your eyes till it stops
Xyrabelle Perocho
Okay,I didn't watch bird box,but,what if babies saw it?Would they try to kill themselves??
TheAnimeGamer 3 days ago
Imagine a quiet place monster plus bird box monster
BrosephMcCool 3 days ago
bird box was written before a quiet place dumbass
Endernani sm!les
Endernani sm!les 3 days ago
It is a spooky roblox myth calls demonboy
Chips And Mayo
Chips And Mayo 3 days ago
4:22 pukka is Irish for ghost
Deus1008 3 days ago
Mattpatt..................... are you fucking serious, do i seriously have to tell you that we aren't supposed to know what the monster is. We are supposed to use our imagination to know the basic concept of the monster, we don't need nor should not know what the monster is to understand the conflict our characters are facing.
Toma -28
Toma -28 3 days ago
It is the Russians
Ashlyn 240
Ashlyn 240 3 days ago
All of you are dumb!Gabbie Hanna is the monster
John Almeida
John Almeida 4 days ago
If mat pat was in this fnaf would be the monster
Gwen Davlin
Gwen Davlin 4 days ago
Medusa turns you to stone if you look at her... I’m getting vibes that this monster is related to Medusa... Does anyone agree...?
Me: (wears blindfold the entire rime) Friend eating lunch with me: you just ate the wrapper on your sandwich (Later) Me: (walking) Friend: you're about to run into th- Me: (smashes into a wall) FUCK! (Turns to walk the other direction and runs into another wall) FUCKINGSHITBALLSANDCOCK!!! Friend: *W H E E Z E*
RadenWA 4 days ago
Clearly it is the Mimikyu true form
Thatt one Kidd
Thatt one Kidd 4 days ago
I can just imagine matpats faces during the noises in the intro
Sapphire Studios
Sapphire Studios 4 days ago
This could probably be based off another "end-of-the-world" theory that Catholics have also been theorising.
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw
It's the flying dutchman 😣😂
Morzanna _Creepypasta
Blind people: (exist) Bird Box Monster: am i a joke to you?
uwu pusketti
uwu pusketti 4 days ago
maybe dont call the creature in the picture “horny”
Grimmy HITS
Grimmy HITS 4 days ago
Could it be some kind of invisible SCP-096?
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez 2 days ago
@Grimmy HITS then stop being a little bitch PUSSY
Grimmy HITS
Grimmy HITS 2 days ago
@Cesar Rodriguez make me stop commenting, pussy
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez 2 days ago
@Grimmy HITS it can't touch things, cant breathe, can't feel, cant speak, cant see, can't sense, cant hurt, it can only kill, so if you think it's still ALIVE than just stop commenting because you dont get it, but everyone else did.
Grimmy HITS
Grimmy HITS 2 days ago
That question what just a hypothetical question or a what if
Grimmy HITS
Grimmy HITS 2 days ago
@Cesar Rodriguez it still moves and can touch things so therefore, it does exist. People all around the world wouldn't just suddenly start seeing something that doesn't exist. If they can see it, then it does exist.
GameB Awesome
GameB Awesome 4 days ago
Plot twist: It was global warming
Christian Lawson
Christian Lawson 4 days ago
BirdBox was originally a novel published in 2014, that was made way before A Quiet Place was released in 2018
·Sushi· 4 days ago
"Remove those blindfolds" haha, nO
Oreo Akito
Oreo Akito 4 days ago
*forcefully?!* nuuuuuuuuu
Imidasui Xerodam
Imidasui Xerodam 5 days ago
me:*sees thing* thing:now go be die me:no
Fine Banana
Fine Banana 5 days ago
*"Dude I'm blind!!"*
OGix 5 days ago
I wonder how much did this video take for him to make
Umair Saeed
Umair Saeed 5 days ago
The movies was rlly gud tbh
Rhys Dittrich
Rhys Dittrich 5 days ago
There will be a movie where SMELL will kill you
The outbreak started in Romania. And I guess you could say the creature has a few vampire like qualities as well. I like how the last theory subverts religious ideas. Which is also pretty Lovecraftian in itself since he was very atheistic and you could see his mythos as this thought experiment where gods do exist but do not violate the general idea of a non humancentric post darwinism kind of worldview. Some of his creatures like the "Migo" are some kind of 10th dimensional metacosmic predatory aliens whose skin somehow doesnt reflect light in a way that makes them visible on photos for example.
Funtime Kayla
Funtime Kayla 5 days ago
Um! Um! Ennard!
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