Film Theory: The Secret Ingredient of SpongeBob's Krabby Patty! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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Spongebob Squarepants was a childhood favorite of many. It's an underwater adventure with great songs and memorable characters. Even more memorable is the big mystery at the heart of Spongebob's job at the Krusty Krab. You guessed it Theorists, today we are uncovering the SECRET INGREDIENT of the Krabby Patty recipe! Hold on to your Squarepants, this is NOT what you expected!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Marc Schneider and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




17 янв 2019

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Комментарии 22 428
Capissotor 58 минут назад
Plot twist: Gary used Fish as the secret ingredient to avoid overpopulation. Then soon they will go to space and spend 700 Years there Wait...
Doritos 424
Doritos 424 2 часа назад
2:50 you can actually see the onions, and secret sauce is probably just ketchup with mustard and maybe some additions.
[Insert Username Here]
[Insert Username Here] 4 часа назад
Or maybe they’re all just cannibals.
Meagan Mateo
Meagan Mateo 6 часов назад
Ain't poseidon powder MSG??
Brian Finley
Brian Finley 8 часов назад
Mr krabs must hate taxes.
Brian Finley
Brian Finley 8 часов назад
What if the krabby patty formula page is a fake, but there is a other recipe? Mr krabs would try to protect it a bunch, so everyone thinks that that is the recipe, stopping people from stealing it?
1000 subscribers with No videos challenge
the secret ingredient is deez nutz
Angel Soft
Angel Soft 8 часов назад
What about when Mr. Krabs and Plankton were friends and they couldn't get a perfect tasting burger but then dropped all they had in a pot while fighting and got the perfect burger?
Kelly Stillwell
Kelly Stillwell 9 часов назад
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii can’t believe this so I won’t
spirit of the Wolf
spirit of the Wolf 10 часов назад
Can u do granny
Mr. Doby
Mr. Doby 10 часов назад
My favorite part of the vid is 2:50
Anastasia B.
Anastasia B. 11 часов назад
Wait a sec...so if it isn't real..why in the movies (it was in one of them I forgot ;-;) plankton steals the formula and was able to get the people to come and eat it? And brainwash his customers that come? If it was never real when did plankton knew the ingredients? I'm probably so wrong if your just talking about just the show I just needed to let that out my chest.
Le Raracoon
Le Raracoon 12 часов назад
ITS COCAINE. my freind told me this yesterday.
barut Abdullahi
barut Abdullahi 13 часов назад
Mr crab himself
Coolboy 19
Coolboy 19 14 часов назад
You should do a Netflix show or something....
Cornbread Less
Cornbread Less 16 часов назад
I’m sure I’ve heard Mr. Krabs say that the secret formula was all a lie just to keep Plankton from making anything better and to just be obsessed with trying to get his recipe- I could be wrong. I don’t remember.
It's ThAnOs why do good girls like bad guys
It says the formula on there website and it also has crabs in the krabby patty
Matt 19 часов назад
Your cocane is to destroy my childhood and things I like, and you are adicted! Wats worse is that I sub to you for doing it...
bob ebob
bob ebob День назад
Plankton found the formula in "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie", ehict is canonically canocity canon as it takes place after the series.
clothos atropsis
clothos atropsis День назад
Amelia Weaver
Amelia Weaver День назад
Yk the mandala effect?.....ya I have that with this I remember an episode showing the secret recipe and it saying “love”
Sweqs День назад
Whatever Animations
Whatever Animations День назад
The missing ingredient is dick
Alexander Larga
Alexander Larga День назад
The secret ingredient is crab meat mr krabbs said in one episodes he said mmmmmm so that’s what I taste like
DancingCheese День назад
I want to note that the show Spongebob Squarepants falling to and end isn’t just a sad conclusion as a result of the death of a blessed cartoon writer. It is also the result of the retirement of Spongebob’s voice actor. And, not only that, the reason he is resigning his position is specifically because of the physical strain he puts on his voice to give us Sunday cartoons. Sure, it’s a sad ending of a franchise that has literally shaped meme culture and changed most of our childhoods, but it was also a man’s decision made to prioritize his health.
