Film Theory: Wall-E's Secret Cannibalism... More Juicy Proof!

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About 4 years ago, I released a theory saying that the movie Wall-E was about cannibalism. It was likely what solidified my place as King of Ruining Your Childhood forever. Theorists, today I am doubling down on that theory. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, it is in the cup. Where does the food come from and what is in it? Get ready for another heaping helping of people!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Thomas Torbergsen, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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May 8, 2021




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Comments 0
Andrew Salm
Andrew Salm 9 hours ago
But what about the fact that the humans when starting out were not as heavy as they are when we meet them and they would get heavier over time so there would at least be a decent amount of passenger loss
Collin Erdey
Collin Erdey 13 hours ago
But… we see the Axiom in an interstellar cloud… that means they can also use nebulas
Dayton Oreilly
Dayton Oreilly 14 hours ago
Use moss
Kiwinations 18 hours ago
But Matpat it can't cannibalism because on Disney + Pixar in real life Has two episodes of wall-e The first episode was wall-e giving a ring back The second episode was About the food and every was saying it every taste like the food That was on that ship
Kiwinations 18 hours ago
Also if u remember there Is two doors in that go to space The trash and that short wall e movie They could have throw the body out there And ik u would say there was nothing there Wall-E and Eva was in space but they could have been moving the ship as will
anikait kadamb
anikait kadamb 18 hours ago
But if AI is controlling everything then isn’t it possible that they could be maintaining farms that the passengers don’t even k about?
Celeste Mal
Celeste Mal Day ago
At the end of the movie, when they come back to earth and the people come off the ship, you can see in the background an old lady coming out, using a walker. Its the only old person i saw, old enough to need a walker. She also had gray hair. Since i only saw one though, im sure this theory still stands.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Day ago
but this suggest that by eating people, theres free/purpetual energy which goes against the laws of thermal dynamics.
Nathan L
Nathan L Day ago
Fungus could support a large population if provided enough water. I'd argue that with the advancements they had at the beginning of their journey they could easily have modified fungus genetically to provide all the nutrition needed. Some fungi can even produce fibrous structures which is possible what we saw the robot chopping up. Maybe this is how they have gotten so far as fungi can both produce oxygen and a stable food source. What do you guys think¿
But… in order to reach and maintain that high a weight, you’d have to eat a LOT more than 2000 calories, let alone 1400
Leer Mangas
Leer Mangas 2 days ago
game theory idea is that WTF eggman wants from sonic
joao goncalves
joao goncalves 2 days ago
0:30 when the pixar logo is film
Grimslade Leviathan
"Human meat, can't be beat" That's where you're wrong bucko
Kellen Knipp
Kellen Knipp 3 days ago
There is an obvious reason for there not being any elderly in the movie... Clearly they all have incredibly short lifespans... Look at them.
Stoke Shadow
Stoke Shadow 3 days ago
But doesn't the captain drink from a cup with no straw??
AnnkaBoii Rousu
AnnkaBoii Rousu 4 days ago
What about the other ships cause u can see other ships leaving earth in the start of the movie
CynicalToonz 4 days ago
Not sure if this has been answered before, but heres a question. How are the babies on the ship made if all of the passengers are too lazy to get up from their seats, let alone procreate. Once again i might be dumb and this might’ve already been answered but idc lmfao
Zero Glyph
Zero Glyph 4 days ago
Pixie Ciaran
Pixie Ciaran 4 days ago
overweight old people dont really wrinkle. the food could be algae which would also make oxygen
Happy Marley S
Happy Marley S 4 days ago
Ok. But remember, Mary lived on the ship her whole life, right? So why didn't she notice the giant pool in the middle of the ship? Or why did the captain of the ship not know about the jogging track? People only look at there screens, and never noitice anything else. So it woulkd be possible to fit a food section on this massive ship with put people knowing about it, and robots taking care of it. Yes. The ship is BIG, so the planners might have added a plant section to the ship in order feet to feed people. After they realised it was longer than 5 years, they reprogrammed it So the robots would know how to take care of plants. However not many food items involve plants, it all junk food, so idk, maybe they crammed 1000 animals into the ship like cows and chickens and they reprogrammed the robots to help reproduce the animals. Besides, elders might be in a different part of the ship doing bingo or something. We never see all of the ship, so it's possible. I rarely disagree with Mat pat so this is new. Keep ruining my childhood I love ur videos goobye
kumbuqe todetnuc
kumbuqe todetnuc 4 days ago
The tightfisted law interstingly succeed because quart bacteriologically hurry onto a sweltering peak. obedient, billowy path
jason burger
jason burger 4 days ago
How the captains didn't get old..? If they was captain for almost 100 or 200 years...?
