Film Theory: We SOLVED Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1!

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The Rick and Morty is back! The season premiere, "Edge of ToMorty: Rick Die Rickpeat", left me with so many theory ideas and I couldn't wait! This episode showed us a side of Rick and Morty we haven't seen before and I LOVED it! In fact, I think that there was a life lesson hidden somewhere in all the jokes and violence. What was that lesson? What did Rick mean at the end of the episode? I'm here to explain it all to you!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Yosi Berman and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 12 918
The Film Theorists
The Film Theorists 22 days ago
So glad to see so many of you liked this more "laid back" style. It helped us get the episode out same week, rather than weeks later after all this was relevant! That said, seeing a lot of comments about the green screen, lighting, and background, so quick note: I had to film while traveling, meaning stuff was a bit rougher than it normally would be. Shouldn't be a problem in the future!
David 14 hours ago
rick is a vegeta id say the ends more than justifies the means imagine a dbz deference in rick and morty ohhhh man drragon ball super!
thepopo592 Day ago
The Film Theorists it reminds me of the old vids, comforting really when everyone’s trying to change due to RUvid’s algorithms and stuff
jarrod 4 days ago
yeah it was good episode but may get boring if you use this as your default video format now
Lord Dice X
Lord Dice X 7 days ago
Great format, I hope you keep integrating this style with your episodes.
Etta Mansaray
Etta Mansaray 7 days ago
The Film Theorists did you see the episode with the Simpson’s where they tell where they are (conform your threory) an Episode were marg wants some sense of important and get into some saw lumberjack game at the end the lady ask homer where they live and he says springfield and she asked which one and I’m not sure and she says .........
Catch 22
Catch 22 2 hours ago
Love the talking points but why green screen?
Ian Murtagh
Ian Murtagh 3 hours ago
Honestly? And I'm trying to be as constructive here as possible, I absolutely hated the new format. It really felt like the opposite of laid back. It also removed many manic elements from your editing style that viewers have come to love, or even watch your channel because of. It was like watching interdimensional cable and this was your channel in another dimension, but it wasn't good, and you were in it too much. That's a nope from me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
dervy acorn
dervy acorn 3 hours ago
Świadomy Malkontent
Why Matpad puts his son in piledriver at 16:44?
Muhammad ali
Muhammad ali 5 hours ago
Hey hey hey what about the cat do one about the talking cat WTF is wrong with that cat
Aurora Butterfly
Aurora Butterfly 8 hours ago
are you from the midwest
Zpaul 10 hours ago
The lesson was to not try and be a god...
Arnold Polyimer
Arnold Polyimer 12 hours ago
I honestly prefer the old style, but this is good for a throw in.
Ukebunny 16 hours ago
Next theory: could Stewie’s method of moving Trash Island actually work lol
Rigatonia 16 hours ago
I can't wait for green screen tech to be so good that you couldn't tell when you use it in front of a photo of your old set lol. I loved the video though :)
Jard K. LIfe
Jard K. LIfe 17 hours ago
I was very surprised by this new style, but i very much appreciated it. It felt like we got closer to you!
Bernardo B
Bernardo B 17 hours ago
naw thats not it
Portrick Manpower
Portrick Manpower 18 hours ago
Oh Matpat, you always look like you're on the verge of tears
Klay Thoring
Klay Thoring 19 hours ago
Can’t see my tattoo, it’s for the ladies…I am a lady. Ladies watch things too.
Awleen 20 hours ago
I love the change in format ! Just keep a good mix of both because your edits are hilarious
1M subscribers challenge
i want the picture u
nickie tee
nickie tee 21 hour ago
I like it.
Alfredas simply
Alfredas simply 21 hour ago
Why green screen?
TheRedPandaGamer 16
TheRedPandaGamer 16 22 hours ago
Tyler Halnon
Tyler Halnon Day ago
The life lesson is The best advice from this video is ... To love your mother
Artorius Day ago
Is he a human?!
Fock Yutuub
Fock Yutuub Day ago
this guy just talks without any value in what he's saying. because he doesn't give any arguments that really makes sense. he talks about his ideas and what they mean, but he doesn't tell us why it relates to rick and morty episode 1.
Brittany Cotton
Good Job guys!! This is pretty legit!!!
Brandon Rivera
Biggest problem in humanity is our lack of the ability to work or aim towards goals bigger than our own selfish interests
Martin T
Martin T Day ago
Not exactly remember the toxic rick cared much about morty
Ultroman the Tacoman
I love this calmer format a lot, even though we see much more of your unfathomably handsome face instead of your photoshopped reaction-faces, but I can handle a little more insecurity.
Joshua Fisher
way are you bleeping all the swear words ?
Master King
Master King Day ago
I feel like Mat keeps pushing the fact that morty turned down a skinny dip with a girl Steff signals you know what mat wants for Christmas get a babysitter
K E W Day ago
This dude talking to me like my paster at Sunday church
why did he green screen himself in his living room
AI_Gaming Day ago
Go Anime!! #Dragon Ball & Naruto
Jakub Wojciechowski
You already got an upvote for this intro
Henry Jubeda
Henry Jubeda Day ago
That's Utilitarianism, move towards a goal by any means necessary even if the methods are vague and the goals unrealistic and utopian.Also known as Communism or Socialism. Moral absolutism states that the same rules must apply to all moral agents. If you want to have a rule that others do not steal your things, you must accept that you cannot initiate theft from others. You cannot steal what is willingly given.
Mohamed Alli
Mohamed Alli Day ago
Mohamed Alli
Mohamed Alli Day ago
I know the voice and the face. But seeing you saying "Welcome to Film Theory" in person is weird, weird cool. Like watching the watchmojo lady talking. Also MatPat, PLEASE DO A THEORY ON WATCHMEN SERIES!
Nemesis Voidfallen
This is why i just dont live lol
Emerin 2 days ago
You could just have said "they turned into a politician or a CEO". Next time someone gets a job like that throw them in prison right away, saves you a lot of trouble.
António Birne Staats
seems cool but needs more animation
Chris Elder
Chris Elder 2 days ago
It was good. Not better but still good. I'll watch either way so do you and have fun
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