XStarlightX День назад
*MatPat: The Guy That Ruins Your Childhood*
Marshall Eiden
Marshall Eiden День назад
you should make a channel named PHYSICS THEORY
cute_creepy_girl #1
cute_creepy_girl #1 День назад
The ingredient is crab meat
panda_ playzzz
panda_ playzzz День назад
*All Fast food restaurants left the chat*
תומר סלונים
תומר סלונים День назад
The secret formula is under crab bed
Toby Schwabegger
Toby Schwabegger День назад
The secret ingredient is crab meat, like I mean his shop is a crab pot, also plankton sold fish at his shop that’s why no one goes there. It’s called the chum bucket, chum is fish guts.
The Zenith Channel
The Zenith Channel День назад
HOLY SHRIMP!! That killed me XDDD
Banana Boi
Banana Boi 2 дня назад
Spongebob once said the secret was love
Ethan Youdim
Ethan Youdim 2 дня назад
But in Sponge out of water everyone goes crazy because Mr.Krabs loses the secret formula. Mr.Krabs is not lying, if he was lying about the secret formula everyone would't of gone crazy, Mr.Krabs even says "Squid ward welcome to the apocalypse" after they realize they lost it. Also the reason its gibberish its because its fake. But not fake like u said. If you watched the episode Mr.Krabs knew that plankton was trying to get the secret formula, so he probably swaped it for a fake formula!
Oreothecutepuppy 2 дня назад
The maker of spongebob died... ... he was the only one who knew what the formula is... .. WE WILL NEVER KNOW
Sophia aka yeetus the feetus
Sophia aka yeetus the feetus 2 дня назад
Mat, I think you are losing your mind tbh. love ya though.
Ninah Brown
Ninah Brown 2 дня назад
This is the only Film Theory that effectively destroyed my childhood dreams. Good job Matpat...good job 👏👏
Oreo's Adventures
Oreo's Adventures 2 дня назад
I have 2 squid penceil topes (there yellow and teal) and there names are ...skidward and skudgebob
Good Old No Name
Good Old No Name 2 дня назад
Now you should do a video on telling me how to accidentally get to Sesame Street
Aisha Hurtch
Aisha Hurtch 2 дня назад
Does no one else remember the secret ingredient being chum? I swear I saw that episode as a kid
James Rininger
James Rininger 2 дня назад
Your answer is so stupid, that it’s probably true lol
Sweetcutiepie Cutie
Sweetcutiepie Cutie 2 дня назад
My childhood me is confused
Priv 6464
Priv 6464 2 дня назад
You know this is a good idea. Do it please: Next video idea: literally anything from how to train your dragon 1. Location of the hidden world 2. Could hiccups flight suit work 3. Could hiccups fire-sword work 4. Could you fly on a dragon without dying
Scooter Aine
Scooter Aine 2 дня назад
One time we had a huge spongebob coloring book and it said the secret ingredient was sea horse raddish...?