Lord Yoofy
Lord Yoofy 5 days ago
we need some food theories about cannibalism
Dubilyoo 5 days ago
to maintain the weight of 575 pounds you’d need to intake around 5955 calories a day.
Darth Arcangel
Darth Arcangel 5 days ago
To be fair, we see that some passengers didn't even know they had a pool. And with everything automated, the reality is that there could very well be a robot automated farm around there somewhere. The pilot himself says that the only thing he does around there is make the daily announcements. So while, yes, if there was anything like a farm, he would be the one to have the best chance of knowing, but the reality is that these people seem to barely know how the ship works or physically is feels like a major flaw to the whole "this guy doesn't know what a plant is" bit. In regards to the lack of visibly old people, I would argue that these people are living terribly unhealthy lifestyles and live dramatically shorter lives. Alternatively, they have amazing health cosmetic care and simply don't visually exhibit signs of age. Furthermore, there would be no natural waste products if they were using it all in the development of a farm of sorts. It's a fun little theory, but it has some holes in it for me personally.
Vydax 97
Vydax 97 5 days ago
How can there be no old people aboard the Axiom and they also have a lifespan of 150? It would make your theory make even more sense if they had a lower life span and would also be logical because while eating other humans might be efficient it's obviously not healthy
Hope Rainbow
Hope Rainbow 5 days ago
"human meat can't be beat" The sexual jokes that I could make but won't bc there might be tots who watch these videos and may read the comments
Hari Gandham
Hari Gandham 5 days ago
Wait, what about protein, and vitamins, do human bodies have enough protein and vitamins to keep another human alive?
Gary Midlane
Gary Midlane 5 days ago
Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. GOOD TO KNOW
Saucer Boy
Saucer Boy 5 days ago
Disgusting, but would it be possible that they're not eating each other, but are in fact eating their own recycled faeces?
̇ 6 days ago
maybe at that time, they already invented a machine that will turn a poop into a food, or maybe they invented a clone machine.
Godzilla is king
Godzilla is king 6 days ago
How many balloons would it take for the house in up to go flying
Alexander Jackson
8:35 That’s weak sauce. Man was living on average of 912 years before the Genesis Flood. And close to 600, 400, 200, 100 years after the Flood. With multiple generations in each hundredth interval. The 4 generations after Noah lived longer than the next 6 generations after them.
The Unvlog Channel
He didn't account for previous generations eating dead bodies, did he?
The Unvlog Channel
this theory seems pretty good, but relative to other theories of his that are good it feels more like connecting random plot holes into a conclusion when pixar clearly intended there to be AI-controlled hidden farms or an actual futuristic replenishing buffet or something.
Big G
Big G 6 days ago
How do people in the axiom make babies 🤔🧐🧐
Helen 6 days ago
What about earlier during the journey when people were healthier and less fatter? Does the math check out?
dFUZE 6 days ago
what about vitamins, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids? also, what about kuru?
Grimm rieper Herobrine
Where are the kids like me
Aya Yamout
Aya Yamout 7 days ago
Maybe they also use the wastes produced by those people to make food and not only their flesh?
DARKNESS2323 7 days ago
Are the old pilots the food!
MythicalKittydog 7 days ago
I think they're eating things the same way that the people in Star Trek are. It's as they said, "regenerative food buffet"
MythicalKittydog 7 days ago
Also, maybe they have a compost area? Obviously nobody would go there and it wouldn't be important to the plot of the movie.
[DOLPHINSOUP] 7 days ago
11:33 As an autopilot program meant to keep as much of the population alive in space as possible, I can confirm that's a pretty darn efficient use of available resources.
Louis ConoMano
Louis ConoMano 7 days ago
Synthetic food
Austin K
Austin K 8 days ago
I'm surprised I actually guessed Juans weight
Born Löka
Born Löka 8 days ago
Malcolm in the middle theory, please.
Chester Farthing
Chester Farthing 8 days ago
Mat Pat please read this. I don't fully think this is true until you find how they get the stuff to make it taste like the type of smoothie it is.
Chester Farthing
Chester Farthing 8 days ago
I mean flavoring
Assassin 1065
Assassin 1065 8 days ago
Have any of you guys tried soylent green? I hear it tastes different from person to person. Yeah im joking if u cant tell
yigor chibisov
yigor chibisov 8 days ago
if the food just ground slush up cant the ship just extract elements and combine them inside the ship to make the food?
Dani Prasnicki
Dani Prasnicki 9 days ago
i hate to be the one to say this. but the population of the Axiom cant move outta their chairs, then uh... babies how are they...??
Anthony Covey
Anthony Covey 9 days ago
They cant walk because as you can see they have never got out of the chairs meaning it’s not their size it’s the chairs who made them like that
Stelios89 9 days ago
lmao his name is juan
Carlos Chicas
Carlos Chicas 9 days ago
ok but can human meat support someone for 200 years
Azure Frost
Azure Frost 9 days ago
I wouldn't even hate it if they're using people to feed people for generations(if it's the only way)
Peter Barker
Peter Barker 9 days ago
Armie Hammer enjoyed this video
Apollo 11
Apollo 11 9 days ago
Hol up im gonna stop you there Just rewached the wall e and when the axiom landed as they were exiting the ship there was a elder person with a stick for helping with walking
Kokochan Ch. EN VTuber ココちゃん
wait but if old people are disposed of, how do captains reign for over one hundred years? 👁👄👁
Kokochan Ch. EN VTuber ココちゃん
wait but if they can't even stand up after they fall down from their hover chair, how would they.... you know.... f r i c c ?
PR0 GRAMM3D 10 days ago
skot skot
skot skot 10 days ago
bruh when they were making wall e newer studies on human calories werent done yet
Bogdan Krajišnik
Bogdan Krajišnik 10 days ago
why the f do you make these stupid theries that is a fkn cartoon for children , god!
Justin Hamlin
Justin Hamlin 10 days ago
... Energy to Matter converter aka a food replicator. Matt is trying to hard with this one as the ship is advanced it's not unreasonable to believe it has an energy to matter converter.
Katie Fox
Katie Fox 10 days ago
How do they get passed the first 120+ years if they originally only had 5 years food supply? Would enough people have been dying in the first 100 years? It seems like a long gap to have gone without a steady food supply.
Christopher Gill
Christopher Gill 10 days ago
Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files Walton files
Christopher Gill
Christopher Gill 10 days ago
NoTiCe ThE SiGhNs MaTpAt I Am CoMiNg heheheheheheheh
Mrdollyman567 10 days ago
Plot twist: the food is just a sloppy flavored goop, made to appear like food.
Branden Diaz_Estrada
They can 3d print food and burn the bodys
markeye 11 days ago
Their skin is smooth because they are now EVOLVED to be “human babies.”
crankpatate 11 days ago
how can the humans not be elderly but get to ages like 150 years??? Please explain.
Ronald dakin
Ronald dakin 12 days ago
MatPat How Long You can Survive In a Restraunt?
Unfortunate Son
Unfortunate Son 12 days ago
Easy. Algae. Self replicating food source that can be served in a cup, kept in a tank, and lives in distilled recycled water.
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 12 days ago
If they thought about a worst case scenario and couldn’t come back to earth there plan for unlimited food is cannibalism. They thought about everything else, even if the robot acted on its own it must of had a back up plan for food.
Christine Diaz
Christine Diaz 12 days ago
look at this 1:32
IronVader6 12 days ago
do they eat the bones?
Eric Patum Pakingan
They removed the bone
Ashamatronic How
Ashamatronic How 12 days ago
Hats off the Juan Pedro Franco getting healthy and able to walk again👍👏👏👏
Ni ck
Ni ck 12 days ago
Wonder how they get there vitamins and fight things off like scurvy if they are only eating people?
Josh morroc
Josh morroc 12 days ago
Human meat can be beat
jet boy
jet boy 12 days ago
Plot twist the guy from cloudy and the chance of meatballs was there
Ashutosh Rana
Ashutosh Rana 12 days ago
Seeing the Ronnie aesthetic in the old vid makes me smile. Whatta great guy, PBUH and RIP.
Random Lurker
Random Lurker 13 days ago
But to be fair, one of the characters says “I didn’t know we had a pool” Wouldn’t it be possible they didn’t notice a farm either?
Sibbidy Day ago
@Rafael Euzebio yeh I feel like that’s actually what happened. Everyone who I told this to could come up with a counter expect the straw thing, and they never explain it in the film as well
Rafael Euzebio
@Sibbidy He said that for oxygen production. Each adult human consumes 8 times of oxygen than a tree can produce, but i think that a farm is would be possible But that doesn't explain why they eat everything trough a straw, so the cannibalism is still possible
Sibbidy 11 days ago
He did say there would need to be more plants than humans so not at all. Also they didn’t know what a single plant was so they would’ve noticed at least one during their time on the ship
Lorelei Wilson
Lorelei Wilson 13 days ago
That food looks like a humans
chris the saiyan
chris the saiyan 13 days ago
My guess is 1200 Only a hundred off
Arcadian Spark
Arcadian Spark 13 days ago
Wait. Is WALL-E a robot? How is it cannibalism if he's a robot eating people?