Son Goten
Son Goten 2 дня назад
It had onions
Son Goten
Son Goten 2 дня назад
Matpat rubix cube = racist use one of my ideas ive used many devises and many accounts i need to write down the passwords
Jazmine Fairchild
Jazmine Fairchild 2 дня назад
It hurts to think that the only guy who knew the krabby patty's secret is now dead and we'll never know for sure what it is
Splat2 Help
Splat2 Help 3 дня назад
It is John cena’s DicK
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 3 дня назад
5:39 white letters are deh
Diabetron 3 дня назад
But what about the fact that in the really shitty movie the guy that stole it didn’t tell anyone about it but still got tons of business from it, that sort of debunks it, also the possibility that it is just crab meat because the restaurant is a crab trap and the series has tons of other things like that(like the chum bucket is a bucket of chum, and other ones that are just jokes) also the fact that he has no family except his parents that are crabs, his only other relative shown is his daughter which is a whale so that adds to the possibility
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 3 дня назад
Bruh u stole this from binging with babish
Angelika Rayburn
Angelika Rayburn 3 дня назад
So Mr. Means just clenched his fists/class (whatever) and SMASHED HIS KEYBOARD LIKE ZZZISSSS: K,XVK, 4 CUPS, F YKXDSSOXCK 1 tea spoon, XKJXXHN JXHXSKKC MXCNJCJX KXX!I!XKMK.XXK!..MKIJN 5,000 CUPS, (so on) try it it works xd
Samuel McDaniel
Samuel McDaniel 3 дня назад
the secret sauce could be the kechup and mustrd mixed together....think about that MatPat
Frogman Warriors
Frogman Warriors 3 дня назад
I have an idea for a theory Try to find every type of crime Mr.Krabs ha commited felonies and Misdemenors.
A commentor
A commentor 3 дня назад
Yeah right, if there is no secret ingredient and the formula is just "marketing" then how do you explain the Spongebob movie where plankton stole the formula and managed to sucessfully produce krabby patties?
The Arsty Weeb
The Arsty Weeb 3 дня назад
All I could think of was the theory that mr krabs is putting fish into the burgers and that’s why he doesn’t reveal the formula
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 3 дня назад
Good thing there finishing the episodes that he didn’t finish while the new owner is practicing
Th3redcomet 3 дня назад
So In'n'out isn't the best?
Kenn Kenn
Kenn Kenn 3 дня назад
Still convinced it’s crab meat 🤷🏾‍♀️
Kingpig 85
Kingpig 85 3 дня назад
What about in the spongebob movie where plankton steals the formula and makes krabby patties
Annabel Joyner
Annabel Joyner 3 дня назад
Yeah I think it's cocaine
Eric Chan
Eric Chan 3 дня назад
I'm actually disappointed in this video. I was expecting he would go on a tangent about seaweed and MSG (what it's sourced from).
Ben miller vintage
Ben miller vintage 3 дня назад
or in other words, the secret formula is the special ingredient
Bee Bee
Bee Bee 3 дня назад
Heck you maroon 5 Dallas brothers: thank you
Raven Duff
Raven Duff 3 дня назад
It's Neptune tears.
Supersonik 4 дня назад
The secret ingredient is cocaine... that kind makes sense.
Steph Allwood
Steph Allwood 4 дня назад
But doesn’t in the movie plankton steals the recipe and recreates it so doesn’t that mean there has to be something that could be recreated
Dylan 4 дня назад
You did miss the possibility of a more complex crypto system, such as something more akin to the enigma, where frequency analysis would be useless in translation of the message.
kyle deshazer
kyle deshazer 4 дня назад
wow another analogy. its not like we've seen the bottle that holds the secret formula countless amounts of time. whats in that bottle, a note that says, ''its just a prank bro''.
Matt Wolfe
Matt Wolfe 4 дня назад
But think about it, What exactly is the patty made of. Ever seen a sea cow? Listen to the name "Krabby patty". There's no place to get meat unless it's from a crab or fish. This is why Mr. Crabs is so secretive, he uses a decoy formula to make SpongeBob unsuspicious, when really mr.crabbs is killing the people of bikini bottom and feeding it to other people. But hey that's just a theory
ZN 4 дня назад
Or maybe it's cannibalism because in real life or in the waly video you say that we're does the humans go so maybe Mr,Krabs puts fish into a shredder and make it into the paty
Riley Bezdek
Riley Bezdek 4 дня назад
Ok then what is the secret formula for chum in the Chum Bucket?
Kuro Chinoike
Kuro Chinoike 4 дня назад
CRAB, THE PATTIES ARE MADE OF CRAB!!!!!! and "Poseidon Powder" lots and I mean LOTS of "Poseidon Powder "
APRIL ZAPANTA 4 дня назад
I've got a secret He is working with the stinky plankton
Dalton Campbell
Dalton Campbell 4 дня назад
Reliability until it comes to their ice cream machines
principal nezu
principal nezu 4 дня назад
*Mr krabs wants to know your location*
sea anemily
sea anemily 4 дня назад
7:51 I've actually been there, and I will say they have really freaking good hotdogs & chowder
TheWeirdOnes 4 дня назад
The secret ingredient is crabs. Cmon matpat, I thought you would've known this
Mr. A
Mr. A 4 дня назад
Is it just me or your voice acting is getting worse and worse
Blueberry Cyber
Blueberry Cyber 4 дня назад
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, IF there is no formula, then how in the spongebob squarepants movie "Sponge out of water" Does the cook get the secret formula, and gets famous for his great burgers once he used the formula
Ariana Diaz
Ariana Diaz 4 дня назад
it's like n.y.c pizza
Angela’s Life
Angela’s Life 4 дня назад
The secret ingredient is krabs!!!the name!!!maybe
Logan Darling
Logan Darling 4 дня назад
What if it was a code that was more complicated then that? For example, every other letter you go one higher in the alphabet for your code. Or every other letter used a different cipher than the others? Or you have to switch the order of certain letters before solving? Just because it’s hard to find a code that would work doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It just means whoever came up with it is very smart.
Marco Antonio Torres
Marco Antonio Torres 4 дня назад
Wait, if there isn't a formula How come when Plankton steals it in the Spongebob movie he's able to make the Krabby Patties the same as in the Krusty Krab?
Duck #7
Duck #7 4 дня назад
You didn't take into account that episode where they actually SHOW how Mr.Krabs first discovers the Krabby patty. He bumps into a shelf and a bunch of bottles and Cans get dumped into his ground beef. There IS a secret formula. It's the episode when Plankton and Mr.Krabs were children.
J0NW31R 4 дня назад
The secret ingredient is that the krabby patty burger is made from mr. krabbs’ claws. (His claws can grow back, which means he doesn’t have to pay for meat)
SaymynameYT 4 дня назад
If you watch alot of spongebob episodes you would know that the secret ingredient is love.
The gaming spider
The gaming spider 4 дня назад
whel what if the patty formula just isn't written down only mr krabs nows the frmula fink obout it we never see sponge bob make the meat for the pattys I fink mr krabs secretly makes the meat and only he nows the reasepy
cursedwiththelooksofaGREMLIN 4 дня назад
I know a girl who used to say that the patty is actually made of crab meat. Hence why Mr Krabs is the only crab in Bikini Bottom. And everything on the menu is named after what they’re made of (Ex, kelp smoothie).
Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl 4 дня назад
But there is this episode where plankton takes the formula and reads it or trys to until he got caught and the movie when spongebob goes on land everyone were in war because the formula was stolen I’m confused now
Anotole Voroshilin
Anotole Voroshilin 4 дня назад
I love your videos even though they ruin my childhood
Aleks Lember
Aleks Lember 4 дня назад
.....Why was the title and description in estonian (my mother tongue)?.....
John Smithson
John Smithson 4 дня назад
It’s crab meat
Francis Balbin
Francis Balbin 4 дня назад
Wait a minute.. If the secret krabby patty formula is revealed it means it wont be a secret anymore so i think they kept it a secret because of its name "the secret krabby patty formula"
Layton Parker
Layton Parker 5 дней назад
Dude did you watch the newest spongebob movie? You cant make krabby patties without it, not a burger, a PATty!!!!
Layton Parker
Layton Parker 5 дней назад
Yo do you even show stuff
Nikola Todorovic
Nikola Todorovic 5 дней назад
I am hungry now
Crystal Glaceon owo
Crystal Glaceon owo 5 дней назад
not a secret now is it mcdonalds
caikalz 5 дней назад
if i was plankton this would be my plan go into the krusty krab safe and order a burger and look at what they used to make it
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