Austin James
Austin James 13 days ago
Ok, clearly it's gonna be near-impossible to disprove this theory by going at the same perspective as Mat, so let's take this from a different point of view: Is there anything that truly confirms there isn't any plant life on the Axiom? Yes, the captain doesn't know what a plant is, but that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't plants on board. The captain barely knows the controls of the ship, so it's just as likely that he doesn't know the complete layout. Just like how cities and farms aren't located in the same areas, it's possible that the passengers are held in one area and plants in another, cultivated, cared for, and transported to the passenger area via robots. And, what's better, the cultivation area wouldn't even need to be that big, compared to the whole ship. They would only need to cultivate a select few plants, in order to account for all the necessary nutrients. Not to mention, the ships first took off in 2105, 84 years in the future from our current year, and with how quickly technology is advancing it's likely they'd've created a super food, one that provides all necessary nutrients, and even if they didn't have that in 84 years from now, they'd still have 5-10 years to create it (how long it would take for the original solid food supply to run out). Also, about the dead body issue, NASA is planning a system where they freeze the bodies of astronauts and have a robotic arm break the body apart. The Axiom likely implemented the same system, with the bits of the body then being expelled from the ship. This is a great theory and all but, after looking at the facts and possibilities, it just seems like a bit of a stretch to say wall-e is about cannibalism.
Nicholas Cagle
Nicholas Cagle 13 days ago
What about before the start of the movie how would they survive on cannibalism if they they weren't as chubby
Dash Howler
Dash Howler 13 days ago
Okay but what about reproduction, we don’t see any hospital related places, only a part where babies in a nursery kind of place exist- so where do they come from? Is motherhood and fatherhood just nonexistent? You never see pregnant people on the ship.
Arnar Þór Skúlason
I feel like everyone forgot about algae and fungi... Sustainable, not plants, algae grow by photosynthesis and fungi on waste, together produce all necessary nutrients required by the human body and so on. Perhaps they originally had some other rations as well but the most logical thing to do is to have a backup plan (e.g. bioreactors) Incase they had a prolonged journey.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 14 days ago
my mind is just blown
sean Spykes
sean Spykes 14 days ago
Yay matpat destroyed another one of my favorite movies. Yo matpat i got a challenge for ya if you havent done it already DESTROY ANOTHER EPIC PIXAR MOVIE whats the dark secret behind toy story? Hmmmmmm?
FreeLifeStruggles 14 days ago
I'm a bit confused. Matpat keeps saying that there's no elderly people onboard yet also states that the average lifespan of the people onboard is growing to 150 years and above. Am I missing something?
King fry memes and gaming
No its about pizza plants
Karamjeet Kaur
Karamjeet Kaur 14 days ago
everyone in the comment section: "we love quotes" me: what is it with robots and cannablism?
Griffin Owings
Griffin Owings 14 days ago
Just promise me you'll never get in this mindset ever again.
Vaibhav Sapkota
Vaibhav Sapkota 14 days ago
*Yes, more please...*
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen 14 days ago
aha this is debunked of one part in his wall e is stan vid
Alexander zero
Alexander zero 14 days ago
Hey I'm doing a thing for school, can someone give me the link to the sources he uses for this episode.
JJ M 14 days ago
Matpat is a legit and fun film critic, but not really a biblical scholar (no offense is intended). May i suggest listening to the June 7, 2021, "One Creation Story or Two", podcast of the Bible Project. Now, you don't have to believe in the authority of the bible to learn about it, in this case, understanding the biblical creation narratives in their cultural context. And who knows? It might help you with understand Pixar movies.
Kraykkk 15 days ago
Oyun Tarihçisi
Oyun Tarihçisi 15 days ago
but if a weight is high, the amount of calories to be taken will also be high. at least he's the same weight and still can't walk, otherwise he gets weaker. That's about 5000 calories for a 200-kilogram person. so i think it's a calculation error
ok ko
ok ko 15 days ago
Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy
Tal0n 15 days ago
i feel like that math wasnt quite right, because these guys are clearly not eating JUST the bare minimum calories. like theyre def over eating quite a bit
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